Body Weight

Measure me up! Pimping the Beast!

HEAPS of talk about how ‘BMI’ is a very outdated measure of your physical health or of a healthy body weight.  What the BMI fails to do is distinguish between lean muscle and fatty mass.

I have decided that a more appropriate system is a combo of weight and measurements.

Scales and Measure |On a Jam Hunt Blog

So after a very long time, I have taken down my measurements.  I look back to the last lot of measurements recorded on MFP, and it seems I am not too far off the progress I was making last time I was Pimping the Beast.

There are a few increases, but just as many decreases.  I am looking forwarded to making more progress!

Adding it to my ‘Plan’!

In other news…

Boot Camp tonight was…


I am sore in so many other places than the usual!  Dwayne shook it up and focused on Body weight exercises, using a lot of new muscle groups for me, or using the same but in a more intense way!

My Lats are paying!  and I know it will be doubly worse tomorrow…urgh!

In other other news…

My friend Becks got some exciting news!

She is a type 1 diabetic and has just been approved to be a recipient of an Insulin Pump.
This means a lot of her daily balancing of blood sugars is hugely simplified, this will be most helpful when she gets into some more challenging running action.
She has the biggest runners heart, the biggest heart in general, and I am ecstatically happy for her!  So happy I was in hyperdrive for like the first …10 mins of Boot Camp… the remaining 40 minutes kicked my butt! ha!

Anywho, that’s me for today,

How did you Pimp the Beast?

Give BootCamp a go maybe?

4k tomorrow,

Jay 🙂

Maybe it wasn’t my best idea…

I’ve just been for a run.

Like literally, I have just walked through the door, sat down and started writing this.

Still steaming and sweaty from my 5k in tonight’s cool and misty semi-illuminated astmosphere.

I left in this…

03.04.2014 090



Lovely cool refreshing scene.  It made me just want to frolic… if I actually ever had it in me (lets remember, I am here for business…Running business…Not frolicking! Ha!)

I moved down this stoney path, into the semi-trail-like pathways leading onto my all too familiar Estuary route.

It has been over 3 weeks since I have set foot here, Over a month since I ran solo here, but it was like I never left.  I had found it just as I had left it.

Tonight, I felt like it belonged to me, I had it all to myself, I didn’t have to share.  I saw not one person – runner, biker, night-time walker, not one, this run, this route, was all mine!

After Monday mornings run I was a little hesitant about going out, whether I was going to end up disappointing myself again, whether I was going to go out and return unfulfilled again.

Tonight’s run was just the opposite!

I went out slowly and steady as I had last time, but it felt more natural, it felt stronger and it felt stable.  My form – shitloads better this time round, my breathing – even and controlled.  I was surprising myself, and I was loving it!

It just goes to show that one run cannot define your entire running career, you cannot base your performance on just one singled out snapshot.  It must be a collection of the good and bad, and your overall feeling about why you do it.  (If you get paid to run, ignore my last statement – you need to be running your ass to that podium! ha!)


So why did tonight’s run turn out to be not the best idea?

After all I have gone on about just now, why is there a questionable aspect to it all?


I ran my last k in this…

03.04.2014 094


You better believe I ran negative splits in the latter part of my 5k!

Some parts of my run I was cruising through almost pitch black tree covered trail.  It was very eerie and very belittling.  I wasn’t quite sure I had set out early enough for this run to be safe.

But I had no choice, I had to run my ass back home whether I liked it or not.

I had to get back to the security of home, or at least to the street light lit part of my route.

Idiot, really.

Oh well, its done, and it was awesome.

I hope to get in one more run during the weekend, I really look forward to an early morning one if the weather will allow.

In other news,

Paleo diet going well.  However, as I finish listening to a Phedippidations podcast right now whilst I type, aptly named Paleo Running, I am reminded that this way of eating may actually be just ‘another one of those Fad Diets’.

