Month: August 2018

Halfway and Messy Form

This week has been a hard week (meaning last week, forgot to post!).  My run today (Sunday 5th August) almost had me giving up half way.

Couch25k Halfway Mark

Today marks the half way point for the Couch25k programme.  It horrifies me how I can barely run 5 mins straight when once upon a time I ran 2 and a half hours straight at a quicker pace!

But then I have to give myself a break, I’m here, I’m doing it now, I’m starting from the bottom and the plan right now is just to not quit.

I say that while I ignore my Fitbit movement reminders, ha!

On the diet front? Pretty shit, and I’m noticing it during run days.

Week 1 and 2 was almost 100% tracked on MyFitnessPal. Week 3 and 4 – not so much, and the white starchy carbs have made their way back into my life again.  Which I feel made my runs this week feel hard and slow.

My meal planning organisation has been really put on the back burner.

This needs to change.

Also I’ve been cheating…

I have to confess that I treadmill run.  I haven’t made it outside as I’m still having circulation problems in my right leg (damaged blood vessels from multiple Blood clots.  Blood flow restriction to my foot means I land heavy and my form is terrible. It affects my calves, my knees and most importantly my hip.  I feel as if I have to drag my leg which is not ideal.

I’ve been breaking up my runs with biking every Sunday 8-10k at a pretty casual speed.  It helps me to feel as if I’m still make aerobic gains in my endurance. I hope with spring quickly approaching to get more out onto the trails which I have personally found to be easier than pavement.  I don’t know how – whether it’s the forest air or the technical footing aspect I’m not sure.  I find that I feel it’s a more natural movement with less impact on my body, that and the scenery helps.

Anyway, back to my treadmill…

When I started 4 weeks ago I had zero strength in any muscle of my body due to my very sedentary lifestyle.  Now I feel my quads and calves are really being engaged, In turn being better able to support my right leg disability.

I often have thoughts about whether running is really for me.  To face these kinds of challenges on top of hauling an over weight body, you gotta think about if it’s actually sensible.

Maybe I should learn to love swimming or biking or take up something more gentle on the body.

I’m not really at that point of giving up just yet.

When I first started running, I struggled with the results of my first Deep Vein Thrombosis,  my right leg had become significantly larger than my left, the weight difference alone was a hassle.  Now with another bout of blood clotting, my leg again has  become larger and blood circulation poorer.

In light of all this, I’m going to see how I can make it work.  In the past I’ve also had popliteal issues which make form again even more difficult.  Faced with all these problems you’d think I’d opt for biking. But that is really not me!

So for the moment, next week is about tidying up the diet, continuing to work on the running form, but also I feel I am now ready to throw in some strength training even if it is only with body weight.

Have you tried any of these yet – MyFitnessPal (Add me as a friend here) –  Easy to use Calorie Counting and Food Logging Free App, FitBit (Add me as a friend here) – Community based Pedometer with Incentive Badges and Trophies, Couch to 5k or C25k 8 week Programme running app?

They are excellent choices for those who are starting out and want to ease into making better health choices.  These things help educate you on how to sustain your body and build on your fitness and endurance without risk of injury but most importantly without risk of discouraging you because of the evil Blerch saying it is too hard.

Just do it later

Just do it later – The Blerch From The

I am looking forward to my first outside run in the next couple weeks, but for now, I move into my rest day Monday which is more about planning and setting up for the week.  More on that in later posts.

So, have you started yet? Maybe you’re coming round to the idea?  Lets catch up for a run sometime,

Jay 🙂