I Just want to Run

I almost just died… but then I changed my mind!

Addicted Much!?!

I have decided to complete my next half marathon in roughly 9.5weeks time.

In this 9.5 weeks I need to allow myself a weeks decent recovery from Sundays run, plus a week of active recovery.

I also have had to consider the fact that my husband will be home for only 2 weeks of that 9.
When I came to that realisation, I decided I would chuck in the idea and just wait till August for my next half.

In that same thought a little part of me died!

I didn’t want to have to sit this one out!
If I didn’t have that to focus on, then what else would I do?!?!

I am the kind of person that needs something to work toward, something to keep me from getting bored.

I love the fact that I am a stay at home mum, but it does get taxing when you realise your entire life’s decisions are based around what your children are going to have for lunch, are they eating enough veg, or am I feeding them too much sugar.
I love my little rat bags, but I am not 100% happy unless there is something in there just for me, even if it is just a little something.

So I have decided to try my best to train for it anyway.
Because I have no plan to follow that is suited to my situation, I will not make any goals or promises to myself on what kind of time I would like to achieve.
Just finishing will be my focus.

My plan will involve a lot of running with my children.  I would have to push them in their stroller to keep up my fitness.  Not ideal, but necessary.

I am not going to make excuses for why I cannot complete something.  If there is a way around it, then reasons for not doing it are invalid!

In a way this challenge is so much more exciting than the first.  It means that if I can train for and complete the half this way without dying, I have proved something to myself…
…that anything is possible.

So here I go, locking it in!

27.02.2014 001

Will you take up a challenge you think may be impossible?
Will you force yourself to think and live in ways that require you to step ‘out of the box’?
Will you train up and come run with me in Rotorua? (Click here to sign up!)

Life is for living,

Do it while running!

Jay 🙂

Goodbye Nike+ Running App :( Hello Garmin :)

I think I have officially joined the elites.

Well not really, but we are moving up in the “Running” world!

I was getting a little over running with my iPhone.  I usually put my phone into a waterproof mobile phone bag and shove it into my bra hah!  It worked fine but after a years worth of running up to 4-5 times a week, my wee system was starting to stretch out my sports bra’s. It would also be very fiddly to put my phone in and take out of the bag to stop/start, and when it rained it was more of a mission to use the touch screen through the plastic.

The Nike app/GPS on my phone was always a little out as well.  It is time to get accurate!

My Garmin | On a Jam Hunt Blog

I test out this bad boy on my first long run on Sunday.  By long, I mean more than 30 minutes.  The run is actually 40 minutes Easy.  The Hubby bought my birthday gift 2 months early/it was on sale at a really good price!

This run will be the completion of Week 3.

I know it is very early on in the Training Plan, but I am starting to have slightly nervous feelings about getting there.  And by getting there, I mean Getting to Event Day and feeling Race Ready – well ready to run my own race, that is.

I know it is super early, and I guess with anything you want to do well at, there is always going to be that little inkling of not getting it right, or things not going to plan.

No matter how I do I know it is going to be a great event anyway.  It will be my first ever Half Marathon and it will be the Benchmark from which I will set many a PR.  I know this because I am that awesome haha


To help my training and fitness along I decided I would do a BootCamp.

With all the madness going on at my house since My Trail Run late November, I have been missing my Core and Leg days.  It is not that I have been too lazy to do them, I have just not had time.  With my Children’s birthday coming up, A camping trip right after, I had my sister over from Brisbane for a week and a half, and My husband (Child Number 3) arrived home (Who I only get to see for less than half the year), it has been a very mish mashy last 3 weeks!  I am having to co-ordinate myself, the children, my husband and other family members to get shit done.  (Also the reason of why I haven’t blogged or read blogs in a really long while).  I am allowed to use that word because at times, it all becomes very trying, I get tired and shitty and sometimes I wish I could just go out for a run.

Except I can’t.

I have to follow my plan!


I will get the work done, I will get to Event Day Race Ready, the process may just drive me a little crazy!

But that’s ok, I have an audience to vent to, and I know you all supportively (<<not even a word?) listen 🙂


The Bootcamp will help me with my strengthening, especially of my core.  I have found lately during my runs I have started swinging in my torso again, instead of keeping a strong core, I twist.  This then affects my hips and then my legs – creating bad form!  Ever since I started running a year ago I have had challenges with my hips.  I am hoping this all over HIIT work out approach will help with some successes in this area!