I can understand why they would call it so, and perhaps it wont last forever, but as long as I am feeling good, feeling energetic and healthy, I will continue on.
Perhaps I may pick up some dairy and grain along the way, especially where my running is concerned.  I have had thoughts about how I would fuel for a long run, and maybe incorporating back in some complex carbs etc.
We will see.

In all honesty, for now I am slightly scared to make any changes to what I am doing.  I have lost a good amount of weight in the last month, I feel healthy and my mind is clearer.  Just thinking about adding back in Grains and Dairy gives me slight anxiety.

Whatever I do, I could never go backward.  Processed is not the way to go!

Anywho, the shower is calling me,

Did you start the 30 Day Challenge with me on the 1st of the month?

How are those Glutes, Hammys and Quads feeling?

Gotta tell ya, my run loosened me up plenty, and I am glad I did it!

Right oh,

See you in a couply,

Happy running…

…even if it is a shit one,

Jay 🙂

A more ‘Primal’ kind of life.

So as you could probably guess from the title, I have decided to try my hand at going…

Couply reason’s for my dietary change, I will explain these here…

1.  I was always tired!
As a stay at home with twins that sleep a full 10-12 hours at night, you would think that I had ample time to get that beauty sleep in.  I did/do.  Except I would wake up every morning after 7+ hours sleep feeling like I hadn’t slept a wink.  I couldn’t understand why I was feeling so lethargic throughout my entire day and even a midday nap would not change anything.

2.  Not getting enough of the good stuff.
My up and down and all around style of diet, while being able to get away with it during my Half Marathon training, was not going to be helping with a continued weight loss, a focus I had put on hold during my training.  I thought that this would be a way to force myself into getting more of the good stuff in, and less of the other stuff.

It seems my plan has worked, and has stuck!

In fact, it is probably one of the only changes I feel like I could keep and maintain.

Let me tell you why…

No more cravings! – Since starting a week and a half ago, I have not craved one morsel!  I am a cake eater from way back, but never had that thought crossed my mind.  I don’t have strong sugar cravings, and pastry was on my list of LURVES, but nope, none of that either!
I will say though, that the only thing that I crave is a ‘bread texture’ (not bread itself) in my nut breads as they end up being more like cake.

I have yet to feel hungry. – I probably don’t eat as much as I should, but most of this comes down to my organisation to get more paleo approved foods into me.  As they usually require some kind of preparation or cooking I find myself running out of time to get a bit more balance in there.  However, this has not led to me feeling hungry.  I eat and I get full and am good till the next meal.  No hunger pains in between like I have found with other dieting methods.  I am also 2+kg’s down from when I started transitioning the change.

Alert and energetic. – I can go my whole day without feeling lethargic and tired.  My concentration is better because I am not tried and I have become more productive because of this.

More freedom. – Before, in order to lose the weight I would count my calories religiously.  And while this did produce some good results in itself, I felt it restricted me to an extent.  I felt like I was always having to miss out on things and I often was left unsatisfied.  Yes, with a Paleo diet you are restricted as to what food groups you can eat, but I have not once ‘felt‘ restricted – I have not felt hungry and I have not craved.
I still log my foods as I go through out my day, but I listen more to what my body says than what the Calorie counter tells me.  I do this just to see what I am actually eating over the course of the day, and the app consolidates the nutritional information for me, so I know what to work on.
I eat as much or as little as I want and am still satisfied.

A physically clean feeling. – I cleaned out my pantry!  Mostly due to a small moth infestation meaning I had to throw out everything that was open.  These were mostly things that I could not continue to have on such a diet, so it was no big loss (except a monetary one).  Now my pantry is stocked with all the things we need and none of the things that we don’t.  I am a bit OCD in the fact that if my areas do not feel tidy, orderly and spacious I feel like my world is slightly (entirely) out of control.  It visually appeals and so I am naturally happier!

