Month: May 2013

Counting down the days!

Today I completed the last run for this week before I embark on my first ever serious (loose use of this term)event this Sunday.  The mount Joggers 10km and I am counting down the days!
Amy and I went for a ‘fun’ run.  Up down and around the mount – some uphills, some trail, some down hills.  We took it easy with some steady stair climbing, then picked it up for some speedy down hill work, cruising on a little bit of flat all mixed in with the enjoyment of being surrounded by tropical-like clear waters and inklings of sun streaming through trees on to the dirt paths.  A little bit of everything, all on a tiny mountain!  A 6.61km venture today.

I am super excited, teeny bit nervous but totally amped to get it on!

On the ‘MoonJoggers’ FB page was a question of the week:   Every runner runs for a reason. What’s yours?

The comment I wrote in reply:  I run because I can’t stop!

It is true.  I started running back in Nov 2012, I hated it!  I went anyway.
I ran once or twice a week, then turned into 3, then 4.  I persevered through injury, through healing, through bad nutrition, good nutrition.  I tolerated it.  I ran until I liked it.  Then I ran till I loved it.  Now I run because I can’t stop.  Like the air I breathe!
I am also conscious everyday that a gift like this could be taken away just as fast as it may be gained, and so I do my best to learn, and build my ‘runners’ knowledge bank as to make sure I get to enjoy it for as long as I possibly can!

And so this brings me back to my event.
I don’t have any expectations of myself, it being my first.  I would like to achieve something under 1.15, 1.16 being the non-event PR I clocked last week.  In hind site I should have entered the 5km, I know I would’ve done pretty ok.  However, a 10km would be more of a challenge, and I like that!  I don’t really want to build up all this hype for a race that will be over in under 30minutes.  I just want to live in the run for a wee bit longer than that… even if I come last ha!

Dead Last

I may not have been born a runner, but I will be damned if I do not do my best to become one!

So lastly, a quote that will stick with me, from Runners – Daily Kick in the Butt

“The best way to become a mentally tough runner is to believe that you’re a mentally tough runner.”

– Ryan Hall

The word Believe needs to stick or you may not ever become!

Stand upHOLLA!

Become a Beast, Believe in Stuff and maybe go out for a run, you might like it!!

3 Days baby!

Jay 🙂

Running the wrong route! URGH!

Today I cheated myself!

As I crossed what would be my finish line next Sunday, I stopped my Nike App and looked puzzled at Amy as to why it was only reading 7.4km and not the 10km it should be…  I hadn’t even got to my really cool powersongs!
After all the map reading I had done, I got it wrong!  I had ripped us off 2 and a half k’s!  Garrr!!!
I thought na, maybe our app was being dumb and inaccurate, maybe we had indeed covered the 10km.  But then I thought again because I wasn’t tired and super exhausted on crossing my imaginary finish line.
Today we completed our run at 53mins.

26.05.2013 01726.05.2013 016

I got home, looked at the Course map, and realised I missed a little arrow!!!!  I had started at the wrong point!
Back to the drawing board!  I needed to have started at the same place that I had finished, and not where I had started today!

Mount Joggers 10km

Tomorrow I plan to run that full 10km, I will probably suck at it, but I am going to do it anyway so that by the time Thursday come around, when I will run my last run for the week till race day, I will know exactly what distance and what route must be covered.
I am such a Douche!!
I got my hopes up thinking yuss, sub 1hour!  Just to tear them down again, reading the map correctly… Such a tard!!
Ok, moving on!

Other than my stupid mishap with the map reading, I really enjoyed the run, I didn’t hold back with the singing (poor Amy), and I commentated almost the entire run.  I told Amy shortly after our run “If I am annoying you, tell me to shut up, otherwise I will talk the entire way” haha!  She said she liked it, I would say where to hold back, and where to boost.  This is our first ever event after all, next time I am sure we will just race (but I will still sing!).
It was funny driving to the mount today, I had my first taste of pre-race nerves.  Next week I will be “RACING” here!
However as soon as I started my app, got my run on, it was all about “Lets do this”.  No going back!  YOLO! (ick, hate that word)

My sister-in-law, Kelly, had gone for a run out the mount an hour before we had, to try run the same route.  My directions weren’t that great, she ended up doing 9.7km but not where we had made our route.
Kelly is running in the same event, she has been running roughly a year or so longer than I have.  Even with that in mind I think she is feeling a little bitter toward me for persuading her to enter the race too, ha!  She will enjoy that post-race beer a lot more than I will I think!