Stuff about Running Form can be found here.  From Runners World.

Otherwise I am enjoying the process so far.  I have been approaching it calmly and to the letter.  I have been getting in some really decent pace, compared to my usual which has surprised me, but whether I can hold this pace for at least 2 and a half hours is a different story.

Oh and I have been meaning to post a recipe for my MFP buddies – Nabeyaki Udon.
I promise it will be in the very next post!

Till next update,

Run Strong,

Jay 🙂

P.S. Best running wishes going out to my friend Shell, from the ‘I Just want to Run’ group.  Tomorrow she will be completing her second 10k trail event.  I am predicting that she will smash it!  A nice big fat PR is coming her way… I can feel it!
Run on with your Bad self Shell!

I Just want to Run – Week 8 Day 3 – Graduation 5k!

Written in retrospect: 29.11.2013

11 weeks ago I started a running group.

I started it with quite selfish intentions – to be able to get out and run without my children.

Today the group and I ran a full 5k as graduation of an 8 week c25k programme.

My views on the experience have changed entirely!

My original thoughts were this:
“My plan is to invite anyone and everyone to come along, but especially mums who are in a similar position as I am – no childcare to be able to work out, because there shouldn’t be reasons for why we can’t workout!
The mums would take turns minding each others children, and everyone would get a chance to go out.  In a round-about way I am using these people lol  but they are using me in the exact same way ha!”

My thoughts now are very different!

I am inspired even though I have been the inspiration!  I am motivated even though I have done the motivating.

I think back to words I said back in this post – A Secret behind my madness.

“…I know it all comes down to giving it a go and holding on till it feels right.  Even when you feel like chucking it in, your body aching with muscle pain and your chest burning beyond your comfort threshold.

Just wait and see, be patient, do the work.

You will soon find limits you thought you never had, I promise you!”

This has come to pass.   Each of the ‘Runners’ have seen what they are capable of.  Each have experienced what it means to Be’ a runner, to live the ‘runners high’ to cross that mental ‘finish line’, to do what it takes, find the limits and surpass them!

This has been my takeaway.  Something I have been grateful to give and the intrinsic reward I receive.

Our 2 running groups achieved great results.  33 minutes and 35 minutes.  For first time 5k runs, this blows me away!  Impressive results for beginner runners!


This goes to show that the c25k programmes are effective.  Although it did take us a few more weeks to get there, once we did get there, we got there entirely and confidently! A full non-stop 5k distance, Done and Dusted!

Shell Drinnan, Aimee Nicholas and Melissa Boyd.  I thank you all for the success of the group, your amazing efforts given and the wonderful attitudes and spirits of believing in yourselves enough to do what the majority of people will never try!  You rock my world!

I Just Want to Run Group Graduation | On a Jam Hunt Blog


Run on with your bad selves!

Jay 🙂

One Year Ago…

…I took my first official recorded run.

It was the hardest run of my life!

My stats this time last year – 3.07 km completed 27.57 mins at 9’04″pace at dirty 6:10 am!

Since that day I have started c25k 3 separate times, I have finished it a total of 1 time,
I have competed in 4 events (Race Reports),
I have run my longest distance of 15 km over trail terrain,
I have run 761 recorded kilometres over 146 runs,
I have run in Stupidly hot conditions/Freezing cold mornings/Stormy Thundery weather,
I have run with a group of random people that I have met for the very first time,

MFP Buddies Ekiden | On a Jam Hunt Blog
I have run with a regular running buddy (Amy),

I have run as a zombie, I have run in a dress, I have run as a Turtle,

I have started a running group and have helped 3 lovely ladies to each run a full 5km distance,
I have met some very influential and inspiring people,
I have lost over 10kg from being more active,
I have never before said the acronym YOLO so many times in relation to running,

I have never before in my life believed in myself so surely and so assertively than right now in this very moment!

I am awesome and I want everyone to know it!

The thing is, you too can be as awesome if not more awesome than I am right now!

It doesn’t take too much, it just takes the right attitude and a mind that wont talk you out of doing something crazy.

