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I Just want to Run – Week 8 Day 3 – Graduation 5k!

Written in retrospect: 29.11.2013

11 weeks ago I started a running group.

I started it with quite selfish intentions – to be able to get out and run without my children.

Today the group and I ran a full 5k as graduation of an 8 week c25k programme.

My views on the experience have changed entirely!

My original thoughts were this:
“My plan is to invite anyone and everyone to come along, but especially mums who are in a similar position as I am – no childcare to be able to work out, because there shouldn’t be reasons for why we can’t workout!
The mums would take turns minding each others children, and everyone would get a chance to go out.  In a round-about way I am using these people lol  but they are using me in the exact same way ha!”

My thoughts now are very different!

I am inspired even though I have been the inspiration!  I am motivated even though I have done the motivating.

I think back to words I said back in this post – A Secret behind my madness.

“…I know it all comes down to giving it a go and holding on till it feels right.  Even when you feel like chucking it in, your body aching with muscle pain and your chest burning beyond your comfort threshold.

Just wait and see, be patient, do the work.

You will soon find limits you thought you never had, I promise you!”

This has come to pass.   Each of the ‘Runners’ have seen what they are capable of.  Each have experienced what it means to Be’ a runner, to live the ‘runners high’ to cross that mental ‘finish line’, to do what it takes, find the limits and surpass them!

This has been my takeaway.  Something I have been grateful to give and the intrinsic reward I receive.

Our 2 running groups achieved great results.  33 minutes and 35 minutes.  For first time 5k runs, this blows me away!  Impressive results for beginner runners!


This goes to show that the c25k programmes are effective.  Although it did take us a few more weeks to get there, once we did get there, we got there entirely and confidently! A full non-stop 5k distance, Done and Dusted!

Shell Drinnan, Aimee Nicholas and Melissa Boyd.  I thank you all for the success of the group, your amazing efforts given and the wonderful attitudes and spirits of believing in yourselves enough to do what the majority of people will never try!  You rock my world!

I Just Want to Run Group Graduation | On a Jam Hunt Blog


Run on with your bad selves!

Jay 🙂

One Year Ago…

…I took my first official recorded run.

It was the hardest run of my life!

My stats this time last year – 3.07 km completed 27.57 mins at 9’04″pace at dirty 6:10 am!

Since that day I have started c25k 3 separate times, I have finished it a total of 1 time,
I have competed in 4 events (Race Reports),
I have run my longest distance of 15 km over trail terrain,
I have run 761 recorded kilometres over 146 runs,
I have run in Stupidly hot conditions/Freezing cold mornings/Stormy Thundery weather,
I have run with a group of random people that I have met for the very first time,

MFP Buddies Ekiden | On a Jam Hunt Blog
I have run with a regular running buddy (Amy),

I have run as a zombie, I have run in a dress, I have run as a Turtle,

I have started a running group and have helped 3 lovely ladies to each run a full 5km distance,
I have met some very influential and inspiring people,
I have lost over 10kg from being more active,
I have never before said the acronym YOLO so many times in relation to running,

I have never before in my life believed in myself so surely and so assertively than right now in this very moment!

I am awesome and I want everyone to know it!

The thing is, you too can be as awesome if not more awesome than I am right now!

It doesn’t take too much, it just takes the right attitude and a mind that wont talk you out of doing something crazy.

One Year Anniversary | On a Jam Hunt Blog

Make some crazy decisions, form some silly plans, do some epic shit, fill your life with memorable moments, meet some total strangers, enter an event you think you may just die trying, find some mutual crazies, go forth and be a force of the awesome!

Do it all and repeat!

Celebrate with Beer and Pie!


Run on,

Jay 🙂

Post Event. Continuing the Plan!

Today was Week 2 Day 1 of My 14 week Half Marathon Training Plan.

Complete or Compete – Jon Ackland

This week is considered a Build week.

My run today and according to the plan is 10 minutes Easy Run.

Easy is an easy run at conversation pace.

I completed today’s run at roughly 6 minute (per km) pace and covered a total 1.6km of flat road.

My right calf muscle is still a little tight from the weekends event.  I feel that if I had pushed it any harder than I had, I would have caused myself a tear or more intense strain.  I am grateful for just a little bit of tightness.

