Month: March 2013

He who makes a beast of himself, gets rid of the pain of being a man. – Samuel Johnson

Today I made a Beast of myself, and It will most likely not be the last time!
I owned the TECT again today, myself and my GC Brad.  He carved me by a good 2 or so minutes, but I am not comparing myself to anyone else’s fitness level, I was glad to just get out there and I think he enjoyed the trail too.
Oh and much to my disgust I dropped my fitbit out there, only realised when I drove back into town which is like a good 35km’s away 😐 eek!  I thought hmmmm I’ll go back in the morning, but I looked on the TECT’s website, we were good till 9pm, I was going back!!  its a good Hundy and something for a FitBit, I wasn’t going to waste my money when I could potentially find it!!  Plus my husband will kill me if I didn’t atleast go back to try find it!
Amy decided to come with me… you know that awesome photographer chick I know, yep she didn’t want me trekking that scary dark tunnel on my own lol  I must say though, we were not equipped if we needed to contact someone or run some kind of app for anymore than we had, 9% battery power was not the brightest of ideas haha
So we started walking the loop, and after we had got 2 thirds of the way, I was convinced that it was a lost cause.  We were about about 400 metres away from the car when I kinda saw something on the ground of a similar colour, got a little closer, Fuck Yeah!! Found it!

Brad and I also had a wee jam on this…

28.03.2013 014
Pic doesn’t do it justice, and I should’ve been on the ground taking the pic so you could see the whole thing.  I have decided that I have no upper body strength what so ever!! URGH!  Terrible!  Will have to work on that closer to TM!

And because of all that strenuous exercise I have just spent the last half hour foam rolling my hammys, calves and quads!!  Feel a ton better now!

Foam Rolling Infographic

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Actually, since I began foam rolling I have not had one problem with my calves or quads!  None of that aching pain on the morning after!  Love my Foam Roller!!  I guess if you really love running, and cannot afford the physio or massage, get yourself one of these!

I would run tomorrow, but I think it would be wise to have a rest day, plus the stroller tyre is still bung, so can’t even take the wee babes with me *big sadface*!!

Cal consumption was pretty good today.  Aprox 1300cals, some good carb surrounding my beast of a run, and a lazy sandwich dinner on arriving home from a hard day of exercise lol

Getting back on it, and re-finding my funk.  Feels good!

Jay 🙂

Saying goodbye to the first quarter.

It is crazy to think that in just four days time we will be saying goodbye to the first quarter of 2013.  I have had some up’s in this first quarter, but mostly downs in my progress towards becoming a better me.  So I thought today I will get a bit smarter about what it is I want to achieve in the next month/quarter and how I am going to get there!

2nd Quarter Goals
April May June
Event 5k Fun Run
Weight 4kg Loss 2kg Loss 2kg Loss
Running   Distance Goal 7km 8km 9km
Clocked Km’s 120km 100km 140km
Fitness Goal Complete 30DS BIKE! BIKE
Personal Goal Learn how to do manly Car stuff on the hubbys Car

First of all, Event, they all say to do a fun run for your very first event.  I think I have chosen the best fun run there is!!  The Run for your Freakn Life Spookers run!  Totes will be busting a mill pics on this one, Mud, Obstacles, Run and Zombies. Love it!
I can also only afford to spend a certain amount of money on this new hobby of mine, so I am restricted to a certain amount of events per year, Mortgage before fun!

Ok, Weight!  I have been struggling with getting past the 77kg mark.  I have given up, started and given up again, today I am re-focusing and getting back on my game…again lol  But this time for real!  I will be having my Hubby hold me accountable, he is the only one that can growl me and I will still love and respect him, anyone else I would just tell to fuck off if they give me the hard word ha!  Working with a kick start goal of 4kg in April, I know this is achievable with the stuff I have planned for the month, its going to exciting, I will blog it all!!  I’m chucking in 2kg losses thereafter.  I want to be realistic about it and not setting myself up to fail, anymore loss than that will make me super chuffed!

