Half Marathon

Changing my focus!

Ok, first things first…

I have passed on my Rotorua Half marathon entry.  I did it without regret, and I actually feel relieved about it!

I know I could probably train haphazardly to be able to get to Race Day, but I wouldn’t be proud of a potentially poor result.

Lately it has a been a little bit ‘stress’ central in my house, so I am taking a load off and lessening the issues.

I have changed my focus to something more manageable.

I am going to chuck my Half Marathon plans for this year away.

Instead I am going to focus on improving my 5k and 10k times.  I want to get speedy!

This, I think will be a fair compromise, and at the same time will benefit in the long run.

When I think back…

…It wasn’t hard at all to train for a Half.  It was pretty straight forward, so there is no reason why I can’t do it again.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am dying a little on the inside, but I know it will only be a matter of time till I get back into those longer distances.  God that ‘High’ is addictive!

All I want to do right now is get my legs back to 100%.  I want to enjoy every run, not just the ones for events but the ones in between too!

And I want to get my shit together in every other aspect of my life, I guess this whole ‘Doing the Half, Not doing the Half’ issue has become the epitome of my life lately.  And I hate that!

Big decisions,

New Goals,

Less is more they say,

Keep runnin!

Jay 🙂

P.S. Totally bummed that I can’t be at Tarawera this month, even just to volunteer 😦  Will have to wait patiently for someone’s Race Report.

Also, Thanks to everyone who is supporting me, your kind words mean Smilyums! and that is a lot!!
Especially to Jared my hubby!  The one who knows I am a little bit crazy but loves me anyway – If I say that I want to do an Ultra one day he will be right along side me saying “Ok, what do ‘we’ need to do to make it happen”
Love ya babe!

Le Sigh!

I think I am a little bit broken!

Yesterday I went for my first real proper run.

Things hurt during and after.

*Insert SUPER sad face*

Thanks Dawson!

I am not sure if I had mentioned it in the last 2 posts, but the day after my Half Marathon I was super sore in the area behind my knees.  Not my actual knee caps, but the soft tissue on the backs of my legs.

This pain subsided a day or so later and I thought nothing more of it.

I went for a few walks last week being my recovery week and still no pain.

But then my run yesterday.  Quicker than it should have been, but felt ok’ish.  In the last kilometre I started get that pain back again.

Even now, the day after that small teeny run, it is still achey!


So now I have to organise an appointment to the Physio to get it checked out before I go getting all crazy over any more training.

I am a little upset about it potentially putting me out of my next Half, but in all honesty, even though I am completely and insanely addicted to it, I don’t mind sitting this one out.

I just want to feel better and perform better because right now, this pain is not making for very happy running!

So if you happen to see me at any stage, just know that I have already come to terms with potentially not being able to do the Half, but at the same time a little piece inside of me is dying in an overly dramatic fashion!

So while I wallow just a little bit way over here in my little corner, I wish you lots of long miles!

Will let you know how the Physio Appointment goes,

Dreaming of Running Long,

Jay 🙂

P.S. Yes I changed the theme of my blog, hopefully this one makes for easier reading 🙂

I almost just died… but then I changed my mind!

Addicted Much!?!

I have decided to complete my next half marathon in roughly 9.5weeks time.

In this 9.5 weeks I need to allow myself a weeks decent recovery from Sundays run, plus a week of active recovery.

I also have had to consider the fact that my husband will be home for only 2 weeks of that 9.
When I came to that realisation, I decided I would chuck in the idea and just wait till August for my next half.

In that same thought a little part of me died!

I didn’t want to have to sit this one out!
If I didn’t have that to focus on, then what else would I do?!?!

I am the kind of person that needs something to work toward, something to keep me from getting bored.

I love the fact that I am a stay at home mum, but it does get taxing when you realise your entire life’s decisions are based around what your children are going to have for lunch, are they eating enough veg, or am I feeding them too much sugar.
I love my little rat bags, but I am not 100% happy unless there is something in there just for me, even if it is just a little something.

So I have decided to try my best to train for it anyway.
Because I have no plan to follow that is suited to my situation, I will not make any goals or promises to myself on what kind of time I would like to achieve.
Just finishing will be my focus.

