Halfway and Messy Form

This week has been a hard week (meaning last week, forgot to post!).  My run today (Sunday 5th August) almost had me giving up half way.

Couch25k Halfway Mark

Today marks the half way point for the Couch25k programme.  It horrifies me how I can barely run 5 mins straight when once upon a time I ran 2 and a half hours straight at a quicker pace!

But then I have to give myself a break, I’m here, I’m doing it now, I’m starting from the bottom and the plan right now is just to not quit.

I say that while I ignore my Fitbit movement reminders, ha!

On the diet front? Pretty shit, and I’m noticing it during run days.

Week 1 and 2 was almost 100% tracked on MyFitnessPal. Week 3 and 4 – not so much, and the white starchy carbs have made their way back into my life again.  Which I feel made my runs this week feel hard and slow.

My meal planning organisation has been really put on the back burner.

This needs to change.

Also I’ve been cheating…

I have to confess that I treadmill run.  I haven’t made it outside as I’m still having circulation problems in my right leg (damaged blood vessels from multiple Blood clots.  Blood flow restriction to my foot means I land heavy and my form is terrible. It affects my calves, my knees and most importantly my hip.  I feel as if I have to drag my leg which is not ideal.

I’ve been breaking up my runs with biking every Sunday 8-10k at a pretty casual speed.  It helps me to feel as if I’m still make aerobic gains in my endurance. I hope with spring quickly approaching to get more out onto the trails which I have personally found to be easier than pavement.  I don’t know how – whether it’s the forest air or the technical footing aspect I’m not sure.  I find that I feel it’s a more natural movement with less impact on my body, that and the scenery helps.

Anyway, back to my treadmill…

When I started 4 weeks ago I had zero strength in any muscle of my body due to my very sedentary lifestyle.  Now I feel my quads and calves are really being engaged, In turn being better able to support my right leg disability.

I often have thoughts about whether running is really for me.  To face these kinds of challenges on top of hauling an over weight body, you gotta think about if it’s actually sensible.

Maybe I should learn to love swimming or biking or take up something more gentle on the body.

I’m not really at that point of giving up just yet.

When I first started running, I struggled with the results of my first Deep Vein Thrombosis,  my right leg had become significantly larger than my left, the weight difference alone was a hassle.  Now with another bout of blood clotting, my leg again has  become larger and blood circulation poorer.

In light of all this, I’m going to see how I can make it work.  In the past I’ve also had popliteal issues which make form again even more difficult.  Faced with all these problems you’d think I’d opt for biking. But that is really not me!

So for the moment, next week is about tidying up the diet, continuing to work on the running form, but also I feel I am now ready to throw in some strength training even if it is only with body weight.

Have you tried any of these yet – MyFitnessPal (Add me as a friend here) –  Easy to use Calorie Counting and Food Logging Free App, FitBit (Add me as a friend here) – Community based Pedometer with Incentive Badges and Trophies, Couch to 5k or C25k 8 week Programme running app?

They are excellent choices for those who are starting out and want to ease into making better health choices.  These things help educate you on how to sustain your body and build on your fitness and endurance without risk of injury but most importantly without risk of discouraging you because of the evil Blerch saying it is too hard.

Just do it later

Just do it later – The Blerch From The

I am looking forward to my first outside run in the next couple weeks, but for now, I move into my rest day Monday which is more about planning and setting up for the week.  More on that in later posts.

So, have you started yet? Maybe you’re coming round to the idea?  Lets catch up for a run sometime,

Jay 🙂

What is a Jam Hunt?

January 5th 2013 I started recording my journey of weightloss and fitness here on WordPress.  As the months went on my journey became more about self-realisation than achieving weight goals and distance on foot.

The words Jam Hunt are actually a shortened version of my (maiden) name – Janine Annette Marie Huntington, I have used them all my life in some form or another.
The more I got into the recording of my journey, the more I viewed the name as a ‘Hunt’ of whats possible – we don’t hunt ducks or wild boar here, we hunt the physical and mental territory or your life’s  not yet known.  Which sounds fairly philosophical, but that’s what happens when you reach a place of what you would deem  to be a limit… and then surpass that.
I never really had any particular goal in mind, except to do better than I previously had, and then next day, to try and do better than that.  The races, yeah they were some of the goals, but they were just a way of measuring how far one could go.