This time next week, I will be sitting in this same spot blogging my Race report, I will be able to relax and focus on the next event – 10km Whangamata.  However in the time leading up to this event, I will be working on my half marathon training as mentioned in older posts.  Very exciting!

Must rest up for a 10k tomorrow, will blog that experiance no matter how ghastily it may be.  A run is still a run, I am sure I will love it either way!

Oh and I also lost 600 grams last week, BOOM!

Beast up everyone, Monday tomorrow!

Jay 🙂

Chasing the 10km

“I run because long after my footprints fade away, maybe I will have inspired a few to reject the easy path, hit the trails, put one foot in front of the other and come to the same conclusion I did:  I run because it always takes me where I want to go”
–  Dean Karnazes

Boom!  Today I PR’ed my 10km, by a whole 16.28mins!!!
I might have screamed the heck out of my anaerobic threshold, but I totally nailed that estuary today!

This morning wasn’t looking very promising for an easy/enjoyable run.  Last night, as I climbed into bed, for some reason unknown to me I started feeling some pains in my glute and down the side of my upper leg, eventually shooting into my calf.  I realised I was having issues with my IT Band, hoping that it will just magically disappear with a good nights sleep…
I was wrong!  The pain wasn’t severe and I was in two minds as to whether I should be going out for the full 10 today.  My stubborn mind came to the conclusion that I had 9 days before Race Day, I will be sweet by then.  As I walked out the front door, I was secretly hoping to God that I was right!

No injury, Thank God!  But I shouldn’t be so casual about it!  If I don’t get to race next weekend because of a wrong choice, I will dive head-first slowly but surely into some kind of Runners Depression!

Amy and I ran consistently at a rough 7’30″/km for each km, a couple a little higher and a few a little lower.  At the 3rd Km I stopped to stretch out my calf.  I wasn’t able to run comfortably until I reached the 4th km.  From then on we cruised through our remaining effort and managed the entire distance in 1hour 16mins.

Estuary Run 10km

On Sunday we will look into the actual Race route.  The event is being held about 10-15mins drive away from where I live so we are able to do some recon out there and have a go at running it.  I am hoping that we can run similar splits, but I know that the last 3km is around the base of Mount Maunganui, which is trail terrain… tiny pic lolMount Joggers 10km

Now this would usually be a fun run around the base of the Mount, but on the ass end of 10km is a little daunting for me seeing as I run a dead flat 10km and feel exhausted afterwards!  Hopefully I can form a plan in my head on Sunday, where I can pick up the pace to compensate for where I will need to walk.
At the end of the Day I will do my best and that will have to be good enough!

As I sit here tapping out this post, my calves are achey, my glutes burn and my quads a teeny bit tender.  But it is all worth it when I can look at my legs and say they are slowly turning into runners legs, I have so much more defined muscle going on down there, its pretty exciting!
Need more squats, need more lunges, need more running!

Resting up, Rolling out,

Have a good night Beasts!

Jay 🙂

Race Day Playlist…What do you listen to?

Race Day Playlist

Do you listen to music on Race day during your race?

I have been listening to podcasts for a while now and have lost my touch for creating great playlists! eek!

Tomorrow I am 10 days out from my first actual ‘serious’ event.  I have spent today coming up with some good tune-age to help keep my focus.  The way I have planned out my tunes are “mellow” for first half and “Powersong” for second.  I want to make sure I have at least 1.5hours worth of tunes, I have no expectations of my timing except that it be under 1.5hours and closer to 1hour, well as close as I can get, but not expecting any great magic to achieve sub 1hour.  Realistically.

I am sitting at 1.3hours worth of tunes, so this is where I need your help!

I probably need one more Mellow song and One more Powersong… SUGGESTIONS?…

Any Genre, any beat, any artist…HIT ME!

