Training Plan

Where has the time gone…

…definitely not on Pimping the Beast.

Although I had a great many plans, I only lasted a week or two and found myself in another funk!

But we are always hopeful, and I never stop thinking about running!  If things were easier, I would be doing it every single day! Alas, we will get there!

So let me catch you up…

Tarawera Ultra (in relay) has been put on the Back burner.  

I was thinking of lessening my leg of the relay by adding in another couple of people to my two person team, but then my buddy Glenn ran into some injury issues, and effectively put himself out of running for a little while.  I also felt a lack of confidence in myself to get ready in time.  I know I have done it before and was proud of my results, but this bad boy is a whole nother kettle of fish!  I will be sad to not be able to run with some of the greats!
Tarawera has become exponentially popular in a short amount of time, and us holding on to an entry and possibly not being able to make it to the Start Line would just be selfish.

My heart breaks not being able to get myself there, but all is not lost.  We live to fight another day!

Team Couch2Kawerau will have to size up 2016 for the win!


It is speedily approaching!

This weekend in fact.

And we are theme’ing it again.

My original thoughts were to go with Nacho Libre, but a half body stretchy suit didn’t quite sit well with the rest of my team.  Really, I just wanted to wear a cape, a moustache and My undies on the outside!

We compromised.  And by compromise, I mean that I am making everyone wear their undies on the outside whilst wearing a cape!  All while running around the lake!

Right up my alley!

Where to from here…?

I haven’t decided yet.

The kids are off to Daycare in 2 short months, I start my new business with a friend, and the hubby continues to do what he does.

I want to commit to some longer distance stuff next year, but I have to stop promising myself the good stuff and then later realise that I have to let myself down.

So going forward…

I will run! – Where I can and When I can, and yes, I promise to be better to write all about it!

After all its not about being the best, its about being better than you were, and doing what you love!

Hopefully I can hold myself to that to see out the year – how quickly is Christmas approaching?!?!?!


Still running,

and running!

Jay 🙂

P.S.  Saw this today on my run, totally pissed about this Runner litterer!!!  Hiss!

Runner drops GU on the Estuary | On a Jam Hunt Blog

Dreading the REST DAY – Pimping the Beast

Last week – my first week of my training plan, went really well.  I capped it off with a treadmill (DREADMILL) run of 2k as recovery.

DREADMILL Recovery Run |On a Jam Hunt Blog


I am not too keen on the Treadmill, but it is the only way I can get in a run on a Sunday seeing as half the year I am a solo-parent.  I use my Mother-in-laws treadmill while I visit for dinner on Sunday’s.

I feel really confident going forward with my training plan.  My fitness after just one week is not too bad.

Also when I remember back to my training for Round the Bays Half Marathon, I thought back to the times when my faith in my plan dwindled and the great nervousness I felt about attempting my long runs.
I think again about how I felt once completing those long runs and how I managed to complete every last thing that was required of me from the training plan.
I remember about how surprised I was about the huge distance I had just covered on my Long Runs and how my faith was restored in my plan every time that Sunday run came around.

It is so important to keep that faith!

Anywho, enough about last week,

Lets hear about this week!

Monday and Friday are REST Days.  After last week, I have become very nervous about Rest days, especially where my calorie intake is concerned.
Those runs and my activeness during non-rest days seem to help keep my head in the game and my hunger at bay (except after a hard run – then I want to EAT ALL THE THINGS!)
Rest days are a bit tougher, you don’t have that extra burned Cal to consume and you have to keep to the plan by not running i.e. time on your feet engaging leg muscles that require recovery.

So I have come up with a plan, one that works out quite well where my performance is concerned.

I am dedicating my Rest days to strength – in particular Core strength and when I can, Upper Body strength.

I have a Tabata timer app on my phone which cycles 8 x 20 secs of Action with 10 secs rest in between.

Tabata Time Finish | On a Jam Hunt Blog Tabata Timer Cycles | On a Jam Hunt Blog Tabata App | On a Jam Hunt Blog


Today I did 4 different ab exercises (4 exercises @ 20 sec intervals x 2 – totaling 8 intervals), ones that I do at Boot Camp…



Pilates 100's

Pilates 100s

V Crunch

V Crunch

Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle Crunches

I also set my alarm at 6 times during the day – just at times when I know I will have time to drop and get down to bust these out.

Ab Alarms


Hopefully I will see some improvement in my Core Strength at BootCamp, which is where I will be measuring it.  I usually suck at BootCamp doing the Ab portion of exercises so if I see any improvement, I will definitely see it there!

