Running Uphill. Pimping the Beast

This one is a little late.

Life gets in the way a lot at the moment.  It happens, and as a friend told me, “Ride the wave, you will be ok”.

I rid that damn wave, and took my frustration out on a run!

Remember that time last week when I told you about my run about going Up, Down and Around the Mount?

Well this time I ran around, up, down and around!  Adding another Kilometer to my run.

8k 28th July | On a Jam Hunt Blog

And when I say I ran “Up”, I actually ran Up a lot of it.  Whilst dying, but I shuffled my butt up quicker!

8k Charts | On a Jam Hunt Blog

Now, last time I boosted up from the base to the peak in 18 minutes, this time I did take 20, I ran in the afternoon instead of the morning, the weather was warmer and there were double the amount of people on the Mount.  It was hard to maneuver my way around.

I think once I start doing more than 12k on my long runs, I will have to change my venue, perhaps go out to TECT park if I have the time.

I was pretty chuffed with knocking out that 8k, however the first 3k felt like an uncoordinated mess!

My leg played up again!

So I ordered some 2XU compression socks to help with the circulation in my right calf – ankle – foot.  Hopefully it will help to reduce the strain on my lower leg muscles, reduce the likelihood of shinsplints and help to tidy up my form.
I am getting a bit tired of having this issue, so I am hoping it will bring me some better results.

In other news…

On the 1st of Aug, I am going full paleo for 31days.  Jessie, The Paleo Kiwi is setting himself the following objectives:


And we all know how I love a good challenge!

This works well with the current things I have going on, but I will have to go back to my book Paleo Diet for Athletes, just to make sure I don’t bonk on a long run.  This is something I am particularly concerned about, but will be sure to do all I can to nail it!


Over the drama of the weekend, and into a new and fresh week.

Coming back, and hitting it hard!

Ready to up the k’s a smidge,

Becoming Beast!

See you in a bit,

Jay 🙂



Up, Down and Around! – Pimping the Beast!

I thought I might be biting off a little more than I could chew trying to attempt running up, down and around the Mount.

Mauao | On a Jam Hunt Blog

I surprised myself today!

In fact if I remember back to the last time I timed my trip up – Starting at the base and checking time once reaching the top (1.2k), I think I managed to get up there in 19-20 minutes.

Today I did it in 18:09!

That guy is totally Photo Bombing!!!  He looks as if he's Popping a Squat!! Yikes!

That guy is totally Photo Bombing!!! He looks as if he’s Popping a Squat!! Yikes!

My 'Up' Time

My effort wasn’t my fastest but I didn’t stop.

Being a super fine and clear day, and a weekend day, the Mount was swarming with people.  So I actually had to keep a slower pace, probably the reason for why I didn’t have to stop.

The beginning of the ‘Stairs’ portion, I managed to run up 3 flights… Walked the rest.  It almost kicked my ass!  Especially seeing as the last time I attempted running up was 4-5 months ago!  Not to mentioned I only started consistently running at the beginning of this week, after months and months of half ass’ed efforts!

I have come to the conclusion that I need to work on my downhill running.  Coming down from the peak meant that I was hitting up those Quads HARD!  I ran all the gradual downs, and walked (with purpose) all the Stairs.  I didn’t want to kill my knees.
I actually thought my Glutes would suffer the most today, but they were actually stronger than I first thought.

My runs earlier in the week had a surfacing tingle in my right glute.  I have been on a mish to stretch it out and Foam roll to make sure it doesn’t become an issue.  It was more those stairs and downhills that really got me so I will have to make  Hill workout’s my best friend!

All in all, I covered around 7k which was about where I had aimed for for Week 1’s Long Run.  I did this in 1:01:22.

Pretty stoked about my first Long Run effort.  I covered a good amount of terrain variation and I came away feeling like I had a wee bit more to give.

I am not so frightened about heading upward in K’s after today’s run, I am actually totally Pumped!!

I just need to stick to my plan and have faith that it will get me to the Tarawera Start Line with enough endurance to get me to the Finish.  Well ‘My’ Finish (36k)!

Tomorrow brings a nice little 2k recovery run, I am looking forward to this to wind myself down for the week.

Have Y’all been Pimping your Beast?

Got some goals you are working hard at?

Till next time,

Jay 🙂

The people you meet.

FB Status Update 22.12.2013

…It wasn’t Eggs and Bacon for Breakfast, it was hills!

…And I wasn’t actual eating, it was running!