According to the Physioworks – Calf muscle tears explanation, I should have made more of an effort yesterday to Ice and Compress.  My calf didn’t feel that affected so I didn’t pay too much attention.  It is not until today that I noticed it becoming a bit of an issue.

At the moment I have my calf in a compression sleeve and will elevate the shit out of it.  I don’t have to run until Thursday (which is also an easy run) so I am hoping by then that it wont be an issue.

I haven’t used anything in the way of Anti-inflammatory yet, its not that bad, but perhaps I am just shrugging off the severity of it.  I am usually like that, I have found that I have a high tolerance of pain – it usually gets me in trouble.  To play it safe I will see a physio if it worsens – much to my disappointment, but I want to have as little down-time as possible.

All in all, I am happy that all I came away with was a slight calf pain and nothing full-blown.  It barely even makes me limp, so I am good to keep on keeping on!

Anywho, see you next run!

Jay 🙂

Race Report: Smith Sport’s Shoe’s Tauranga Trail Run 2013

This by far was the toughest Race I have done so far, it busted my balls to the max!

Here we go…

Woke at 5 in the dirty am!  For the last 2 weeks no matter how late I go to bed, still up at 5am! Garr!

I got up and out of bed at 5.30am because I would end up wriggling about in there and waking up the hubby.  Chucked on some compression pants and a top and headed out the back door to do some yoga.  Yoga Practice for Runners – Refreshing!

With my legs all limber I got kitted up and started organising my house for departure.  We would have to leave early to get my children to the Nanny’s house and then make the trip out to the TECT Park.

It was around 13 degrees outside, I was hoping that it would be overcast today, or even occasional showers.  No such luck for me Yesterday.

Anywho, I was hydrated and had all Tec gear on so I felt light and cool.  Feet felt good, legs felt good!  I had gone number two’s too – It was all down hill from here!

Breakfast was a PB and Banana Bagel.  Pre-race night I chugged a bit of an electrolyte bevey and a wee bit more in the morning on waking.  I packed my Honey Stinger’s, more water for afters, camera batteries charged.  Ready to go!

By the time we left the house just after 8am, the sun was already high in the sky, I was hoping to god that the heat wouldn’t kill me!  I don’t think god was listening – probably out saving someones life or something…?

Arrived at the TECT park, the total entries were about 560+.  A perfect amount for the park I think.  The 10k and 30k had already started, we had about 40 minutes till our race start (9.30am).

TECT All Terrain Park

Sunscreened up my shoulders and back, I didn’t worry too much about my face, I am not fair skinned so I don’t burn easily, I just know that last week my Buffalo girl run resulted in some stingy afterglow!

Racer back tan!!

Racer back tan!!

Headed down to the start line 5 mins before Start time for briefing, the first of the 30k’ers would past by starting their second lap of the 15.  These guys and girls – total machines!  I made sure while I was out being past by them that I cheered them on, they were running long!  Inspirational!

Group pre-race | On a Jam Hunt Blog

Pre-race pic! | On a Jam Hunt Blog

I had positioned myself about at the mid mark of the pack, so just at the back of all the runners, and in front of all the walkers, the run wasn’t timed chipped but because there were only about 100 odd it wasn’t too much of a big deal to get past the start line.

Start line | On a Jam Hunt Blog

Start siren sounded and the pack moved quicker than I thought it would, this was ok, I had planned to go at my own pace.  I knew full well that I had to use the first k for my warm up.  My warm up included the first of many steep road hills and a dirt track small hill complete with plenty of switch backs.  The small dirt track was very narrow and proved to be a bit of an annoyance as the beginning of any race will be the filtering of fast and the not so fast – this narrow track didn’t help with that as I ended up walking the majority of it following like sheep the long line of people.

The second k was easier to maneuver around people, but by then we had found a good spot among the other runners and pretty much kept this spot the whole way through.  We ran through the wide open 4WD track leading to the first aid station at the 3km mark nestled nicely under the last lot of pines before an open space of trail that bordered along a gravel road.  I didn’t have any water here, my dad made sure to chat to every volunteer and because he would run ahead most of the time, he would park up and wait for my friend Amy and I to catch up.  He spent a great deal of time admiring the scenery haha!

The electrolyte beverage at this event was R-Line.

