Personal Record Breaking

Up, Down and Around! – Pimping the Beast!

I thought I might be biting off a little more than I could chew trying to attempt running up, down and around the Mount.

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I surprised myself today!

In fact if I remember back to the last time I timed my trip up – Starting at the base and checking time once reaching the top (1.2k), I think I managed to get up there in 19-20 minutes.

Today I did it in 18:09!

That guy is totally Photo Bombing!!!  He looks as if he's Popping a Squat!! Yikes!

That guy is totally Photo Bombing!!! He looks as if he’s Popping a Squat!! Yikes!

My 'Up' Time

My effort wasn’t my fastest but I didn’t stop.

Being a super fine and clear day, and a weekend day, the Mount was swarming with people.  So I actually had to keep a slower pace, probably the reason for why I didn’t have to stop.

The beginning of the ‘Stairs’ portion, I managed to run up 3 flights… Walked the rest.  It almost kicked my ass!  Especially seeing as the last time I attempted running up was 4-5 months ago!  Not to mentioned I only started consistently running at the beginning of this week, after months and months of half ass’ed efforts!

I have come to the conclusion that I need to work on my downhill running.  Coming down from the peak meant that I was hitting up those Quads HARD!  I ran all the gradual downs, and walked (with purpose) all the Stairs.  I didn’t want to kill my knees.
I actually thought my Glutes would suffer the most today, but they were actually stronger than I first thought.

My runs earlier in the week had a surfacing tingle in my right glute.  I have been on a mish to stretch it out and Foam roll to make sure it doesn’t become an issue.  It was more those stairs and downhills that really got me so I will have to make  Hill workout’s my best friend!

All in all, I covered around 7k which was about where I had aimed for for Week 1’s Long Run.  I did this in 1:01:22.

Pretty stoked about my first Long Run effort.  I covered a good amount of terrain variation and I came away feeling like I had a wee bit more to give.

I am not so frightened about heading upward in K’s after today’s run, I am actually totally Pumped!!

I just need to stick to my plan and have faith that it will get me to the Tarawera Start Line with enough endurance to get me to the Finish.  Well ‘My’ Finish (36k)!

Tomorrow brings a nice little 2k recovery run, I am looking forward to this to wind myself down for the week.

Have Y’all been Pimping your Beast?

Got some goals you are working hard at?

Till next time,

Jay 🙂


Run long and Taper…

I did it!

I made it to my Taper!

I ran my longest distance ever ever this morning!

How do I feel you may ask?

F*&%ing AWESOME!

This morning, I got my ass out of bed at a hideously early time of the morning to run for 2 hours straight.

And that I did!

I ran 2 hours and 2 minutes a distance of 17k.

In that run I achieved a PR for my 5k at 33mins, and a PR for my 10k at 1hr 8mins.

09.02.2014 101

09.02.2014 102

I was glad to have covered a full 17k today, that leaves 4k of surprise time and effort.

As stupid as I felt, on completing my 17th k I smiled a ridiculously big smile all by myself in my little empty corner of the world.

Last weekend I ran for 1.5hours, and ended up with an almost strained hammy and glute.  This week I feel nothing but tired legs, no ouchy pain and overly tight muscles.

Ice Bath... The Ice never lasts long enough!! And now we feast!

Ice Bath… The Ice never lasts long enough!!
And now we feast!

The first half of the run seemed to fly by, like it was nothing.  A podcast on Chi running probably helped with keeping form in check, and then the next few k started to alert me to some muscle fatigue.  The last 2k was unreal.  My body couldn’t really make up its mind – every now and then I would get inklings of struggle, but then it would come right seconds later.  Mind transcendance really was a challenge at this point of the game.  My mind wanted to be present in my body, but I was doing my best to make it bugger off somewhere else.

And unlike last week where I felt terrible for the majority, the change in scenery and route meant that I watched the sunrise from 3 different angles as I effectively ran around almost half of my town.

My 2hr Run map, or what is left of it!

My 2hr Run map, or what is left of it!

I watched the world wake up this morning, and though I like to be selfish with my Ghost town Sunday mornings, I enjoyed seeing everything come to life as each kilometer crept up on me.  It really was something.