Jay 🙂

Runners Itch and an unexpected turn!

Now I don’t mean as in the kind you just gotta scratch.  I mean the feeling you get when you crave a run.  I had that today.  When you aren’t planning on a run, but you feel your shoes burning a hole in your soul, or you look at the watch and think to yourself “Can I fit in a quick 5k”, or you map out in your head how far you could get in ‘X’ amount of time, if you did indeed leave at exactly ‘x’oclock’.

I missed out on my planned 10km yesterday because of a migraine, it was a sad day!  Today my head is still a little achey, but not fully fledged like yesterday.  Today was not a run day, I didn’t have the Nanny today to look after the twinlets, but decided that it was nice enough to take them out, even if it were just for a walk… but secretly I knew I couldn’t “just” walk, pfft!

Now I can remember what it was like to run with the children.  The weight of the stroller and children combined was enough to discourage me back then, and remembering that it has been at least 2 months since then.
Toddlers develop at a remarkable rate, 2 months is the difference between a random babble and distinct words being said.  Same could be said about their weight!
Needless to say, today it was a resistance training/strength training/hill training kind of run.
But I remember also of the days when I first started running, how when Jared went back to work, it would mean me either going back to being sedentary or just toughing up and pushing the children in the double stroller to be able to get in my 5km.  I chose the latter, and today I chose against ‘sedentary’.

Apart from the ‘snacks’ stop, ‘water’ stops, ‘adjusting the sun/wind cover’ stop, we did ok.  We did not get off to a great start though!
I think God had plans on extra quad work today!
I headed down a bit of my usual route where the street meets what I would call a ‘trail’.  We boosted down this and I knew that it may be a bit soggy due to the heavy rains we have had in the last month or so.  Now to get down to this trail I have to push the children down (in a stroller ha!) a flight of stoney covered mushy dirt set of stairs.  The way I plan out my route is to run in a loop that means I do not have to pull them back up this set of stairs.  about 100 metres from this set of stairs we encountered a path block!  It was sectioned off with some “caution” tape and a sign saying “Path closed”.  They were mending a part of the track with what looked like cement, I wasn’t sure if it was dry.
I stood there for a good 2 or 3 minutes cursing and thinking ‘wtf’!!  I can imagine if anyone saw me mouthing off so much they would’ve had a good laugh about it!  Crazy woman!
Would’ve been choice of them to put this sign up before the set of icky muddy stoney stairs!!!  I had to drag the children in their stroller, all the way back up those stairs and re-route!
My little boy was laughing his little butt off thinking it was hilarious all the bumpy’s and jiggling.
20.05.2013 047 20.05.2013 048
I had thoughts about turning back and going home, I was pissy and kind of deterred from the idea of getting in a quick 5km.  It was quickly not becoming quick!  The first 25mins of my run was of me getting down to a part of my usual route that takes at max 10mins.  I grumbled a whole bunch out loud, moved on further down the street to take the next access way to carry on the run.  Once we had finally got on track and had some reasonable momentum I was happy again.  We ran through the tree curtained trail path and on to the boardwalk which would take us around to the dreaded Coach Drive/Grange Road hill.
Now back when I first started pushing the children up this hill in the stroller, I loathed it with a passion.  It was the most un-enjoyable portion of the run!  This time I casually strolled up it with ease, and wasn’t left entirely breathless at the top.  I was pretty stoked about that!  This must mean I have stronger legs and am a lot fitter than I was.  Happiness beamed inside me and I was glad that I didn’t give up on my run earlier!
Anywho,  we carried on to finish the 5.5km in a little over an hour, with all 5 stops for snacks/water etc.  I can remember when I used to complete this run in just under an hour without any stops!  So I’d say I am not doing to bad!
In the end an enjoyable 5km, even if it took some unexpected turns.

New song for the Beast List, an old Fav of mine  Pearl Jam – Just Breathe.  Not wanting anything too tempo’ish.  Also a podcast from Run Run Live – Episode 3 – 260 Running across NH with David Salva.  Go over and check out my other ‘listenings’ on my Beast Playlist.

