The run that was Buffalo Girl!

Buffalo Girl was a wee bit of a toughy!  Compared to every route I have run to date, this one was my most challenging especially at the pace that my Trail date ran at! haha This was what he likes to call a Wog (walk/jog).  I prefer to run a whole bunch slower, but after about the third km, I was feeling ok with it.  It was a good challenge for me, and I am not often challenged as I usually run alone or with Amy who is happy to run at my snail pace ha!  Now that I look back, the quicker pace was exactly what I needed!

Buffalo wasn’t as pretty as the usual Te Rerenga trail that I run up at the TECT Park.  It resembled more of a 4WD track, usually used for MTB.  I enjoyed it just the same though, and immediately felt like I must take Amy out there one day.
It runs through a few streams and plenty of big dips!  Looping back on itself it measured out to be roughly 5.41mi/8.71km.

16.05.2013 015 16.05.2013 014 16.05.2013 013

Stats from Glenn’s Garmin.

Quads are a little bit burny, and I remember Glenn subtly saying, “use those glutes” for the uphills
Calves were achey during the first 2km’s  with the semi-steep inclines, but we soon bet them into submission, I will make sure to bust a bit of rolling on those so I may function tomorrow.

This one is probably not one I would do alone on days were there is not much light seeing as it is right at the back of the TECT park.  I was expecting it to be wet today, but the Sun played ball meaning we had some good conditions.  The track would more than likely turn to mush if it were wet, there isn’t too much vegetation out there, not many trees or bush, it is yet to grow up seeing as the park is not quite yet a year old.

Hopefully I will get a chance to run out there again next week! And snap up my day!

Good Progress!
Beast Progress!

Jay 🙂



  1. A warmup would help the achey calf muscles, but really the first 2km WAS the warmup. You did good out there J, even though you had lazy glutes lol. Glad you enjoyed being pushed along a little, it’s good to mix your running tempo / terrain when you can. Recover well!

    Did you notice (from the stats) that we had 6 minutes of “not moving”?

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