Needless to say, I am pretty sore right now… lets hope the DOMS don’t come to haunt me!

So that is my REST day plan.  I really want to maybe take up swimming, but that will have to wait for next year (when I will have care for the children).

What do you do on your Rest Days?

Do you fret too about having to avoid your regular exercise routine?

Bring on Run Day tomorrow!


Jay 🙂


Up, Down and Around! – Pimping the Beast!

I thought I might be biting off a little more than I could chew trying to attempt running up, down and around the Mount.

Mauao | On a Jam Hunt Blog

I surprised myself today!

In fact if I remember back to the last time I timed my trip up – Starting at the base and checking time once reaching the top (1.2k), I think I managed to get up there in 19-20 minutes.

Today I did it in 18:09!

That guy is totally Photo Bombing!!!  He looks as if he's Popping a Squat!! Yikes!

That guy is totally Photo Bombing!!! He looks as if he’s Popping a Squat!! Yikes!

My 'Up' Time

My effort wasn’t my fastest but I didn’t stop.

Being a super fine and clear day, and a weekend day, the Mount was swarming with people.  So I actually had to keep a slower pace, probably the reason for why I didn’t have to stop.

The beginning of the ‘Stairs’ portion, I managed to run up 3 flights… Walked the rest.  It almost kicked my ass!  Especially seeing as the last time I attempted running up was 4-5 months ago!  Not to mentioned I only started consistently running at the beginning of this week, after months and months of half ass’ed efforts!

I have come to the conclusion that I need to work on my downhill running.  Coming down from the peak meant that I was hitting up those Quads HARD!  I ran all the gradual downs, and walked (with purpose) all the Stairs.  I didn’t want to kill my knees.
I actually thought my Glutes would suffer the most today, but they were actually stronger than I first thought.

My runs earlier in the week had a surfacing tingle in my right glute.  I have been on a mish to stretch it out and Foam roll to make sure it doesn’t become an issue.  It was more those stairs and downhills that really got me so I will have to make  Hill workout’s my best friend!

All in all, I covered around 7k which was about where I had aimed for for Week 1’s Long Run.  I did this in 1:01:22.

Pretty stoked about my first Long Run effort.  I covered a good amount of terrain variation and I came away feeling like I had a wee bit more to give.

I am not so frightened about heading upward in K’s after today’s run, I am actually totally Pumped!!

I just need to stick to my plan and have faith that it will get me to the Tarawera Start Line with enough endurance to get me to the Finish.  Well ‘My’ Finish (36k)!

Tomorrow brings a nice little 2k recovery run, I am looking forward to this to wind myself down for the week.

Have Y’all been Pimping your Beast?

Got some goals you are working hard at?

Till next time,

Jay 🙂

A step up in my Journey

Sitting in the waiting room of my Doctors Practice, waiting to be seen about my never-ending Cold/Flu/whatever it is.  As I near the end of a page in a book my friend borrowed me, the doctor (not my usual doctor) approaches and calls my name.  I rush the last sentence to the page, close it up and proceed toward the Doc’s room.

“What are you reading?”

“Oh, just this book on running”

“Oh right, let’s see…, uh this is about Running Ultra’s…. Are you running one?”

“Not quite yet, I am baby stepping it, doing it in relay first”

“That’s awesome! I run too!”

And so a raft of running experiences takes form in re-living awesome memories through story telling.

So if one is going to take a step up in their ‘Running’ Journey what better step to take than – Tarawera Ultra

This is my attempt at baby steps to eventually get to the 60k, 85k then eventually 100!?!

But I am going to have to do some awesome things in between!

I spent a while organising the events out for the remainder of the year.  Things have pretty much been on hold since the completion of my first Half Marathon, so I am excited to finally be getting back into some ‘goal’ induced Running!

July/August:  First up is one I wanted to do last year but kind of missed out on – Buffalo Trail Runner – 12km

It is two 12k trails runs over the Buffalo Girl Trail at TECT Park Tauranga, It is designed to encourage people to continue training over the Winter months.
You complete the first of the Series in July and then the second in August doing your best to train up and reduce your 12k times.

I have run a smyllion times up at the TECT, it is the closest trail I have to where I live, so this series will be the ideal training run for the big kahuna 30k in November.

If I manage to kick this illness, I will be completing the first of the series next Saturday!

October:  Next up is Ekiden (Apparently The Home of Self-proclaimed Fancy Dress World Champs).