Some people like to do this in their work lives, some in their education, others in a spiritual nature.  For some reason I just stumbled across running, which then turned into a passion for Trail.
As I look back at the posts in my blog I talk a lot about a lot, but often, in real life, I would just go out to breathe in the forest air and run a little… or a lot.
I can remember back to a time where I ran a 15km trail loop… on accident.  I guess that is just what happens when you are trying to find yourself.

Anyway, where are we now?

At the start – I am literally back where I was some 5 or so years ago.
What was the turning point?
Over the last month I have been working hard to get myself well again.  At times there were days where I struggled to get out of bed.  A run of medication during some screening I was having for Blood Clotting, coupled with unhealthy lifestyle and a very anxious mind threw me into some of the sickest days I have had in my life.  I didn’t have a lot of energy to do much, so I read and Netflix-ed.
One day in particular I came across a Netflix Doco on the Barkley Marathons (notice the ‘s’at the end of the word Marathon) – which I thought was really odd, as the Barkley is fairly exclusive and is technically deemed the ‘underground’ of the running world.  I don’t mean that in a black market kind of way, but rather it is a race where compared to popular events, not too many people are working toward doing it – as the doco aptly named, it is – The Race that eats its young.  Not to mention its extreme difficulty to even just enter.  It was a surprise to see it on Netflix in the first place.


Now I am not about to whip out my tight tights to start training for this, but this is a race that tests how far you are willing to go, but more so, how much are you willing to find out about yourself.
I have read many a Ultra race report, but this is Next Level!  Anyway, if you are at all interested in watching, its on Netflix.

Back to the Start – teaching my body to run again after years of a semi-sedentary lifestyle, but also feeding my body ‘what it needs’ – after years of take out, brunches, ‘treat yo-self’ and beers.

I am on my 3rd week of Couch25k, which must be like the 6th time I’ve completed it – I do this programme because it is manageable and its a good way to ease your body into physical activity.  You can literally be the most un-fit person and still go on to complete it.  It may take more than the prescribed 8 weeks, but you just keep repeating until you feel like you’re ready for the next level.  To be fair, you will never feel like you are ready to move on to the next week, but that is the point.  To push yourself until it is the new normal, and then push some more.
And that’s the thing about fitness and about life, you just have to keep pushing otherwise how else will you ever know what you are capable of.

So my first leg in this new journey is about getting myself back up and running, I would like to complete my first Park Run since it is now in Tauranga around middle to late August, I should be around my 6th or 7th week of the C25K programme.
Park Run is the perfect place to start, it is a timed 5km run for everyone.  There is no first or last, you just turn up, have a run and maybe meet some people.  No expectation, plus, it’s free.  Can’t complain about that!

So anyway,  if anyone is keen in joining me in a month or so, that’s where I will be.

Jay 🙂


Back on the Jam Hunt…

I just read my last post to this blog dated January 2016!!!! 2016!!!!

Like why so long ago since last posting though?

Basically because I lost my focus and prioritised other things in my life – work…. and more work.
Health and Fitness took a back seat, as did my creativity and passion for stuff and things.  Which is kind of really stink as it turned me into a stressy, grumpy, sick, tired, anxious, and robotic human being.


Anywho, about 9 months ago (Oct 2017) I sent myself to the doctor, I had been feeling a familiar pain in my lower leg around my calf.  I was pretty sure I had got myself another Blood Clot and was trying to be super hopeful about it just being superficial (Blood clot in the vein/s just below the skin – not super serious!).
I didn’t get to see my usual doctor as it was a short notice appointment so I had to divulge my entire experience with blood clots to new Doc just to catch him up to present day:

2008 – DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) in my right leg originally started in my calf and as was misdiagnosed as muscle pain, kindly made its way up into my groin area, which is a little bit panic stations.  I was promptly sent to hospital for two weeks and was not allowed out of bed being told to restrict movement until the anti-coagulants had kicked in well and good.  Funny Story (not so funny) – I was put in a shared room with 3 other (much older – like 60+year old) ladies all of which were allowed to get themselves up out of bed to shower, pee, do number twos and stuff, but not me, I had to pee and poop in a pan and have sponge baths *unsettling shivers down spine*.  Albeit, it meant that I am still alive to tell the tale today!
On Anticoagulants for 6 months and then moved on with life as usual.