It is working for my kids. – They go down to sleep better.  I was struggling beforehand to get them to settle in a good bedtime routine, they would play another 1-2hours after I had said goodnight and shut the door.  Now when it is lights out, it literally is lights out.  They are also behaving better during the day, they don’t fight as much, and they play and investigate more.  Now as a mum of 2 year old toddlers, this is just F’ing amazing!

And so with the good, comes the not so good…

It does require a hefty load of planning! – Cutting out entire food groups means that you are restricted in what you eat.  Making things that taste good is usually the aim of the game, so when you do take those restricted foods out it does sometimes make things tricky.  But with some planning, research and careful thought it can work out fine and will eventually become habit.

You are restricted. – So, here are some good links to find out the do’s and don’ts of the paleo world.
An Ultimate Paleo GuideA simple straight forward paleo guide and a Paleo guide with a little humor thrown in.
I think you need to go into this change with an open mind, and slowly transition into it to make it stick.  Once you get the hang of it, you never feel like you actually miss out and you kind of feel rewarded intrinsically when making the better choices.

My children wont go full paleo. – Until a time where I have got things under control with my paleo diet unfortunatly there are some things that my children will still eat.  As I said before, it does take a lot of preparation to get it right and for the moment because it isnt entirely natural for me I tend to run out of time to try all the recipes to replace what they currently eat.

So… a few little tips for anyone thinking of trying it

PINTEREST!  Get one, and start pinning recipes, guides, tips, information, everything!  It is literally a life saver when it comes to normalising in a paleo world.

Research, Plan and Prepare.  You need to make time for this, seriously!  It may be a lot of time at the beginning, but it is an investment, and it will slowly get easier and quicker.  I plan my entire week on a chart making sure to cover every single meal.  It helps with grocery shopping, and you actually find that you can save money planning meals wisely.

Change your way of thinking.  For example, I am having a hard time replacing Bread with a more Paleo bread.  Instead, I have resorted to the fact that It wont happen, or wont happen to the same expectation you get from a normal slice of bread.  Instead change.  Change your meal concept, change your thoughts about if you really need bread, replace bread with something that isn’t bread at all.  Be open to change and be positive about it.

Transition into it.  As of yet, there are still small changes I need to make, but these changes are going to be easier for me to do because I am slowly phasing things out and introducing new things in.  You don’t do yourself any favours by going cold turkey, make it a positive change and not a resentful one!

Now if you have made it to the end of this post, I thank you!  I know it isn’t always an attention grabber when talking about diet, especially one that initially seems so radical.

I am not asking for everyone to go out there and try it.  If what you are doing is working for you, go hard with it, but if you are looking for a change, go ahead and try it.  It is the most natural thing once you get the hang of it, and I know if you just give it a stab, I am sure you will receive the same results as I have.

Thanks for reading,

And yup, I’m still running,

Jay 🙂

P.S. Finally added another song to my Beasty Playlist, go on over and have a look by clicking here!!!

Life is so Good!

Yesterday I had my 6 weekly visit to the Chiropractor.

Ever since carrying the twins in the later stages of my pregnancy I have had really bad hip pain.

Today I am pain-free!

At Life Chiropractic their mantra is “Life is so Good!  And they are right!

I have been seeing Dr Matt Short for a little over a year now and have had nothing but encouraging results with both treatment and advice.  This advice always streams outside of what would be regular chiropractic advice too.  Especially to do with my running.

Yesterday morning I strolled on in, sat down and waited for Matt.  “Ok, standing up, facing the window… Posture is GREAT!”
“Soft clicks”, “no clunking”, “you are doing great!”

These are all encouraging words!  I am doing great!

Anyway, Matt always asks what is coming up for me now, or what do I have planned with my running next.  To which I replied, “Oh I just have a 15k trail this weekend and I am in training for my Half”

“That’s awesome!”

