Pre-Race Day in pictures

As I get comfy for the night, all snuggled up in my warm mink blankie (yes, I said the word blankie) fed, watered and pj’ed, I think about what lies ahead of me tomorrow.  Tomorrow I Run for my Freak’n life!  In the cold, in the wet, in the mud and away from zombies as fast as I can possibly muster.  This is how I am feeling right now about what I am about to embark on, being my first event ever…

Needless to say…


And in all honesty Id love to look like this…

I want to look like this
But lets face it I’ll probs look like this…

But i know ill look like this
And even though I wish I could live up to a t-shirt like this…

even tho being fast just means go faster
I’ll most likely need one that looks like this…

ill probs need one of these shirts
Like I’ve expressed before, I’d love to be running from those slow “Shaun of the dead”-like zombies…
Id love to run from slow zombies like the ones from Shaun of the dead

But knowing my luck, they would’ve been training and will resemble another movie… 28days later…

but id probs get 28 days later ones like these
And finishing strong will be the aim of my game…

as much as id like to finish like this
Id feel more confident to promise this, and then surprise you
Getting there
So feel free to come support me and my team

External motivators would be great
Just know when all is said and done…

After the race this will be me
Looking forward to that post run Chocolate milk!!

See you all at the finish line…with pics!

Jay 🙂

P.S. Finally got my new shoes sussed…BOOM!


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