Pimping the Beast: 2nd Edition

So if you have been around a while, you would remember the first time ‘I Pimped the Beast’ and the awesome results I got out of the whole process.

Well, I’m doing it again as an attempt to get myself through the the rest of the winter.

I think I have had a super bad case of the Winter Blues, and it doesn’t help that I have been sick for the majority of the first month of winter.

Perhaps the changes will help kick this ‘sick’ funk, but in any case if I can make it to spring with a better frame of mind, then my other goals will surely be more easily attained!

So for those newbies to my Blog, let me explain exactly what Pimping the Beast is…

Heard of that show ‘Pimp my Ride’?

It’s kinda like that.
You start where you are, make a plan and hold yourself accountable by sharing your changes/’something new’ with me (or blog about it )
That way you turn your ‘now’ self into a better awesomer version of yourself.

You become a better Beast… Hence the title Pimping the Beast!

Hopefully the changes you make and new good habits you form will stick with you to keep yourself on the good path.

So we are 8 weeks from spring, and I have figured that I will post a PTB post at least every third day, which means Aprox 19 new things/changes/improvements to plan for.

I’ve pre-planned all my awesome things and now I just need to plan how and when to execute.

Just to get some ideas of your own going, I have planned the following:

New recipes, foods, exercises…

As well as some other choice things – BootCamp goals, new health/fitness/running blogs and articles of interest,

Anyway hopefully this will inspire you to pimp your beast too, and make it through winter ready to rock spring and summer!

So, as with last time, I need you to comment with your changes/achievements/Pimping action!

Let’s do it,

Starting tomorrow – Saturday, who says changes only happen on a Monday! YEOW!

Still sick, so not so much running,

But getting the show on the road!

Come with me!

Jay 🙂

A step up in my Journey

Sitting in the waiting room of my Doctors Practice, waiting to be seen about my never-ending Cold/Flu/whatever it is.  As I near the end of a page in a book my friend borrowed me, the doctor (not my usual doctor) approaches and calls my name.  I rush the last sentence to the page, close it up and proceed toward the Doc’s room.

“What are you reading?”

“Oh, just this book on running”

“Oh right, let’s see…, uh this is about Running Ultra’s…. Are you running one?”

“Not quite yet, I am baby stepping it, doing it in relay first”

“That’s awesome! I run too!”

And so a raft of running experiences takes form in re-living awesome memories through story telling.

So if one is going to take a step up in their ‘Running’ Journey what better step to take than – Tarawera Ultra

This is my attempt at baby steps to eventually get to the 60k, 85k then eventually 100!?!

But I am going to have to do some awesome things in between!

I spent a while organising the events out for the remainder of the year.  Things have pretty much been on hold since the completion of my first Half Marathon, so I am excited to finally be getting back into some ‘goal’ induced Running!

July/August:  First up is one I wanted to do last year but kind of missed out on – Buffalo Trail Runner – 12km

It is two 12k trails runs over the Buffalo Girl Trail at TECT Park Tauranga, It is designed to encourage people to continue training over the Winter months.
You complete the first of the Series in July and then the second in August doing your best to train up and reduce your 12k times.

I have run a smyllion times up at the TECT, it is the closest trail I have to where I live, so this series will be the ideal training run for the big kahuna 30k in November.

If I manage to kick this illness, I will be completing the first of the series next Saturday!

October:  Next up is Ekiden (Apparently The Home of Self-proclaimed Fancy Dress World Champs).

Leg 3 – 7.93km

Read all about last years relay here!
This year we have 2 teams again, some of the same runners, some of them new to our group.  Whatever the combo I just know that it is going to be the BEST TIME!
I did this one in 56min last year, so I am looking at pulling that back a bit, especially now that I know exactly how many hills I have to climb!

November :  So the next one is the Big Kahuna!  The Smiths Sport Shoes Tauranga Trail Run.

Tunnel on Te Rerenga

Last year I finished the 15km in 2.12hrs, that was a really long time for me to be on my feet in the freeking hot, running Hills and shit!