Once reaching the top of the gravel road we continued onto the Buffalo girl.  About a half k worth of gradual downhill and slight uphill before going down again over a small stream meeting up with the next uphill that would continue for the next 3km or so.

I ran my nike app which was about 1.7km out in terms of GPS, but it was a good guide for me especially when it came to taking nutrition.

Through the larger stream and then continuing up the gradual hill mostly tree covered which provided some nice relief from the sun.  4 km sounded which at that point my GPS was almost accurate.  Because we were still experiencing the uphill I decided to slowly gnaw away at my first honey stinger (at 45 mins, then another 45 mins later).  I had done one long trail run with these and they worked well.  The only concern I had was that they get warm and melty if kept in my tech short pocket, still edible though, I will try out one of their gels to see what they are like on my next long run.

At the beginning of this hill I had a slight niggle around the Achilles/calf area.  By the time I was done with the hill this niggle had gone.  I am glad I played this day safe!

We make it to the almost top of the hill where the tree lining of the trail stopped, here we encountered some more steeper uphill but on gravel road.  I made sure to stay super careful on this road, the stones were big and I didn’t want to roll my ankle.  Approaching the last little bit of this hill I see my dad right at the top sitting on a tree stump. GOH!  I was motioning to him to push on… he wanted to wait.  I should have given him a camera – make himself useful ha!

12.10.2013 015

At the top of this hill we were about half way.  From here was a beautiful view of the Mount (Mount Maunganui).  I wish I had stopped for a picture on my phone, it was worth the long trek up all that hill!

Down hill for about a k or so, lots of switch backs, no trees, more gravel road.  My mini pump water bottle was warm but I still continued to sip.  We came to the bottom of a steep sealed road hill.  I had experienced this hill on my training run.  I loathed this hill!  But at the top would be a nice aid station waiting for me.

Second Aid station | On a Jam Hunt Blog

Dad had run up ahead and said he would wait at the top.

We got to the top, dad was helping the volunteers pick up all of the dropped water cups haha!  He had time.  I had two sips of my water and poured the rest down the back of my neck. BLISS!  It dried within 5-10 mins.  I didn’t have any electrolyte drink, I was scared it would make me feel ill.

6km to go and we pop back on to the Buffalo girl.

12.10.2013 022

At about 4k out from the Finish I ate my last Honey stinger.  On my training run I only had one.  I think the second made all the difference for facing the end where there would be a shit load of stairs to battle!

We then pop on to ‘Uno’ – a mountain bike track, this runs for about 600m or so before we meet the small bit of trail that cruises on to Te Rerenga, my first ever trail.  I was glad at this point that I knew it like the back of my hand.  All the corners and turns, the tunnel and stairs – it was all automatic.

We run through some nice trail leading up to the tunnel where we were met with some marshals that had glow-sticked the path inside the tunnel.

As we meet the first of many stairs I could see that Amy was tiring.  We had boosted up the first few flights past a few people where we could and I saw Amy turn pale.  I didn’t tell her that she was because I knew she would panic, instead I asked her if she wanted to slow down for a rest or let a few people past.  She said no and kept going.

We finally get to up the last lot of stairs and on to a big open space of cut pines.  Amy looked fine by then.  Many months ago I had run this area and it was my favourite part because it was heavily tree-lined and provided nice cool shelter.  Today it almost killed me!  No more glorious tree-lined bush!  I would have filled my mini pump bottle if I had of known it had been flattened out.  Eek!

Amy up ahead

Amy up ahead

We wogged through this bit, knowing that we were only a k or so out from finish.  Dad was talking almost this whole way saying we were doing great and to keep putting one foot in front of the other.  At this point I was ready to throttle him… it’s no wonder that I like to hit the trails alone haha!

The last little bit of trail settled among the tall pines.  We meet the last lot of marshal’s directing us around a small pond that will end with 20 or so metres of windey trail with Finish line gloriously ahead!

I see Jared waiting with the camera ready to take a pic – it wasn’t a very good one, very blurry and only had just got me in the pic haha, I didn’t really care too much, I was pining for a sit down and a chocolate milk!

We reach the end which was slightly less triumphant that I had imagined, but in my head I told myself “Holy Shit, I just ran 15k over a million freeking hills!!  BADASS!!”