I had to really think about how I am going to make some Running goals.  When I was hitting January hard with the running, I started to despise the fact that I couldn’t push pass 6km, for this reason I am just going to increase it in 1km lots.  I am feeling a lot more optimistic about running since I started running on my own.  I hate to say it, but I kinda prefer it.  I can run at my own pace, and don’t feel like I need to speed it up or slow it down.  I am sure once I get to a comfortable fitness level to be able to run with others I wont have the same attitude.  Oh plus I have short legs, which means I have a shorter stride, all my mates are taller than me lol I would only slow them down and want to stop all the time from trying to keep up ha!
Looking forward to a 10km in nov/dec!!

In January this year I hit up 116km, mostly in 5km lots and running 5-6 days a week, which was kinda dumb and probs led to me getting injured.  I have not ever run much before dec/jan so pushing it was a bit silly, I say pushing it because I actually had to push my children in a stroller as I ran, Hubby works out of the country, so everywhere I went, they cruised with me.  So that was like 25kg+ resistance, on top of an already shithouse fitness level.  What I would like to achieve with Clocked Km’s is 120km’s in April, that’s only 4k’s more than Jan, but because I will be doing a few more longer distance runs I hope to be able to easily knock out this goal!

Fitness Goals mean completing 30 Day Shred in its entirety!  I don’t have a gym membership, or a huge weight machine set up, so I think getting through the Shred in April will help with the obstacle side of the Zombie run, plus I need to get buff lol
As you may have read in my last post, I bought a bike, I want to actually ride this bike, and ride it well lol So for May and June, I will be chucking in a few km’s of biking.  I hope I don’t eat dirt too often!! I’ll get someone to take pics if I do, those are “Must posts” for your entertainment! ha!

Just one sneaky Personal Goal which is also on my Beast Bucket List, and is such a girl thing to put…  Learn and do Car stuff.  As I am without a husband for pretty much half a year I need to know how to do things, boy things, I need to do some blue jobs!  I am getting real good at boy jobs, and I feel real Beast for having learnt how to do them haha!

So long and boring I know, but its all gonna get smashed out, and I am looking forward to every little bit of it!

All about Becoming Beast… or that little unicorn at the top of this post!
What are your goals for the next quarter/month??

Jay 🙂

Pretending My way to ‘Awesome’

I started running in Nov of last year.  Before this time, I hated running!  Like URGH hated running!  Today I love it!
I bought a bike last week… I hate biking lol  But I will learn to love it.  I’ve been tricking my mind into thinking certain things almost all my life haha and in this case it is not such a bad thing.
This my friends is my new ride…
My Bike

Now I have no idea about biking.  Way back when I was a mini me, I can remember I did the biking leg of the Weetbix Kids Triathalon with 2 of my primary school friends, I kinda sucked at it back then, and 18/19 years later I can imagine that I will kinda suck at it now.  But I will get better!  So when purchasing this bike I had all intentions of getting right into Mountain Biking… here’s hoping it was worth the investment, I’m sure it will be!

My next ‘hate’ is swimming, I f***ing hate swimming!  And this one has got me stumped.  I don’t think I could learn to like swimming…maybe.  This is where ‘talking myself into something’ would come in handy, I’ll have to try get myself there one day I’m sure.  Fake it till you make it lol Well it is one thing I do so great…Pretending my way to awesome!

Today I had plans to run The Tauranga Estuary, and then I thought maybe the Mount, then Researched another reserve to run, got out there – no Cell reception, no GPS reception lol No Deal!  In times like that you need a dog!  I want a dog!
But anywho, back to where I was going with this post…
I can’t stop thinking about the next time I will run up at TECT, so I decided I’ll just go and run it lol

Just a quick 3.2km, so quick in fact that I shaved off 10mins from the last run up at TECT for my first Loop.  Wanna know how I kicked that 10minutes??  I didn’t stop the whole way!!  Felt amazing!  Wish I had time to do a second loop but had to get home to pick up my children.  Thursday is my next Date with the TECT, I am very excited!  And this time I have my TMGC with me.  (Tough Mudder Good C***)  Oh and BTW…my first kilometre was still really ugly, man I hope I get better at it, I have to push past the urge to want to stop and take a rest!  But once I get past it, I can pretty much carry on non-stop, I guess it is normal…is it normal? meh…

Ok formalities…Weigh-in URGH!
Weigh-in 18.03.2013 78kg
Weigh-in 25.03.2013 78.5kg

This is what happens when you don’t track lol Oh my life…back to MFP I go, it was good to have a break, so now I am in a better state of mind to continue my weightloss!