…And I wasn’t going alone, I was bringing friends!

The end of Week 5 had me locked in with a 60 minute Hill Run to see me into Week 6.

It just so happened that my recently-found running soul-sister was in town.  We were going running!

So yesterday Shannon jumped out of a plane…

Shannon Plane jump

Now if you have been following my blog for a while now you would notice a little something about the above photo…

The guy that jumped the both of us… out of a plane I mean…
… his name is Sam!  Sam is from Tauranga Tandem Skydive.  (Read more about my jump here at You’ve got 30 minutes then you Jump!)

Sam came for a run!

After a bit of chin-wag, Shannon found out that Sam has a few Half Marathon’s under his belt himself, and is actually training to run his first Full!

The people you meet!

In fact Sam has a little story of his own, and speaking of story’s so does Shannon!

It is all too common these days to have ‘weighty’ issues.  The defining moment in ones life is when they make that decision to change.  Change for the better.  To be happy.  To do what it takes to be happy!

All three of us have moved.  To be better, to do better, to kick ass, to be awesome, to do what we love, to be what we want, to be happy!

It is the people you meet, those who you find common ground with, those who share the same or similar goals, those are the kinds of people you need to help feed your soul, to add to your life, to see the positive and lessen the negative!

These are my people!

I met Shan and Sam at the bottom of the Mount.  I parked a fair distance away so ran up to meet them.

Sam was actually about to embark on running up the Mount for the 4th time this week.  A little crazy, but totally cool!

Without Shannon and I even realising, Sam had become our trainer for the day!  I was going along with it… I didn’t know what to expect… I hadn’t run the 4WD track of the Mount before, I didn’t even know where the access was to get to it.
We easy jogged up to the water tower, about a couple hundy metres up from the base.  This was apparently our warm-up according to Sam.  I was out of breath by time we reached the water tower ha!

A bit of a stretch and it was business time!

I never knew how freeking steep and challenging that track was!  I had always run up and back down the stairs, this was a whole-nother workout!  Less Quad action, more Calf action!  It hurt and I couldn’t run up the whole way, in fact it would be safer to say I walked the majority of it.

I did walk up it in close to/less than 20 minutes, which is about as fast as I can get up the stair’s track.  So I felt it was a good Wog.

Mount with Shannon

We quick walked down the stairs and down to the base.  Sam had to leave us there and get going, he had to be at work, no rest for jumpers!

Running Hills with friends for breakfast

Shannon and I continued to run around the base.  We ran and talked the whole way – roughly a 6.30-7 minute pace, I can’t be sure of actual’s, I need to charge my Garmin to find out!
I do know that I was out for the full 60 minutes.

Week 5 down and in the bag, with a little help from my friends.

Next week is the start of Accelerations.  I am looking forward to this.  Some ground work into helping improve my speed and tighten it up for running my Half Marathon ‘Race Pace’.

What are you working on to see the year out?  Is there a Half or Full Marathon on your horizon?
Have you moved from your funk?  Are you living the best ‘you’ that you can?

Maybe today is the day you move?!?

Make the change, Be beast, go eat some Hills for Breakfast!

Jay 🙂

Those dreaded words…

“You might want to take a break from the running until Friday’ish”

Kill me now!!!

So you remember when I fell over last Tuesday…?
Yeah, well I think I did something to my lower back/hip.  Its not a nagging pain and doesn’t bother me unless I am running probably more than 5 km, or doing sit up’s.  The pain feels similar to that of when I was carrying the twins and had a twist in my lower back, so I am assuming I still have some muscle memory from that and things just kind of slid back into that twisty spot…if any of that makes any sense to you.
Anywho, what this means is that I had a visit to the Chiro yesterday after the very poor run on the Sunday just been.  The run felt super awkward and after around the 6th Kilometer I did more walking than running, meaning I only achieved 7.4km in the hour that I had allowed for the run.  Boo!!!
So off I went dragging my hopeful butt to see my Chiro to help me set myself straight.
After some clicking and some twisting there was the question from Matt…
“So what are your plans for this week?”
My reply – “I am guessing no running for a wee bit?”
Matt – “You might want to take a break from the running until Friday’ish, maybe if you feel up to it a casual flat run/walk on Wednesday, and then back to normal Friday”

My heart sank… and sank, and sank… visualizing in my head that stupid rock that I failed to run over top of and instead began an unsightly descent, knees meeting the ground.  Just the other day Jared and I had a conversation about if there ever came a day when I could no longer run…  he used the naughty B word to describe how my resulting mood would be.  He is right, and I would feel sorry for anyone who would have to suffer my wrath while I got over myself and learned to maybe swim instead.

