My non-resolution

Really I just want to be an overall better self. I have a few low key goals but mostly just want to be an all round choice person.

I’ve spent a lot of time being bitter about not quite winning at some things, but when I really think hard about some of those things – they just don’t even matter.

My entire everything kind of hinges on how I feel, my physical health and emotional health. And really when I boil it all down – my diet and fitness is the first place to begin if I want to be emotionally on the level.

When I think back to my very best and most healthiest days, I think of the solid 18months I spent on a paleo diet. I ran in a ton of road and trail races, I could do 18k on a casual lazy Sunday, I never got sick once and I was overall chill with a super sunny outlook.

I started up again, I’ve hardly been 100% but I have been getting it mostly right for a week now and I’m already seeing some change – less bloating, more energy and just generally happier.

I reached my best when I was blogging regularly, I guess it helped keep me accountable, even if I knew no one was reading. So here I am.

Just to keep it even more real, I’ve been posting daily to my new Iggy –

So here’s to some cool new stuff, and some solid tried and true stuff, I’m looking forward to a great 2019.

Jay 😊

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