I just wanted to sit, and get my shoes off.  I had packed a pair of Jandels, they were my savoir!

Tired legs!

Tired legs!

I experienced one minor blister, on my heel, but that was because my sock had slipped down – note to self: Purchase up-to-the-ankle sport socks!  It didn’t bother me, it is a runners life!
My hips were achey, my hammys and glutes were achey.  My calves were good, My Freeking Arches were AWESOME!

Blister | On a Jam Hunt Blog

I left everything I had out on that land and I came away unscathed!  Hallelujah!

Chocolate Milk recovery | On a Jam Hunt Blog

I finished in at 2.12.  This was 12 minutes more that I had hoped for, but there are plenty of things that I can work on to PR this, most of the things are easy seconds that can be made up.

2.12 for a 15k trail run | On a Jam Hunt Blog

A nice big slice of Bacon and Egg pie, a recovery cup of Chocolate Milk and a semi-decent beer!

We hung around for prize-giving, Two ladies that had been walking the 15k along with my sister and step-mum had left but gave us their tickets to redeem any spot prizes they may have potentially won.  As fate would have it they won me a pair of minimalist/barefoot sport socks…. maybe this is a sign to go minimalist?

Overall it was a great day, a great event!  I prepared well, and I did well.  I will cane it next year, I can feel it with all of my being!

Till we meet again Buffalo Girl!

Run long!

Jay 🙂

Life is so Good!

Yesterday I had my 6 weekly visit to the Chiropractor.

Ever since carrying the twins in the later stages of my pregnancy I have had really bad hip pain.

Today I am pain-free!

At Life Chiropractic their mantra is “Life is so Good!  And they are right!

I have been seeing Dr Matt Short for a little over a year now and have had nothing but encouraging results with both treatment and advice.  This advice always streams outside of what would be regular chiropractic advice too.  Especially to do with my running.

Yesterday morning I strolled on in, sat down and waited for Matt.  “Ok, standing up, facing the window… Posture is GREAT!”
“Soft clicks”, “no clunking”, “you are doing great!”

These are all encouraging words!  I am doing great!

Anyway, Matt always asks what is coming up for me now, or what do I have planned with my running next.  To which I replied, “Oh I just have a 15k trail this weekend and I am in training for my Half”

“That’s awesome!”

A few bits and pieces about nutrition were mentioned to me – how to fuel appropriately, and then a bill of health/healthy spine was issued in the form of… “Well I don’t think we will need to see you in 6 weeks, we will make it 2 months”

My heart sang on the inside, I am not broken, and am doing great!

I was given more homework from Matt, of which I would need to keep working on, stretches etc, I now feel like I am no longer that beginner runner that is constantly feeling like they’re being/getting injured and that maybe running is not for them!  It has not been the easiest road considering the excess weight I carried and the many pains that I developed from going about ‘running’ all the wrong way!

Now – I my farthest distance is 14k, I can run non-stop for just under an hour without stopping to walk and I am roughly 5-6kg from being at what I would call my Goal weight (not necessarily my healthy BMI). YES!

Anyway, Onward and Upwards (Upwards with the miles, downwards with the pounds!)

I Just want to Run group today, Day 2 Week 8 – 28 mins continuous for the the ladies.  One last day after today for the running group and then 5k Graduation run…. 1 week exactly from today!  Exciting!!

Virtual 5k Bib - Copy

Remember to Run along Virtually with us, these ladies have come a long was and have stayed committed!  That deserves support and recognition!

Life is so Good!

Go out there and get some!!

Run on,

Jay 🙂

P.S. 2 sleeps to the big 15!! Woop Woop, Looking forward to the Post-Pie and Beer! Boom!

And so it begins/ends! Week 1/Week8

Today I completed Day 1 of a 14 week Half Marathon training plan!

Because the end of “I just want to Run – c25k” and the start of my training clash I have decided that I would just do an easy Week 8 of the c25k which according to my plan (Compete or Complete by Jon Ackland) would be Week 1 – Recover, 3 easy runs. (If this makes any sense…)

This, I assume, recovers your body from whatever regular running week you usually complete.  Lets your body repair and re-energise itself before starting into a Build Week.

