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Race Report: ColorRun Auckland New Zealand 2014

A COLORful end to Week 10…


ColorRun Color Packet

I arrive home after 2 and a half hours driving, blue stained and chalky.

My entire being is powdery, and as I peel away my clothes I hold my breath for fear that I may inhale the day through my nostrils.

Week 10 ended with the ColorRun Event, the happiest 5k on the planet!

This week was a recovery week, and that I did, with a little bit of lighthearted enjoyment thrown in.

The morning started early.

We are about 2 and a half hours drive from Pukekohe – Auckland, where the event was to be held so I rounded up the BOP (Bay of Plenty) troops and we got on the road.

5k out from reaching the event we were halted by a hidieous amount of backed up traffic.  With just 40 minutes to get there bang on the 10 o’clock start, thoughts were still hopeful.



It was a dragging time getting there, but once we did, it was a quick potty stop at the local BK restaurant and then onwards to meet the rest of the gang.

Arron txt a wee bit earlier to say that he was waiting at the blue bin by the entry.  There were about 3 or 4 blue bins just on our way walking toward the entry…

Finally found him, big ‘Nice to meet you” hug, and off to find Janey.

Once the gang was complete, we get a quick ‘CLEAN’ snap together and headed toward the starting Chute.

Becoming Beast ColorRun Team

We actually arrived at the Chute seconds after they had just had a lot of people start.  It wasn’t a timed event so we pushed on with the group who had already gone ahead.

We unlike everyone else jogged almost the entire way.  I understand that people wanted to get their moneys worth by taking it a little slower, but for a runner, half of the thrill is in the race.

For such a supposedly ‘Happy’ event, it didn’t appear that the majority were having the fun promised by such a motto.  My friend Melissa was right – it was more about ‘what you make of it’.

Henceforth we would make it our mission to clumsily weave our way through the masses ‘Photobombing’ every photo opportunity we could as we ran past.

There were many!

It actually made for the best game!  And we all got in on it! – so if you see us in your pic, make sure to get your tag on #becomingbeast.  YEOW!

As we approach the first Colour stop “Green”, we excitedly shriek little girl giggles and boost on up.

The keepers of the colour were not giving off the vibe I wouldve expected.  It almost seemed as if those volunteers had had enough of it by then.  We were barely touched by it.  A bit shit really.  We formed a new game plan when approaching each colour zone.

Get our roll on!

A short run later, Pink.

A quick bevey at the water stop…

On our way to the next zone – Blue.

Photobombing the entire way.  Cause we are badass like that! ha!

We were met with the last zone – Yellow.

I was really disappointed in the ColorRun staff/volunteers by this point.

The Yellow color throwers were literally just standing there not even attempting to do their thing.  We had to stand right in front of them and actually ask to be coloured…..?

I was calling bullshit on that one!

I didn’t pay Fifty something bucks and drive 2 and a half hours to have someone not do their job, especially when I had been looking forward to this for months now.

Hardly Happy!

We moved on trying to stay optimistic about it.  I said to the team that it was time to run it in.

We crossed the finished line slightly underwhelmed, but still enjoyed the company, the self-created mess, the laughs and the self-made missions to keep up our spirits.

A big hug for Becks another Badass MFP runner, you may know her from Pics on this post – Ekiden.  She had opted to Volunteer at the Finish line, congratulating everyone.

We grabbed our ColorPacks and moved on to the ColorThrow.

We missed this one also by seconds, but had a party on it anyway.  It seems there was more of an ‘after-party’ than an actual ‘run party’.  I wouldve preferred more emphasis on the run and kind of less on the ‘throwing of shit’ after.  But that’s just me.

A few post-run snaps, a bit of Grafitti and it was homeward bound.

Colorful beast

I would have to say I had higher expectations of such an event, but the main thing is I had fun with those who joined me.  I met a new Buddy who is also becoming a ‘Beast’, I ran with the Queen of tutu’s again, and I had a couple of buddies with me along the way.

What I was most impressed with today, was the efforts of a guy who has not been running for too long, but knocked it out in a good time.  Arron.  A beast in the making.  I hope this experience has reaffirmed all the good thoughts you have about the world of Running, and I hope you push on to achieve everything you wish for out of it.  It is a High like no other, it is the sport where ordinary men and women become extraordinary!


A nice way to end the week, we push on now through to Week 11 – Build.