My plan will involve a lot of running with my children.  I would have to push them in their stroller to keep up my fitness.  Not ideal, but necessary.

I am not going to make excuses for why I cannot complete something.  If there is a way around it, then reasons for not doing it are invalid!

In a way this challenge is so much more exciting than the first.  It means that if I can train for and complete the half this way without dying, I have proved something to myself…
…that anything is possible.

So here I go, locking it in!

27.02.2014 001

Will you take up a challenge you think may be impossible?
Will you force yourself to think and live in ways that require you to step ‘out of the box’?
Will you train up and come run with me in Rotorua? (Click here to sign up!)

Life is for living,

Do it while running!

Jay 🙂

Race Report: AMI Wellington Round the Bays 2014

The 'Eff' Word

That is me finishing!  As you can tell, I was saying the ‘F’ Word, HA!

Sunday was amazing!

There was not one single moment of the event that I did not enjoy.  I embraced and lived every minute of it.

You could safely say that I am addicted to long distance running!

No nerves, just excitement all the way leading up.  The only thoughts I had running through my mind were ones of anticipation – of seeing how I would do on the day.

So let’s rewind back to the start so I can tell ya all about it!

We check in to our hotel room, 500 metres from the start line, at 2pm Saturday afternoon.  There was still plenty of day left so I got my race day gear ready before any more excitement was to be had.
This would serve as a semi holiday for me as Hubby and I were childfree for the weekend.  This really helped me get into ‘Race day’ zone.  It also helped to relax me for what I was about to do.  I know if I had to travel a 6 hour car trip with my children then organise them for the day during my run, I would constantly be worrying about my next step as a mum, and not so much the next step as a runner.

Race kit was good to go.  It was time for a few beverages a little bit of wandering around the Wellington CBD and then a spot of dinner before a bit of a chin wag with the Family.

I posted pre-race dinner pics on the last post.  I don’t know how dad does it.  Beersies before race day, not a good look on me, unless I want to deal with the dry’s for 21.1!

Bed time came around 10ish.  I made a point not to go to be too early, I knew I would just roll around in bed forever and not get any sleep at all.

Typically, I woke up before the alarm went off so I jumped on FB for a bit before getting out of bed.

A shower before bed the night before meant that all I had to do was change and organise my nutrition for the day.

For my nutrition – 1pkt Sports beans (only ate about a quarter of the bag), Honey Stingers x2 and 1ltr of Strawberry Lemonade Nunn

My decision for the nutrition I chose was based on the last 3 long runs on the 3 previous Sundays.  For the first one I ran sports beans only.  The second (being my longest) just a waffle.  The last, Beans and waffle,  the combo worked well and I had little to no fatigue.

I wore my UltraAspire Hydration pack as I have never been too keen on Powerade.  The Nuun seemed to work well on all my training runs, plus later in the race I would be glad that I took an extra litre of fluid with me.

I would like to run with less, but I am currently not fit enough or fast enough to cut it down.  I played it safe and took more than what I probably needed.

It was 7.30am when we left the hotel.  The few hundred metres to the start chute was filling in with drips and drabs of participants for the Half and the 10km events.

26.02.2014 003

It was about 7.50am when we started piling into the chute and a long drawn out 15 minutes to the Start Gun as the Start Time was pushed out another 5 mins to clear the last little bit of traffic.

At this time I didn’t have much going through my head.  I was mostly thinking about how quickly/slowly the crowd would move over the Start Line, and how many seconds/minutes it would actually take for me to get there.  Still no nerves at this stage, I just wanted to get started with the plan.


It was start time, it took me around a whole minute to get to the Start Mat.  As I walked over it the air just filled with that familiar sound.  Garmin’s and other GPS devices alerting their timers to be started.  Hearing that flood of ‘beeps’ made me laugh a little inside, at the same time I felt like I was right where I needed to be.  I was at home in the race, and it had only just begun!

The first 500 metres was where most effort had to be paid to finding a clear line and being able to run it.  I hadn’t really warmed up, so this first k would serve as my warm-up.  It was about 30 secs faster than my usual pace and about a whole minute faster than my warm-up pace.  Getting out of the way/finding a clear line was proving harder than I thought to not make that rookie mistake.

For the next 8k my rookie mistake would remind me in every step that I should have warmed-up properly!  “Shin splints”!