Leg 3 – 7.93km

Read all about last years relay here!
This year we have 2 teams again, some of the same runners, some of them new to our group.  Whatever the combo I just know that it is going to be the BEST TIME!
I did this one in 56min last year, so I am looking at pulling that back a bit, especially now that I know exactly how many hills I have to climb!

November :  So the next one is the Big Kahuna!  The Smiths Sport Shoes Tauranga Trail Run.

Tunnel on Te Rerenga

Last year I finished the 15km in 2.12hrs, that was a really long time for me to be on my feet in the freeking hot, running Hills and shit!

This year I am doubling up and busting out the 30km, which is the 15km distance TIMES TWO!

It will be a good lead up to the 36km I will run at Tarawera in Team: Couch2Kawerau

100km Tarawera Trail Run Map

From all these races I will hope to have put together some decent mileage, a good race day plan, some good nutrition and hydration habits to get me through to my ‘Baby step’ up to the Big League!

In between these events will be a whole bunch of training.

I have decided to try shred as much as I can before August.  Getting myself back logging on MFP.
Glenn will be taking me out for some Recon runs over the 36k that I will be enduring.
And I plan to be making a few trips out to the TECT (TECT All terrain Park) and be doing some speed work out up and around the Mount (Mount Maunganui).

I will most probably die a few times in the process, but I will learn so much about my body and its limits.

I can’t wait to meet more Ultra Runners too!

Exciting times ahead and you know I am going to share the whole lot with you!

What plans do you have up your sleeve for the remainder of the year?

Any Ultra’s on your horizon?

Running Baby steps,

Jay 🙂

A week to go

So, I should have posted this on Sunday night.

Life has got in the way!

My last Long run was on Sunday – 90mins in which time I completed 13k over mostly flat terrain, similar to that of the actual Course… but apparently without all the wind.

Wellington is better known for Windy weather, not ideal!  It is also know for cooler weather, totally ideal!

So I don’t know exactly what to expect especially as it is still summer, Mother nature could turn anything on.
Forecast says rain and a high of 18degrees, epically ideal!
It also says Westerlies, which means that because the course is set around windey bays I get it from all angles and end with it potentially head on.

But a 10 day forecast doesn’t mean anything is set in stone, I will have to take it as it comes and hope that at the very least, I don’t get a head on wind on my last k’s before finishing!

What does that mean for me in this last week of my training?

More Taper.

For the moment I haven’t been too itchy footed as my husband arrived last Thursday, so we have been getting out of the house a lot to keep me from getting too bored.

I have a half hour Easy run tonight still to do, a 20 min Easy tomorrow, and a 10 min Easy on Saturday, day before event.

These little runs, though they are necessary, they are a bit annoying!

The thought of a Long Run has got me hooked!  So these small little one’s are like a tease!

I read through the last few sections of my Training Plan book about the Recovery Weeks.  It touched a little on ‘Phantom Pains’.

It seems ever since I began my taper, I have been experiencing these!

Small little niggles that have started to appear.

From what the book has explained, these ‘niggles’ have been around for some time, and because I have eased into ‘relax mode’  they are beginning to rear their ugly faces.

To that I say ‘BOO!’

So much so that I have been extra careful with my knees, hips and feet.

My husband will tell you all about it!  Obscenities yelled resembling something like this – “I just have to make it one more week, can you just be careful of my legs for this last bloody week!”

Poor guy!

It is just the ‘Taper’ in me I think hahaha!

Not too long to go now though, I better finish off that Playlist!

Very excited, not very nervous, totally amped to go!

Hopefully I get in a post before Sunday Race Day, but if I don’t feel free to wish me many bearable miles, don’t wish me luck, I don’t believe in it.  I’ll get to the end anyway.

Come at me 21.1!

I am ready to finish!

Jay 🙂

Run long and Taper…

I did it!

I made it to my Taper!

I ran my longest distance ever ever this morning!

How do I feel you may ask?

F*&%ing AWESOME!

This morning, I got my ass out of bed at a hideously early time of the morning to run for 2 hours straight.

And that I did!

I ran 2 hours and 2 minutes a distance of 17k.

In that run I achieved a PR for my 5k at 33mins, and a PR for my 10k at 1hr 8mins.

09.02.2014 101

09.02.2014 102

I was glad to have covered a full 17k today, that leaves 4k of surprise time and effort.

As stupid as I felt, on completing my 17th k I smiled a ridiculously big smile all by myself in my little empty corner of the world.

Last weekend I ran for 1.5hours, and ended up with an almost strained hammy and glute.  This week I feel nothing but tired legs, no ouchy pain and overly tight muscles.