But this short wee set back will not stop me, I will be back up and running in no time at all (well it will be no time at all for you – more like an eternity for me).  Then plans to carry on with my 10k progress will be back into full swing.  I am super excited about going for a Mount run this weekend too.  Even if it is in the rain, like my Sunday run was…

View out my bedroom window daunting but totally do-able
View outside | On a Jam Hunt

Drying Shoes | On a Jam HuntPost-Run = Drying Shoes

Drying Janine | On a Jam Hunt
Thank god or that roaring fire!

Today consisted on a small walk about 2.5km’s, I kept kidding with Jared trying to find reasons for me to kick up into a run… he wasn’t having it.  “What if you end up hurting yourself more and are off running for more than a week?!?!”
*Hanging my head* my response – “okay okay”

So the adjustments to my week mean an easy run tomorrow, a longer run Friday and a Mount Run Saturday/Sunday.

I hate taking breaks!  I hate breaking!!

Well I hope you all are having a Beast of a week, get active for me a little huh,

Jay 🙂

Dreaming of an Ultra!

So after a draining miserable Tuesday, I worked hard to get today right!  In fact every day since Tuesday has been right.  Cals in has been right on track, and Run Day today went swimmingly!  Really looking forward to weighing in on Monday!

Completed Couch to 10k Week 10, Day 2 again today… for the third time lol  if you have read previous posts you would know I fell over on the first attempt, and then Tuesday just gone I was not in a good space.
My run today covered 9.2km in 1.10.  Nice cruisey pace, but again just enough to get me uncomfortable.  Day 3 for week 10 will be completed this Sunday.  Amy may rock along with me for this run, maybe… her dog ate a bit of her running shoes… she is real mad about that lol  I would be too… it would be like my life is over!!  Spending the time to break in new shoes – downtime – *supersadface*
Anywho…this Programme goes right up to week 14, and all going to plan I should be able to complete a 10km non-stop and in less than an hour with plenty of time to work in a speed run and a trail run each week after its completion!

Speaking of trail runs, I may thrash out a few Mount runs while Jared is home.  I miss the trails and am getting kind of bored with the Estuary route I usually take.  I really hope the repetitiveness doesn’t affect my overall running mood, I will make a decent effort to mix it up without going too far away from my original training plans!
I have been thinking a lot lately about the Tarawera Ultramarathon 2014.  I have plans of completing a half marathon early next year, but since meeting a MyFitnessPal friend – namely Glenn, have not stopped thinking about perhaps entering a team.  I don’t know if I could find 3 other crazy people who would be keen to thrash out some of the course in a relay.  If anything I will definitely volunteer in some way – Glenn did mention about pacing him for 20k of the course… I am pretty amateur, so I am not quite sure I would be any good at that job.  However it was really inspiring for him to even put it out there for me.

A crazy dream for me, but totally do-able…if I have anything to do with it ha!

As I have said before, every great runner had to start at the beginning, and that’s exactly what I have done!
Dream Big, but make sure to Live your dream!

Till Sunday,

Do It to It!, Become a Beast, Rock your weekend!

Jay 🙂

Race Report: Mount Joggers 2013 10km Run

Woke up this morning from a really rested 7 hour sleep, What parent with twin toddlers gets that! ha!  I am one lucky mama!
Plain Bagel and a handful of grapes for breakkie and I was out the door with the Sister-in-law Kelly to drop children off and pick up Amy for today’s event.
All ready to go in our tried and true race day gear we were ready to make our very first timed 10km.
And just so we don’t attract to much attention to ourselves we wore this on the back of our shirts…

02.06.2013 080 02.06.2013 091

Kelly of course was still bitter toward me almost all the way to the venue, saying “you do this for fun?”  Me thinking – haha!  Doesn’t everybody?!
We Park up about 5 mins walk away and we head in to see Half marathoners finishing their last loop, I couldn’t wait to get started!
The venue was swarming with runners of all shapes and sizes, in it for a PR or for a fun run, the place alive with enthusiasm, all just as eager as I was.  At this point I wasn’t nervous, in fact the whole day I wasn’t nervous, I was just itching to get out there and do it.
5 minutes to start gun and we crowd around in the start lane.  5-4-3-2-1… the sea of people move more quickly than I had thought it would and we had past the start line with in seconds.  I could tell some took off too fast for 10km abilities, stopping to walk even before the 1km mark.
Amy and I had a plan, and we were keeping to our plan – a nice easy pace all the way to the 7th km, where we meet the Mount and get amongst the trail, then we would get some sprints in there for all the downhills!  Meanwhile Kelly had already buggered off up ahead, we saw her briefly at the beginning quickly weaving through the crowd making her way closer to the front pack.