This year I am doubling up and busting out the 30km, which is the 15km distance TIMES TWO!

It will be a good lead up to the 36km I will run at Tarawera in Team: Couch2Kawerau

100km Tarawera Trail Run Map

From all these races I will hope to have put together some decent mileage, a good race day plan, some good nutrition and hydration habits to get me through to my ‘Baby step’ up to the Big League!

In between these events will be a whole bunch of training.

I have decided to try shred as much as I can before August.  Getting myself back logging on MFP.
Glenn will be taking me out for some Recon runs over the 36k that I will be enduring.
And I plan to be making a few trips out to the TECT (TECT All terrain Park) and be doing some speed work out up and around the Mount (Mount Maunganui).

I will most probably die a few times in the process, but I will learn so much about my body and its limits.

I can’t wait to meet more Ultra Runners too!

Exciting times ahead and you know I am going to share the whole lot with you!

What plans do you have up your sleeve for the remainder of the year?

Any Ultra’s on your horizon?

Running Baby steps,

Jay 🙂

Race Report: ColorRun Auckland New Zealand 2014

A COLORful end to Week 10…


ColorRun Color Packet

I arrive home after 2 and a half hours driving, blue stained and chalky.

My entire being is powdery, and as I peel away my clothes I hold my breath for fear that I may inhale the day through my nostrils.

Week 10 ended with the ColorRun Event, the happiest 5k on the planet!

This week was a recovery week, and that I did, with a little bit of lighthearted enjoyment thrown in.

The morning started early.

We are about 2 and a half hours drive from Pukekohe – Auckland, where the event was to be held so I rounded up the BOP (Bay of Plenty) troops and we got on the road.

5k out from reaching the event we were halted by a hidieous amount of backed up traffic.  With just 40 minutes to get there bang on the 10 o’clock start, thoughts were still hopeful.



It was a dragging time getting there, but once we did, it was a quick potty stop at the local BK restaurant and then onwards to meet the rest of the gang.

Arron txt a wee bit earlier to say that he was waiting at the blue bin by the entry.  There were about 3 or 4 blue bins just on our way walking toward the entry…

Finally found him, big ‘Nice to meet you” hug, and off to find Janey.

Once the gang was complete, we get a quick ‘CLEAN’ snap together and headed toward the starting Chute.

Becoming Beast ColorRun Team

We actually arrived at the Chute seconds after they had just had a lot of people start.  It wasn’t a timed event so we pushed on with the group who had already gone ahead.

We unlike everyone else jogged almost the entire way.  I understand that people wanted to get their moneys worth by taking it a little slower, but for a runner, half of the thrill is in the race.

For such a supposedly ‘Happy’ event, it didn’t appear that the majority were having the fun promised by such a motto.  My friend Melissa was right – it was more about ‘what you make of it’.

Henceforth we would make it our mission to clumsily weave our way through the masses ‘Photobombing’ every photo opportunity we could as we ran past.

There were many!

It actually made for the best game!  And we all got in on it! – so if you see us in your pic, make sure to get your tag on #becomingbeast.  YEOW!

As we approach the first Colour stop “Green”, we excitedly shriek little girl giggles and boost on up.

The keepers of the colour were not giving off the vibe I wouldve expected.  It almost seemed as if those volunteers had had enough of it by then.  We were barely touched by it.  A bit shit really.  We formed a new game plan when approaching each colour zone.

Get our roll on!

A short run later, Pink.

A quick bevey at the water stop…

On our way to the next zone – Blue.

Photobombing the entire way.  Cause we are badass like that! ha!

We were met with the last zone – Yellow.

I was really disappointed in the ColorRun staff/volunteers by this point.

The Yellow color throwers were literally just standing there not even attempting to do their thing.  We had to stand right in front of them and actually ask to be coloured…..?

I was calling bullshit on that one!

I didn’t pay Fifty something bucks and drive 2 and a half hours to have someone not do their job, especially when I had been looking forward to this for months now.

Hardly Happy!

We moved on trying to stay optimistic about it.  I said to the team that it was time to run it in.