One Year Anniversary | On a Jam Hunt Blog

Make some crazy decisions, form some silly plans, do some epic shit, fill your life with memorable moments, meet some total strangers, enter an event you think you may just die trying, find some mutual crazies, go forth and be a force of the awesome!

Do it all and repeat!

Celebrate with Beer and Pie!


Run on,

Jay 🙂

Life is so Good!

Yesterday I had my 6 weekly visit to the Chiropractor.

Ever since carrying the twins in the later stages of my pregnancy I have had really bad hip pain.

Today I am pain-free!

At Life Chiropractic their mantra is “Life is so Good!  And they are right!

I have been seeing Dr Matt Short for a little over a year now and have had nothing but encouraging results with both treatment and advice.  This advice always streams outside of what would be regular chiropractic advice too.  Especially to do with my running.

Yesterday morning I strolled on in, sat down and waited for Matt.  “Ok, standing up, facing the window… Posture is GREAT!”
“Soft clicks”, “no clunking”, “you are doing great!”

These are all encouraging words!  I am doing great!

Anyway, Matt always asks what is coming up for me now, or what do I have planned with my running next.  To which I replied, “Oh I just have a 15k trail this weekend and I am in training for my Half”

“That’s awesome!”

A few bits and pieces about nutrition were mentioned to me – how to fuel appropriately, and then a bill of health/healthy spine was issued in the form of… “Well I don’t think we will need to see you in 6 weeks, we will make it 2 months”

My heart sang on the inside, I am not broken, and am doing great!

I was given more homework from Matt, of which I would need to keep working on, stretches etc, I now feel like I am no longer that beginner runner that is constantly feeling like they’re being/getting injured and that maybe running is not for them!  It has not been the easiest road considering the excess weight I carried and the many pains that I developed from going about ‘running’ all the wrong way!

Now – I my farthest distance is 14k, I can run non-stop for just under an hour without stopping to walk and I am roughly 5-6kg from being at what I would call my Goal weight (not necessarily my healthy BMI). YES!

Anyway, Onward and Upwards (Upwards with the miles, downwards with the pounds!)

I Just want to Run group today, Day 2 Week 8 – 28 mins continuous for the the ladies.  One last day after today for the running group and then 5k Graduation run…. 1 week exactly from today!  Exciting!!

Virtual 5k Bib - Copy

Remember to Run along Virtually with us, these ladies have come a long was and have stayed committed!  That deserves support and recognition!

Life is so Good!

Go out there and get some!!

Run on,

Jay 🙂

P.S. 2 sleeps to the big 15!! Woop Woop, Looking forward to the Post-Pie and Beer! Boom!

And so it begins/ends! Week 1/Week8

Today I completed Day 1 of a 14 week Half Marathon training plan!

Because the end of “I just want to Run – c25k” and the start of my training clash I have decided that I would just do an easy Week 8 of the c25k which according to my plan (Compete or Complete by Jon Ackland) would be Week 1 – Recover, 3 easy runs. (If this makes any sense…)

This, I assume, recovers your body from whatever regular running week you usually complete.  Lets your body repair and re-energise itself before starting into a Build Week.

My Last Run for this week will actually not be so ‘easy’.  I am doing a 15k Trail Run (Tauranga Trail Run) this Sunday, I will have to have a super relax in the beginning of Week 2.

What Half Marathon am I training for?

This one! – AMI Wellington Round the Bays.

I am super excited to have the opportunity/time to train for a Half.  My husband had his leave for this summer approved which means 9 consecutive weeks off.  I am taking my chances where I can get them!  I am going to run… far!

But lets rewind back to ‘I Just want to Run’.  Today we completed Day 1 of Week 8 C25k.  I think we were meant to complete Day 3 of Week 7, but Shell and I thought we might just skip and up the ante a little.

We did well, Shell did awesome!  We rocked out that 28 minutes like no body’s business!  Completing 4.7km, we are well on track for busting that 5k out in 30 mins no sweat!  Well a lot of sweat considering it is Summer Time!

There will be one more ‘IJW2R’ Run Day this week, and 2 next week – 1 of those being the Virtual 5k in support of our Graduation 5k!

These ladies have got it going on!  They inspire me, they impress me, I am glad to have helped 3 other women help reach a life goal!