We make the best out of an average situation and we get the job done.

Miss and Amy

It was fun to act like children for a day.

Picking it up,

Becoming the Beast,

Jay 🙂

Nabeyaki Udon

I have been meaning to post this recipe for a really long time now.

Got my A into G and found the pic’s that I took to make this post.

I am not sure how you make the real thing, there are still ingredients that are missing I am sure.  I have tried making it a ton of times, this is the one that has come the closest to the real thing…

Nabeyaki Udon

So you are not limited to what I have put in this list of ingredients, it is pretty much to personal taste.

Makes 2 large servings

3 Cloves Garlic sliced or crushed
1 tsp Crushed ginger
1/4c Spring Onion
1/2 White onion Sliced
1/4 – 1/2 tsp ground Chili Powder or dried Chili flakes (depending on how hot you like your soup)
Bok Choy – or whatever Asian Greens you prefer. I used a 2 whole bunches for 2 people, it shrinks down heaps
300g Skinless Boneless Chicken Thigh – you can use breast but it isn’t as flavourful
1 Litre Chicken Stock (if usuing bought, don’t bother with reduced salt, you will have to season anyway)
2 whole eggs (1 per person)
200g Udon Noodles
Smidge of oil
Salt to taste

06.12.2013 109 06.12.2013 11106.12.2013 116

Saute Chicken and onion in oil, in a medium sized saucepan (big enough for 1ltr of stock plus veg), Chicken doesn’t have to be brown, just no longer pink on outside.  It will spend another 20 or so minutes cooking in the pan so you want it still slightly raw in the middle at this stage.

Add Garlic, Ginger and spring onion.
06.12.2013 113
Once onion is almost translucent add chicken stock and bring to boil.

06.12.2013 115
Reduce to simmer and add Chili and salt to taste
Add Bok Choy and Noodles

06.12.2013 120

Once Bok Choy has softened crack egg into simmering soup and cook till poached – however you like your poached eggs.

06.12.2013 118

When serving up, spoon out eggs first with slotted spoon to make sure you don’t break yolks.

06.12.2013 122

You can also add extra Chili at this point, if you like it hotter.

06.12.2013 123

Nailed the Poached egg! YEOW!

When I order this from the Japanese restaurant it usually comes with a tempura Prawn, I spose you could add tempura anything to this.

I am not much of a recipe writer so will leave it at that 🙂

Any suggestions to make it more choice?

Comment me.

Jay 🙂

Goodbye ‘Build’, hello ‘Recovery’!

My Week 10 Day 4 run leaves me with a bit more confidence than last weekends long run.

Week 10 was a Build week, and I felt the challenge in it for sure!

A small amount of speed work and a lot more Hills.

I have been using my Sunday long runs as practice for Race Day.  I have been experimenting with things to help get me through the full 21.2k.

Today I added an electrolyte bevey and a different type of fuel instead of the Gu I used last weekend.

My choice of Electrolyte bevey was this…

Strawberry Lemonade flavoured Nuun.

I don’t know why, but I didn’t think it would make my water fizzy.  It reminded me of Berocca, the taste didn’t though.  And although I thought I may be put off by the fizzy berry water during the course of my 100 minute Hill run today, I was actually pleasantly surprised.

I did look at how others had reviewed it before purchasing, the majority enjoyed the flavour while very few disliked it.  I gave it a whirl and I believe it to be a winner!

I also took these for a test run after a suggestion from my Running Soul Sister Shannon –

Jelly Belly Lemon Lime Sports Beans

I am such a rookie at trying new stuff, for some reason I assumed these beans would be a small relatively easy sized bean to chew and swallow.  I think because the directions encourage you to eat a whole pack 30 minutes before partaking in your activity, I guess I thought they would be super easy is just shove in your mouth and swallow.  Nope.  Regular size bean, exactly the same size as a proper Jelly Bean and it wasn’t just a couple of them in the pack, it was a whole bunch.  Unlike the Gu that I could just knock back in almost one go, these beans required a bit more effort and concentration.  Well more effort and concentration than I thought they would need.

The flavour though, was super enjoyable and once I got the hang of them, chewing one or two every 15 minutes, they had me at ‘hello’.

One last difference to last weekends Long Run, this…

I am talking about the Hydration Pack From UltraAspire.