Plans for this week…
Today – TECT 3.2km
Wednesday – 5k Street run/walk, if time permits, got a busy day!
Thursday – TECT 7.5km
Friday – Mount Up, Down and Around, but maybe if Miss Amy comes with me, we can just do around twice, seeing how she feels about it lol
Saturday – REST
Sunday – 5k Street run/walk

Speaking of my friend Amy…
Do you remember how I mentioned her in >>this<< post, how she got her snaps in the newspaper??  Well Miss Famous in NZ Jarmin, is famous once again…
Was so crazy, she was just flipping through the paper, and noticed the pic they printed in that issue was hers!!  EXCITEMENT!
So here is what she had submitted to hopefully be picked to publish…

26.03.2013 014 26.03.2013 013
There is that name again!  Pretty darn choice if you ask me!

So we are starting to get a bit more serious about this training business, Zombie run is in 6 weeks!  Will have to post some pics of what we get up to to be able to survive the apocalypse!  Bet you are all dyyyyying to know what our theme is….  Not telling!!!

Jay 🙂

Underestimating my potential!

Today was a pretty chur day!  Pretty Chur because I smashed 4 PB’s today!  And I don’t mean Peanut Butter!… After almost 2 months of doing a lot of fuck all!
It felt pretty amaze-balls!  In fact it was so amaze-balls that I thought it wasn’t real!  I had to read through my run results twice just to make sure the app wasn’t telling me lies.
Again I ran the TECT All Terrain Park track called TeRerenga Trail, the first time I ran this was only last Friday, 7 days ago.  On that run, just one loop of 3.5km’ish I thought it was pretty rough.  In a post I wrote last week I thought it was a 5k loop, but was mistaken so decided this time I’d run it twice.  Well, run it twice I did, and too my surprise it felt like I had been running for years!  I found my funk in the second loop, my body sorted its shit out and succumbed to going with it and for most of the second loop I breezed through it non-stop.

TeRerenga 22.03.2013 045
Now if you have been following my blog, you will know that this is quite an achievement for me.  I have been stuck in between 4-6km runs, at a rough average of 40-50mins, rough speed of 7’30″/km-7’40″/km.  I got myself into this rut thinking I’d never get anymore than 6km, not to mention be able to do this comfortably, never thought I could achieve a faster speed than what I had been sitting at.  I had become a defeatist!
Last night I posted on my FB Becoming Beast Page that I would aim for 55mins for 7km.  Kind of hoping that because I had posted this I would trick my body into thinking I could do it!
I think the trick worked because as you can see by these results, I pretty much reached Beast Mode today!…
Run time – 57.08mins
Ave Speed – 7’40″/km
Run Distance – 7.44km
PB’s broken…
Fastest 5k – 38.19min
Fastest 5k 22.03.2013 040
Fastest Mile – 8.50min