This brought week 12 to a close and I officially start my 2 weeks of Taper.

I missed 2 days of running this week, and I am glad I did.  Healing had been this weeks main focus.  Healing to get me to Sunday.  Smash out Sunday and then relax.  My plan worked and I am grateful that my ego didn’t get the better of me!

The next two weeks, as Taper suggests, are Recovery weeks.  I have a few short runs on Course Terrain and one last 1.5hour run next Sunday.

I feel ready, ready for that last 4k.  That is when everything is going to matter, that is when the true challenge of this thing is going to require everything I have.

I am excited, not so much nervous, more curious.  I have been grateful enough to not have race day nerves, I will be grateful again if I stick to my Race plan and not be all rookie and go out too fast too early.

So as I bring this post to a close, I want to mention the podcast that has seen me through every ‘long run’ I have had throughout the last 2-3months.  Running Long with Steve has been a lot of what has gotten me this far.  So in the words of the creator of Phedippidations

Run Long and Taper,

Jay 🙂

P.S. I turn 30 today – achieving 2 PR’s and a PB has been the best gift!  RUN! Just Run!

Check out that FROSTING!!!

Check out that FROSTING!!!

Ending Week 6 with an unofficial PR!

“Good luck on your run tomorrow”

“Thanks, but I don’t need luck, I just need not to die”

The goodbye conversation I had with an ex-flatmate upon leaving his Cocktail party at 8.30pm last night!!!

A runner through and through, leaving the party early after only having 1.5 drinks, with enough time to have a decent carb dinner for a long run in the the morning.

All went according to plan!

My plan didn’t include a PR, but I got one!

Week 6

Day One – 30 min Accelerations
Day Two – 40 min Hills (Threw up a little during this one.  I ate too close to run time. Not advised! ha!)
Day Three – 30 min Easy
Day Four – 70 min Hills

This week was a ‘Build’ week.  I can remember back a couple of months ago when I first started penning my plan to Calendar that I dreaded that 70 min Hill run.  I looked at what Week 6 had in store for me and I was wondering back then if I would make it.
I am glad to report that I did and with energy to spare.  I actually ran the entire distance, non-stop!
I am also happy to say that I enjoy the uphills more than the downhills!
How is that possible you may ask?

In the moment when you are willing your way up a stupidly big/steep/gravelly hill you are using your mind power to keep yourself going.  You know full well that your heart and legs can take it, it is just your mind telling you to take it easy, and that walking is allowed.
Funny thing is, that if you fight that thought or feeling enough times, that same hill becomes nothing.  It becomes conquered, it is crushed!
What you first thought was insurmountable is now a tribute to experience – I crushed you before ‘hill’, I will crush you again!
Once you get the hang of hills, not too many of them will frighten you again.

Hills always remind me of this picture…

And just to add a little more umph to it all, I did my hill run in the pouring down big ole fat rain at 6 am this morning.  I love running in a ghost town, it is my absolute favourite!

70 min Hills Deets WRTB Week 6 Day 4

To top it off I PR’ed my 10k time.

My 10k event – Mount Joggers 2013 10k run, I achieved an Official time of 1:11:43.  Today I knocked off almost a full minute and a half!

I ran my Nike app alongside, I like to get a fair idea on the difference in accuracy, it didn’t do too badly in the area I ran in.

PR 10k

I experienced a wee niggle of PTT (Posterior Tibialis Tendonitis) at the 7th k, but only lasted about 500 metres which was when I sorted out my form.  I also ran with my right knee strapped with KT tape, I have a a very minor case of runners knee.  All the jarring of down-hills and hard road/pavement have contributed to what I thought would be inevitable.  I will need to get in a few more trails to even it all out.  Other than that, I am still unscathed, this plan must be working a treat!

Week 7 is a ‘Recover’ week.  Backing into just the 3 days of running rather than 4.  It does include an 80 min Course Terrain run, which will give me a chance to try out a new nutrition item I have purchased.

Until then my amigos,

Go run/CRUSH some hills!

Jay 🙂

Run because you can! On Pimping the Beast!

