The Skinny on ‘What’s for dinner’ (also breakie and lunch)

Full disclosure, I’ve been a bit on and off following a huge change in my family’s lives super recently. Hubby is working a FIFO overseas job which has got me single parenting for half the year.

After almost a week of flying solo I have just about nailed the family routine.

If you’ve only just joined me – I’m a mum to 7 year old boy/girl twins, while heavily routine bound, I’m struggling presently with their attitudes *insert audible sigh here*

The kids for the most part are very well behaved and have good manners, it’s just that when you veer too far from the routine they get hangry, snappy and wingey. ALSO, it’s the last week of summer school holidays here in NZ so they really just need to go back to school!

Anywho, how this has impacted my behaviours:

⁃ not planning my meals correctly

⁃ going for long periods without eating because I’m lacking organisation which leads to me making poor choices

⁃ Impulse control is at an all time low because it’s kind of hard to be without ya soulmate for long periods of time. Comfort eater from wayyyyy back!

  • February is about getting back to my good eating habits and also introducing some kind of fitness routine.

    This heatwave in NZ currently can f**k right off though. Not conducive to good exercising habits when you’re sweating while standing still!!

    Aside from that, I’m getting a bit more action on my Stuff.My.Face Insta page, it’s a great encouragement to see that people are actually interested in watching my food journey – I then feel like I must keep up with it, and I’ve found that it’s forced me to ensure the food looks:

    1) good to eat

    2) easy to prep

    3) colourful – use of many different types of veg.

    My entire Paleo attempt is based around being easy, relatively affordable and also most importantly about sourcing new convenient products that make life for a paleo’er less complicated and more adaptable.

    So, back on the wagon, and improving on what I started,

    Jay 😊

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