Fastest Mile 22.03.2013 041
Fastest 1k – 4.32min

Fastest 1k 22.03.2013 042
and Farthest Run

Fartherst Run 22.03.2013 043

I think this is very Boss!
Unfortunately I didn’t have time to take pics while on my mish, but the scenery is really choice, I am totally in love with Off-Road running, Streams, Bush, tunnels, a good mix of up and down hill.  I am sure regular jams on his trail is going to definitely contribute to not dying during Zombie run, not to mention Tough Mudder!
After doubting myself not being able to get my continuos running going, I ran more than 2 whole km without stopping!
Tbh the first 2-3k was not pretty, it was actually quite ugly!  I started building up all this saliva causing me to spit like a dude, breathing so loud and hard it sounded like I was dying and my legs at first felt so clumsy I thought I had forgotten how to run!!!   It took me a bit to get my breathing right and to maintain a comfortable speed, especially when dealing with all the mixed terrain.  But once I hit my funk during the beginning of the second loop, It actually felt so amazing I thought I could keep it up forever!
The Nike App sounded that I had hit the 7km mark, my insides smiled so big I kind of just wanted to yell out “Yeah Bitches”!!!, and I could’ve coz I was out in the bush lol but refrained coz after all I think I am a Lady…. hahahaha sure sure keep telling myself that!
You better believe I was Beast today!  Beast Mode hard!
I have a lot of catching up to do, especially because this month has been very bare of any activity!
April will be an amazing month for especially since it is only 7 Weeks till I “Run for my Freakn Life”!

Oh and its my mums birthday, today she turns 49, she looks pretty choice for being 1 year shy of 50, which is good for me too, to have good aging genes! ha!  Happy Birthday Mum!  Hope you are having a wonderful day and that Michaela and Ta’i are both planning to spoil you rotten tonight because you deserve it!!  Mum in the middle…

Second cool thing for today, more this week really.  My children’s Nanny got a tattoo!  She pretty much walked in and got it.  She had planned on getting one and had been to a few places to try find something that she would like.  I mentioned the place I got my last tattoo, and she pretty much walked in, got something drawn up, hummed and haa’ed about it for a bit, and got it done!  Totes super cool!!!
Sharna Tattoo 22.03.2013 046 Sharna Tattoo 22.03.2013 047

Anywho, Sorting out my act, Weigh-in Monday,
Looking forward to some better results!!

Jay 🙂

I have stopped counting my Calories!

I am on an MFP Hiatus!!!  and I hate how my brain works sometimes!

Firstly lets get the formalities out of the way…
Weigh in 11.03.2013 78.3kg
Weigh in 18.03.2013 78kg
300 Grams, the last 10kgs are definatly the hardest to lose!
Oh and last week I ran this baby…
TECT All Terrain Park Te Rerenga Trail
The Te Rerenga Trail is roughly a 3.5km loop.  I don’t know why I had it in my head that it was 5km.  It must’ve been during my ‘Off-Road Tracks’ research that I got confused.  I was running it and half way through it said 1.2k to main entrance, I felt kinda bummed that I didnt run it fast enough to do 2 loops, next time I wont be so casual about it.  It was a good beginners track to run, lots of steady terrain, a few inclines and steps, nothing too intense unless you count this Tunnel that goes under the main highway…
Tunnel Entrance Tunnel from the Exit
Its kinda creepy, and you do really need to either take a torch or in my case iPhone App torch, but its a cool way to break up the run, just need to be careful not to fall into the large crevices, hence the torch.
It was really weird to be amongst all the forestry, almost unnatural, but I like it!  and I am going to try get out there at least once a week!  It takes about 10-15mins to drive out there, as its 22km from the edge of town.
I ran it with my friend Amy, shes great!  Actually shes so great that she got one of her Photography pics printed in the newspaper yesterday!!!!  Check it out…
Amy Jarmin Article The Walking Track Mt Maunganui | Amy Jarmin
Amy took this pic at The Mount, the exact same ‘Mount’ that I run/walk Up, Down and around every now and then, but it looks so much better in this pic than when I am busting my nuts dragging my fat ass around it! ha!
Amy is such a star, even though she is in the beginnings of her studies with Photography, she is pretty much Super all round!  Just saying! lol

K back to the calorie counting…
I stopped!  I was working myself up with all these conflicting ideaologies and studies and different blogs and websites, that I decided I’d just go back to basics and eat simple!
And the confusion on what to do and what not to do, what to eat, what not to eat, super foods, etc etc, it was all driving me nuts and in all different directions!
So I decided I’d plan my entire month and start up a new Page/Blog for my attempt on OAMM – Once a Month Mum.  Taking out all the guess work, making it simple and making it in bulk!!  Freezer time!
Today I spent some decent time cooking up a storm for my children and I.  Theyre 15months and are pretty much eating what I am eating now, so it helps.
More of that story to come, but for now I am happy with the 300gram loss, and will be working on more in the coming weeks 🙂  oh and some running!