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After reading a post last night from one of my favorite blogs The Quinquagenarian Runner, written by David Lawrence, I got a wee bit emo.  In this post David writes about results he has received from an MRI which he had shortly after completing his very first full marathon less than a month ago.  “I got the results from my MRI today and it looks like my running career  has come to an end due to Cervical Disk Disease.”

Much in Davids true spirit he replied to the comment I had left him with this – “Thank you so much for your kind words. I may not be able to continue my current path but my passion and determination, my fire to live a fit and healthy lifestyle has not diminished. I’ll just be taking a new path on my journey. There are people who have overcome so much more than what I face.”

This is what I ran for today!

I had to cancel run group for today as I had looked at the forecast yesterday only to find that yes, it was predicted that there was to be more stormy business going on!

Even though I had cancelled run group, I still needed to run!  So I did!

I bundled up my two little balls of toddler chaos joy, belted them up in the stroller, put the rain cover on and went out into the break that the weather had quite conveniently provided for me.

Trailing Toddlers | On a Jam Hunt Blog

On my way I saw a lot more runners than I would usually see on a friday morning…

There was a mum with her stroller and a tiny, what looked like a 5-6 month old baby (Jealous me pushing huge 13kg toddlers), there were a few couples with dogs, a couple of older men and women, a few younger girls, and one quite overweight man all slogging it out, and getting it done!

I felt very comfortable being among all these strangers.  Like for that brief second on passing, we had become best friends.

This morning I was right where I needed to be!  Because there will come a time that I too won’t be able to run, hopefully in the far away future, but you don’t let that stop you right here and right now!

I wish David all the best with his continued journey, and send lots of good vibes for a quick recovery!

As for me…

I PR’d my Stroller run 5k by 2 seconds!  It might not be much, but when you think about it, my children are constantly growing, so I have more resistance to deal with.  This is a great achievement, and I am pretty happy with that!

I actually stepped out the front door with the intention to PR that time, I have stronger legs and am hauling a lot less weight myself, I am fitter and I am faster.  I intended to smash it!  I did, and now I am more encouraged to do it again!

And that’s how I Pimped the Beast today!

How about you?  Ever walked out the door with the intent of creating a PR for yourself? Or the determination to achieve something greater than what you have so far?

Give more, Do more, Be more!

As always, see you tomorrow!

Jay 🙂

Mapping for Graduation – On Pimping the Beast/I Just Want to Run!

I thought I would kill 2 birds with one stone today!

First, I want to invite you to run a Virtual 5k with me and my group Friday 29th November!  On the 29th – Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow!  Or just do whatever distance you can manage.

My group Graduates the C25k programme in just 2 short weeks and I am on a mission to round up as much support as possible for their Graduation Run!

I must say, that even for me, someone who used to run longer distances than a 5k, it has been extremely beneficial!

I have found myself feeling very unaffected by the full 5k run’s I have done on my own away from the group, and I think the c25k has helped with that.  By unaffected I mean able to run at my fastest pace non-stop for longer, and to not feel like crap immediately afterwards.

So my something new for today – Today rather than following the programme, I did a 5k in just under 35mins, almost creating a PR for myself.  Because we had an odd number of ladies at the Run group today I was able to run alone – so I mapped out our 5k Route for Graduation.  I ran non-stop, I did have to stop once about a K shy of getting home to help a lady up the stairs, she fell (paused my app, took her up the stairs, went back down the stairs, unpaused app, continued running up the stairs hahaha)
The run was great, I feel like I could have done better, I didn’t quite hit that exhaustion mark, so I had more to give…YUSS!

Smells like my fitness is improving even on the downtime I was having not so long ago.

So anywho – please run along with us, I even have a Bib for you to print out and wear 🙂

Virtual 5k Bib - Copy


Weigh-in day today!

A loss of 1 whole kg!!  Bringing me down to 75.2kg!

04.11.2013 014

That is a total loss of 17.3kg since I started using MFP a year and a bit ago!

I have noticed my Tech wear getting a little baggy, stuff that is supposed to be tight and create compression, is kinda not doing its job for me right now!