Tomorrow I have a Doc appointment to figure out some icky stuff that I have got going on with my head.  Pain-wise, not mentally!  I am already crazy enough!
Also another date with the Estuary and with Amy, hopefully we can get close to 1 hour or less for a 10km!

Oh and 10km event in 14 days! exciting, but scary but exciting!  Almost no longer an amateur I reckon!

“Every artist was first an amateur” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Beast On Yo!

Jay 🙂

The run that was Buffalo Girl!

Buffalo Girl was a wee bit of a toughy!  Compared to every route I have run to date, this one was my most challenging especially at the pace that my Trail date ran at! haha This was what he likes to call a Wog (walk/jog).  I prefer to run a whole bunch slower, but after about the third km, I was feeling ok with it.  It was a good challenge for me, and I am not often challenged as I usually run alone or with Amy who is happy to run at my snail pace ha!  Now that I look back, the quicker pace was exactly what I needed!

Buffalo wasn’t as pretty as the usual Te Rerenga trail that I run up at the TECT Park.  It resembled more of a 4WD track, usually used for MTB.  I enjoyed it just the same though, and immediately felt like I must take Amy out there one day.
It runs through a few streams and plenty of big dips!  Looping back on itself it measured out to be roughly 5.41mi/8.71km.

16.05.2013 015 16.05.2013 014 16.05.2013 013

Stats from Glenn’s Garmin.

Quads are a little bit burny, and I remember Glenn subtly saying, “use those glutes” for the uphills
Calves were achey during the first 2km’s  with the semi-steep inclines, but we soon bet them into submission, I will make sure to bust a bit of rolling on those so I may function tomorrow.

This one is probably not one I would do alone on days were there is not much light seeing as it is right at the back of the TECT park.  I was expecting it to be wet today, but the Sun played ball meaning we had some good conditions.  The track would more than likely turn to mush if it were wet, there isn’t too much vegetation out there, not many trees or bush, it is yet to grow up seeing as the park is not quite yet a year old.

Hopefully I will get a chance to run out there again next week! And snap up my day!

Good Progress!
Beast Progress!

Jay 🙂

Flirting with a halfy

Chiro:  So now you have had your first event, what are your plans now?

Me:  A 10km event, then train for a halfy.

Chiro:  How far are you running now?

Me:  About 10km give or take.

Chiro:  You could run a half marathon tomorrow you know, you would feel like shit afterwards, but you could do it.

Apparently I am structurally sound and my body knows what to do.  This comforts me, and excites me!  It is the most encouraging news I have heard in a while!  It got me thinking!

Yesterday I went to my 6 weekly Chiropractor appointment.  I have been going since not long after the twins were born.
Before carrying the twins I had never had problems with my hips, back or legs, after poppin them out, I had all three!
Today after some good weight loss, sensible running and eating less crap, I have none of those.  Woot!

And it is true, after this 10km event in June, I want to begin my training for a half marathon.
When I first started running, I never thought I would come this far, it was a means to an end, and that end was to reach pre-baby weight.  Now, after falling in love, there is no end, running is just my ‘thing’!  Weird I know, but cool all at the same time!

So far I am keeping to my training to prepare for my 10k event.  3 runs a week.  I can already run 10km, but not very fast, and not without walking for a some of it.  It has only just recently been that I could run 5km and not stop to walk, I am getting itchy feet and want to catch that 10km.
My first ever 10km run I did, I kept pausing my Nike app for the times that I stopped to stretch out or get water from a fountain, I did that run in 1hr16mins.  My last 10km including stops and walking some of the distance I did in 1hr32mins, I didnt pause it once, so that I could get an accurate account of my progress.  I believe I am not far from running the entire distance, or at least running almost all of it.  This to me is so cool!

Now I am not one to be all touchy feely emotional like, but the other day during my 10km estuary run I felt a strange kind of elation.  I am also not a religious person, but it felt very spiritual.  I don’t know if it was just runners high, or lack of air haha but it sure felt good and it definitely felt right!
This running thing just gets better and better!