It has smillions of amazing things about it, but the best thing I like about it is that its comfy, it is light and it has lots of pockets!  I had a place for everything!
I was skeptical at first of Hydration Packs as I thought they may be annoyingly heavy and make your back all sweaty and stuff.  The Alpha did none of those things.  I only filled it with about one litre of water, it was more than enough for my early morning run.

There are only two water fountains I know of in my area and I don’t often run past them during a long run so they are no use to me.  I originally had thoughts of going handheld as I have done many times before with a small 400ml bottle, but I have gotten so used to running without a bottle in my hands that I wanted to remain handheld-less for my Long Runs and for Race day.

This Pack is my solution to that.  It is also my solution to the many long trail runs that I look forward to when training for this bad boy…

I hope to Relay this 100k up with 3 other crazys in 2015.  I look forward to seeing some of our New Zealand Ultra greats in the flesh doing their thing (even if it is just the headlight beaming right at the beginning knowing full well that there isn’t much chance that I will catch up haha!), and hopefully some of the overseas Ultra runners that I have been following via blog or FB page.


I came back from my Long Run this morning relaxed and hopeful that this 21.2 will not be the death of me.

It was a Hill run just shy of 14km in 100 mins.  My body is feeling good, a little worked but nothing a good relax wont fix.

Next week (Week 10) brings some much needed recovery.  I look forward to paying some attention to my legs and feet, looking after them to get ready for the two weeks after which will be the last ‘Hard work’ weeks before my Taper.  Just the thought of taper scares me, not because I have to take it easy, but because it means the end is near.

I am still enjoying this process, more so after this mornings run.  I feel strong and grounded, something I wasn’t feeling at the beginning of the week.

I also devoted my 13.7k to Meg Menzies, the Richmond Runner who was killed by a drunk driver last Sunday. Read about Meg’s story here.

Can’t wait for the week ahead.

Run on,

Rest up,


Jay 🙂

Is it normal to always be sore?

So I am in the guts of this thing!

The Half Marathon training plan of 14 weeks and I am now in the middle of week 9.

I have spent much of the last 2 or so weeks being SORE!

After a little over a years amount of experience with this running thing I have become to notice the difference between being ‘Sore’ and being ‘Injured’.  Thank goodness I have not been injured too many times to put myself off.

In the last few weeks I have often thought whether it was normal to be achey All The Freeking Time!

My knees ache, my feet sometimes ache, my calves and hammy’s ache.

At what point do I do something about it, or are these symptoms all just normal things when completing something that is new and more arduous than you have ever done before.

For the moment I feel in myself to be (marginally) fine.

The most prominent pain I have right now is in my knees.  And I am reminded of this pain every time I want to be somewhere different.
For now this pain is “nagging” – tells me it is there all the time and it is not quite a “you better stop running or i’ll break” sore… I don’t think.

But this is the thing…

I don’t know if this is what normal ‘First time Half training runners’ go through.

Am I the only one?

I don’t see anyone else blogging about their daily aches and pains.

Am I just not as fit as everyone else, perhaps not as strong as everyone else?

Did I start running too late in my life to cruise comfortably into something like this?

Do I weigh too much to be trying to achieve no-pain training/recovery?

Or is it just my body adapting? Am I getting fitter? Stronger?

I don’t even know! I can’t even tell…

I just keep pushing on, working and hoping that it is all leading to the right thing/s – A strong enough body to endure a 21.1km long run!

Did you feel like this during the training of your first big event?

Is the knee thing normal?

Holla at me , let me know!

Keep on Pushing,

Jay 🙂

Long Run Recovery

Today I am feeling really close to being TIP TOP!

My legs feel slightly achey, but I am not in any great pain.  WIN!

I believe it is because I have followed the rules this time.

Up until the past week I have been a bit slack when it comes to helping my body to achieve the best recovery.  I have not consistently used a stretching routine, I have not paid too much attention to consuming the best recovery foods and I have not done any massage or icing.  It is safe to say that I have got by this far without doing much of anything but the running part.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday was the longest non-stop run that I have ever done, ever ever!  I ran 12km in 1 hour and 30 minutes over an extensively hilly area.  Boy did my legs get put through their paces!

I have come away from this run fairly unscathed and I think this is how…

My Long Run Recovery routine

During the Run

Hydrate small amounts often during your long run – I also need to add in an Electrolyte beverage

Warm up and Warm down – up until yesterday I had been running right up to my doorstep, I am now adding to my route some distance for a cool down walk.