But I knew they wouldn’t last, I just had to get warm and tidy up my form.  Too bad it took me 8k to do so ha!

The first 6k – Oriental Parade and Evans Bay were really lovely, this is where there were still some residential houses and apartment buildings nestled in close to the bays bordering banks.  Then came a few commercial business block’s before the finish line for the 6.5’ers.

Our direction pulled us left toward Shelley Bay.  Before reaching Shelley Bay we would pass the Wellington Airport, of which bought back childhood memories of seeing huge planes flying so close overhead.

I was so happy with the Weather Gods at this stage.  We had had a strong wind pushing from behind on the way down the initial 6.5k, then there was not much until we got closer to Shelley Bay.  Sun was out, but it was cool.  The Bays hills provided some grateful shade and we didn’t need to worry about any harsh sun until we came back from turn around point.

We past halfway point, unfortunately no 10k PR’s for me to be had on this day.

My official Halfway time – 1:12:55.

In my head I made sure to remind myself that anything past this mark was deemed to be the “ass-end” of it all.

I felt good, I was in my zone, and transcendence in a place like that was so damn easy I forgot most of the time that I was actually ‘racing’.

Actually, I would have my mind out of my body for most of the Run.  So far everything was going according to plan.  In fact I had run a little faster than I wanted, so I knew that there was no chance of negative splits today. The second half of the race would almost certainly be longer than the first.

At roughly the 14k point was the turn around.  A Marshall about 2 bays back said the turnaround was just around ‘that’ corner…
…3 corners later!!

We headed back and crossed the Half Way Mat again.  We were definitely on the ‘ass-end’.

At the 17k point I was starting to feel a little tired.  It was the first sign of fatigue, and I knew that it wouldn’t be long before the fuel that I had been eating up until now was not going to make much difference to the pain that I was inevitably going to feel.

AMI Round the Bays 2014

I actually felt like I ate the whole entire time.  Every 20 mins I ate a third of a Waffle, they gave us jet planes at about 3.5k mark, I ate 2 of those, and then by the 18k mark I started digging into the Sport Beans.  I was just looking for any kind of sugar high at that point, anything to stop my mind thinking about the increasing aches in my hip flexor area, and in my knees.

At around 19k I would start to feel it in my quads.  From here I could see the end.  It was a bit of a tease and I couldn’t decide at the time whether it was a good thing or a bad thing that we could see it so clearly from 3k away!

Dad had been so cheerful and enthusiastic the whole way.  He was still cheerful at this point, it was kinda getting to me haha!  In fact Dad had been running the whole time every now and then pitching in his idea of what he was having for dinner that night…
…I was just worried about getting out of the Race alive!

Shelley Bay

21.1k clicked over on my Garmin and I still couldn’t see the Finish Line signs.  I had a wee bit of a ‘wtf’ moment wondering what was going on, or whether the GPS I had was not correct, or even that I had run the whole entire outside of the course.

It confused the shit out of me, and as your mind and body relax because of the 21.1 click over, everything after that starts to piss you off.

We turned into the last little stretch before the Finish Chute.  To top off the frustration about the extra 600 metres in the run, I had paced myself exactly where the bulk of the 6.5k walkers would reach the finish as well.  I felt like I ran extra just to take the far side of each corner and straight to dodge all the walkers sprawled out with strollers and children.


I knew that this was their day too, so I didn’t get mad about it, I just did my best to weave it through, there were little places where I could keep my speed up and I am pretty sure that at one point I came to a complete stop.  Not what I had imagined/dreamed up for my first Half Marathon Finish.

I came in with 2:32:58 on My Garmin.  The exact same time recorded for me using Time Chip.

I was really happy with what I had done.  I had left everything I had out on that 21.7k and I was elated to a point that took a good half hour to come down from.

Unfortunately for Jared it didn’t show physically or audibly.  I felt so close to death that I needed to be with myself for about 10 minutes or so as to not bite any ones head off.  I was in pain and I felt the blood rapidly pooling to my legs, I just couldn’t talk and I couldn’t stop walking.

I didn’t know what to do with myself, I just wanted to sit down, but my legs were pooling in such a way that it hurt to be stationary.