Ice Bath... The Ice never lasts long enough!! And now we feast!

Ice Bath… The Ice never lasts long enough!!
And now we feast!

The first half of the run seemed to fly by, like it was nothing.  A podcast on Chi running probably helped with keeping form in check, and then the next few k started to alert me to some muscle fatigue.  The last 2k was unreal.  My body couldn’t really make up its mind – every now and then I would get inklings of struggle, but then it would come right seconds later.  Mind transcendance really was a challenge at this point of the game.  My mind wanted to be present in my body, but I was doing my best to make it bugger off somewhere else.

And unlike last week where I felt terrible for the majority, the change in scenery and route meant that I watched the sunrise from 3 different angles as I effectively ran around almost half of my town.

My 2hr Run map, or what is left of it!

My 2hr Run map, or what is left of it!

I watched the world wake up this morning, and though I like to be selfish with my Ghost town Sunday mornings, I enjoyed seeing everything come to life as each kilometer crept up on me.  It really was something.

This brought week 12 to a close and I officially start my 2 weeks of Taper.

I missed 2 days of running this week, and I am glad I did.  Healing had been this weeks main focus.  Healing to get me to Sunday.  Smash out Sunday and then relax.  My plan worked and I am grateful that my ego didn’t get the better of me!

The next two weeks, as Taper suggests, are Recovery weeks.  I have a few short runs on Course Terrain and one last 1.5hour run next Sunday.

I feel ready, ready for that last 4k.  That is when everything is going to matter, that is when the true challenge of this thing is going to require everything I have.

I am excited, not so much nervous, more curious.  I have been grateful enough to not have race day nerves, I will be grateful again if I stick to my Race plan and not be all rookie and go out too fast too early.

So as I bring this post to a close, I want to mention the podcast that has seen me through every ‘long run’ I have had throughout the last 2-3months.  Running Long with Steve has been a lot of what has gotten me this far.  So in the words of the creator of Phedippidations

Run Long and Taper,

Jay 🙂

P.S. I turn 30 today – achieving 2 PR’s and a PB has been the best gift!  RUN! Just Run!

Check out that FROSTING!!!

Check out that FROSTING!!!

The longest argument ever!

Reist from – Run Hard Always Finish

It happened on my long run today.

I argued with myself for almost the entire 90 minutes!

I am coming back from a recovery week and god it felt like it!

There were quite a few times when I leveled out and felt comfortable, but the majority of the time it was damn hard work to keep my head in the game!

I was having a fight with myself, these are the things that ran through my mind…

“Pick up your feet you lazy bastard, you are stronger than this!”

“If you don’t make it, you will feel like shit!”

“Can I actually do this?  Will I make it on D Day”

“If only I had done this that and the other…”

“Urgh ‘Low Battery’ alert on Garmin”

“You have done it before, you can do it again!”

“There is chocolate milk at the end, run to the chocolate milk!”

“You are doing ok so far, just keep it up”

“Bleep Bleep, “Low Battery’, come on just another 30 minutes”

“Is this fizzy Nuun going to give me gas?”

“What are you like 2 years old? Chew the god damn Sports beans!”

“Drinking through this hydration pack straw isn’t that easy…”

“Wait, did my Garmin just die, Oh help me, it just died!”

“I’m doing ok, just get to the next street.  I’m at the next street, I am going to die!”

“Shit…. is that my glute?”

“Oh my god, my hammy”

And many more other good and bad things to entertain myself along the way.

But yes, right at the end, whilst hauling my ass up the last incline I felt a tightness in my glute, this ran down into my hammy.  I slowed my pace almost to a walk.  I mentally started kicking myself because of what could happen if I pulled either of these muscles just weeks out from race day.  I would soon be on my way to Sulk-ville.

After 11 hard weeks of getting myself to this point, its crucial for me to take care of myself and to also notice little niggles like today.

Tomorrow I go for the first of three massages I have booked myself in for.  All after the longest (non-stop) runs I have ever done in my life!  I hope this alleviates some of my worries with muscle niggles.

So I would have to say that today was a semi-success.  I got it done and kept up my goal pace.

I just have to wonder if it will be like this on race day – will I have to argue with myself the whole way?

Who knows, but as it stands I still have quite a fair amount of uncharted territory when it comes to distance.  I am about 7’ish k’s away from knowing what it feels like to be done!