We crossed the finished line slightly underwhelmed, but still enjoyed the company, the self-created mess, the laughs and the self-made missions to keep up our spirits.

A big hug for Becks another Badass MFP runner, you may know her from Pics on this post – Ekiden.  She had opted to Volunteer at the Finish line, congratulating everyone.

We grabbed our ColorPacks and moved on to the ColorThrow.

We missed this one also by seconds, but had a party on it anyway.  It seems there was more of an ‘after-party’ than an actual ‘run party’.  I wouldve preferred more emphasis on the run and kind of less on the ‘throwing of shit’ after.  But that’s just me.

A few post-run snaps, a bit of Grafitti and it was homeward bound.

Colorful beast

I would have to say I had higher expectations of such an event, but the main thing is I had fun with those who joined me.  I met a new Buddy who is also becoming a ‘Beast’, I ran with the Queen of tutu’s again, and I had a couple of buddies with me along the way.

What I was most impressed with today, was the efforts of a guy who has not been running for too long, but knocked it out in a good time.  Arron.  A beast in the making.  I hope this experience has reaffirmed all the good thoughts you have about the world of Running, and I hope you push on to achieve everything you wish for out of it.  It is a High like no other, it is the sport where ordinary men and women become extraordinary!


A nice way to end the week, we push on now through to Week 11 – Build.

We make the best out of an average situation and we get the job done.

Miss and Amy

It was fun to act like children for a day.

Picking it up,

Becoming the Beast,

Jay 🙂

The people you meet.

FB Status Update 22.12.2013

…It wasn’t Eggs and Bacon for Breakfast, it was hills!

…And I wasn’t actual eating, it was running!

…And I wasn’t going alone, I was bringing friends!

The end of Week 5 had me locked in with a 60 minute Hill Run to see me into Week 6.

It just so happened that my recently-found running soul-sister was in town.  We were going running!

So yesterday Shannon jumped out of a plane…

Shannon Plane jump

Now if you have been following my blog for a while now you would notice a little something about the above photo…

The guy that jumped the both of us… out of a plane I mean…
… his name is Sam!  Sam is from Tauranga Tandem Skydive.  (Read more about my jump here at You’ve got 30 minutes then you Jump!)

Sam came for a run!

After a bit of chin-wag, Shannon found out that Sam has a few Half Marathon’s under his belt himself, and is actually training to run his first Full!

The people you meet!

In fact Sam has a little story of his own, and speaking of story’s so does Shannon!

It is all too common these days to have ‘weighty’ issues.  The defining moment in ones life is when they make that decision to change.  Change for the better.  To be happy.  To do what it takes to be happy!

All three of us have moved.  To be better, to do better, to kick ass, to be awesome, to do what we love, to be what we want, to be happy!

It is the people you meet, those who you find common ground with, those who share the same or similar goals, those are the kinds of people you need to help feed your soul, to add to your life, to see the positive and lessen the negative!

These are my people!

I met Shan and Sam at the bottom of the Mount.  I parked a fair distance away so ran up to meet them.

Sam was actually about to embark on running up the Mount for the 4th time this week.  A little crazy, but totally cool!

Without Shannon and I even realising, Sam had become our trainer for the day!  I was going along with it… I didn’t know what to expect… I hadn’t run the 4WD track of the Mount before, I didn’t even know where the access was to get to it.
We easy jogged up to the water tower, about a couple hundy metres up from the base.  This was apparently our warm-up according to Sam.  I was out of breath by time we reached the water tower ha!

A bit of a stretch and it was business time!

I never knew how freeking steep and challenging that track was!  I had always run up and back down the stairs, this was a whole-nother workout!  Less Quad action, more Calf action!  It hurt and I couldn’t run up the whole way, in fact it would be safer to say I walked the majority of it.

I did walk up it in close to/less than 20 minutes, which is about as fast as I can get up the stair’s track.  So I felt it was a good Wog.

Mount with Shannon

We quick walked down the stairs and down to the base.  Sam had to leave us there and get going, he had to be at work, no rest for jumpers!