Finally I gave up on the fight with myself and crashed out on the ground.  Jared handed me my chocolate milk, still semi-frozen and I lay there chugging for dear life.

It was over, I was done, and there was no more distance to run.

I finished!


No spot prizes or placing prizes for me, but to run my first Half Marathon in a place like this was more than I could hope for.  My dad, had kept my pace the whole entire way.  He had enjoyed the slower pace, as it meant that he could appreciate the surroundings more than if he were to Race.

Thanks Dad, for your run-along support.  The first of many I am sure!

Huge Thanks to Jared too, for without him my legs may not have recovered as quickly.  The tents for massage were full so he rubbed my legs down while I quietly died in a puddle of my own exhaustion.


The rest of the day was spent with Wellington friends and too much Beer, A feast of a dinner and an early night’s sleep!

I look back now and think that there was nothing I could have done differently, nothing I would have done differently and that every single little step was according to a plan I had been dreaming up 4 months ago!  Everything was as it should have been and I enjoyed every single second of it, even the ones where I just wanted it to be done.

Medal time!

Love my Barefoot Inc Socks!


There is no limit to what can be achieved.  If you want it bad enough, if you make a plan to win, there is no reason why you won’t get there.
Ever hear that guy/girl tell you that you too could run a Half Marathon – believe them, they are right!

Wellington, you were great!

Still Running,

Jay 🙂

P.S. The actual distance of the Lenco Half Marathon Event was 21.7k.  There was an accidental extra 600 metres chucked in there.  The provided calculator from AMI to figure out my actual 21.1k time…


Sub 2:30 BABY!!!  Woop Woop!

Ready. Set. ….

Race Kit

Kit sorted

Garmin Charged

Hydrated to heck

Playlist sussed

All Carbed up

Ready to Run!

Weather forecasted to be fine with chance of showers at midday.  Westerlies with a high of 21.

As good as it is gonna get I think.


The most important thing in life is to be yourself, Unless you can be a Beast… Always be a Beast!

See you tomorrow at the finish line!

Jay 🙂

P.S. Pre-race Pics…

For those of us that can get away with a few brews the Night before Race morning…

Dads Pre-race Bevey

For those of us who can’t…

My Pre-race Bevey

The Bays we go round…
Poor phone pic, but you see that far bay right to the Left of the pic… I will be running round both and then halfway back.

Around the Bays

Can’t beat Wellington on a good day!

A week to go

So, I should have posted this on Sunday night.

Life has got in the way!

My last Long run was on Sunday – 90mins in which time I completed 13k over mostly flat terrain, similar to that of the actual Course… but apparently without all the wind.

Wellington is better known for Windy weather, not ideal!  It is also know for cooler weather, totally ideal!

So I don’t know exactly what to expect especially as it is still summer, Mother nature could turn anything on.
Forecast says rain and a high of 18degrees, epically ideal!
It also says Westerlies, which means that because the course is set around windey bays I get it from all angles and end with it potentially head on.

But a 10 day forecast doesn’t mean anything is set in stone, I will have to take it as it comes and hope that at the very least, I don’t get a head on wind on my last k’s before finishing!

What does that mean for me in this last week of my training?

More Taper.

For the moment I haven’t been too itchy footed as my husband arrived last Thursday, so we have been getting out of the house a lot to keep me from getting too bored.

I have a half hour Easy run tonight still to do, a 20 min Easy tomorrow, and a 10 min Easy on Saturday, day before event.

These little runs, though they are necessary, they are a bit annoying!

The thought of a Long Run has got me hooked!  So these small little one’s are like a tease!

I read through the last few sections of my Training Plan book about the Recovery Weeks.  It touched a little on ‘Phantom Pains’.

It seems ever since I began my taper, I have been experiencing these!

Small little niggles that have started to appear.

From what the book has explained, these ‘niggles’ have been around for some time, and because I have eased into ‘relax mode’  they are beginning to rear their ugly faces.

To that I say ‘BOO!’

So much so that I have been extra careful with my knees, hips and feet.

My husband will tell you all about it!  Obscenities yelled resembling something like this – “I just have to make it one more week, can you just be careful of my legs for this last bloody week!”

Poor guy!

It is just the ‘Taper’ in me I think hahaha!

Not too long to go now though, I better finish off that Playlist!