I have plans to continue running with these ladies hopefully on a regular basis, at the very least once a week.

Onwards and Upwards for my 21.1k!

Race season is quickly approaching us here in NZ, what events are you planning on sinking your teeth into?  And if you are experiencing the Winter blues, how do you keep yourself motivated through the cold months?

Keep up the Pounding,

Jay 🙂

Run because you can! On Pimping the Beast!

Socrates | On a Jam Hunt Blog

After reading a post last night from one of my favorite blogs The Quinquagenarian Runner, written by David Lawrence, I got a wee bit emo.  In this post David writes about results he has received from an MRI which he had shortly after completing his very first full marathon less than a month ago.  “I got the results from my MRI today and it looks like my running career  has come to an end due to Cervical Disk Disease.”

Much in Davids true spirit he replied to the comment I had left him with this – “Thank you so much for your kind words. I may not be able to continue my current path but my passion and determination, my fire to live a fit and healthy lifestyle has not diminished. I’ll just be taking a new path on my journey. There are people who have overcome so much more than what I face.”

This is what I ran for today!

I had to cancel run group for today as I had looked at the forecast yesterday only to find that yes, it was predicted that there was to be more stormy business going on!

Even though I had cancelled run group, I still needed to run!  So I did!

I bundled up my two little balls of toddler chaos joy, belted them up in the stroller, put the rain cover on and went out into the break that the weather had quite conveniently provided for me.

Trailing Toddlers | On a Jam Hunt Blog

On my way I saw a lot more runners than I would usually see on a friday morning…

There was a mum with her stroller and a tiny, what looked like a 5-6 month old baby (Jealous me pushing huge 13kg toddlers), there were a few couples with dogs, a couple of older men and women, a few younger girls, and one quite overweight man all slogging it out, and getting it done!

I felt very comfortable being among all these strangers.  Like for that brief second on passing, we had become best friends.

This morning I was right where I needed to be!  Because there will come a time that I too won’t be able to run, hopefully in the far away future, but you don’t let that stop you right here and right now!

I wish David all the best with his continued journey, and send lots of good vibes for a quick recovery!

As for me…

I PR’d my Stroller run 5k by 2 seconds!  It might not be much, but when you think about it, my children are constantly growing, so I have more resistance to deal with.  This is a great achievement, and I am pretty happy with that!

I actually stepped out the front door with the intention to PR that time, I have stronger legs and am hauling a lot less weight myself, I am fitter and I am faster.  I intended to smash it!  I did, and now I am more encouraged to do it again!

And that’s how I Pimped the Beast today!

How about you?  Ever walked out the door with the intent of creating a PR for yourself? Or the determination to achieve something greater than what you have so far?

Give more, Do more, Be more!

As always, see you tomorrow!

Jay 🙂

Mapping for Graduation – On Pimping the Beast/I Just Want to Run!

I thought I would kill 2 birds with one stone today!

First, I want to invite you to run a Virtual 5k with me and my group Friday 29th November!  On the 29th – Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow!  Or just do whatever distance you can manage.

My group Graduates the C25k programme in just 2 short weeks and I am on a mission to round up as much support as possible for their Graduation Run!

I must say, that even for me, someone who used to run longer distances than a 5k, it has been extremely beneficial!

I have found myself feeling very unaffected by the full 5k run’s I have done on my own away from the group, and I think the c25k has helped with that.  By unaffected I mean able to run at my fastest pace non-stop for longer, and to not feel like crap immediately afterwards.

So my something new for today – Today rather than following the programme, I did a 5k in just under 35mins, almost creating a PR for myself.  Because we had an odd number of ladies at the Run group today I was able to run alone – so I mapped out our 5k Route for Graduation.  I ran non-stop, I did have to stop once about a K shy of getting home to help a lady up the stairs, she fell (paused my app, took her up the stairs, went back down the stairs, unpaused app, continued running up the stairs hahaha)
The run was great, I feel like I could have done better, I didn’t quite hit that exhaustion mark, so I had more to give…YUSS!

Smells like my fitness is improving even on the downtime I was having not so long ago.

So anywho – please run along with us, I even have a Bib for you to print out and wear 🙂

Virtual 5k Bib - Copy


Weigh-in day today!