After the Run

CHUG!  Dehydration is the worst for recovering bodies.  Drink more than you think you might need, and drink often through out the remainder of your day.

Ice those legs!  Immediately after my run I sat in a cold bath for the first time in my running career.  I sat there with Gel packs on my knees.  It was uncomfortable at first, but then by the end of it I didn’t want to get out.

“Cold water constricts blood vessels and muscle tissue and prevents blood from pooling in your legs.” –

Stretch.  I am not sure if I should have stretched before or after Cooling (Probably better to do after while your muscles are still warm).  Loosen you muscles and help rid them of lactic acid which usually builds up during strenuous exercise.

Eat – I had Coconut Pancakes with Banana and Creme Fraiche, probably not the best meal to have calorie-wise, but it has Carb and Protein – that’s how I decided to justify it haha!
Anyway, here are a few links to help you out with this one – 10 Essential Foods for RunnersWhat foods help speed up Recovery.

Walk some more – keep your body fluid, you may think/may want to stay sedentary, but you will only stiffen up those muscles causing you more pain.  I walked small amounts through out my day and went for short walks the next day (today).

Elevation – Not much to say about this one, I just lay with my legs against the back of the couch watching t.v. when I had the chance.

Massage – I did a wee bit of self-massage of my calves and Hammy’s, and a bit of Foam Rolling for my ITB, Glutes, Anterior and Posterior.

The only thing I could think of to add to this would be some compression, I have some compression calf sleeves but forgot all about them.

I think the Recovery phase takes a lot of focus to ensure you don’t shrug it off.  It might seem to be a wee bit ‘overboard’ having such a long and drawn out process, but it is most likely going to save you from some serious DOMS, or even worse case scenario – unnecessary injury later down the track.

40 mins of Speed work tomorrow brings me into Week 9, which means that there is only 5 weeks to go!!

Starting to have a few doubts again, but as they say – Trust the training.  Looking forward to what this weekend’s long run will bring.


Back to elevating those legs – kids are asleep, I have got some T.V. watching to do!

‘RICE’ up,

Jay 🙂

The end of Week 8 – More Hills for Breakfast!

My butt hurts!

My knees and my Butt both ache!

Not in a “OMG give me the drugs” kind of way, more of a “OMG It’s gonna be worse in the morning” kind of way.

On Tuesday’s I usually start to plan my Long runs for the week.  The term ‘Long run’ in my opinion is only relative to your own running experience.  So my ‘long’ may actually be someone else’s short/super long run.
I consider anything beyond 5 or 6k to be ‘my’ long.

Anywho, back to Tuesday’s planning.  I use MapMyRun to Map out a route that I am likely to be able to cover in the time that I need to put in.  This week the plan required 2 long runs out of me, both Hill runs – one at 50 mins and one at 90 mins.  Using MapMyRun I can plan out where my run will take me and which areas I would need to hit up to get in the best Hills.  By ‘Best’ I mean a good range of gradual to more challenging Hills, and not just one or the other.  I also needed to Map out two different routes to ensure I don’t find myself losing interest in the run – something that I am becoming more and more conscious of the further I get into this game.

My first run for the week involved some accelerations.  I don’t think I did the best I could have for this one.  It was Tuesday and I was still getting over my sickness/disappointment of my weekend long run.  I do feel like I got out there and did my best.

My second run was the first of the long runs.  This one went well, however closer to the end I started to notice the effects of not taking any hydration with me.  At this point of the game I need to start being a little more proactive.

My third run was an easy 30mins (Easy – conversation pace).  I don’t know why but I don’t think I ran this one too ‘Easy’.  I ran from my house to my mother in-laws.  Usually this would take me upwards of 30 mins.  It only took me 27.  And while this is a good thing to have shaved off some time, I still need to keep in mind that I must reserve energy for the Long Run.

My fourth and final run was this morning.  90 minutes of non-stop running.  With Hills!

I feel confident that I am over my tummy flu or whatever it was and I am surely into my comeback.

This mornings run, while it was successful i.e. I finished it, It wasn’t without fault.

I had thought about nutrition – I had my Gu (Espresso Love flavour) (stashed in my awesome new Tech short zippy pocket) at 45 minutes/halfway, I had even had a Honey Stinger 30 minutes before my run.  Once I hit the 1 hour mark, I am unsure whether it was the constant motion of the body plus gravity that stirred some niggles in my belly, or whether it was the nutrition.  The Gu while being successful on a 90 min run, would it cause me issues on a 150 min run? Hmmm!