Anywho, roughly 2 more kilo’s to go and I will be happy with this years progress.  After getting stuck in a funk since the end of January, I have not done too badly to redeem myself!

Another date with Jillian for Ab day, feeling stronger already!

Ok, so how did you Pimp the Beast today?

Any PR’s that you have to Brag about lately?

Beast On y’all and I’ll see ya tomorrow,

Jay 🙂

Race Report: Mount Joggers 2013 10km Run

Woke up this morning from a really rested 7 hour sleep, What parent with twin toddlers gets that! ha!  I am one lucky mama!
Plain Bagel and a handful of grapes for breakkie and I was out the door with the Sister-in-law Kelly to drop children off and pick up Amy for today’s event.
All ready to go in our tried and true race day gear we were ready to make our very first timed 10km.
And just so we don’t attract to much attention to ourselves we wore this on the back of our shirts…

02.06.2013 080 02.06.2013 091

Kelly of course was still bitter toward me almost all the way to the venue, saying “you do this for fun?”  Me thinking – haha!  Doesn’t everybody?!
We Park up about 5 mins walk away and we head in to see Half marathoners finishing their last loop, I couldn’t wait to get started!
The venue was swarming with runners of all shapes and sizes, in it for a PR or for a fun run, the place alive with enthusiasm, all just as eager as I was.  At this point I wasn’t nervous, in fact the whole day I wasn’t nervous, I was just itching to get out there and do it.
5 minutes to start gun and we crowd around in the start lane.  5-4-3-2-1… the sea of people move more quickly than I had thought it would and we had past the start line with in seconds.  I could tell some took off too fast for 10km abilities, stopping to walk even before the 1km mark.
Amy and I had a plan, and we were keeping to our plan – a nice easy pace all the way to the 7th km, where we meet the Mount and get amongst the trail, then we would get some sprints in there for all the downhills!  Meanwhile Kelly had already buggered off up ahead, we saw her briefly at the beginning quickly weaving through the crowd making her way closer to the front pack.

The first 2km flew by quicker than we had planned, I guess the excitement of being among 400+ runners was just too much for us.  Just after 3km we met the turn around point and made our way back toward the start area which we had to pass through to get to the next part of the route.  As we move through the starting area and take a left down and around to the next straight, we see Kelly’s husband Caen and two kiddies waving furiously to anyone, not quite sure where Aunty Neenee was among all the other runners.
We approach the next turn around bay, boost round and head toward the Mount to do the last 3 or so k’s, both Amy and I still donning Cheshire Cat smiles at this point, so excited to get to the bit of the race we know so well.  “I can see it”, “Were almost there”, “To the last trailer”, “Yes! The last trailer!!!” – You had to be there to know what we were on about haha we do this, conversate about were we would slow it down, pick it up, go nuts and boost, haha we tag team!  I honestly don’t know how I would rate on a solo run, we just feed off of each other!

We meet the entrance to the Mount base walk way and we pretty much boost through past what I counted to be 7 runners in our race, the ones who peaked too soon and didn’t save anything for the Mount.  We start talking out our plan we had made for the Mount, Run here, walk this uphill, sprint this down hill, cruise this flat.  We met the 9km marker, our Nike Apps sounded metres after, “9 Kilometres, Time – 1 hour, 4 minutes…”  Amy – “Oh My God, did you hear that, 1 hour 4 minutes”…. We push on harder and faster, still following our plan, but with smiles 50 times bigger than they were at 7 k’s.
We meet the dreaded ‘Big Hill’, the one that I am sure all Mount runners solemnly sigh at knowing that they must get up it to get to the end, half marathoners twice so.  Its not a big hill, not a hugely steep hill, but after running 9km (for someone who only started the 10km distance 4 weeks ago) is a “Fuck this” moment – excuse the french!

We got to the top of that hill, Glenn’s voice in my head, “Use those Glutes”.  Eyes widen as we are heading for the home stretch of board walk, adorned on both sides with spectators.  That last 500 metres seems so easy to sprint across, so many strangers cheering their lungs out even though they don’t even know you from a bar of soap.  It was actually really great to hear as we didn’t have anyone there from our own families/friends cheering us on.