2012 – Fast forward a few years, got a similar pain in same leg, thank the lord Jesus that the ultrasound revealed a superficial clot, again in the right calf.

2017 – Rocked up to the doc, plead my case – ultrasound revealed 3, that’s right THREE Superficial clots and One big fat DVT in a deep vein behind my knee.  The lady doing my ultrasound even snuck in a quiet remark saying that I was too young to be having recurrent issues like this and that usually she is used to scanning the older folk for clots. *insert WHYYYYY MEEEE face*.

I have just recently had some results back as part of Clot screening tests – I have been diagnosed with a Protein C Deficiency  As a result I am now on life long anticoagulant medication – which in the scheme of things isn’t that bad, just comes with some pretty rats risks which are also manageable.  Luckily I am a manageable kind of guy!

After much deliberation and some pretty poor timing from my health issues, I finished up work about a month ago to focus on healing myself, but also to take some time to work on who I am and what I want out of this life – near death experiences tend to do that to you.  I also figured long term (life long) use of chemicals in your body (anticoagulant – Warfarin) would bring about it’s own risks and perhaps in certain circumstances may shorten the length of my life.
These are some big things to deal with at 34 years of age and I have to keep telling myself that it could always be worse.
Just very sobering and kind of gives you that ‘Come to Jesus’ feeling.

There is much more to the story but lets not get too dreary.  The purpose of this post and of this blog is to force me to live my best life by reviewing some of the good things, work toward being more than I am and applying a holistic approach to nailing life!


So let’s get back to where we left off,
You keen?

Jay 🙂

Where has the time gone…

…definitely not on Pimping the Beast.

Although I had a great many plans, I only lasted a week or two and found myself in another funk!

But we are always hopeful, and I never stop thinking about running!  If things were easier, I would be doing it every single day! Alas, we will get there!

So let me catch you up…

Tarawera Ultra (in relay) has been put on the Back burner.  

I was thinking of lessening my leg of the relay by adding in another couple of people to my two person team, but then my buddy Glenn ran into some injury issues, and effectively put himself out of running for a little while.  I also felt a lack of confidence in myself to get ready in time.  I know I have done it before and was proud of my results, but this bad boy is a whole nother kettle of fish!  I will be sad to not be able to run with some of the greats!
Tarawera has become exponentially popular in a short amount of time, and us holding on to an entry and possibly not being able to make it to the Start Line would just be selfish.

My heart breaks not being able to get myself there, but all is not lost.  We live to fight another day!

Team Couch2Kawerau will have to size up 2016 for the win!


It is speedily approaching!

This weekend in fact.

And we are theme’ing it again.

My original thoughts were to go with Nacho Libre, but a half body stretchy suit didn’t quite sit well with the rest of my team.  Really, I just wanted to wear a cape, a moustache and My undies on the outside!

We compromised.  And by compromise, I mean that I am making everyone wear their undies on the outside whilst wearing a cape!  All while running around the lake!

Right up my alley!

Where to from here…?

I haven’t decided yet.

The kids are off to Daycare in 2 short months, I start my new business with a friend, and the hubby continues to do what he does.

I want to commit to some longer distance stuff next year, but I have to stop promising myself the good stuff and then later realise that I have to let myself down.

So going forward…

I will run! – Where I can and When I can, and yes, I promise to be better to write all about it!

After all its not about being the best, its about being better than you were, and doing what you love!

Hopefully I can hold myself to that to see out the year – how quickly is Christmas approaching?!?!?!


Still running,

and running!

Jay 🙂

P.S.  Saw this today on my run, totally pissed about this Runner litterer!!!  Hiss!

Runner drops GU on the Estuary | On a Jam Hunt Blog

New Recipe for D-Day! Pimping the Beast!

Today is the first of August, which means it is only 1 month till Spring is here!

It also means that I have officially started The Paleo Kiwi: 31 Day Challenge!

Today has just meant a lot of tightening up for me.  Because I have been mostly paleo, the only challenge I really had was keeping away from my children’s snack box!