I had semi-thought about hydration – chugged a wee bit before the run and stashed a frozen 400ml water bottle in my sister in-law’s mailbox at roughly the 5k mark last night.  The water helped immensely, compared to the run last Sunday, however once past the 60 minute mark my legs started to feel fatigue.  I need something more!

In my mapping, I had routed myself to experience two very challenging hills!

The first came shortly after my warm-up, and I have confidently shuffled my way up it plenty of times now.  The second was just after my sister’s place, and that one was also done confidently and without stop.

Every Freeking Hill after that though….

I had to haul my fat ass up the remainder with so much mind power, I almost forgot that I was enjoying my run!

Of the 13.4k I had mapped out for my run this morning, I completed 12.1k.  The second to last hill that I planned to run I skipped and re-routed as I was running out of time.  To be straight up… I was actually scared of it.  After all the hills I had knocked out this morning, just the thought of having to do that 2nd to last one frightened me.

So my thoughts were to next time bust some electrolyte hydration as well as/instead of water.  I will have to think out some kind of plan of how to get this in on my Long training runs.  I don’t have perfectly set Hydration stations along my routes with people handing me paper cups of water or whatever and then being there with big black rubbish bags to pick up the cups that I have failed to aim correctly into a bin as I boost/slog my way past.
In fact just days ago I ordered my very first Hydration Pack online that I should receive hopefully before my next Long Run if not shortly after.  I will have to get used to running with it on my back.

I am figuring it all out, and I am sure I will have a good Race Day plan by the end of it.  It is going to be my first Half, so I need it to be a positive experience so that I am keen to do more.  Pro-activeness wins in this game!

Next week I ‘Build’ with more Hill work and a wee bit of Speed work.

Till next week I am going to leave you with this little bit of weekend inspiration while I bugger off and go stuff my face and drink some beer.

Many long and enjoyable miles to you all!

Jay 🙂

Now if you are a Distance runner and you have never heard of the Blerch then you must check it out!!

Go ahead and hit up this link –The comics – The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons why I run long distances

Another Anniversary – something Awesome to run for!

WordPress Anniversary

Today is my WordPress Anniversary.

I have officially committed to writing here for One Whole Year!

I must write something because of this…

Now I don’t claim to be a great writer, in fact I am usually all over the place with my posts most times.  But I love to write and share my experiences, I also love to read and follow others to.

There is something to be said about finding a like in someone else and seeing how they experience what they do in their own ways.  “Same’s” excite me!  It means that I don’t have to do this thing alone, as I do with a lot of other stuff in my life.

Writing has actually added to my Health and Fitness, in a way that actually makes it exciting.  I am also held accountable, not to others, but more to myself.
I have changed my main view point of my blog from losing weight to Distance Running.  And I am well on my way to being able to one day compete in an Ultra.

I think its a great tool if you can commit and write in a way that others will find easy to digest and be entertained.

I don’t know if I do any of those things, but I keep on keeping on anyway.

Thank you to everyone who has followed me to date, My journey is a lot more Awesome with you tagging along.

Life can often become stale and mundane if you let it, having a blog forces you to go out and find something great to write about, in turn adding valuable experience!

Life can only be done once and we need to get this through our fat heads every single day! (or skinny heads, if you have one of those)

So I encourage those who follow me and who I follow, to keep writing and reading!  Be honest and be passionate.


Go Run some,

It is good for you!

Jay 🙂

10k PR Selfie

P.S.  I don’t Selfie very much, I am not up to the play with all the cool kids on how to get an awesome ‘Self-pic’.  This is the best I could come up with, and actually means more because I had just come out of the pouring rain, back from my 10k PR, BOOM!  Duck Face that!!!

No such thing as a Bad run – Training Plan Halfway

No such thing as a bad run they say…

The story of this mornings run actually started last night.

A humid as heck night meant that I was rolling around in bed till 1am trying to sleep after being continually disrupted by
a) one very sick baby boy
b) one wriggly frustrated over heating husband
c) an over active bladder.

It is safe to say I didn’t get much sleep last night. Just under 4 hours to be more precise.