Very excited, not very nervous, totally amped to go!

Hopefully I get in a post before Sunday Race Day, but if I don’t feel free to wish me many bearable miles, don’t wish me luck, I don’t believe in it.  I’ll get to the end anyway.

Come at me 21.1!

I am ready to finish!

Jay 🙂

Run long and Taper…

I did it!

I made it to my Taper!

I ran my longest distance ever ever this morning!

How do I feel you may ask?

F*&%ing AWESOME!

This morning, I got my ass out of bed at a hideously early time of the morning to run for 2 hours straight.

And that I did!

I ran 2 hours and 2 minutes a distance of 17k.

In that run I achieved a PR for my 5k at 33mins, and a PR for my 10k at 1hr 8mins.

09.02.2014 101

09.02.2014 102

I was glad to have covered a full 17k today, that leaves 4k of surprise time and effort.

As stupid as I felt, on completing my 17th k I smiled a ridiculously big smile all by myself in my little empty corner of the world.

Last weekend I ran for 1.5hours, and ended up with an almost strained hammy and glute.  This week I feel nothing but tired legs, no ouchy pain and overly tight muscles.

Ice Bath... The Ice never lasts long enough!! And now we feast!

Ice Bath… The Ice never lasts long enough!!
And now we feast!

The first half of the run seemed to fly by, like it was nothing.  A podcast on Chi running probably helped with keeping form in check, and then the next few k started to alert me to some muscle fatigue.  The last 2k was unreal.  My body couldn’t really make up its mind – every now and then I would get inklings of struggle, but then it would come right seconds later.  Mind transcendance really was a challenge at this point of the game.  My mind wanted to be present in my body, but I was doing my best to make it bugger off somewhere else.

And unlike last week where I felt terrible for the majority, the change in scenery and route meant that I watched the sunrise from 3 different angles as I effectively ran around almost half of my town.

My 2hr Run map, or what is left of it!

My 2hr Run map, or what is left of it!

I watched the world wake up this morning, and though I like to be selfish with my Ghost town Sunday mornings, I enjoyed seeing everything come to life as each kilometer crept up on me.  It really was something.

This brought week 12 to a close and I officially start my 2 weeks of Taper.

I missed 2 days of running this week, and I am glad I did.  Healing had been this weeks main focus.  Healing to get me to Sunday.  Smash out Sunday and then relax.  My plan worked and I am grateful that my ego didn’t get the better of me!

The next two weeks, as Taper suggests, are Recovery weeks.  I have a few short runs on Course Terrain and one last 1.5hour run next Sunday.

I feel ready, ready for that last 4k.  That is when everything is going to matter, that is when the true challenge of this thing is going to require everything I have.

I am excited, not so much nervous, more curious.  I have been grateful enough to not have race day nerves, I will be grateful again if I stick to my Race plan and not be all rookie and go out too fast too early.

So as I bring this post to a close, I want to mention the podcast that has seen me through every ‘long run’ I have had throughout the last 2-3months.  Running Long with Steve has been a lot of what has gotten me this far.  So in the words of the creator of Phedippidations

Run Long and Taper,

Jay 🙂

P.S. I turn 30 today – achieving 2 PR’s and a PB has been the best gift!  RUN! Just Run!

Check out that FROSTING!!!

Check out that FROSTING!!!

An almost meltdown!

Slightly obsessed…?


Totally obsessed!

And that is why I almost had a meltdown.

The reason for my meltdown?

I have a sore butt.  HAD a sore butt.  OK I have a semi-sore butt.

Anyway, it was sore enough yesterday for me to start having emotional thoughts of maybe not being able to run on Race Day, which is coming up in 2.5 weeks.

On Sunday I talked about a niggle in my Hammy and Glute.  Well that niggle increased to a pain.

I felt fine during my Speed Run yesterday morning, and I felt fine throughout the day.  It wasn’t until last night did it feel like more of an injury than just a muscle ache. 😦 !!!!!

I panicked! Big time!  Thinking about how hard I have worked up until this day without injury.  Following my plan, increasing gradually, not biting off more than I could chew, observing good recovery practices, I was doing my best to get to race day intact.

Well I am still intact, but sore.