A loss of 1 whole kg!!  Bringing me down to 75.2kg!

04.11.2013 014

That is a total loss of 17.3kg since I started using MFP a year and a bit ago!

I have noticed my Tech wear getting a little baggy, stuff that is supposed to be tight and create compression, is kinda not doing its job for me right now!

Anywho, roughly 2 more kilo’s to go and I will be happy with this years progress.  After getting stuck in a funk since the end of January, I have not done too badly to redeem myself!

Another date with Jillian for Ab day, feeling stronger already!

Ok, so how did you Pimp the Beast today?

Any PR’s that you have to Brag about lately?

Beast On y’all and I’ll see ya tomorrow,

Jay 🙂

Pimping the Beast 30.10.2013 – A Crush on running

You know that feeling you get when you are in the beginning days of a relationship.  The butterflies you feel in your tummy and the nervousness you get from just being around that other person…?

Yeah I had that, again! and Gosh did I Pimp out the Beast today!  It had bling and everything!

It has been months since I have been out to the TECT Park for a decent trail run, and today I finally got out there 3 weeks shy of my 15k event.  Here is my run…

TBC/Buffalo Girl | On a Jam Hunt Blog

A bit missing, but you get the jist.

I gotta tell ya, all I could think of last night and this morning was getting out there and running it again.  I was trying to re-call the bends and dips and the differing terrains all in one course of which is named Buffalo Girl.

I took my friend Amy out there, she was a Buffalo Girl Virgin before today.  We had run the Te Rerenga trail plenty of times before, almost once a week at one stage, but never had we struggled together through the Buffalo Girl.

The Cutty grass that cut Amy's leg which made her holla a weird noise, that scared me and had me actual jumping very high in the air!

The Cutty grass that cut Amy’s leg which made her holla a weird noise, that scared me and had me actual jumping very high in the air!

The Buffalo Girl trail is about as complex as Te Rerenga, but on a bigger scale.  Steeper hills, streams, long gradual ups and downs, elephant graveyards…

Today we completed about 4k (4 there and 4 back, didn’t allow enough time to thrash the whole lot) of the 15k distance that my Trail run in November will call for.  I gotta tell ya, because I don’t get a heap of child-free time between and now to train for the event, I know that the last 5k is going to be somewhat like a semi-suicide mission and I will be running on pure mental grit!

If you have followed me for long enough, you will know that the longest distance I have completed in an event is 10k – and that was road running.  I am just going to give it all I got, and hope the land goes easy on me!

I have my dad for moral support on event day, he will be running alongside me.  I said that he can just go on ahead and run his race, but he said he’d like to hang around.  I am probably going to need it ha!

I also Wogged (Walk/Jog) this morning with my run group and surprisingly my feet are feeling good, no pain what so ever, both pairs of shoes are winners so far!

I really love that moment where you feel like you have come so far in your run, realising that months before you could not complete such feats yet here you are brushing it off like it is just another day at the office.  The first time I ran out at the TECT I was sore for days after… today – nothing. YUSS!!

So what did you get up to today? and how did you Pimp the Beast?

See ya tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel 😉

Jay 🙂

I Just Want to Run – Half Way

Our group has lessened as the weeks have gone on, but I will make sure to see it through to the end.

Today we completed Week 5 Day 2 of the C25k programme – Jog 8 min/Walk 5 min/Jog 8 min with 5 min Warm up and Cool down.

The faster paced group is averaging around 4.2k now, and around 3.6k for the slower paced group.

28.10.2013 046

We have planned to complete Day 2 of Week 5 once more before tackling Day 3 which is a full 20 min Jog.

I think some of the ladies are slightly nervous about the 20 min Jog, but I think if they just lessen their pace, they will be able to get through the full 20 non-stop without too much trouble.

I may join the slower paced group for support for Day 3, to help get them through the tough bits.

After this week we will have just 2 more weeks of the programme left to complete.  I expect we will spread it over the remainder of November.  I know by the time we finish the full programme the group will be able to jog a full 30 mins/close to 5k.

It is getting closer, and I am super excited for each and everyone of the I Just Want to Run ladies.  They will all be completing a full 5k in no time… they may actually like it too!

Spreading the Running bug!

Jay 🙂