After pounding that boardwalk as fast as we could, giving everything we had left, Hi-fiving all the way down to the finish, We cross that line, we slow our pace, we find our bearings and we start going on about how much fun we just had, and incredibly great we feel.  It was like teen aged girls at sleepover, children who have had too much sugar, crazy drunk people at a sports game rooting for the winning team!  We were so filled with endorphin’s, it was over-flowing!

Race bib and R-Line

We grab some R-line and head toward Kelly who had finished the race at 54.53, She was a machine!  Even for someone who run’s purely to burn cals, I hope today she felt a little bit of we felt, the running for fun feeling!  Judging by her results today, she should be really proud of what she achieved, I can only hope to get sub-1 hour one day!

Mount Joggers 10km Kelly's Time

We clocked at 1.11, 5 whole minutes off of our best 10km, probably only the 4th or 5th 10km distance that we had ever run before, ha!  And even though my shinsplints came back to haunt me for the first 3 k’s, I loved every single minute second of it!

Mount Joggers 10km Result

I really can’t wait to get into my Half Marathon training, I can’t wait to get to my next event, I cant wait to heal up and go for my next run… I just can’t wait!

Next time I will have to get someone to take more pics, but there you go – My Race report.

Next event – Whangamata Run/Walk Festival August 31st.

Now for some Beast rest!

Jay 🙂

Counting down the days!

Today I completed the last run for this week before I embark on my first ever serious (loose use of this term)event this Sunday.  The mount Joggers 10km and I am counting down the days!
Amy and I went for a ‘fun’ run.  Up down and around the mount – some uphills, some trail, some down hills.  We took it easy with some steady stair climbing, then picked it up for some speedy down hill work, cruising on a little bit of flat all mixed in with the enjoyment of being surrounded by tropical-like clear waters and inklings of sun streaming through trees on to the dirt paths.  A little bit of everything, all on a tiny mountain!  A 6.61km venture today.

I am super excited, teeny bit nervous but totally amped to get it on!

On the ‘MoonJoggers’ FB page was a question of the week:   Every runner runs for a reason. What’s yours?

The comment I wrote in reply:  I run because I can’t stop!

It is true.  I started running back in Nov 2012, I hated it!  I went anyway.
I ran once or twice a week, then turned into 3, then 4.  I persevered through injury, through healing, through bad nutrition, good nutrition.  I tolerated it.  I ran until I liked it.  Then I ran till I loved it.  Now I run because I can’t stop.  Like the air I breathe!
I am also conscious everyday that a gift like this could be taken away just as fast as it may be gained, and so I do my best to learn, and build my ‘runners’ knowledge bank as to make sure I get to enjoy it for as long as I possibly can!

And so this brings me back to my event.
I don’t have any expectations of myself, it being my first.  I would like to achieve something under 1.15, 1.16 being the non-event PR I clocked last week.  In hind site I should have entered the 5km, I know I would’ve done pretty ok.  However, a 10km would be more of a challenge, and I like that!  I don’t really want to build up all this hype for a race that will be over in under 30minutes.  I just want to live in the run for a wee bit longer than that… even if I come last ha!

Dead Last

I may not have been born a runner, but I will be damned if I do not do my best to become one!

So lastly, a quote that will stick with me, from Runners – Daily Kick in the Butt

“The best way to become a mentally tough runner is to believe that you’re a mentally tough runner.”

– Ryan Hall

The word Believe needs to stick or you may not ever become!

Stand upHOLLA!

Become a Beast, Believe in Stuff and maybe go out for a run, you might like it!!

3 Days baby!

Jay 🙂

Chasing the 10km

“I run because long after my footprints fade away, maybe I will have inspired a few to reject the easy path, hit the trails, put one foot in front of the other and come to the same conclusion I did:  I run because it always takes me where I want to go”
–  Dean Karnazes

Boom!  Today I PR’ed my 10km, by a whole 16.28mins!!!
I might have screamed the heck out of my anaerobic threshold, but I totally nailed that estuary today!