I woke up this morning feeling 50 times better, an uninterrupted 8 hour solid sleep had helped bucket loads!

I visited my Chiropractor this morning, he was surprised to see me so soon, my next appointment wasn’t due for another month or so.

He assessed my spine and hips, did a bit of stretching with my leg muscles to see the damage.

Outcome:  Just the gradual accumulation of stress on my body has resulted in my woes.  He clicked me back into place, gave me some stretching homework, threw me a ‘Good luck’ for Race Day and sent me on my way.

He said not to worry, I am not wincing in pain, there is slight inflammation, but I am so close to Taper Mode that I should be fine.
I was a little tight but the adjustments loosened me up immediately.
“Eat your Sports Beans Janine and drink your water, run 21.1k and then stop”

That was his advice.

Extremely encouraged!

I have not had too much professional help along this journey.  Mostly advice from those who had done it before me.  Many a wise word of encouragement and story telling.

My Journey would always be different in the fact that I have had hip issues for a while now, so getting this far is a really choice achievement.  Different from all those I have spoken to, not so much different in the scheme of ‘people completing Half Marathons’.

Age is also creeping up on me, I am no spring chicken, and I haven’t always been active.  Actually for about the last 8 or so years I had been relatively inactive.  YIKES!

So I gotta cut myself some slack, I am doing alright.

Anyway, I have decided against doing my Hill run tomorrow, perhaps I will see how I am in the morning, but I really think I should rest my butt till Sat/Sun, where I run for the longest amount of time (non-stop) I have ever run ever ever – 2 whole hours!!!
My Hill run tomorrow is an important one, but if I run unhealed I am likely to do more damage!

Anyway, my meltdown has been averted, but I am not out of the woods.  I have to keep working hard, and I have to take care of my body.

Taper almost here,

Keeping my eye on the prize!

Jay 🙂

The longest argument ever!

Reist from – Run Hard Always Finish

It happened on my long run today.

I argued with myself for almost the entire 90 minutes!

I am coming back from a recovery week and god it felt like it!

There were quite a few times when I leveled out and felt comfortable, but the majority of the time it was damn hard work to keep my head in the game!

I was having a fight with myself, these are the things that ran through my mind…

“Pick up your feet you lazy bastard, you are stronger than this!”

“If you don’t make it, you will feel like shit!”

“Can I actually do this?  Will I make it on D Day”

“If only I had done this that and the other…”

“Urgh ‘Low Battery’ alert on Garmin”

“You have done it before, you can do it again!”

“There is chocolate milk at the end, run to the chocolate milk!”

“You are doing ok so far, just keep it up”

“Bleep Bleep, “Low Battery’, come on just another 30 minutes”

“Is this fizzy Nuun going to give me gas?”

“What are you like 2 years old? Chew the god damn Sports beans!”

“Drinking through this hydration pack straw isn’t that easy…”

“Wait, did my Garmin just die, Oh help me, it just died!”

“I’m doing ok, just get to the next street.  I’m at the next street, I am going to die!”

“Shit…. is that my glute?”

“Oh my god, my hammy”

And many more other good and bad things to entertain myself along the way.

But yes, right at the end, whilst hauling my ass up the last incline I felt a tightness in my glute, this ran down into my hammy.  I slowed my pace almost to a walk.  I mentally started kicking myself because of what could happen if I pulled either of these muscles just weeks out from race day.  I would soon be on my way to Sulk-ville.

After 11 hard weeks of getting myself to this point, its crucial for me to take care of myself and to also notice little niggles like today.

Tomorrow I go for the first of three massages I have booked myself in for.  All after the longest (non-stop) runs I have ever done in my life!  I hope this alleviates some of my worries with muscle niggles.

So I would have to say that today was a semi-success.  I got it done and kept up my goal pace.

I just have to wonder if it will be like this on race day – will I have to argue with myself the whole way?

Who knows, but as it stands I still have quite a fair amount of uncharted territory when it comes to distance.  I am about 7’ish k’s away from knowing what it feels like to be done!

As I enter into Week 12, where Business time means Business time, I think about trying my best to cover as much of that uncharted territory as I can.  This will be the last Build week before the event, it is the guts and the grunt of this thing!  I run for my longest amount of time, this time next week – 2 whole hours!

