Month: April 2014

Team David Virtual 5k

Today I ran for something outside of myself.

In my little corner of the world, I headed out with the Twinlets in tow.  For this guy…

Meet David…

At age 13 David was diagnosed “borderline schizophrenic”, at that time minors couldn’t be labeled “schizophrenic”. Once he turned 18 that diagnosis was changed to “schizophrenia”. He has carried this “label” every since. Needless to say, he turned to food for comfort. His over-indulgence led to addiction which ultimately led to obesity.
With the mind of an 8 year old child, his ability to make what one might consider “rational” decisions is quite limited. Now don’t get me wrong, he has a brilliant mind, as most people with this type of disorder. However, as a 6 year old child needs direction, so does David at the age of 33 and always will.
When David takes his medication like he is directed, unless you know his story, you would never know he had such a diagnosis. He loves to study and tell others of God’s word. He has a very creative mind and like all of us, he yearns to just be accepted.
He has spent the majority of his life with a label and because of that, at times he feels of less value than someone who may seem to “have it all together”. David loves like his Creator, unconditionally. He could actually teach the “average” person a thing or two.


Today David and his mum participated in a 5k event.

Weeks ago, they had made a virtual 5k event via Facebook in support of David.  I immediately jumped at it, I love virtual challenges.  Somehow they always mean more than the ones you pay money for to do for yourself.  There is more of a community feel.

Now at first, this morning, I didn’t want to get out of bed.  In all honesty it felt like Winter had come early and all I wanted to do was curl up with a roaring fire in front of the T.V. with the children.

I looked at the forecast for today and it said that it was supposed to rain later in the day.  If I didn’t get out and do it now then I would have to miss out on the run all together.  Mr Jam_hunt is still not home from work yet and so It would be too cold later to go out running with the kids.

I peeled away my Jim Jams, and suited up in some compression longs, having them on instantly made me feel better about going out into the cool world.

I rugged up the kiddies, in ugh boots and woolly hats and we were off.

It seemed the world was a different temperature outside, it was actually warmer outside than it was inside!

Crossing the road and warming up through the park, I knew I had to start my Garmin early in order to get in a full 5k on my usual route.

Off we went, down the access way through some trail and on to the Estuary Walkway.

I stopped quite a few times for snack breaks, water breaks and photo opportunities.

27.04.2013 094 27.04.2013 101 27.04.2013 093

This would be one of the very few times that I had left to run in warmer weather before Winter hit.

The kiddies loved the cows and were fighting at their stroller straps to get free and frolic in the over grown grass just across the way.

We passed quite a few runners, walkers and dog-walkers.  Other mums with strollers, Fit men and women, the causal elderly couple and (what looked like) a ten year old little girl running, donning a Weetbix Triathlon t-shirt, AWESOME!

It seemed everyone else had the same idea.

We got up the mammoth Coach Drive/Grange Road hill and proceeded along the main road toward our home.  Stopping first at the park for a bit of a run around and some slide action.

27.04.2013 103

I had to run a few hundred meters more down the road to get in the full 5k, but we got there in the end and wrapped up what was a very enjoyable run.

27.04.2013 106

Thanks David for being the reason I got out and about today!

There are always going to be excuses and reasons for why we choose not to do the right thing for our body’s and mind.  They are always going to be things that make up the parts of your Journey.

Not one soul is made up of 100% Will Power, just as quickly as it comes, it goes again.  It is only in ourselves that we find the courage to go out there and get it done again.  It always helps when you have some one to inspire you, or something to aspire to.

Life is made up of a whole bunch of small successes, as long as you are always on your way toward where you want to be, then you have not failed.


Next run wont come till Thursday.  Mr Jam_hunt will be home then, and I am super excited about this!

Did you go out for a Sunday morning run today?

Did something inspire you to get movin’?

As always,

Still Running,

Jay 🙂

P.S.  Go over to David’s FB page Team David, give it a ‘Like’ and comment on how Choice he is!
P.P.S. I have not been completing my 30 Day Challenges, but I have some awesome news to share anyway on the 30th of the Month.  Excitement stations!!