As I enter into Week 12, where Business time means Business time, I think about trying my best to cover as much of that uncharted territory as I can.  This will be the last Build week before the event, it is the guts and the grunt of this thing!  I run for my longest amount of time, this time next week – 2 whole hours!

Otherwise, apart from all the mind games, and the wee niggles, I am happy with what I have done.  I have kept to the majority of the plan,and with every long run I have endured I find out something new about myself and my ability along the way.

Ever want to know or find out what you are made of?

Go on a long run!  You will find it there!

Feeling that high,

Feeling the hurt,

Feeling Relentless!

Jay 🙂

P.S. If you look just over to the side, just there >>>> you will see that I am just 22 days from Race Day. EEK!  Exciting, but Eeek more!

Goodbye ‘Build’, hello ‘Recovery’!

My Week 10 Day 4 run leaves me with a bit more confidence than last weekends long run.

Week 10 was a Build week, and I felt the challenge in it for sure!

A small amount of speed work and a lot more Hills.

I have been using my Sunday long runs as practice for Race Day.  I have been experimenting with things to help get me through the full 21.2k.

Today I added an electrolyte bevey and a different type of fuel instead of the Gu I used last weekend.

My choice of Electrolyte bevey was this…

Strawberry Lemonade flavoured Nuun.

I don’t know why, but I didn’t think it would make my water fizzy.  It reminded me of Berocca, the taste didn’t though.  And although I thought I may be put off by the fizzy berry water during the course of my 100 minute Hill run today, I was actually pleasantly surprised.

I did look at how others had reviewed it before purchasing, the majority enjoyed the flavour while very few disliked it.  I gave it a whirl and I believe it to be a winner!

I also took these for a test run after a suggestion from my Running Soul Sister Shannon –

Jelly Belly Lemon Lime Sports Beans

I am such a rookie at trying new stuff, for some reason I assumed these beans would be a small relatively easy sized bean to chew and swallow.  I think because the directions encourage you to eat a whole pack 30 minutes before partaking in your activity, I guess I thought they would be super easy is just shove in your mouth and swallow.  Nope.  Regular size bean, exactly the same size as a proper Jelly Bean and it wasn’t just a couple of them in the pack, it was a whole bunch.  Unlike the Gu that I could just knock back in almost one go, these beans required a bit more effort and concentration.  Well more effort and concentration than I thought they would need.

The flavour though, was super enjoyable and once I got the hang of them, chewing one or two every 15 minutes, they had me at ‘hello’.

One last difference to last weekends Long Run, this…

I am talking about the Hydration Pack From UltraAspire.

It has smillions of amazing things about it, but the best thing I like about it is that its comfy, it is light and it has lots of pockets!  I had a place for everything!
I was skeptical at first of Hydration Packs as I thought they may be annoyingly heavy and make your back all sweaty and stuff.  The Alpha did none of those things.  I only filled it with about one litre of water, it was more than enough for my early morning run.

There are only two water fountains I know of in my area and I don’t often run past them during a long run so they are no use to me.  I originally had thoughts of going handheld as I have done many times before with a small 400ml bottle, but I have gotten so used to running without a bottle in my hands that I wanted to remain handheld-less for my Long Runs and for Race day.

This Pack is my solution to that.  It is also my solution to the many long trail runs that I look forward to when training for this bad boy…

I hope to Relay this 100k up with 3 other crazys in 2015.  I look forward to seeing some of our New Zealand Ultra greats in the flesh doing their thing (even if it is just the headlight beaming right at the beginning knowing full well that there isn’t much chance that I will catch up haha!), and hopefully some of the overseas Ultra runners that I have been following via blog or FB page.


I came back from my Long Run this morning relaxed and hopeful that this 21.2 will not be the death of me.

It was a Hill run just shy of 14km in 100 mins.  My body is feeling good, a little worked but nothing a good relax wont fix.

Next week (Week 10) brings some much needed recovery.  I look forward to paying some attention to my legs and feet, looking after them to get ready for the two weeks after which will be the last ‘Hard work’ weeks before my Taper.  Just the thought of taper scares me, not because I have to take it easy, but because it means the end is near.

I am still enjoying this process, more so after this mornings run.  I feel strong and grounded, something I wasn’t feeling at the beginning of the week.

I also devoted my 13.7k to Meg Menzies, the Richmond Runner who was killed by a drunk driver last Sunday. Read about Meg’s story here.

Can’t wait for the week ahead.

Run on,

Rest up,


Jay 🙂

Is it normal to always be sore?

So I am in the guts of this thing!

The Half Marathon training plan of 14 weeks and I am now in the middle of week 9.