Running Hills with friends for breakfast

Shannon and I continued to run around the base.  We ran and talked the whole way – roughly a 6.30-7 minute pace, I can’t be sure of actual’s, I need to charge my Garmin to find out!
I do know that I was out for the full 60 minutes.

Week 5 down and in the bag, with a little help from my friends.

Next week is the start of Accelerations.  I am looking forward to this.  Some ground work into helping improve my speed and tighten it up for running my Half Marathon ‘Race Pace’.

What are you working on to see the year out?  Is there a Half or Full Marathon on your horizon?
Have you moved from your funk?  Are you living the best ‘you’ that you can?

Maybe today is the day you move?!?

Make the change, Be beast, go eat some Hills for Breakfast!

Jay 🙂

One Year Ago…

…I took my first official recorded run.

It was the hardest run of my life!

My stats this time last year – 3.07 km completed 27.57 mins at 9’04″pace at dirty 6:10 am!

Since that day I have started c25k 3 separate times, I have finished it a total of 1 time,
I have competed in 4 events (Race Reports),
I have run my longest distance of 15 km over trail terrain,
I have run 761 recorded kilometres over 146 runs,
I have run in Stupidly hot conditions/Freezing cold mornings/Stormy Thundery weather,
I have run with a group of random people that I have met for the very first time,

MFP Buddies Ekiden | On a Jam Hunt Blog
I have run with a regular running buddy (Amy),

I have run as a zombie, I have run in a dress, I have run as a Turtle,

I have started a running group and have helped 3 lovely ladies to each run a full 5km distance,
I have met some very influential and inspiring people,
I have lost over 10kg from being more active,
I have never before said the acronym YOLO so many times in relation to running,

I have never before in my life believed in myself so surely and so assertively than right now in this very moment!

I am awesome and I want everyone to know it!

The thing is, you too can be as awesome if not more awesome than I am right now!

It doesn’t take too much, it just takes the right attitude and a mind that wont talk you out of doing something crazy.

One Year Anniversary | On a Jam Hunt Blog

Make some crazy decisions, form some silly plans, do some epic shit, fill your life with memorable moments, meet some total strangers, enter an event you think you may just die trying, find some mutual crazies, go forth and be a force of the awesome!

Do it all and repeat!

Celebrate with Beer and Pie!


Run on,

Jay 🙂

Taking the scenic routes scenic route! On Pimping the Beast!

So according to my Nike app, I have run 14km today.

To be fair, I probably walked about 3-4k of it, I walked a fair bit at the end, and I walked along the way because a) taking photo’s for my dad or b) trying to find my way, choosing which direction to take…


I ran the TBC and Buffalo Girl trails up at the TECT.

I say ‘scenic route’ because it is the biggest trail route mapped out at the TECT.

TECT All Terrain Park

And I say ‘scenic route to the scenic route’ because I accidentally missed a turn off and added about 3.5k to my journey.  I really wished I hadn’t, but meh – I didn’t die!

TBC trail

This is about mid way into the TBC trail.  It is a very short one about 1.5-2k that meets up with the Buffalo Girl.  It is the first part of actual trail that I would experience next Weekend (OMFG NEXT WEEKEND!!!).  The first Kilometre or so would be mostly made up of Road, some of it gravel.

12.10.2013 010

12.10.2013 011

I wasn’t planning on doing such a big distance, but because I wasn’t in a rush to be somewhere or do something for once, I decided I’d take it easy and try get the whole Buffalo Girl done.

I had planned the previous night, to run it hard and to only do a 4.5k there and track back 4.5k.  I had chugged about a quarter of an electrolyte drink after dinner, and another quarter on waking up.  I had a bit of water and had more carbs than I usually would’ve this morning.

Of course because I was enjoying the trail well past 4.5k, I just kept going.

There had been quite a lot more work done to the Park since the last time I had run it, so there was plenty that looked different.  I was at times making it up as I went along.  Trees had been chopped down, roads and trails covered with gravel, new routes dug in, new baby trees planted.  It was very confusing, but I didn’t worry too much about it.  I knew eventually I would come out to the Mountain Bike hub no matter which path I took.