Heres to simplification, heres to organisation and heres to getting on with it!

Jay 🙂

Life through someone elses eyes – Am I getting it wrong?

I needed some inspiration this morning, not to feel inspired to do something great, but to feel grateful for what I have.  I am not overly a religious person, and I don’t have any one belief system, but what I do believe in, probably instilled by my mother, is to be grateful.

I didn’t go too much into finding out what this guy is all about, watching this video was enough.  Living life simply so that others may simply live, its a great concept, but puts us out of our comfort zone.  It makes me question my values and ask myself “Am I getting it wrong?”, am I living wrong?  Is there indeed a right way to live?  Who knows, I don’t, but for today I was struck by the beauty in someone else heart and for today this was enough for me to reflect on how grateful I am.

My thoughts on how to be Grateful:

∞ Be happy in your circumstances
I first came across this thought while boosting through blogrolls, the blog OnHandModern with Celeste.
Anywho, be happy with what you have, how ever much or little you have, it is most probably going to be more than someone else has, and someone else probably would rather be in your same cirucumstances and be satisfied.

∞  Appreciate your children
You probably don’t think you have time to do this, but play!  Play with your children, your family, your friends.  Time is made up of minutes, mintues that you cannot get back.

∞  Say Thank you!
For anything and everything!  Good manners never go un-noticed!  Be appreciative.

∞  Fill your soul
With things that are not material.  Music, Images, Places, Voices, Books, anything that catches your heart, especially those of beautiful human spirit!

∞  Be Inspired
Again you probably think you don’t have the time to do this, yet you will probably waste a lot of time on doing things you don’t actually want to do.  Check this out…  Let things inspire you!

∞  Grow great people
Your children, other peoples children, friends, family, whoever.  Be a positive influence to build great minds, souls, hearts and spirits.  Encourage others to be better, teach your children to also grow great people!

∞  Love the one you are with!
Tell them that you love them, every single day!
If you don’t love them, quit wasting time, no matter how complicated the situation may be, there is never a time where there is time to waste!  Discover your Love Language here, or that of your Partner/Husband!

∞  Give
To a charity, to a friend, to your family.  Give regularly, it doesnt have to be money, it could be something as simple as your time, your advice, that jersey you never wear, that thing that you never use.  Give and don’t expect repayment.

∞  Stop your complaining!
I am the worst at this one!  My husband tells me all the time lol
At least minimise your complaining, someone out there is worse off – you better believe that!

∞  Go with Grace
Be humble.  Celebrate and celebrate out loud, but not to be better and look better than someone else.  At the end of the day what is more noticable is the effort you put in and the meaning of the deed.  Do not be a hater, as hard as this may be, do not even speak ill of your enemy.  Work on your own shit, never mind what they are doing!
“The ideal man bears the accidents of life with dignity and grace, making the  best of circumstances.” – Aristotle

∞  Consider others
You never know what your neighbour has had to endure to get to where they are.  Be respectful, consider others and their feelings, their thoughts, their beliefs.  Do not be so quick to judge!

∞  Laugh a little
Its infectious and it heals – make sure its with and not at!!
Even when things are super shithouse, there is always something to laugh about!

∞  Plant a tree
Reduce your carbon footprint.

∞  Work hard and Be nice to people
You cannot expect to be respected and viewed in good light if you are a dick!  Plain and simple!
Work Hard and Be nice to people
Jay 🙂

How to run a Better 5k, non-stop.

Im going to be straight up, I still cannot run an entire 5k without stopping.  I have never run before, ever, I decided to take up running November of 2012, so roughly 3 months ago, we are looking at about 16 weeks.  Still not a straight 5k *sadface*!!  I have covered roughly 267km in that time, which equates to 16.5’ish km’s a week.  I average a K at 9’43″/km – BOO!  This frustrates me to the max, because I need to do better to be able to keep my running enthusiasm.  I love running, I am not the best at it, and I am not my best at it, trouble is, I know exactly why I suck so much at it and am not improving in a hurry!  I am getting so much of it wrong, so I got to researching a bunch of stuff and came up with some helpful explanations and ways to get my shit sorted once and for all, Garr!