A few bits and pieces about nutrition were mentioned to me – how to fuel appropriately, and then a bill of health/healthy spine was issued in the form of… “Well I don’t think we will need to see you in 6 weeks, we will make it 2 months”

My heart sang on the inside, I am not broken, and am doing great!

I was given more homework from Matt, of which I would need to keep working on, stretches etc, I now feel like I am no longer that beginner runner that is constantly feeling like they’re being/getting injured and that maybe running is not for them!  It has not been the easiest road considering the excess weight I carried and the many pains that I developed from going about ‘running’ all the wrong way!

Now – I my farthest distance is 14k, I can run non-stop for just under an hour without stopping to walk and I am roughly 5-6kg from being at what I would call my Goal weight (not necessarily my healthy BMI). YES!

Anyway, Onward and Upwards (Upwards with the miles, downwards with the pounds!)

I Just want to Run group today, Day 2 Week 8 – 28 mins continuous for the the ladies.  One last day after today for the running group and then 5k Graduation run…. 1 week exactly from today!  Exciting!!

Virtual 5k Bib - Copy

Remember to Run along Virtually with us, these ladies have come a long was and have stayed committed!  That deserves support and recognition!

Life is so Good!

Go out there and get some!!

Run on,

Jay 🙂

P.S. 2 sleeps to the big 15!! Woop Woop, Looking forward to the Post-Pie and Beer! Boom!

A Loss! but still Rubbish! On Pimping the Beast!

I am still feeling like rubbish!  I am awake and I am able to be attentive for the entire day, But I am tired and am stuck in that funk right between ‘Feeling Tired’ and ‘Feeling Sick’.  I am both of those things, but not quite, if that makes any sense?

Today I jumped on the scales, even though it is not official weigh-in.  I am weighing every fortnight, and because I weighed last week, I need to wait again till next Monday.  I did not wait. Goh!

I have achieved a loss of 300 grams, which is awesome!  But I feel like shit!  I am officially into the 74th Kilogram, but because I feel horrible, I haven’t quite got excited about it!

I have a few theories…

I may have an Iron deficiency – I kinda doubt it because I have been eating spinach like no bodies business, but at the same time, I have lowered my red meat intake, instead I have been hitting up fish and chicken.It may or may not be this, but as a lady… who experiences ‘Lady Days’ this may well be the root cause.

I may not be eating enough – Today I went on to MFP to check my settings.  It was set to ‘Lightly Active’.  I hardly think that I am just ‘Lightly’ Active, I am doing something everyday for a lot of the day so I bumped it up to “Active” instead, this gives me an extra 100 cals a day, not that I feel I need it, I am satisfied as I am, but we will give it a whirl.  There are also activities that I don’t log that maybe I should?  Stuff like the windows I am stripping, that is pretty freeking physical, Mowing the lawns, Stationary biking for 5mins!?! Hardly Counts!, Some of the Weight training I do – in my mind it doesn’t feel like I have exherted enough energy for it to even count, walks that I take almost daily – again I don’t feel like I am exhert myself much at all.  Maybe I should be logging these, but then I have a fitbit, so it kinda does it for me anyway…

My macros may be off – I don’t get too much into this, because I just don’t have enough knowledge to know what is right.  But perhaps on my run days I am not eating enough Carbs.  I know I eat plenty, shit I eat a sandwich almost everyday, I freeking love sandwiches!  But I don’t know much about how much of what I should be eating.  I just try kick it low fat as much as poss, and almost every single day I am hitting the correct amount of Cals while feeling full and satisfied.

I can’t say it is not enough sleep, I sleep most nights 7-8 hours, which is more than the average person I am sure.

Dehydration?  Maybe.  It has been super hot lately, but I drink enough I think.  I am never thirsty.

Maybe I need to get laid?  Quite possibly!

And before you go any further with your thinking…I am not knocked up!

Who knows, but I have made a few changes to what I have been doing, although it has been working in a ‘weight’ sense, not so much in the energy sense.  I will see how it all goes.