It seems I took the longest possible! GOH!

12.10.2013 019

The baby trees, that I am pretty sure werent there last time I ran this trail…either that or I took the wrong turn off!

12.10.2013 017

SO MUCH FREEKING CUTTY GRASS!!  My legs felt it in the shower! ARCH!

At 45 mins, I decided I would try the Honey Stinger Waffle I had stashed in my running shorts.  It had a slight chocolate flavour, but not enough to make you feel sick, it was semi-sweet and the waffle was plain.  Exactly as I hoped it would be!  I think they were a success.  I actually felt after the 6th and 9th km that I had found a 2nd and 3rd wind, possibly because of the waffle? Not sure, but I hope to train my half with them.

I also took a mini pump bottle of water with me, it was enough I guess, but lets just say by the 11km I was thanking god that there would be water stations on Race Day.

The last few k’s I walked, it was all uphill on gravel road, my trail shoes were good, but not that good.  Plus my glutes, hammys and calves were starting to tighten up, I’d say I probably needed a little bit more fuel for having run almost 2 hours in technical bush.  Especially for someone as novice as I am.

I had kept in a cooler bag another bigger bottle of water and a small chocolate milk.  God I am good!  I needed both!  In fact on the last 2k or so I was dreaming of Pie and Beer! (I have requested both from my family for actual Race Day)  I was so hungry, it was past lunch time and I had expended all I had to give on that trail!  Not to mention the 5k that I quick walked this morning for a secret reason – more about that later!

I will maybe run up at the TECT once more, but I will do the 5k loop.  If not the TECT then definitely up the Mount.

Good day, Feeling energised!  Maybe the fuel and extra hydration did it for me.  I am scared to think about how I will feel tomorrow.  Hopefully as close to Tip Top as I can possibly feel after a 14k ha!

And that my friends, is how I Pimped the Shit out of the Beast! BOOM!

How about you? Any long distances you have up your sleeve today?  Any increases in your strength training?

Till tomorrow,

Jay 🙂

P.S. Totally hit up 26000 steps today, my most to date! WOOP!

Finishing off the Plan – On Pimping the Beast

Today legs are feeling better, Abs – almost hundy percent.  I am ready to take on the next week!

No run today, the children and I spent most of it in the backyard gardening and playing in their little paddling pool.

We also tried the Bethlehem Farmers Market, I really wanted some decent Avocado’s, the ones from my supermarket that I had been delivered were crap!  I think we will be making a regular Sunday trip to the markets for veg!

While we were out I got a 2014 Calender so I could finish off my Training Plan, and kind of get a jist of how everything is going to happen over the Christmas Period.
I am planning a camping trip and a week away, so I need to know where everything falls to start making some robust habits that wont fall by the wayside during the festive season!

Seeing as we will be away for almost 2 weeks before Christmas (Week 4 and 5 of my training plan)  I kind of need to plan out how I am going to get those runs and strength work outs in.  If I don’t start looking at it all now, and shit hits the fan, I will feel like I am stuffing up by not sticking to the plan!  Can anyone say CONTROL FREAK!

It is also my children’s 2nd Birthday in the second week of December, Our trip away, then Christmas, a Family 40th, and then New Years!  I will be glad to see January!  I just want everything to go off without a hitch!  Failing to Plan is a Plan to Fail – said it before, saying it again!

I also did the Weekly meal plan for next week, and did the shop online, I researched a new product to try and also a new recipe to try.  Got a lot going on, but that is how we Pimp the Beast!!

My Plan to Win!…

Training Plan | On a Jam Hunt Blog Plans to Win |On a Jam Hunt Blog

When I step back and look at it, it looks pretty busy.  Its not really, it’s just methodical.

I have 1 small and 1 big event that falls on the first and second week of my training plan, so I wont be able to follow those ones to the ‘T’.

I also realised when looking at the next years tentative plans for events, it seems there is only 7 weeks between the other 2 Half Marathons that I want to compete in.  I will have to get some advice on how to deal with those ‘training plan’ wise.