Otherwise, apart from all the mind games, and the wee niggles, I am happy with what I have done.  I have kept to the majority of the plan,and with every long run I have endured I find out something new about myself and my ability along the way.

Ever want to know or find out what you are made of?

Go on a long run!  You will find it there!

Feeling that high,

Feeling the hurt,

Feeling Relentless!

Jay 🙂

P.S. If you look just over to the side, just there >>>> you will see that I am just 22 days from Race Day. EEK!  Exciting, but Eeek more!

Goodbye ‘Build’, hello ‘Recovery’!

My Week 10 Day 4 run leaves me with a bit more confidence than last weekends long run.

Week 10 was a Build week, and I felt the challenge in it for sure!

A small amount of speed work and a lot more Hills.

I have been using my Sunday long runs as practice for Race Day.  I have been experimenting with things to help get me through the full 21.2k.

Today I added an electrolyte bevey and a different type of fuel instead of the Gu I used last weekend.

My choice of Electrolyte bevey was this…

Strawberry Lemonade flavoured Nuun.

I don’t know why, but I didn’t think it would make my water fizzy.  It reminded me of Berocca, the taste didn’t though.  And although I thought I may be put off by the fizzy berry water during the course of my 100 minute Hill run today, I was actually pleasantly surprised.

I did look at how others had reviewed it before purchasing, the majority enjoyed the flavour while very few disliked it.  I gave it a whirl and I believe it to be a winner!

I also took these for a test run after a suggestion from my Running Soul Sister Shannon –

Jelly Belly Lemon Lime Sports Beans

I am such a rookie at trying new stuff, for some reason I assumed these beans would be a small relatively easy sized bean to chew and swallow.  I think because the directions encourage you to eat a whole pack 30 minutes before partaking in your activity, I guess I thought they would be super easy is just shove in your mouth and swallow.  Nope.  Regular size bean, exactly the same size as a proper Jelly Bean and it wasn’t just a couple of them in the pack, it was a whole bunch.  Unlike the Gu that I could just knock back in almost one go, these beans required a bit more effort and concentration.  Well more effort and concentration than I thought they would need.

The flavour though, was super enjoyable and once I got the hang of them, chewing one or two every 15 minutes, they had me at ‘hello’.

One last difference to last weekends Long Run, this…

I am talking about the Hydration Pack From UltraAspire.

It has smillions of amazing things about it, but the best thing I like about it is that its comfy, it is light and it has lots of pockets!  I had a place for everything!
I was skeptical at first of Hydration Packs as I thought they may be annoyingly heavy and make your back all sweaty and stuff.  The Alpha did none of those things.  I only filled it with about one litre of water, it was more than enough for my early morning run.

There are only two water fountains I know of in my area and I don’t often run past them during a long run so they are no use to me.  I originally had thoughts of going handheld as I have done many times before with a small 400ml bottle, but I have gotten so used to running without a bottle in my hands that I wanted to remain handheld-less for my Long Runs and for Race day.

This Pack is my solution to that.  It is also my solution to the many long trail runs that I look forward to when training for this bad boy…

I hope to Relay this 100k up with 3 other crazys in 2015.  I look forward to seeing some of our New Zealand Ultra greats in the flesh doing their thing (even if it is just the headlight beaming right at the beginning knowing full well that there isn’t much chance that I will catch up haha!), and hopefully some of the overseas Ultra runners that I have been following via blog or FB page.


I came back from my Long Run this morning relaxed and hopeful that this 21.2 will not be the death of me.

It was a Hill run just shy of 14km in 100 mins.  My body is feeling good, a little worked but nothing a good relax wont fix.

Next week (Week 10) brings some much needed recovery.  I look forward to paying some attention to my legs and feet, looking after them to get ready for the two weeks after which will be the last ‘Hard work’ weeks before my Taper.  Just the thought of taper scares me, not because I have to take it easy, but because it means the end is near.

I am still enjoying this process, more so after this mornings run.  I feel strong and grounded, something I wasn’t feeling at the beginning of the week.

I also devoted my 13.7k to Meg Menzies, the Richmond Runner who was killed by a drunk driver last Sunday. Read about Meg’s story here.

Can’t wait for the week ahead.

Run on,

Rest up,


Jay 🙂