Oh I ran today.  Which was good and shit at the same time.  I did what I needed to, I just didn’t enjoy it as much as usual.  Heavy legs, bad form, breathing was fine, but it was HOT!

Meh, tomorrow I go out to the TECT!  Carbing up tonight and in the morning for a Long hard run.  I hope to be feeling better before, during and after haha!  Experiencing some of natures medicine!

Ok so there wasn’t too much Pimping going on today, but how about you?  Ever hit that ‘in between’ funk?  What are your plans for the week?

See you tomorrow,

Jay 🙂

P.S.  I am pretty stoked about how muscly my legs are these days, I kind of feel a little badass about that! ha!

A Happy Clear Out! On Pimping the Beast!

This is a simple easy one, but I needed it!

I was meant to do some INSANITY today, I had planned to finally get around to getting my sweat on with Shaun T.

I chickened out! ha!  Well I didn’t drop my nuts per-say – I am actually feeling like a wreck after my run with the children yesterday.  I have a feeling that I’m not fueling enough for the activity I am putting in every week and it is starting to catch up on me!  I also had 1 beer last night, I will be pissed if that is why I feel like kaka!

Anywho, I took a day off cardio so INSANITY will have to wait.

I ate really well today, I feel like I have eaten my weight in Baby Spinach over the last few weeks!

Check out my days with MFP – jam_hunt

Even though I didn’t run today I couldn’t just sit around the house and do nothing!  I did a bit of spring cleaning out my drawers!  This was planned for another week or so when I had got to my mini-goal weight of 73kg, but things have just not been sitting right on me for a week or so now, it was time!

I was surprised to find that I could fit most of my pre-baby clothing and some were even too big!!

I don’t know why I haven’t done this sooner, I guess when you are one of those mums where the weight just kinda stuck after poppin ’em out, there are times where things just don’t quite look right on you – you spend a lot of time in stretchy pants ha!  I mean to say leggings or tights.  Stuff that kind of has no real ‘size’ and is worn more for comfort than for looks… just like yoga pants!  And because they are comfy/stretchy, you tend not to notice losses as much.  It kind of hides and squishes, and I got real good at shopping for them!

No more shopping for tights!  I can fit my pre-baby pants!

I am glad I had this clear out.  I had gone through my wardrobe a few months ago and was really uplifted to find I could fit almost all of what was in there.  I had dared not go into my drawers at that time, I knew full well that that was where I stored my skinny jeans and the like.

The skinny Jeans are still folded nicely away unfortunately, but nothing a few more Leg Days couldn’t sort.

Anywho, although not Nutrition and Training orientated, it still helped me to keep my head in the game.

That’s how I Pimped the Beast!

When was the last time you cleared out some spaces?  Spring on this side of the world is here, time to get to some Spring cleaning!

See you tomorrow!

Jay 🙂

P.S.  Will get some before and afters soon, my Progress pics page needs a thorough update!

Mapping for Graduation – On Pimping the Beast/I Just Want to Run!

I thought I would kill 2 birds with one stone today!

First, I want to invite you to run a Virtual 5k with me and my group Friday 29th November!  On the 29th – Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow!  Or just do whatever distance you can manage.

My group Graduates the C25k programme in just 2 short weeks and I am on a mission to round up as much support as possible for their Graduation Run!

I must say, that even for me, someone who used to run longer distances than a 5k, it has been extremely beneficial!

I have found myself feeling very unaffected by the full 5k run’s I have done on my own away from the group, and I think the c25k has helped with that.  By unaffected I mean able to run at my fastest pace non-stop for longer, and to not feel like crap immediately afterwards.

So my something new for today – Today rather than following the programme, I did a 5k in just under 35mins, almost creating a PR for myself.  Because we had an odd number of ladies at the Run group today I was able to run alone – so I mapped out our 5k Route for Graduation.  I ran non-stop, I did have to stop once about a K shy of getting home to help a lady up the stairs, she fell (paused my app, took her up the stairs, went back down the stairs, unpaused app, continued running up the stairs hahaha)
The run was great, I feel like I could have done better, I didn’t quite hit that exhaustion mark, so I had more to give…YUSS!