And as I sit here on the potty writing up my post, I need to add that the food poisoning I had on New Year’s Eve is still taking a toll, not to mention the raging lady pains I have been experiencing the past two days.
All is not right in my world. And I almost cried about it too! Almost.

I woke up suddenly because I could hear the familiar cries coming from the children’s bedroom.  Grayson was still not well, he was sitting up in his bed and I think he was complaining because his tummy was still giving him problems. It was 5:40am and I was late for my date with the pavement.

I settle him back to sleep and rush hurriedly to get my gear on and head out.
Forgetting entirely about nutrition and hydration for what would potentially be my longest non-stop run of 80 mins on course terrain.  I was doomed from the start!

I realised what I had done about 500 metres from home, but I must have still been half asleep because my resolve was to just go out and see what I could do…idiot!

About a half hour into my run I still hadn’t got into my groove. It was hot out and I felt sticky and even though it was only 6:30am the weather was starting to get to me.
My breathing still irregular, my gait was hideously off centre, my body already clammy, it was all quickly turning sour but I was still about 4k’s from home and mentally I kept telling myself I had to give it my best no matter how bad it might be.

The Garmin sounded at the 5th k and I had done it in around 35 mins, so not that bad considering. My mood lifted slightly until I start to feel my tummy cramp. My mouth started to water as nausea began taking over. I had to wog the rest of the distance home.

Inside I was kicking myself, I don’t know why, these were mostly all factors that were unforseeable and uncontrollable. None of it could be helped. My next mission was just to get myself home without crumbling in a pile and feeling sorry for myself.

I arrived home sadden but glad to finally be home so I could vent to hubby. I opened the front door to find my son covered in his own sick. Gosh this day keeps getting better!
After the major vent, I came to the realisation that it was just a run, in the scheme of things it was only at most 10% of my plan so far that I hadn’t followed to the letter.

All was going to be ok.

Week 7 Day 3 80 minute Course Terrain.  Actual – 1:03:05, 8.01k, 7:53 Pace

The hubby actually mentioned something in passing about maybe putting myself under too much pressure to get it all right, perhaps after my last run going so well I had put un-needed stress on myself to be able to perform again.
At the time he had said it I didn’t believe it to be the case, but now I think he is right.

I am more disappointed at the fact that I didn’t get it right, without looking at why it all went wrong in the first place.  I had built such a pretty picture of the whole thing and all I had to do was get out there and make it happen.  I thought because I had so much confidence in myself from previous runs that I could execute it perfectly once again.  I now think that I am slightly dillusional, simply for the fact that I thought I was indestrcutable.  I must have been sooooo high!

I put it out there to my FB Running Buddies, they has some encouraging sympathetic words for me…

“I think sometimes I expect myself to be better than I am so get really pissed off when I don’t perform the way I would like… “If it was easy, everyone would do it.”
“… had a heart to heart with a very good friend of mine the other day about how I seem to be getting quite angry in the gym cos I feel like I should be doing better than I am. He reminded me that fitness isn’t something that you can beat….its can ALWAYS get harder..weights can keep getting heavier…distances can keep getting longer…its how we improve… and we again just have to keep pushing  I went back to the Mount on xmas eve Janine (my actual name if you didn’t already know lol)…I was so determined to run that whole thing! Lol It again kicked my ass but I did heaps better the second time. It annoys me so damn much that I cant do it yet but i’ll be back there when I’m down next to try again!!”  – My soul sister Shannon

” I would hardly describe myself as a runner but yep I have those times too during my wog sessions. Yep I get pissy and ask myself WTF is it hard this time???? Last time was all good why not this time???? I’ve got stronger though in my mind through this journey and I am not giving up. My progress is SLOW and that’s a lot to do with the other medical stuff I constantly have to tweak and take note of no matter what but I won’t give up. As my friend who does a lot of distance running reminded me to think where I was a year ago, even 6 months ago. I still get pissy with myself but it’s lessened when I am reminded of where I was a year/6months ago” – The Lovely Becks.

and Maybe just as my friend Karina says… Maybe I just need a rest.

Well that was my Week 7 – Recovery.  The whole week was off, but the good thing about it is that I have another 7 more to get it right!

We are officially halfway, I am not done yet!

Week 8 is a build week, some Accelerations and more Hill work.  I have a 90 minute long HILL run to look forward to in 7 short days, but I will be ready to smash it!

Getting on with it, hope you are too,

Keep Runnin’

Jay 🙂