I am about to go for a 12km trail run today, I will probably post about it tonight, 12km is a bit nuts for me, but I have been wanting to check out a few more of the trails out at the TECT Park.  This one is called Buffalo Girl Trail.  It is about a 10-15min jog from the main entrance of the TECT and is actually classed as a MTB track.  A company called Beyond Adventure Racing  have a few challenges on it for all levels of fitness.

Buffalo Girl Trail
Bad pic of the map, but you get the jist!

OH and I have chucked into this post a video from the Run for your Freakn Life, for your entertainment 🙂

I’ll let you know how my run goes today,

Hope you are doing something Amaze balls today!

Jay 🙂

Race Report: Run For Your Freakn Life 2013


I survived the apocalypse, with all amigos partially intact!  So we went as these guys…
Ninja Turtles

We were turtles, totally ninja, not so much teenage, but I’m pretty sure we all love pizza, and at least one of us knows how to skateboard!

Woke up on race day totally unrested, I didn’t end up getting to bed till about 11pm and didn’t nod off till about 12.  I had so much to organise having the twins spend the day at their nanny’s house, I needed to organise my team, myself and my children.
Awake at 6am first thing I did was open my heavy black-out curtains to assess the weather conditions, bright stream of light beamed in and blinded me, this was a good sign!  But god was it FRESH!  Very very brisk!

Car was packed with shells and a shoe box full of elements to form our costumes, now to do the rounds to pick up my comrades and drop off the children.  Quick stop to fill the Beast with Gas and off to Auckland – a 2.5hour trip with a stop in Ngatea for subway.  A sneak peak of Brad’s DJ’ing work for our road trip tune’age can be viewed over on my Beast Playlist.  We needed amping up!
We arrive at Spookers with just under 2 hours to spare.  We register, get our free stuff and begin preparation on our costumes.  We were lucky to get there when we did because we had so much to do, next time we wont have such a complicated theme ha!  But we were out to win the $1000 best dressed booty!

P1080498 11.05.2013 014 11.05.2013 015 11.05.2013 021 11.05.2013 022Ninja Turtles

Quick Potty stop…

11.05.2013 027
All kitted out it was time to make our way to the start line.  We ran in the 2nd wave at 2pm, all together there were 4 waves, that is a lot of runners!  So the way it works is that we get a belt with 4 flags hanging from it.  These are our Vigour or Life.  This meant in a team of 4, we had a good chance of getting at least one of us to the end with one flag, we had planned that this would be Marc, the Tough Mudder guy ha!  I said to him, “if we all die, you just have to get your ass to the finish line”!
We made our way to a good space, right next to “Adventure Time”, “Zombie Bait” and StarWars.  We still had 15 minutes till start time, just enough time for our team to let the Star Wars team know that they were cheating having their belt flags on their front and not their backs.
Starting announcement came and we were told that BRUCE, the zombie pictured below on the right would give us 10 secs and then it was Chasing time!
BRUCE the running zombie
The countdown began and before I knew it we were off!  Amy fell twice in the first 10-20 metres, lost one fo her lives, but quickly got to her feet and caught up.  It was less than 250 metres that we encountered our first obstacle.  Hay bales!
Haybails Hay

It was hectic, my team had forged on and I stopped just before the bales because there was so much congestion, I couldn’t find a good spot to get up.  Plus I am short and the bales were almost the height of me hahaha, one spectator guy yelled at me “you have to run and jump”!!  I looked like a right dick turning around backing up to make myself a runway lol  But I did it! And I got cheers from the spectators! haha Getting to the top there were 2 zombies, both swiped me, I was left with 2 lives left, guttered!  Brad fell into a hole which meant some of his straps ripped his shell from his back.  Upon getting out of the hole, he was met with one of the zombies, to which he did a massive Backward roll, something he probably hadn’t done since he was a kid, it saved his life!
I met back up with the team, we re-grouped, assessed our situation, if I re-call correctly, Brad had 3, Marc 4, Amy 3 and I had 2.  URGH!

A few windees of muddy muck, and we approach our first BOG!  It was a mild one, about up to the mid lower leg, not too much to worry about, but there was a zombie to contend with.  Someone had just boosted for it, playing sacrifice for about 10 or so of us, so made a run for it.  This is when I started to turn into tactical mode!  The whole way calling out for Amy, making sure she was close and not stuck anywhere!
We had reached the 1km marker, and my chest was burning!