…wouldn’t mind if I lost my mind out there…

09.04.2013 029


I went for my Sunday long run today…on a Saturday.

Don’t you hate it when you wake before your alarm.

I woke up around 5:30am, rolled around in bed but knew that my alarm was going to go off in 15 minutes.

I just got up, ate a bit, chugged a bit of water and headed out in the weary misty world.

The street lights were still on when I set out.  When I took the pic above, just seconds later they went out.

The forecast that I checked last night said that there was meant to be 2.5mm of rain at 6am, but I don’t think I experienced one shower thank goodness.

After quick walking the hill in the pic, I picked up into a jog.  the first k was downhill, which is always nice for a warm-up.

09.04.2013 030

After the down hill I was met with a small uphill and at the top took this pic.  My iPhone cam is pretty crap, but I tried to get a shot of how clear the estuary water was.  The same estuary I usually run along.

A nice little bit of flat, still at a nice slow and steady pace… I wasn’t planning to clock a PB or anything, I just wanted to be out there.  Mindless and mindful.

A short downhill, at the bottom I meet Memorial park…

09.04.2013 031


Not as grand a picture as the last time I ran down here.  The storm has brought thick cloud and a sticky humidity.

I didn’t care what the morning had in store for me, I had someone watching my kids, I was set to relax for the next hour.

It is only a few k’s to this park, this is where I would turn around and make my way back.

I don’t usually take pic’s while out on a run, but I have stopped running for time.

I just run to be.

My run home would take a short detour to a bathroom.  Yes, the up and downward constant movement meant that gravity was taking its toll.  I stopped into the local Macca’s, grabbed a cup of water courtesy of a friend who worked there, used the facilities, and was back on my way.

My run home would take a differing route to the one I came on.  I would turn off on to the Estuary walkway.

I continued this way around till the closest exit to my house.

I managed to fit that casual 7.5k in 50 minutes.

I wished that I had more time, maybe if I had left a half hour earlier I could have spent more time out there.

I felt like I had another half hour to 45 left in me, but I had to get back to the kids.

My next long run wont be for some time.  Most probably not until the Hubby gets home in 2 weeks.


But we do what we can.

Are you planning on a long run this Easter?

When was the last time you ran just to enjoy just getting out there pounding and being?

Try it sometime,

You will be surprised at how awesome it is.

Jay 🙂

Clothes Shopping as a 30 year old!

What goes on in my house...


Haven’t posted her in a while, so here goes…

2 months ago I turned 30.

A month ago a re-started my focus with weight-loss.
In that time I have lost a considerable amount meaning that I have dropped a size, almost 2.

Nothing in my wardrobe fits the same anymore.  All the clothes I kept from my pre-baby phase just don’t seem to fit the same way.

All my clothing options I currently own are either one of the following:

– I can fit it and will keep it
– I can fit it, but it looks stupid because it doesn’t fit the same way it used to
– I can fit it but it is seriously only suitable for a 20 year old
– I can’t fit it, it looks like a tent, it makes me feel frumpy, it has to go!

So I went shopping today, just…

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My Sunday Church Service

The last time I actually went to a church service was probably in my late teens.

I am now 30!

I didn’t go to Church yesterday.

I ran long yesterday.

I would personally say it was as beneficial as any Church service.

Running long now means anything over 45 minutes.  My Half Marathon fitness is long gone, so I just do what I can manage.

An hour long was as much as I could manage.

I ran 8.2k Easy.

I have missed being able to just set out and watch the world wake up.  To be able to just head out the door and run half your town before breakfast.  To watch the sun peek out from hills and splay its awesomeness over land and water.
To breathe in air so fresh and cool.  To take which ever path you feel like.  To run the roads as if all pathways were merged into one and road rules do not apply.  To look up and see friendly faces raise a hand for a ‘you and I are so damn awesome’ wave/hi-5.