TOUGH MUDDER is also coming to New Zealand in April… It smells like an expensive year!!

Plan is done, now all is left to do is work off a bit more weight over the next 2 weeks, then we get the show on the road!

Weigh-in Day tomorrow… nervous and excited to let you know how well all this Pimping is working for me.

What did you get up to today?  Did you Run long?

See you tomorrow

Jay 🙂

PTB 25.10.2013 – Chia, but different

Chia Meets Water | On a Jam Hunt Blog

Today I skipped the Oats and yogurt and had toast, peanut butter and banana.

I really felt like a simple carb and ‘toast’ was how I was going to get it.

Because I had a different breakfast I realised I was going to miss out on my Chia Seed for today.

There is no way I can miss out on Chia, there are far too many benefits to miss out on!  In the list below Jess Ainscough will tell you why…

Here are a heap of reasons to eat chia:

1. Chia is gluten free

2. It is super high in dietary fibre, making it great for digestion and healing digestion issues.

3. It contains 20% Omega 3 ALA, making it a super food for the brain and heart. Chia has eight times more Omega 3 than salmon!

4. It boasts 20% protein

5. The protein is a complete protein with all 8 essential amino acids

6. It is high in antioxidants (It has a four times higher ORAC value than blueberries)

7. Chia contains five times more calcium than milk

8. Chia contains seven times more vitamin C than oranges

9. It contains three times more iron than spinach

10. It contains twice the potassium content of banana

11. It is food for healthy skin, hair and nails

12. It has a positive impact balancing blood glucose levels (making it awesome for diabetics)

13. Chia makes a great egg replacement. Just combine with water to form a gel, and add it to recipes that call for egg.

Nutritionists recommend that 15g/0.53oz (one tablespoon) of chia is consumed each day. Be sure to drink plenty of water as chia is very high in fiber.

– Jess Ainscough The Wellness Warrior – 13 Awesome Reasons to eat Chia Seeds everyday

I wasn’t going to miss out on all of the good stuff so I thought of a different delivery of Chia – WATER – I know what you are thinking… are you crazy?  It will be ICK!

Believe it or not, It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, it was quick and painless and was over in seconds!

Chia and Water | On a Jam Hunt Blog Awkward delivery of Chia | On a Jam Hunt Blog

Looks pretty gross huh!  But I guess the awkward delivery of the Chia seed is totally worth the benefits of them.

First time I have tried them this way.  I will never go a day without them because I have found that my mood is changed by not having them.  There is a noticeable difference!

In Other news…

Took my new New Balance Road Runners for a spin today.  They felt amazing!  A little awkward at first because all the fresh padding hadn’t yet got my foot groove indentation, but no pain, no blisters (yet) and a nice easy comfy run!  Gosh I have a Crush on Running!
The test will be on my next Long Run, which I have planned for tomorrow, I don’t know if this is pushing it in the new shoes, but I kind of have to wear them seeing as the others do worse for me.

Tonight I am out for Dinner with the hubby, and I plan not to have a lot of alcoholic beveys.  This is not a promise though!  I have eaten quite well this week so I think I have allowed myself a treat out!

How about you?  How have you Pimped the Beast today?  Been for a run at all?  Tell me all about it…

See you tomorrow, where we will again Pimp the Beast!

Jay 🙂

PTB 21.10.2013 – Doin it for Kicks!

It is Labour Weekend and there are sales galore!

So I got me some new kicks!

I was well-overdue for some, my old Adidas Marathons have been expired for well over 3 months now but I love how light they are and how good it feels to connect my feet/toes with the ground.

Unlike the other pair of Sauconys, while they may be a good shoe – I don’t think that they are a good shoe for me.  We are going back to this Arch pain with these shoes, also they have always felt super heavy to run in, like big pillows of heavy cushioned fluff(cement)!!  I have never really been too comfortable in them, although being told that they were the right shoe for my feet… gah!  I don’t know… we will give this new lot a go!