The first 2km flew by quicker than we had planned, I guess the excitement of being among 400+ runners was just too much for us.  Just after 3km we met the turn around point and made our way back toward the start area which we had to pass through to get to the next part of the route.  As we move through the starting area and take a left down and around to the next straight, we see Kelly’s husband Caen and two kiddies waving furiously to anyone, not quite sure where Aunty Neenee was among all the other runners.
We approach the next turn around bay, boost round and head toward the Mount to do the last 3 or so k’s, both Amy and I still donning Cheshire Cat smiles at this point, so excited to get to the bit of the race we know so well.  “I can see it”, “Were almost there”, “To the last trailer”, “Yes! The last trailer!!!” – You had to be there to know what we were on about haha we do this, conversate about were we would slow it down, pick it up, go nuts and boost, haha we tag team!  I honestly don’t know how I would rate on a solo run, we just feed off of each other!

We meet the entrance to the Mount base walk way and we pretty much boost through past what I counted to be 7 runners in our race, the ones who peaked too soon and didn’t save anything for the Mount.  We start talking out our plan we had made for the Mount, Run here, walk this uphill, sprint this down hill, cruise this flat.  We met the 9km marker, our Nike Apps sounded metres after, “9 Kilometres, Time – 1 hour, 4 minutes…”  Amy – “Oh My God, did you hear that, 1 hour 4 minutes”…. We push on harder and faster, still following our plan, but with smiles 50 times bigger than they were at 7 k’s.
We meet the dreaded ‘Big Hill’, the one that I am sure all Mount runners solemnly sigh at knowing that they must get up it to get to the end, half marathoners twice so.  Its not a big hill, not a hugely steep hill, but after running 9km (for someone who only started the 10km distance 4 weeks ago) is a “Fuck this” moment – excuse the french!

We got to the top of that hill, Glenn’s voice in my head, “Use those Glutes”.  Eyes widen as we are heading for the home stretch of board walk, adorned on both sides with spectators.  That last 500 metres seems so easy to sprint across, so many strangers cheering their lungs out even though they don’t even know you from a bar of soap.  It was actually really great to hear as we didn’t have anyone there from our own families/friends cheering us on.

After pounding that boardwalk as fast as we could, giving everything we had left, Hi-fiving all the way down to the finish, We cross that line, we slow our pace, we find our bearings and we start going on about how much fun we just had, and incredibly great we feel.  It was like teen aged girls at sleepover, children who have had too much sugar, crazy drunk people at a sports game rooting for the winning team!  We were so filled with endorphin’s, it was over-flowing!

Race bib and R-Line

We grab some R-line and head toward Kelly who had finished the race at 54.53, She was a machine!  Even for someone who run’s purely to burn cals, I hope today she felt a little bit of we felt, the running for fun feeling!  Judging by her results today, she should be really proud of what she achieved, I can only hope to get sub-1 hour one day!

Mount Joggers 10km Kelly's Time

We clocked at 1.11, 5 whole minutes off of our best 10km, probably only the 4th or 5th 10km distance that we had ever run before, ha!  And even though my shinsplints came back to haunt me for the first 3 k’s, I loved every single minute second of it!

Mount Joggers 10km Result

I really can’t wait to get into my Half Marathon training, I can’t wait to get to my next event, I cant wait to heal up and go for my next run… I just can’t wait!

Next time I will have to get someone to take more pics, but there you go – My Race report.

Next event – Whangamata Run/Walk Festival August 31st.

Now for some Beast rest!

Jay 🙂

10km Race day Playlist – I gotta be unstoppable

Here is what made the cut.. I am ready get all over this 10km!