To be out in the world and not give a care to what you are wearing, where you have to be today, have I paid that bill on time?, the pile of washing that has been stacked ever so carefully as to not topple over, do I have enough gas in the car to get me from A to B?, how am I ever going to finish that assignment on time?, the Awkward dinner you have to attend with the boss and his wife, the never ending ‘to-do’ list!

The run can take you as far as you like both with thought and distance.  This hour that you spend, is entirely up to you.  However fast or steady, whether you sprint or wog.  No matter what you have weighing on your shoulders, this run right now is so far away from any of that that it feels like the only kind of freedom that is readily attainable at any given time.  The thing is you just have to find the time, or make the time.

I was so lucky to have woken up early enough (Daylight Savings End = extra hour) to be able to cruise through the streets and arrive at my Nirvana.

Memorial Park 06.04.2014


What ever happened before this run didn’t matter.  What ever happens after this run will not matter.  This blissful hour is exactly that, no need to over think it!

All this, plus my perfect Sunday Morning Easy Running Long Playlist makes for the best Sunday Morning ‘Un-Lie in’.

As for my 30 Day Challenge…

Today is the 7th day, and I am feeling it in full effect.  My legs are stronger, but gosh am I fatigued.  I have had to shorten my sets and break the reps up over the course of my day.  Running, The Shred and 30 Day Challenges require a bit of a balancing act to not cause injury.

This week – does not hold much in the way of distance, I’ll be flying solo with the twinlets again for a bit but that is ok, I am sure they are looking forward to some faster paced walk/runs in the stroller.

Still no events on the horizon until the second half of the year, super looking forward to those!

How did you spend your Sunday morning?

Any long runs/bikes/swims for you?

Did you take part in an “Un-Lie in” with me?

See you in a bit,

Jay 🙂



Maybe it wasn’t my best idea…

I’ve just been for a run.

Like literally, I have just walked through the door, sat down and started writing this.

Still steaming and sweaty from my 5k in tonight’s cool and misty semi-illuminated astmosphere.

I left in this…

03.04.2014 090



Lovely cool refreshing scene.  It made me just want to frolic… if I actually ever had it in me (lets remember, I am here for business…Running business…Not frolicking! Ha!)

I moved down this stoney path, into the semi-trail-like pathways leading onto my all too familiar Estuary route.

It has been over 3 weeks since I have set foot here, Over a month since I ran solo here, but it was like I never left.  I had found it just as I had left it.

Tonight, I felt like it belonged to me, I had it all to myself, I didn’t have to share.  I saw not one person – runner, biker, night-time walker, not one, this run, this route, was all mine!

After Monday mornings run I was a little hesitant about going out, whether I was going to end up disappointing myself again, whether I was going to go out and return unfulfilled again.

Tonight’s run was just the opposite!

I went out slowly and steady as I had last time, but it felt more natural, it felt stronger and it felt stable.  My form – shitloads better this time round, my breathing – even and controlled.  I was surprising myself, and I was loving it!

It just goes to show that one run cannot define your entire running career, you cannot base your performance on just one singled out snapshot.  It must be a collection of the good and bad, and your overall feeling about why you do it.  (If you get paid to run, ignore my last statement – you need to be running your ass to that podium! ha!)


So why did tonight’s run turn out to be not the best idea?

After all I have gone on about just now, why is there a questionable aspect to it all?


I ran my last k in this…

03.04.2014 094


You better believe I ran negative splits in the latter part of my 5k!

Some parts of my run I was cruising through almost pitch black tree covered trail.  It was very eerie and very belittling.  I wasn’t quite sure I had set out early enough for this run to be safe.

But I had no choice, I had to run my ass back home whether I liked it or not.

I had to get back to the security of home, or at least to the street light lit part of my route.

Idiot, really.

Oh well, its done, and it was awesome.

I hope to get in one more run during the weekend, I really look forward to an early morning one if the weather will allow.

In other news,

Paleo diet going well.  However, as I finish listening to a Phedippidations podcast right now whilst I type, aptly named Paleo Running, I am reminded that this way of eating may actually be just ‘another one of those Fad Diets’.