Smells like my fitness is improving even on the downtime I was having not so long ago.

So anywho – please run along with us, I even have a Bib for you to print out and wear 🙂

Virtual 5k Bib - Copy


Weigh-in day today!

A loss of 1 whole kg!!  Bringing me down to 75.2kg!

04.11.2013 014

That is a total loss of 17.3kg since I started using MFP a year and a bit ago!

I have noticed my Tech wear getting a little baggy, stuff that is supposed to be tight and create compression, is kinda not doing its job for me right now!

Anywho, roughly 2 more kilo’s to go and I will be happy with this years progress.  After getting stuck in a funk since the end of January, I have not done too badly to redeem myself!

Another date with Jillian for Ab day, feeling stronger already!

Ok, so how did you Pimp the Beast today?

Any PR’s that you have to Brag about lately?

Beast On y’all and I’ll see ya tomorrow,

Jay 🙂

Finishing off the Plan – On Pimping the Beast

Today legs are feeling better, Abs – almost hundy percent.  I am ready to take on the next week!

No run today, the children and I spent most of it in the backyard gardening and playing in their little paddling pool.

We also tried the Bethlehem Farmers Market, I really wanted some decent Avocado’s, the ones from my supermarket that I had been delivered were crap!  I think we will be making a regular Sunday trip to the markets for veg!

While we were out I got a 2014 Calender so I could finish off my Training Plan, and kind of get a jist of how everything is going to happen over the Christmas Period.
I am planning a camping trip and a week away, so I need to know where everything falls to start making some robust habits that wont fall by the wayside during the festive season!

Seeing as we will be away for almost 2 weeks before Christmas (Week 4 and 5 of my training plan)  I kind of need to plan out how I am going to get those runs and strength work outs in.  If I don’t start looking at it all now, and shit hits the fan, I will feel like I am stuffing up by not sticking to the plan!  Can anyone say CONTROL FREAK!

It is also my children’s 2nd Birthday in the second week of December, Our trip away, then Christmas, a Family 40th, and then New Years!  I will be glad to see January!  I just want everything to go off without a hitch!  Failing to Plan is a Plan to Fail – said it before, saying it again!

I also did the Weekly meal plan for next week, and did the shop online, I researched a new product to try and also a new recipe to try.  Got a lot going on, but that is how we Pimp the Beast!!

My Plan to Win!…

Training Plan | On a Jam Hunt Blog Plans to Win |On a Jam Hunt Blog

When I step back and look at it, it looks pretty busy.  Its not really, it’s just methodical.

I have 1 small and 1 big event that falls on the first and second week of my training plan, so I wont be able to follow those ones to the ‘T’.

I also realised when looking at the next years tentative plans for events, it seems there is only 7 weeks between the other 2 Half Marathons that I want to compete in.  I will have to get some advice on how to deal with those ‘training plan’ wise.

TOUGH MUDDER is also coming to New Zealand in April… It smells like an expensive year!!

Plan is done, now all is left to do is work off a bit more weight over the next 2 weeks, then we get the show on the road!

Weigh-in Day tomorrow… nervous and excited to let you know how well all this Pimping is working for me.

What did you get up to today?  Did you Run long?

See you tomorrow

Jay 🙂

Never miss Leg Day! – Pimping the Beast 03.11.2013

My friend – Colin who writes the UBERBEASTMODE blog, he reckons so too!

In fact he has helped me sort a ‘Leg Day’.

Today I tried out that ‘Leg Day’… He told me I may need a bucket…

01.11.2013 010

Today I didn’t need the bucket.  I took it super easy, and to be seriously honest, I had to Youtube every movement to make sure I was doing it right.  I am not about to be injured this close my trail run!