This morning wasn’t looking very promising for an easy/enjoyable run.  Last night, as I climbed into bed, for some reason unknown to me I started feeling some pains in my glute and down the side of my upper leg, eventually shooting into my calf.  I realised I was having issues with my IT Band, hoping that it will just magically disappear with a good nights sleep…
I was wrong!  The pain wasn’t severe and I was in two minds as to whether I should be going out for the full 10 today.  My stubborn mind came to the conclusion that I had 9 days before Race Day, I will be sweet by then.  As I walked out the front door, I was secretly hoping to God that I was right!

No injury, Thank God!  But I shouldn’t be so casual about it!  If I don’t get to race next weekend because of a wrong choice, I will dive head-first slowly but surely into some kind of Runners Depression!

Amy and I ran consistently at a rough 7’30″/km for each km, a couple a little higher and a few a little lower.  At the 3rd Km I stopped to stretch out my calf.  I wasn’t able to run comfortably until I reached the 4th km.  From then on we cruised through our remaining effort and managed the entire distance in 1hour 16mins.

Estuary Run 10km

On Sunday we will look into the actual Race route.  The event is being held about 10-15mins drive away from where I live so we are able to do some recon out there and have a go at running it.  I am hoping that we can run similar splits, but I know that the last 3km is around the base of Mount Maunganui, which is trail terrain… tiny pic lolMount Joggers 10km

Now this would usually be a fun run around the base of the Mount, but on the ass end of 10km is a little daunting for me seeing as I run a dead flat 10km and feel exhausted afterwards!  Hopefully I can form a plan in my head on Sunday, where I can pick up the pace to compensate for where I will need to walk.
At the end of the Day I will do my best and that will have to be good enough!

As I sit here tapping out this post, my calves are achey, my glutes burn and my quads a teeny bit tender.  But it is all worth it when I can look at my legs and say they are slowly turning into runners legs, I have so much more defined muscle going on down there, its pretty exciting!
Need more squats, need more lunges, need more running!

Resting up, Rolling out,

Have a good night Beasts!

Jay 🙂

Listening to your body

I have learnt from my first real injury – my calf sprain.  My calf strain back in Feb led to 4 weeks of non-progressive running, and I had to be fully focussed on recovery and healing.  Not something I wanted to be focusing on, but you do what you have to do!  Back then I was still pretty beginner’ish (well I am still an amateur), but my biggest problem that I had back in Feb was lack of knowledge and failing to find information!
Obviously pain means that something is not right, and failing to do something about it is more than likely going to end in exacerbation of the problem.  I made a small injury worse by continuing to run on it.  My stubborn nature was forcing my body to submit, and my body just wasn’t having it!  My calf cost me money in physio fees, and time off running, GOH!  I was not a smart cookie!
I guess after having that initial strain, it taught me to take a different approach with any other pain I have had since then!

The number one thing for me when I looked back after the calf strain was cost!  My family and I live quite comfortably, but we don’t have money to throw around on something that to my husband is just a hobby, I guess in a way it is a hobby for where I want to go with it, but nevertheless it does cost money when it comes to injury.  For this reason I had to think about what can I replace physio with…  Foam Rolling.  A cheap foam roller can be picked up for anywhere between $30-$70, the heavy duty rollers are made to last, so for any amateur these are key!
Rest/SLEEP is so important to me!  A good sleep is the difference between a good and bad run sometimes.  My body just doesn’t repair quick enough if I don’t get enough restful sleep.  Recovery time/days, this is something I still need to figure out with my body, but I am getting better.  I know that after 2-3days of no running, I can pump out a good 8-9km easy.  Any consecutive day after a 8-9km run I am pushing to complete a comfortable 5km+.  What I need to do is stay consistent with my after-run routine, keep massaging out my legs, look after my feet and get some good sleep!
Ice – I have been suffering from Shin splints for the last week or so, and Icing is one thing I should be doing as soon as I get home just until I can run without the pain.
Shin SPlints
There are quite a few factors to running hard and recovery, and tbh diet has got to be one of mine that I have not been paying much attention to!
Listen to your body!