1.  Welcome to the Black Parade – MCR
2.  How to fight loneliness – Wilco
3.  Flaws – Bastille
4.  God’s gonna cut you down – Johnny Cash

5.  Celebrity Skin – Hole
6.  Rolling in the Deep – Adele
7.  Supernova goes pop – Powerman 5000
8.  Moves like Jagger – Maroon 5
9.  Set fire to the rain  – Adele
10.  Bridge Burning – Foo’s
11.  Keep it comin – Phil Maffetone
12.  Titanium – David Guetta
13.  Rise and Shine athlete motivation Ad – 
14.  These Days – Foo’s
15.  When worlds Collide – Powerman 5000
16.  Bat Country – Avenged Sevenfold
17.  Sweet Dirty Beat – DJ Sharky
18.  The Vulture – Pendulum

OK, Lacing up now, more hydration then I am going to get all “I’ve got to be unstoppable”, Like this guy….

Wish me luck and cheers,

Time to go get my beast on!

Jay 🙂

Counting down the days!

Today I completed the last run for this week before I embark on my first ever serious (loose use of this term)event this Sunday.  The mount Joggers 10km and I am counting down the days!
Amy and I went for a ‘fun’ run.  Up down and around the mount – some uphills, some trail, some down hills.  We took it easy with some steady stair climbing, then picked it up for some speedy down hill work, cruising on a little bit of flat all mixed in with the enjoyment of being surrounded by tropical-like clear waters and inklings of sun streaming through trees on to the dirt paths.  A little bit of everything, all on a tiny mountain!  A 6.61km venture today.

I am super excited, teeny bit nervous but totally amped to get it on!

On the ‘MoonJoggers’ FB page was a question of the week:   Every runner runs for a reason. What’s yours?

The comment I wrote in reply:  I run because I can’t stop!

It is true.  I started running back in Nov 2012, I hated it!  I went anyway.
I ran once or twice a week, then turned into 3, then 4.  I persevered through injury, through healing, through bad nutrition, good nutrition.  I tolerated it.  I ran until I liked it.  Then I ran till I loved it.  Now I run because I can’t stop.  Like the air I breathe!
I am also conscious everyday that a gift like this could be taken away just as fast as it may be gained, and so I do my best to learn, and build my ‘runners’ knowledge bank as to make sure I get to enjoy it for as long as I possibly can!

And so this brings me back to my event.
I don’t have any expectations of myself, it being my first.  I would like to achieve something under 1.15, 1.16 being the non-event PR I clocked last week.  In hind site I should have entered the 5km, I know I would’ve done pretty ok.  However, a 10km would be more of a challenge, and I like that!  I don’t really want to build up all this hype for a race that will be over in under 30minutes.  I just want to live in the run for a wee bit longer than that… even if I come last ha!

Dead Last

I may not have been born a runner, but I will be damned if I do not do my best to become one!

So lastly, a quote that will stick with me, from Runners – Daily Kick in the Butt

“The best way to become a mentally tough runner is to believe that you’re a mentally tough runner.”

– Ryan Hall

The word Believe needs to stick or you may not ever become!

Stand upHOLLA!

Become a Beast, Believe in Stuff and maybe go out for a run, you might like it!!

3 Days baby!

Jay 🙂

Running the wrong route! URGH!

Today I cheated myself!

As I crossed what would be my finish line next Sunday, I stopped my Nike App and looked puzzled at Amy as to why it was only reading 7.4km and not the 10km it should be…  I hadn’t even got to my really cool powersongs!
After all the map reading I had done, I got it wrong!  I had ripped us off 2 and a half k’s!  Garrr!!!
I thought na, maybe our app was being dumb and inaccurate, maybe we had indeed covered the 10km.  But then I thought again because I wasn’t tired and super exhausted on crossing my imaginary finish line.
Today we completed our run at 53mins.

26.05.2013 01726.05.2013 016

I got home, looked at the Course map, and realised I missed a little arrow!!!!  I had started at the wrong point!
Back to the drawing board!  I needed to have started at the same place that I had finished, and not where I had started today!

Mount Joggers 10km

Tomorrow I plan to run that full 10km, I will probably suck at it, but I am going to do it anyway so that by the time Thursday come around, when I will run my last run for the week till race day, I will know exactly what distance and what route must be covered.
I am such a Douche!!
I got my hopes up thinking yuss, sub 1hour!  Just to tear them down again, reading the map correctly… Such a tard!!
Ok, moving on!