I also felt like a treat, I lost another 500 grams, so I decided to work off enough calories to try out a new Recipe I have been saving for such an occasion!

Who doesn’t love a good roast!?!

I decided to go with a Roast Chicken, usually the ‘Non-Paleo’ me would load up on Carbs – crispy roast potatoes, tons of chicken gravy and lets not forget those tasty supermarket bought dinner rolls, DELISH!

But we didn’t have any of that today!

Today it was Roast Chicken, Roasted Sweet Potato and Coleslaw.

I was walking through the Supermarket this morning trying to find a pre-made coleslaw so that all I had to do was add dressing…


Every pre-made had a million ‘other’ ingredients, a lot of them in ‘Chemical’ language or some of them were things you would never have thought should actually go in Coleslaw!!, so I went old school and made my own!

I went simple as Pie with the coleslaw – Carrot, Cabbage and Beetroot – I didn’t really have too much time up my sleeve because I spent all my time making this bad boy…

Paleo Mayo – from The Paleo Mom

As far as homemade dressings and mayo go (tbh – never made one before) this one is pretty darn tasty!

I didn’t quite whip it for long enough to make it super creamy, but that was fine because in a coleslaw it doesn’t really matter!

I mixed up about  2 tbsp of the Mayo with my 3 cup worth of grated veg and it was done!  Well not actually done, I let it sit in the fridge for an hour or so.

So for Paleo’goers, totally give this one a jam!

Paleo Mayo

Paleo Mayo | On a Jam Hunt Blog

1.    Combine olive oil and avocado oil in a measuring cup (or other good vessel for controlled pouring).
2.    Place lemon juice, vinegar, mustard and egg yolks in food processor or blender.  Process until creamy (maybe 15 seconds?).
3.    With blender or food processor still running, VERY slowly dribble in the oil (think of it taking at least 3 minutes to add in all of the oil).  It should stay thick and gradually get lighter and lighter (and look more and more like mayonnaise) as you add the oil.
4.    I typically like to pour out my mayonnaise into a bowl and whip it by hand with a whisk at the end just to make sure all the oil is well incorporated (if you have a really good food processor, you probably won’t need to do this).  You now have paleo mayo!!!

Totally didn’t see that Paleo Mom actually has her own recipe for The Best Creamy Coleslaw.  I will have to try it!

So if you thought that just because you have gone Paleo, that you would have to miss out…

Fear not!

We have Mayo!

Jay 🙂

P.S. Long Run tomorrow!! Excitement stations!!!

Freeking out about fuel! Pimping the Beast!

Today I finished the last run required of me before I go into Long Run Saturday.

Tomorrow is also the 1st of August!

Tomorrow we start 31 Days strictly Paleo.

30 minutes ago, I was freeking out about what and how I am going to fuel for this run.

Last week, where I completed around 8k (not considered a ‘long run’ but in respect to my timing and pace, it kinda is, especially when you run that 8k on The Mount!) in the last 2 or so k I started to feel tired and drained.
I put half of this down to being unfit, and half of it down to not eating/drinking correctly before hand.

I know, I know, there are probably people out there saying this, that and the other about the fact I shouldn’t stress so much about it, but when you care so much about performing, it IS kind of a big deal.  I am a little bit of a perfectionist, and I want to get it right!

Anywho, googled a bit, read a bit and have come up with a bit of a plan to get things right.

Foods that have been recommended to me for pre-run include:

Low Fibre Fruits – banana, peaches, melon
Protein Powder
If you are in a pinch – Baby food, fruit kinds and animal product types.

So I will give it a jam.

I shouldn’t need any ‘during run’ fuel, and I only need water, no electrolyte bevey required.

I have roughly 9k on my agenda, but will skip running ‘Up’ the Mount this weekend.

Wish me luck for the next 31 days, sounds like there is a good group of people participating, so I am amped to ‘keep it real’ with them.

So…what are your August Plans?

Gonna try a Paleo month with me?

You should so totally try!

Running and running!

Jay 🙂


Running Uphill. Pimping the Beast

This one is a little late.

Life gets in the way a lot at the moment.  It happens, and as a friend told me, “Ride the wave, you will be ok”.