More muddy track then another Bog, this time waist deep!  God help us!  We were running amongst another team of superheroes, and I got stuck behind one of the chicks from their team, I am not quite sure who she was supposed to be but she was not very confident.  She kept getting stuck and freezing up every time the zombies came close, and then falling over, I pretty much dragged her ass through that entire bog.  She was twice my size!  After re-grouping I over-heard two of their team mates say “we have to stay with the turtles, they’re mean, they saved me”.  In all honesty, I just needed her out of my way, but I am also a GC lol  so I did the right thing, ha!
A bit more of a run through muddy grass and we encounter the spider web.

Now we hadn’t thought out how we were going to face this one, we had torso sized shells on our backs so we had to be aware of our dimensions, luckily I was helping someone who couldn’t figure it out for herself, I told her, “over”, “under”…I don’t really understand how she couldn’t figure it out, but for her help, she allowed me to get through behind her and away from the awaiting zombie haha another sacrifice.  Tactical I tell ya!

Immediately after were the tyres…
Marc had said to Brad just to run along the tops of the tyres, not putting your feet right into them, it worked for me, I was through, heart beating fast, I still had my 2 lives!
More muddy run, dodging a few zombies and then… dun dun dun, the dreaded Electrifying Tunnel.  Amy had a genius Idea while driving up to go through this one with our shells faced toward the stingers.  I think I was the only one that remembered it at this stage, everyone else got stung, I made it through unscathed!  Tactical mode!  At this point I thought I was built for war!

Next the slippery low bearing tunnel!  The blue guy below is supposed to be a smurf lol I think his make-up got a few runs by this stage, maybe he should’ve applied a better foundation haha! *oh the cheese*
was a smurf
Now again the shells proved difficult to manoeuvre through this one.  The trick was to just get real low, pushing through hard digging your toes into the plastic and spidering your way through, 2 zombies, I had zoomed past both super quick right behind Marc.  Regrouped again, Marc was down to 1 flag, Brad 3, Amy 1 and me with 2.
We had met the 2km Marker, no more burning in the chest, I was amped to push on!

A bit more running, crossing through a spectator point, lots of cheers, and again I over-heard “The turtles are so good, we need to stay with them”  at this point Marc found a good place to stash his nun-chucks.  Unfortunatly for him the only ones he could find were real ones, made of wood and chain, at least a couply kg each, positioned on his front belt, which as you could imagine for a guy is kinda dangerous and potentially debilitating.  We couldn’t risk it, he had to stash and then when finishing, he’d go back!
More running and dodging, at this stage I felt like I had been the most agile in all my life lol My side-stepping was right up there with the best of them, and it was saving my bacon!  Turtle Bacon!

Next would come the twin tunnels, pitch black, and you couldn’t really see the end, or if there were zombies.  We stopped for discussion.  Which one should we go down, I said “F*** it, its 50/50, we just need to boost through it and hope for the best”  and that we did.  no zombies, but the worst was to come.  A few shacks and corn fields to get through and we met our match.
The mud Valley of doom!

Mud Valley
Now this pic doesn’t do it justice, but it went for what felt like forever!

But again I got stuck in amongst a team!  The brides! Which I had to help all the way down just to get myself through!  There was so much congestion and I was in line, but apparently ‘lines’ don’t mean anything when there are zombies.

Now these brides didn’t mentally prepare themselves to go to war.  I did so much lifting and holding and boosting up, no wonder my traps/shoulders hurt today!  Now I am not a big strong girl, but I had to get to my team!  At one point I even reached down in the waist deep muddy water to free a brides foot from the grips of the mud.  Urgh!  Being a hero and all…

3km Marker

The Brides…
The brides i saved

BradBuoyant shells were not a good idea!
And the run back…
At this point we were so heavy with mud, literally caked and our shoes were cement!  We had to stomp it out!
About half a km of slippery trail, man did it suck for our ankles!  We were constantly assessing the best route, the less trodden paths, there wasn’t much left that was stable so most of it was a “hope for the best” situation.