My legs are still not 100% and I don’t think I will ever be in tip top shape as a runner, but for now it is about the journey and the pure enjoyment of running!
Speaking of enjoyment, let me tell you about my run yesterday…

The 5km run that turned into 8km, ha!

02.05.2013 034 02.05.2013 033
And some Personal Records to go with it!
This has got to be the most consistent run I have ever done.  I managed to hit each km with a reasonable time, well one that I am happy with anyway.

02.05.2013 036 02.05.2013 035
So how did 5km turn into 8km..?
I had set out to run 2.5 there and 2.5 back, I had done my warm up and was ready to start my Nike App.  I tee’d up my podcast listening for my 5k run and was ready to go.
The podcast I was listening to was the 4th one from Patrick Reed of Run5kaday titled Boston & The 1:59 Marathon with Phil Maffetone.  The conversation about the 1:59 Marathon was very interesting, so interesting that before I had even realised it, I had run 4km+ away from home, so had to run that same 4 all the way back goh!  Even as a novice, it was a good one to listen to!

I realised at the 6th kilometre that I had told my friend Amy that I was only going for a quick 5k and that Id be a little over a half hour away, I was past that 30mins so made sure to speed it up a little.  The cool thing was, I could actually speed it up comfortably without feeling like I was going to die!  It was the coolest feeling in the world, like ACTUAL!  The human body is an amazing thing, and I am still high on that great feeling!

I have just seen that Anthony from Mountains to Mats has liked my Beast Playlist, and this reminds me to add the podcasts that I have been listening to 🙂

Also last quick note – What I thought may be a 5km event in June, has become 10km…thanks to Amy, you definitely have Beast Spirit, love ya!

Keep up the Beast work people!

Jay 🙂

If you run…

…you are a runner. It doesn’t matter how fast or how far. It doesn’t matter if today is your first day or if you’ve been running for twenty years. There is no test to pass, no license to earn, no membership card to get. You just run.”
– John Bingham

This is the affirmation I gave myself this morning.
Today I ran for Boston.  I only just learned of this Event from reading a whole bunch of blogs the night before.  Like I have said in posts before, I am amateur at best, so do not know too much about the running world.  For this simple fact I thought I may not have been worthy of dedicating a run in the name of the 2013 tragedy.  But then I came across the above quote and found my place in the Running World.  I love how this sport is more like a way of life, so non-judgemental, and so beautifully simple!  You get out and run, and if you run that makes you a runner!

I am a runner!

19.04.2013 053

Today I ran with Amy, we covered 10km in total.  My longest and farthest run ever in my life.  We ran the Waikareao Estuary, it was amazing!  What was more amazing, knees don’t hurt as much as they usually do.
My greatest ever feeling, when I surprise myself!  When I know I can do more and give more, and then follow through, its pretty up there with some of the greatest moments in my life!  However I have to come back down to earth and remember that today was for something bigger than myself, for those who have lost their lives or are still recovering their injuries from the Marathon bombings.
When I first heard news of what happened, it was my early morning here in New Zealand, I was glued to the TV waiting for more and more updates.  My first thoughts were of sadness for the competitors and supporters, my second thoughts were again for these people, but more of anger.  Because of these terrible terrible acts, the people were deprived of the race and their achievements being the highlight of their day!  They were robbed of their front page news, the TV news highlights, instead words of bombing and motives and evidence, injury and death and blood steal the limelight.  I have never experienced marathon before, I have never really been into distance running before, but that morning, it felt like running was one of the things that defined me and because of this, my blood boiled!  Tbh I don’t think I ever found out who actually won the marathon, or even where the kiwi’s placed.  I spewed a few colourful words over my FB status’s and Beast Page, I know my entire newsfeed was covered in colourful comments like mine.

Ok negativity and colourful speak over, I must tell you about something wonderful that has happened in New Zealand.  Most have probably already heard, I am late with my post – Parliament has passed the Same-sex marriage law!  How excite is that!  Now all my fabulous gay friends can get married and it be recognised legally!  I am grateful to be alive in this day and in this country!

I hope you are all planning on running tomorrow, and I hope you too will surprise yourself!

Jay 🙂