I rid that damn wave, and took my frustration out on a run!

Remember that time last week when I told you about my run about going Up, Down and Around the Mount?

Well this time I ran around, up, down and around!  Adding another Kilometer to my run.

8k 28th July | On a Jam Hunt Blog

And when I say I ran “Up”, I actually ran Up a lot of it.  Whilst dying, but I shuffled my butt up quicker!

8k Charts | On a Jam Hunt Blog

Now, last time I boosted up from the base to the peak in 18 minutes, this time I did take 20, I ran in the afternoon instead of the morning, the weather was warmer and there were double the amount of people on the Mount.  It was hard to maneuver my way around.

I think once I start doing more than 12k on my long runs, I will have to change my venue, perhaps go out to TECT park if I have the time.

I was pretty chuffed with knocking out that 8k, however the first 3k felt like an uncoordinated mess!

My leg played up again!

So I ordered some 2XU compression socks to help with the circulation in my right calf – ankle – foot.  Hopefully it will help to reduce the strain on my lower leg muscles, reduce the likelihood of shinsplints and help to tidy up my form.
I am getting a bit tired of having this issue, so I am hoping it will bring me some better results.

In other news…

On the 1st of Aug, I am going full paleo for 31days.  Jessie, The Paleo Kiwi is setting himself the following objectives:


And we all know how I love a good challenge!

This works well with the current things I have going on, but I will have to go back to my book Paleo Diet for Athletes, just to make sure I don’t bonk on a long run.  This is something I am particularly concerned about, but will be sure to do all I can to nail it!


Over the drama of the weekend, and into a new and fresh week.

Coming back, and hitting it hard!

Ready to up the k’s a smidge,

Becoming Beast!

See you in a bit,

Jay 🙂


Measure me up! Pimping the Beast!

HEAPS of talk about how ‘BMI’ is a very outdated measure of your physical health or of a healthy body weight.  What the BMI fails to do is distinguish between lean muscle and fatty mass.

I have decided that a more appropriate system is a combo of weight and measurements.

Scales and Measure |On a Jam Hunt Blog

So after a very long time, I have taken down my measurements.  I look back to the last lot of measurements recorded on MFP, and it seems I am not too far off the progress I was making last time I was Pimping the Beast.

There are a few increases, but just as many decreases.  I am looking forwarded to making more progress!

Adding it to my ‘Plan’!

In other news…

Boot Camp tonight was…


I am sore in so many other places than the usual!  Dwayne shook it up and focused on Body weight exercises, using a lot of new muscle groups for me, or using the same but in a more intense way!

My Lats are paying!  and I know it will be doubly worse tomorrow…urgh!

In other other news…

My friend Becks got some exciting news!

She is a type 1 diabetic and has just been approved to be a recipient of an Insulin Pump.
This means a lot of her daily balancing of blood sugars is hugely simplified, this will be most helpful when she gets into some more challenging running action.
She has the biggest runners heart, the biggest heart in general, and I am ecstatically happy for her!  So happy I was in hyperdrive for like the first …10 mins of Boot Camp… the remaining 40 minutes kicked my butt! ha!

Anywho, that’s me for today,

How did you Pimp the Beast?

Give BootCamp a go maybe?

4k tomorrow,

Jay 🙂

Dreading the REST DAY – Pimping the Beast

Last week – my first week of my training plan, went really well.  I capped it off with a treadmill (DREADMILL) run of 2k as recovery.

DREADMILL Recovery Run |On a Jam Hunt Blog


I am not too keen on the Treadmill, but it is the only way I can get in a run on a Sunday seeing as half the year I am a solo-parent.  I use my Mother-in-laws treadmill while I visit for dinner on Sunday’s.

I feel really confident going forward with my training plan.  My fitness after just one week is not too bad.

Also when I remember back to my training for Round the Bays Half Marathon, I thought back to the times when my faith in my plan dwindled and the great nervousness I felt about attempting my long runs.
I think again about how I felt once completing those long runs and how I managed to complete every last thing that was required of me from the training plan.
I remember about how surprised I was about the huge distance I had just covered on my Long Runs and how my faith was restored in my plan every time that Sunday run came around.

It is so important to keep that faith!

