Counting down the days!

Today I completed the last run for this week before I embark on my first ever serious (loose use of this term)event this Sunday.  The mount Joggers 10km and I am counting down the days!
Amy and I went for a ‘fun’ run.  Up down and around the mount – some uphills, some trail, some down hills.  We took it easy with some steady stair climbing, then picked it up for some speedy down hill work, cruising on a little bit of flat all mixed in with the enjoyment of being surrounded by tropical-like clear waters and inklings of sun streaming through trees on to the dirt paths.  A little bit of everything, all on a tiny mountain!  A 6.61km venture today.

I am super excited, teeny bit nervous but totally amped to get it on!

On the ‘MoonJoggers’ FB page was a question of the week:   Every runner runs for a reason. What’s yours?

The comment I wrote in reply:  I run because I can’t stop!

It is true.  I started running back in Nov 2012, I hated it!  I went anyway.
I ran once or twice a week, then turned into 3, then 4.  I persevered through injury, through healing, through bad nutrition, good nutrition.  I tolerated it.  I ran until I liked it.  Then I ran till I loved it.  Now I run because I can’t stop.  Like the air I breathe!
I am also conscious everyday that a gift like this could be taken away just as fast as it may be gained, and so I do my best to learn, and build my ‘runners’ knowledge bank as to make sure I get to enjoy it for as long as I possibly can!

And so this brings me back to my event.
I don’t have any expectations of myself, it being my first.  I would like to achieve something under 1.15, 1.16 being the non-event PR I clocked last week.  In hind site I should have entered the 5km, I know I would’ve done pretty ok.  However, a 10km would be more of a challenge, and I like that!  I don’t really want to build up all this hype for a race that will be over in under 30minutes.  I just want to live in the run for a wee bit longer than that… even if I come last ha!

Dead Last

I may not have been born a runner, but I will be damned if I do not do my best to become one!

So lastly, a quote that will stick with me, from Runners – Daily Kick in the Butt

“The best way to become a mentally tough runner is to believe that you’re a mentally tough runner.”

– Ryan Hall

The word Believe needs to stick or you may not ever become!

Stand upHOLLA!

Become a Beast, Believe in Stuff and maybe go out for a run, you might like it!!

3 Days baby!

Jay 🙂


    1. Thanks 🙂
      You don’t have too far to go, it wasn’t too long between 7 and 10km for me, I am sure it will be the same for you! But just make sure 10% at a time 🙂

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