I have spent much of the last 2 or so weeks being SORE!

After a little over a years amount of experience with this running thing I have become to notice the difference between being ‘Sore’ and being ‘Injured’.  Thank goodness I have not been injured too many times to put myself off.

In the last few weeks I have often thought whether it was normal to be achey All The Freeking Time!

My knees ache, my feet sometimes ache, my calves and hammy’s ache.

At what point do I do something about it, or are these symptoms all just normal things when completing something that is new and more arduous than you have ever done before.

For the moment I feel in myself to be (marginally) fine.

The most prominent pain I have right now is in my knees.  And I am reminded of this pain every time I want to be somewhere different.
For now this pain is “nagging” – tells me it is there all the time and it is not quite a “you better stop running or i’ll break” sore… I don’t think.

But this is the thing…

I don’t know if this is what normal ‘First time Half training runners’ go through.

Am I the only one?

I don’t see anyone else blogging about their daily aches and pains.

Am I just not as fit as everyone else, perhaps not as strong as everyone else?

Did I start running too late in my life to cruise comfortably into something like this?

Do I weigh too much to be trying to achieve no-pain training/recovery?

Or is it just my body adapting? Am I getting fitter? Stronger?

I don’t even know! I can’t even tell…

I just keep pushing on, working and hoping that it is all leading to the right thing/s – A strong enough body to endure a 21.1km long run!

Did you feel like this during the training of your first big event?

Is the knee thing normal?

Holla at me , let me know!

Keep on Pushing,

Jay 🙂

Long Run Recovery

Today I am feeling really close to being TIP TOP!

My legs feel slightly achey, but I am not in any great pain.  WIN!

I believe it is because I have followed the rules this time.

Up until the past week I have been a bit slack when it comes to helping my body to achieve the best recovery.  I have not consistently used a stretching routine, I have not paid too much attention to consuming the best recovery foods and I have not done any massage or icing.  It is safe to say that I have got by this far without doing much of anything but the running part.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday was the longest non-stop run that I have ever done, ever ever!  I ran 12km in 1 hour and 30 minutes over an extensively hilly area.  Boy did my legs get put through their paces!

I have come away from this run fairly unscathed and I think this is how…

My Long Run Recovery routine

During the Run

Hydrate small amounts often during your long run – I also need to add in an Electrolyte beverage

Warm up and Warm down – up until yesterday I had been running right up to my doorstep, I am now adding to my route some distance for a cool down walk.

After the Run

CHUG!  Dehydration is the worst for recovering bodies.  Drink more than you think you might need, and drink often through out the remainder of your day.

Ice those legs!  Immediately after my run I sat in a cold bath for the first time in my running career.  I sat there with Gel packs on my knees.  It was uncomfortable at first, but then by the end of it I didn’t want to get out.

“Cold water constricts blood vessels and muscle tissue and prevents blood from pooling in your legs.” –

Stretch.  I am not sure if I should have stretched before or after Cooling (Probably better to do after while your muscles are still warm).  Loosen you muscles and help rid them of lactic acid which usually builds up during strenuous exercise.

Eat – I had Coconut Pancakes with Banana and Creme Fraiche, probably not the best meal to have calorie-wise, but it has Carb and Protein – that’s how I decided to justify it haha!
Anyway, here are a few links to help you out with this one – 10 Essential Foods for RunnersWhat foods help speed up Recovery.

Walk some more – keep your body fluid, you may think/may want to stay sedentary, but you will only stiffen up those muscles causing you more pain.  I walked small amounts through out my day and went for short walks the next day (today).

Elevation – Not much to say about this one, I just lay with my legs against the back of the couch watching t.v. when I had the chance.

Massage – I did a wee bit of self-massage of my calves and Hammy’s, and a bit of Foam Rolling for my ITB, Glutes, Anterior and Posterior.

The only thing I could think of to add to this would be some compression, I have some compression calf sleeves but forgot all about them.

I think the Recovery phase takes a lot of focus to ensure you don’t shrug it off.  It might seem to be a wee bit ‘overboard’ having such a long and drawn out process, but it is most likely going to save you from some serious DOMS, or even worse case scenario – unnecessary injury later down the track.

40 mins of Speed work tomorrow brings me into Week 9, which means that there is only 5 weeks to go!!

Starting to have a few doubts again, but as they say – Trust the training.  Looking forward to what this weekend’s long run will bring.


Back to elevating those legs – kids are asleep, I have got some T.V. watching to do!

‘RICE’ up,

Jay 🙂