Anywho, enough about last week,

Lets hear about this week!

Monday and Friday are REST Days.  After last week, I have become very nervous about Rest days, especially where my calorie intake is concerned.
Those runs and my activeness during non-rest days seem to help keep my head in the game and my hunger at bay (except after a hard run – then I want to EAT ALL THE THINGS!)
Rest days are a bit tougher, you don’t have that extra burned Cal to consume and you have to keep to the plan by not running i.e. time on your feet engaging leg muscles that require recovery.

So I have come up with a plan, one that works out quite well where my performance is concerned.

I am dedicating my Rest days to strength – in particular Core strength and when I can, Upper Body strength.

I have a Tabata timer app on my phone which cycles 8 x 20 secs of Action with 10 secs rest in between.

Tabata Time Finish | On a Jam Hunt Blog Tabata Timer Cycles | On a Jam Hunt Blog Tabata App | On a Jam Hunt Blog


Today I did 4 different ab exercises (4 exercises @ 20 sec intervals x 2 – totaling 8 intervals), ones that I do at Boot Camp…



Pilates 100's

Pilates 100s

V Crunch

V Crunch

Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle Crunches

I also set my alarm at 6 times during the day – just at times when I know I will have time to drop and get down to bust these out.

Ab Alarms


Hopefully I will see some improvement in my Core Strength at BootCamp, which is where I will be measuring it.  I usually suck at BootCamp doing the Ab portion of exercises so if I see any improvement, I will definitely see it there!

Needless to say, I am pretty sore right now… lets hope the DOMS don’t come to haunt me!

So that is my REST day plan.  I really want to maybe take up swimming, but that will have to wait for next year (when I will have care for the children).

What do you do on your Rest Days?

Do you fret too about having to avoid your regular exercise routine?

Bring on Run Day tomorrow!


Jay 🙂


Up, Down and Around! – Pimping the Beast!

I thought I might be biting off a little more than I could chew trying to attempt running up, down and around the Mount.

Mauao | On a Jam Hunt Blog

I surprised myself today!

In fact if I remember back to the last time I timed my trip up – Starting at the base and checking time once reaching the top (1.2k), I think I managed to get up there in 19-20 minutes.

Today I did it in 18:09!

That guy is totally Photo Bombing!!!  He looks as if he's Popping a Squat!! Yikes!

That guy is totally Photo Bombing!!! He looks as if he’s Popping a Squat!! Yikes!

My 'Up' Time

My effort wasn’t my fastest but I didn’t stop.

Being a super fine and clear day, and a weekend day, the Mount was swarming with people.  So I actually had to keep a slower pace, probably the reason for why I didn’t have to stop.

The beginning of the ‘Stairs’ portion, I managed to run up 3 flights… Walked the rest.  It almost kicked my ass!  Especially seeing as the last time I attempted running up was 4-5 months ago!  Not to mentioned I only started consistently running at the beginning of this week, after months and months of half ass’ed efforts!

I have come to the conclusion that I need to work on my downhill running.  Coming down from the peak meant that I was hitting up those Quads HARD!  I ran all the gradual downs, and walked (with purpose) all the Stairs.  I didn’t want to kill my knees.
I actually thought my Glutes would suffer the most today, but they were actually stronger than I first thought.

My runs earlier in the week had a surfacing tingle in my right glute.  I have been on a mish to stretch it out and Foam roll to make sure it doesn’t become an issue.  It was more those stairs and downhills that really got me so I will have to make  Hill workout’s my best friend!

All in all, I covered around 7k which was about where I had aimed for for Week 1’s Long Run.  I did this in 1:01:22.

Pretty stoked about my first Long Run effort.  I covered a good amount of terrain variation and I came away feeling like I had a wee bit more to give.

I am not so frightened about heading upward in K’s after today’s run, I am actually totally Pumped!!

I just need to stick to my plan and have faith that it will get me to the Tarawera Start Line with enough endurance to get me to the Finish.  Well ‘My’ Finish (36k)!

Tomorrow brings a nice little 2k recovery run, I am looking forward to this to wind myself down for the week.

Have Y’all been Pimping your Beast?

Got some goals you are working hard at?

Till next time,

Jay 🙂