How to run a better 5k:

Get the gear
Even if you are a novice and have never run before, you need the good shit.  Efficiency is what we are looking at.  Getting the right gear to become awesome at running is crucial for lots of reasons!

Running gear

Reducing Injury – Shoes!  Don’t be a dick like me and waste money on a shoe that was on sale, fit perfectly (so you think), and looked pretty choice.  Go get your run/feet/stride analysed, get some expert advice and get the best shoe for your feet!  This will ensure you are not putting any unecessary pressure on hips, knees and ankles which encourages strain, inflammation and breaks!

Comfortability – Threds, and not just any threds, breathable, comfortable, wicking threds!  Potentially costly, but will last a fair while and help with your performance.  Cotton even in dry conditions will tend to weigh you down.  While okay for short casual runs, they tend to hold sweat which can actually make you cold and/or heavy.  Also cotton doesn’t allow your body to breathe as well as it could, encouraging your body to overheat leading to uncomfortability.  Chaffing!!!  Not really a runners best friend!  Wicking materials help with this, reducing chances of chaff and blisters!
I read a study a wee bit back about dressing to look good while you run lol!!!  And I gotta admit that even I feel heaps more comfortable when I wear something I feel ok in while running in public!

Performance – Especially when dealing with Compression wear, which most wicking materials tend to be.  Close to the skin and supporting your muscles, compression gear helps with more efficient blood circulation.  Although most studies are not definative in proving compression wear relates to better performance, a lot of runners swear by it and admit they would never go back to non-technical running clothing.

Mood and Attitude – As I was saying up there ^^^^, if you look good you feel good!  Do it right and get some sexy shit!  Don’t waste your time on stuff that is going to make you self-concious and discourage you from running, do it to it and try a million things on, go on a fitness threds date with yourself and try it all.  You want to make this a positive experiance if you want to make it ‘your thing’, it needs to be sustainable from an attitude perspective and every little bit helps!

Start with building a good Aerobic Base
Classic tool for this, you will most probably have heard of –  Couch to 5k.  It is a gradual programme that starts you off with short intervals of running and walking.  As you move through the programme, improving, you do less walking and more running.  This programme gets you running 3days a week, advising you to break these up throughout your week allowing for rest in between.  As a rookie runner, you need these!  Be sure not to skip days or weeks, you want to put stress on your body slowly and not shock the shit out of it so that it decides to pack up and refuse to work for you.  Even if it feels easy, complete it as the programme says.

Stretch – why it helps…
Its a way of helping your body out.  Dynamic and Static, you gotta have ’em both!


Dynamic – This is your pre-workout stretching.  Loosening up those muscles, increases heart rate and blood flow, helping with increased range of motion.  LIMBER UP!  It’s all good, but make sure it is specific to the training you are planning to do i.e. you wanna go with some butt-kicks, leg lifts a couply lunges and the like.  Stretching with movement!

Static – Post-workout stretching.  Where the target muscle is stretched by opposing muscles.  Limited movement, lengthening that muscle helping it to relax after the stress it has just been through.  i.e. Hamstring stretching, Quads and calves, Google it, Get on it!

There are other types of stretching, but let’s not over complicate things, theres only so much info one wants to store at any given time!

Diet and Hydration
This is self explanatory.  I am not talking about having you start counting your calories, and I am not saying you need to start over-analysing every morsel you currently eat.  Quite the opposite really.  We need fuel to perform, we need the right fuel to perform efficiently.  Im no expert on this, infact I cant say that I have got it completely right, but we are looking at pre and post work-out Carb snacks.  I found this a while back now, What, when, and how much should you eat postrun? That depends on the workout.  A simple guide to making sure you don’t over do it or pass out!
And Drink!, For god sakes drink your water!


