Running the wrong route! URGH!

Today I cheated myself!

As I crossed what would be my finish line next Sunday, I stopped my Nike App and looked puzzled at Amy as to why it was only reading 7.4km and not the 10km it should be…  I hadn’t even got to my really cool powersongs!
After all the map reading I had done, I got it wrong!  I had ripped us off 2 and a half k’s!  Garrr!!!
I thought na, maybe our app was being dumb and inaccurate, maybe we had indeed covered the 10km.  But then I thought again because I wasn’t tired and super exhausted on crossing my imaginary finish line.
Today we completed our run at 53mins.

26.05.2013 01726.05.2013 016

I got home, looked at the Course map, and realised I missed a little arrow!!!!  I had started at the wrong point!
Back to the drawing board!  I needed to have started at the same place that I had finished, and not where I had started today!

Mount Joggers 10km

Tomorrow I plan to run that full 10km, I will probably suck at it, but I am going to do it anyway so that by the time Thursday come around, when I will run my last run for the week till race day, I will know exactly what distance and what route must be covered.
I am such a Douche!!
I got my hopes up thinking yuss, sub 1hour!  Just to tear them down again, reading the map correctly… Such a tard!!
Ok, moving on!

Other than my stupid mishap with the map reading, I really enjoyed the run, I didn’t hold back with the singing (poor Amy), and I commentated almost the entire run.  I told Amy shortly after our run “If I am annoying you, tell me to shut up, otherwise I will talk the entire way” haha!  She said she liked it, I would say where to hold back, and where to boost.  This is our first ever event after all, next time I am sure we will just race (but I will still sing!).
It was funny driving to the mount today, I had my first taste of pre-race nerves.  Next week I will be “RACING” here!
However as soon as I started my app, got my run on, it was all about “Lets do this”.  No going back!  YOLO! (ick, hate that word)

My sister-in-law, Kelly, had gone for a run out the mount an hour before we had, to try run the same route.  My directions weren’t that great, she ended up doing 9.7km but not where we had made our route.
Kelly is running in the same event, she has been running roughly a year or so longer than I have.  Even with that in mind I think she is feeling a little bitter toward me for persuading her to enter the race too, ha!  She will enjoy that post-race beer a lot more than I will I think!

This time next week, I will be sitting in this same spot blogging my Race report, I will be able to relax and focus on the next event – 10km Whangamata.  However in the time leading up to this event, I will be working on my half marathon training as mentioned in older posts.  Very exciting!

Must rest up for a 10k tomorrow, will blog that experiance no matter how ghastily it may be.  A run is still a run, I am sure I will love it either way!

Oh and I also lost 600 grams last week, BOOM!

Beast up everyone, Monday tomorrow!

Jay 🙂


    1. I am a bogan at heart, so I like to listen to a lot of Rock music… You can find some of it on my Beast list page. I am just starting to get into other types of music for running, like David Guetta and the likes of, I havnt been listening to much in the way of music lately tho because I discovered podcasts a few months back. I will be bloggin my race Playlist very soon 🙂 Thanks for reading 🙂

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