Now this post may seem silly, and it is most likely me overanalysing the situation, but underwear is my next point of concern.  Well not so much concern, but curiosity!
Now thanks to my google-nosis abilities, I have found that to some runners, underwear is pretty up there with the right socks, shoes etc.
At my current level of running, I have no need for such technical pieces of clothing.  *warning, TMI moment about to happen*  I have always been a G-string wearer.  They are the most comfortable type of underwear I have found, and I even run in them.  But while shopping yesterday, I walked past the under-armour section to find a whole isle of underwear!!!  and these were not your average Joe Skivvies, these pieces came with individual prescriptions lol!!!  Compression, active wear, wind briefs, the list goes on.  I was curious as to why you would need technical R-undies! Hmmm…

Now like some sports people, they have that ‘lucky pair’ that they always wear, and them some swear by going Commando.  I do have to wonder though, for men going commando, how they keep ‘things’ together, surely there is a level of security one must have…ha!


And for women with bigger bottoms, which we will say is most of us, the ‘Riding up’ factor plays a huge role in which we choose to get active in.

Is it important? should we just go with “whatev’s”?  Should we even be spending vast amounts of money on pairs of underwear that come with a 1000 word essay as a description of what they can do for you?  And do we actually need to pose like this when we are wearing them…

*Spew noise*

But the time will come, when I have done all my marathon training, and will wonder again… What undies am I going to Rock this thing in!?!

Please feel free to comment on this one, I am just as curious as the next guy! ha!

Jay 🙂



  1. OK, from my perspective: I use good quality running shorts with built-in briefs (ball bags) – no rundies. I use a little anti-chaffe cream when I am planning to run for over 90 minutes or when it’s raining.

    If I’m running in my Kilt, however…….

  2. totes with you J on the g thing. Love spandex to go running in! fat thighs just rub together and shorts always end up higher than is nice to either look at or are comfortable. Also helps that spandex holds everything in!! Just got to make sure theres no camel toe….

  3. Ball bags and camel toes!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Love this post! I have no special undies I run in, all of mine are lacy and pretty, just in case something happens and I get hit by a car and am rushed to the hospital. I’d rather the docs see me in something girly than something granny.

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