Pre-hydrate – You need to chug what you are going to sweat out, I can’t tell you exact volumes, I am no scientist, But better to be safe than sorry, trial and error on amounts.
Depending on run duration or exhertion, Hydrate during the act, better to take on the smaller amounts here as to not leave you feeling bloated and too heavy to carry on, not a big believer on beginners using the gel thingys, unless you are all about over-exhertion and doing it hard!
Re-hydrate – Drink like you have had a night ONIT!  They say drink enough so you need to use the bathroom within the next 60-90 minutes. However much that is…just drink!

Lets get all over this running business and enter a comp, even if it is just a fun run.  If you are the ‘comp’ way inclined, this will help you to work toward something, and hitting up a comp will for most, validate all the work they have done and make it a bit more official.
There are smillions of events to partake in, but lets start small… a simple 5k walk/run, even the smallest of achievements are steps to bigger and better things, if you take on too much, and don’t meet your expectations you will most likely be left feeling like you wasted your time and want to chuck it in.

Got a smart phone?  Get some App’s – Nike Running App, MapMyRun, c25K, ZombiesRun, Endomondo, RunKeeper, the list goes on, most are free.  This is one of the most important things for me personally 🙂

‘Like’ every ‘Runners’ FB page you come across, having it in your face will keep it top of mind and may just amp you up that little bit more.

Get some Amigo’s!  You probs already have a whole bunch, but like minded people who work toward similar goals help us to keep on track, secretly you know they are trying to keep on top of that leaderboard, but that is what pulls on the determination strings.

Follow a whole bunch of blogs, start writing your own, get amongst the online action!

Run dont die

Anywho,  I hope this helps, sure did help me researching the shit out of this topic.  Game plan on!

Happy running homies!!

Jay 🙂

9 weeks till I “Run for my Freakn Life”!

Sure its only a 5k run, and sure its broken up with a whole bunch of crazy obstacles, and yes my team is going theme, but this aint no walk in the park, this is the end of the world and we are being chased by Zombies!
My team ‘Becoming Beast’ is all registered up for the “Run for your Freak’n Life!
$1000 prize money for best Theme so for as long as my big mouth can keep it a secret, we are keeping our theme on the D’Low!
Here a some pointers on how to survive the run…

And this is exactly why you need some amigo’s to help a brutha out when you are facing difficulty during the course…

On another note…
Weigh-in was yesterday and I am relieved and pissed at the same time!
What we were looking at for last weeks weigh-in – 78.5kg
Yesterdays weigh-in – 78.3kg
A hidieous 200gram loss, which I guess I should be happy with seeing as my week wasn’t clean and I didn’t run once! URGH!
My family have all gone home, so today I have not mucked around, Ive just got on with it and pulled finger!
Back on the MFP – View my Profile, Add me as a Friend 🙂 and have just signed off on a successful logging day!
Also jumped back on the Running Bandwagon! and broke some of my PB’s while I was at it!
Longest Run 12.03.2013 Farthest Run 12.03.2013 Mt Maunganui - Mauao

Quite proud of my first run in almost 2 weeks lol  but at the same time I have work to do!  Although the 2nd km is on a mean incline, I couldve done way better at getting my fat ass up it!  Although I stopped 2 or 3 times to stretch out my calves, I thought I did quite well to keep it at roughly 17 mins to get from the first steep incline to the top.  Physio for me today, so there was no way I was going to pull something when I could be cleared of injury.  No injury mean no Physio, which means less expense!!!
I’ll look at completing this same run at least once a week, and maybe to extend myself later on I will park my car further away till I get in atleast my 5miles.
Friday I plan to head out to TECT All Terrain Park, there is an off-road 5k in there, and hopefully in Dec I can partake in the 10km Off-Road comp run.
Starting to fall for Off-Road Running!

Well anywho, tomorrow will more than likely be a simple 5k, and more good logging on MFP, continue my goal of 10,000 steps, and look at a better loss for next Monday’s weigh-in.

Jay 🙂