So without further a do –

24.10.2013 005

24.10.2013 007

When I got home, only then did I realise that they had coordinating colours…weird!

Anywho, the Left pair are Road Shoes, and are for an Over-pronater, They seem more comfortable than the Saucony’s and are also super light and less Bulky – love that!

The Right pair are Trail shoes, which I hope to race in come November, So I really need to start breaking them in.  I know blisters are part of a runners life, but I will avoid them if I can!

I have never tried New Balance brand before, I hope these work out.  I am not a label basher so I don’t migrate toward the most popular brand, what ever is comfortable and what ever works is what I buy.  I have to run in these baby’s for the next 6 months (if they don’t wear out sooner) so I wouldn’t compromise function for style (or colour for that matter – not a big fan of pink!)

Run day tomorrow with the running group, I plan to take the newbies out for a whirl.  I will be doing very short wog (Walk/Jog), max of 20 mins so it will be nice for a first outing… the Group are actually in the middle of Week 5 of the c25k and still seem to be enjoying the increasing intensity.  We are officially half way, will do another update of my Running group (I Just want to Run!) at the end of the week.


How did you Pimp the Beast today?

Are your running shoes up to par?

Catch ya tomorrow,

Jay 🙂

Pimping the Beast

We are not too far away from 2014, so close in fact that it is scary.

So far this year I think I have done more right than wrong in terms of my health and fitness, all leading toward some bigger goals in the Race season that is quickly approaching.
I don’t overly think that I had set any firm New Years resolutions for this year, just to make incremental positive changes health wise.

I do have some small goals left for this year, they are newly found, semi-necessary for my events during Summer.  Only thing is I am being complacent.  I am bad at being complacent!  The trouble is that I am comfortable in my skin, I am happy(ish) with my body, I have achieved some good things up till now.  I need to stop being comfortable!

I worked quite hard to get to my “Overweight” goal and now I need to work into peeling off those last kilos purely so that I am hauling less on a run.

Everything I do these days either involves my kids or is geared up toward my run – fueling for my run, getting light for my run, buying clothes/shoes for my run, making time for my run… I don’t call it obsessed… I call it “Life”!

But here is where this post is going…

I want to do well at my Half, I want to do better than I have been so far.
I run an average 7-7.30 pace, which is kinda slow, but it is faster than what it used to be.  I want to work on getting quicker!
To do this I feel like I need to lose a bit more weight so that there is less pressure on my knees and hips, the places that start to ache after continuous road pounding.  It is probably not super necessary that I lose this weight, but I want to have as positive experience with my training as possible.  If I did nothing to prepare, and then had a shit experience, I am likely to beat myself up about not having done anything about it sooner!

So this is where I need your help…

I am planning to post here every day for the next month and a half (the time between now and when I start my Half training).  I am going to try to make one small (or big) change everyday for the rest of this time, and maybe for the rest of the year if I don’t get too busy around December.

I am usually great at self-motivating, but my complacency has got me in a small funk.  I think I am often seen as the one doing the motivating, and not usually needing the motivation myself, but I guess I am asking for that little push…

I need you all to do this with me!  I want you to Pimp the Beast too!  By this, I want you to comment under every daily post about something small/big that you have done to better your life/health/fitness for the remainder of the year!  I want us all to be pimped out before the year end so that there is little to none of the same resolutions we made last year.

Now this can be as simple or as hard as you want it to be – Stick to your daily calorie recommended intake, reduce your alcohol consumption, take up a yoga class once a week, wear matching sport socks for your run, instead of lite milk change to trim, eliminate sugar from you daily cup of joe/tea, run an extra mile/metre/lamp-post, go to bed an extra half hour, eat a ‘clean’ meal once a week/day, walk the stairs instead of the lift, skip during your ad breaks, watch less T.V., eat at the dinner table, drink all 8 glasses of water a day, bike to work…

I could go on and on.  Make one small positive change everyday!

When I post my small step for the day, I want you to comment with your small step too, I want you to do this alongside me!!

So, will you make some daily positive changes with me…?

Come Pimp your Beast!

Jay 🙂