More corn field, and then SUPER GIANT DEEP BOG!… With a zombie or 2!

4km Marker

More corn, and stairs to some more death!  Just standing there…waiting for us!

Bridge of doom
A quick single file dodge past these ones and we were down the bridge.

Regroup – Marc 1, Brad 3, Me 2, Amy 1

Then we came sliding to some more doom!
Fun slide
It was fast!

A quick dash to more bales, and Jesus reasoning with a zombie “The power of Christ Compels you!”

The power of christ compels you
Last wee dash toward the finish, and a slide with this guy
bit of a messIt didn’t actually realise he was sliding down right next to me when I flew down…I wondered who’s leg I was holding on to… eek!

All intact, our team regrouped for the last time to cross the finish line.

We were beat, but we could’ve easily banged out another 5km of that madness!
All Mudded up!

It was a cold outdoor shower, and quick sneaky change of clothes and then a 3ish hour drive home.

11.05.2013 039 12.05.2013 031

Totally recommend this run, especially for a first event.
We finished in 1hour 4secs, but it was more of a challenge than a race.

Plan of attack for next week – 2x 10km Estuary runs and 1x Trail run for Shigs!
Amped to start my training for my 10km event in June!

Make a Beast of yourself!  Gets rid of the pain of being a Man!

Jay 🙂

Pre-Race Day in pictures

As I get comfy for the night, all snuggled up in my warm mink blankie (yes, I said the word blankie) fed, watered and pj’ed, I think about what lies ahead of me tomorrow.  Tomorrow I Run for my Freak’n life!  In the cold, in the wet, in the mud and away from zombies as fast as I can possibly muster.  This is how I am feeling right now about what I am about to embark on, being my first event ever…

Needless to say…


And in all honesty Id love to look like this…

I want to look like this
But lets face it I’ll probs look like this…

But i know ill look like this
And even though I wish I could live up to a t-shirt like this…

even tho being fast just means go faster
I’ll most likely need one that looks like this…

ill probs need one of these shirts
Like I’ve expressed before, I’d love to be running from those slow “Shaun of the dead”-like zombies…
Id love to run from slow zombies like the ones from Shaun of the dead

But knowing my luck, they would’ve been training and will resemble another movie… 28days later…

but id probs get 28 days later ones like these
And finishing strong will be the aim of my game…

as much as id like to finish like this
Id feel more confident to promise this, and then surprise you
Getting there
So feel free to come support me and my team

External motivators would be great
Just know when all is said and done…

After the race this will be me
Looking forward to that post run Chocolate milk!!

See you all at the finish line…with pics!

Jay 🙂

P.S. Finally got my new shoes sussed…BOOM!



Now this post may seem silly, and it is most likely me overanalysing the situation, but underwear is my next point of concern.  Well not so much concern, but curiosity!
Now thanks to my google-nosis abilities, I have found that to some runners, underwear is pretty up there with the right socks, shoes etc.
At my current level of running, I have no need for such technical pieces of clothing.  *warning, TMI moment about to happen*  I have always been a G-string wearer.  They are the most comfortable type of underwear I have found, and I even run in them.  But while shopping yesterday, I walked past the under-armour section to find a whole isle of underwear!!!  and these were not your average Joe Skivvies, these pieces came with individual prescriptions lol!!!  Compression, active wear, wind briefs, the list goes on.  I was curious as to why you would need technical R-undies! Hmmm…

Now like some sports people, they have that ‘lucky pair’ that they always wear, and them some swear by going Commando.  I do have to wonder though, for men going commando, how they keep ‘things’ together, surely there is a level of security one must have…ha!


And for women with bigger bottoms, which we will say is most of us, the ‘Riding up’ factor plays a huge role in which we choose to get active in.

Is it important? should we just go with “whatev’s”?  Should we even be spending vast amounts of money on pairs of underwear that come with a 1000 word essay as a description of what they can do for you?  And do we actually need to pose like this when we are wearing them…

*Spew noise*

But the time will come, when I have done all my marathon training, and will wonder again… What undies am I going to Rock this thing in!?!

Please feel free to comment on this one, I am just as curious as the next guy! ha!

Jay 🙂