Other than my stupid mishap with the map reading, I really enjoyed the run, I didn’t hold back with the singing (poor Amy), and I commentated almost the entire run.  I told Amy shortly after our run “If I am annoying you, tell me to shut up, otherwise I will talk the entire way” haha!  She said she liked it, I would say where to hold back, and where to boost.  This is our first ever event after all, next time I am sure we will just race (but I will still sing!).
It was funny driving to the mount today, I had my first taste of pre-race nerves.  Next week I will be “RACING” here!
However as soon as I started my app, got my run on, it was all about “Lets do this”.  No going back!  YOLO! (ick, hate that word)

My sister-in-law, Kelly, had gone for a run out the mount an hour before we had, to try run the same route.  My directions weren’t that great, she ended up doing 9.7km but not where we had made our route.
Kelly is running in the same event, she has been running roughly a year or so longer than I have.  Even with that in mind I think she is feeling a little bitter toward me for persuading her to enter the race too, ha!  She will enjoy that post-race beer a lot more than I will I think!

This time next week, I will be sitting in this same spot blogging my Race report, I will be able to relax and focus on the next event – 10km Whangamata.  However in the time leading up to this event, I will be working on my half marathon training as mentioned in older posts.  Very exciting!

Must rest up for a 10k tomorrow, will blog that experiance no matter how ghastily it may be.  A run is still a run, I am sure I will love it either way!

Oh and I also lost 600 grams last week, BOOM!

Beast up everyone, Monday tomorrow!

Jay 🙂

Day Two of the Shred and a F***ing Mish of a Run!!

Busted my balls today, hypothetically speaking!  According to my FitBit, I climbed this today…

The Transamerica Pyramid – 97 Floors! YEOW!

My Quads are going to kill me in the morning so I will make sure to get some rolling done.  I wonder if I would look like a dick if I tried rolling my inner thighs lol can you even roll your inner thighs? Im gonna try, no one is around, if it feels awkward then I will ditch the idea haha!
Which leads me on to the Shred.  My second day and my inner thighs are just starting to get a bit tight, also my forearms, and just slightly on the Obliques.  The pain is only slight, and not over bearing, so I should be fine to get through the first 10days, I know the next 10 have more explosive movements in it, which I am also looking forward to! Level 2 has to be my fav!
I take my hat off to people completing the Shred program, especially if it is for the first time, and more especially if it is the first bit of activity that you have done in a long while.  You just have to see the work that Jillian does with those very over weight people and quite literally Shreds the fat off of them.  They may all feel like they’re dying, but when you have not worked out that intensely before, you body is going to be telling you all about it!  At least its a good pain right!?! Much respect to the 400 pound people doing jumping jacks!

Also went to the Chiro today and he emailed me some interesting info after my appointment.  I have only been able to read a small bit of it,  he was explaining to me the benefits of barefoot running and that I should give it a go.  I suddenly feel as if I must eat my words in my previous post  – How to run a better 5k… Where I talk about getting the right shoes for your feet.  Hmm I will read the article and work my way through the technical wording to get a jist of what its on about.  But defs something to consider!  Well if the Chiro says its beneficial, there must be something in it, and this man knows his shit!  He fixes my back and hips, he’s close to god as far as I am concerned!! ha!

My run…
02.04.2013 Mount Run 02.04.2013 Mount run

If you have been following my posts, you would know that K’s 2 and 3 are a bit crazy with a 229m elevation, I have yet to count the steps necessary to get to the top, but there is a reason why they call it the “steep” side of the Mount. Yikes!
All up a good mix of elevation 7.1km, 1.11hr @ 9’54″/km, I ignore this speed, there is no way I’d be running up those stairs! It would quite literally kill me!

I have some intense sugar cravings going on leading me to eat cake that I made for my children @ 172cals per slice, eek!  It could be worse I guess, at least I stop at just the one slice.  I love/hate that I am a good baker! goh!
Other than that we were left sitting at 1500 odd cals for the day.  I chugged some chockie milk for my post run snack which helped get those sugars back up, even though it was only 7km, it was slightly over 1hour and included an intense mountain!  I needed that milk.  More importantly I need to search for a more suitable chocolate milk if I am going to drink it.  Something with better carb to protein ratio and pref low fat!  At 150cal, the Kiddies one I had wasn’t too bad.

Tomorrow I am looking at a shorter 5km run/walk with the children in the morning, also Day 3 of Shredding and I have to finish mowing my lawns, Ran out of fuel half way through so now my backyard looks like a cricket pitch!  Gotta love doing boy jobs! URGH!

Right on track with my April plan, 2 days in, feeling good, ready to continue ripping shit up

Jay 🙂