I can understand why they would call it so, and perhaps it wont last forever, but as long as I am feeling good, feeling energetic and healthy, I will continue on.
Perhaps I may pick up some dairy and grain along the way, especially where my running is concerned.  I have had thoughts about how I would fuel for a long run, and maybe incorporating back in some complex carbs etc.
We will see.

In all honesty, for now I am slightly scared to make any changes to what I am doing.  I have lost a good amount of weight in the last month, I feel healthy and my mind is clearer.  Just thinking about adding back in Grains and Dairy gives me slight anxiety.

Whatever I do, I could never go backward.  Processed is not the way to go!

Anywho, the shower is calling me,

Did you start the 30 Day Challenge with me on the 1st of the month?

How are those Glutes, Hammys and Quads feeling?

Gotta tell ya, my run loosened me up plenty, and I am glad I did it!

Right oh,

See you in a couply,

Happy running…

…even if it is a shit one,

Jay 🙂

It was the worst run ever…

…but I loved every single second of it!

Its been over two weeks since I have been able to go for a decent run.  While it wasn’t quite decent, it was a run and it was awesome.

Awesome, but UGLY!

It has been over a month since my Half marathon and I have not maintained my mileage.  I have been nursing injury and battling with ways to fit in some fitness.

It is crushing how quickly your fitness goes.

I started out my run yesterday fluid and light.  It came like second nature, like I had picked up where I left off.

Except I hadn’t!

800 metres into the run and I was feeling sore in my chest, drained in my body, saliva welling in my mouth!


I was losing.

It wasn’t like I had set out fast, I knew I always made that rookie move so I made sure not to this time.

Didn’t help 😦

I walked it out a little, crossed the road, found a connecting street and moved off the main road so that I could spit away from the public eye.

Scratch that…I actually felt like I wanted to throw up!

Walked it out a little more and decided to give it another jam.

I ran another k or so and then had to walk again.

All in all, I Wogged a total of 3.6k.  It was an ugly 3.6k, but it was a wonderful 3.6k.

Why was it wonderful?

My entire adult life I have suffered from varying degree’s of depression and anxiety issues.  In recent times I have maintained some kind of level headed’ness.
When I first started to run, a mere year and a half ago, I found something that naturally lessened my stress and anxiety levels.  I developed a freedom about it, like as if I had finally hitched a ride after a million miles of walking.
Problems seemed to be nothing in comparison, anxiety almost became non-existant, I had meditation in my long run, being forced to be alone with my thoughts/with myself.

Well, 2 weeks of no physical activity certainly ran havoc with my emotions.  I felt like I was a mood swinging pregnant woman ready to blow at any minute!

There was anxiety because I had lost my long distance fitness, there was stress because I couldn’t even manage a short walk, there was frustration because the only way to lessen my weight was to limit calorie intake – and I LOVE FOOD!

So this shitty, uncoordinated, crappy run with all its hideous form and heaving saliva spitting turned out to be exactly what I needed.

I had caught my ride and I was back on my way.

If you are friends with me on MFP, you would know daily how I felt about not being able to run.  I think I moaned about it nearly every day! ha!  Poor people!  You guys and gals are awesome, thanks for your support!

So what now?

No plans for events in the near future, I hate the disappointment of not being able to keep to the training plan that it requires.  There is just no affordable, feasible way I can commit to a long distance event.

Instead, a change of focus!

A 30 Day Challenge with my MFP Buddies!

It is the first day of the Month, the first day of the Quarter, what better time to start!

30-day-push-up-challenge-chart 30-day-squat-challenge-chart 30-day-plank-challenge-chart

Anyway, feel free to Jam along, we are punching this 30 in the face, you should come get a’ punchin’ with us!

I have just busted out Day one, and also Day one with Jillian, She always kicks my butt with her Shred!

As for the running…

Short Runs for as long as I can manage while the hubby is home for the next week, then back to wog’s with the kids being careful to not over do it.  Not what I had planned, but we do what we can!

So let’s get to it!

Still Running,

and getting a little buff too,

Jay 🙂

P.S.  Have taken some Before’s and After’s – Pics and Measurements for show and tell once done 🙂