Some of the strength moves I was able to use weight, others I went with just body weight.

After every move, I could see why Colin said that I may need that bucket!

My legs are semi-ok right now, like I said I took it easy to make sure I didn’t do something stupid.  I am just frightened of waking up tomorrow 😐

oh and btw…

I am hitting up today with a double Pimping!

I have taken the first official step into Half Marathon’ville!

I registered for the AMI Wellington Round the Bays Half Marathon in February.

My training according to my plan starts in 2 weeks 😀

Still feeling the Abs from my Date yesterday. YEOW’CH!

Can’t wait to get this Road on the Show!

What have you done to Pimp the Beast today?  What and when is your next event?

Will let you know about the legs tomorrow 🙂

Jay 🙂

PTB 23.10.2013 – A Runners homework

Today I had a quick squizz at what is out there on the interweb in regards to strength training for runners.

I found 5 body weight exercises to add to my weekly regime.

We are getting super close to December so I am starting my pre-training now!

From Runners – Faster in Five

Faster In Five

Build speed with these five lower body exercises


January 2, 2007

Strengthening your lower body is one of the best ways to build speed, says former world champion marathoner and physical therapist Mark Plaatjes. Do these five exercises two or three times a week during base training.

Single-leg Squat
Squat down on one foot until your leg is bent about 50 degrees; push back up. “Keep your hips even, and your knee over your foot,” says coach Bob Larsen. Once you’ve mastered the move, add dumbbells (start with 5 pounds).
Reps: 2 sets of 10; build to 3 sets of 12
Strengthens: Quads and glutes

Balance Run
Stand on a flat-bottomed stability trainer (or a narrow board). Hold light dumbbells (2 to 5 pounds) and swing your arms in a running motion. Keep your knees slightly bent and your abs tight.
Reps: 3 sets of 30 seconds
Strengthens: Core muscles and hones balance

Heel Raises
Stand on a curb or platform with your heels over the edge. Lift up onto your toes, raise one foot and slowly lower. Once you have the move down, add dumbbells (start with 5 pounds).
Reps: 1 set of 8; build to 3 sets of 15
Strengthens: Calf muscles and Achilles tendon

Hamstring Push-up
Lie on the floor with your feet
on a chair or Swiss ball that’s against a wall. Lift your butt off the floor, then lift one leg off the ball. Slowly lower your body to the floor, using the hamstring of the supporting leg.
Reps: One set of 8 on each leg; work up to 3 sets of 12
Strengthens: Hamstrings

Plank + Lift
From a push-up position, drop onto your forearms. Focus on pulling your abdominals in. Then lift one foot about six inches (keep hips square to the floor), hold for five seconds, and repeat on other side.
Reps: Continue for 60 seconds, build to 3 minutes
Strengthens: Core and glutes individually

I actually need to sort out a proper full body programme to get some even results through out my body, and not just have Super Buff legs!  But this will start me off until I can scrounge some time to find some decent programmes.

For today I just completed these –

Calf Raises
Strengthens the tendons in your heels and calf muscles, which support your arch.

Step Stretch
Improves flexibility in your Achilles tendon and calf—when these areas become tight, the arch gets painfully overloaded.

Works the arch muscles and the tibialis posterior (in the calf and foot) to control excess pronation.

Toe Spread and Squeeze
Targets the interossei muscles of the foot, which support the arch.

Towel Curls
Works the toe-flexor muscles that run along your arch to increase overall foot strength.

My Arch/ Foot exercises to keep my Arch in check!

Will post my Strength training once I get something decent sorted.

For you runners – do you add some strength training for a stronger run?

For everyone – How did you Pimp the Beast today?

Jay 🙂

btw:  Went for a run at 2.45pm today – it wasn’t a winner!  Super hot, I couldn’t even push the 5k I had planned!!  Will make sure to run early morning rather than late arvo.  Summer has come early!  Cool, but stink, but cool!