My Last Run for this week will actually not be so ‘easy’.  I am doing a 15k Trail Run (Tauranga Trail Run) this Sunday, I will have to have a super relax in the beginning of Week 2.

What Half Marathon am I training for?

This one! – AMI Wellington Round the Bays.

I am super excited to have the opportunity/time to train for a Half.  My husband had his leave for this summer approved which means 9 consecutive weeks off.  I am taking my chances where I can get them!  I am going to run… far!

But lets rewind back to ‘I Just want to Run’.  Today we completed Day 1 of Week 8 C25k.  I think we were meant to complete Day 3 of Week 7, but Shell and I thought we might just skip and up the ante a little.

We did well, Shell did awesome!  We rocked out that 28 minutes like no body’s business!  Completing 4.7km, we are well on track for busting that 5k out in 30 mins no sweat!  Well a lot of sweat considering it is Summer Time!

There will be one more ‘IJW2R’ Run Day this week, and 2 next week – 1 of those being the Virtual 5k in support of our Graduation 5k!

These ladies have got it going on!  They inspire me, they impress me, I am glad to have helped 3 other women help reach a life goal!

I have plans to continue running with these ladies hopefully on a regular basis, at the very least once a week.

Onwards and Upwards for my 21.1k!

Race season is quickly approaching us here in NZ, what events are you planning on sinking your teeth into?  And if you are experiencing the Winter blues, how do you keep yourself motivated through the cold months?

Keep up the Pounding,

Jay 🙂

I Just want to Run – Week 7 almost done and dusted!

Things are getting super exciting!

Today we completed Day 2 Week 7!

c25k Day 2 Week 7

Boy did we hit that one out of the park!

25 minutes of continuous run at what I would think to be around 7.30 pace.

Today I got to run with Shell.  We had the opportunity along our run to talk about the Event that we have both entered next Sunday – Smith’s Sports Shoes Tauranga Trail Run.  The event is held to prodominatly raise funds for Tauranga Boys college Cross Country Team but also local schools have been given the opportunity to run Stalls out at the venue where 100% of their profits go back to their respective schools!
I am glad that the money helps support the locals!

Anywho, Shell talked about her abilities to be able to complete the 10km distance and had semi-doubts about how she would perform on the day.  I have also heard over the course of the last half of this c25k process, a few throw away comments from a few of the ladies about their own abilities to complete the full 5k, or other goals they have in mind.  And for once I am able to see how I behave with respect to my current goals and plans and how I perceive my own abilities – more over how others perceive my abilities.

I said to Shell time and time again today that from what I have noticed she will be fine.  I have also said to some of the other ladies that they are doing better than they think.  And me – I get it too, from my own running community – “you will be fine” “you can do it, easy!”.

Sometimes it is only when someone else believes in what you can achieve, can you begin to convince yourself that – well if they said I can, then I must be able to!  Sometimes you do need to be told that you are capable.

In my own case all it took was for one person to say that I could, and so I decided I would!  Call me crazy, call me easily influenced, I call it easy affirmation that then encourages my determination.  My need to get it done, what ever it takes!

We underestimate ourselves all the time, what we need to do is over-estimate and then do the work to get there!

Dream Big, Plan to win, Bust it out, Become a Beast!

It really is quite simple!

2 weeks from this exact day and we will be running our Graduation 5k.  I encourage you to participate!  Join our Virtual 5k in support, walk, run crawl!  If you can’t manage the 5, then do what you can!.
Any and all support is appreciated.  Plus you get to print out and wear this…

Virtual 5k Bib - Copy


My ladies will appreciate it!

Till next time,

Be awesome, Become a Beast!

Jay 🙂

Damn Arch’s! On Pimping the Beast!

So two days post 14k and my Arch’s are a bit niggly!


I am Rolling!  Rolling my Arch’s.  I have also spent a good amount of time with my legs in the air! lol

Every chance I get I am on my back elevating my feet.

Tomorrow I am going to run.

I follow the Expat Runner Blog written by the Irish Nomad.  She also suffers from Posterior Tibial Tendonitis.

On the advice from her Physio, she was ordered to run 15k!  So after some deep massage and ankle stretches off she went.

Tomorrow I will be following that same advice. Except not the “15k” bit ha!  Just an easy 5k for me, with or without the children.

Actually now that I think about it, last time that my arch pain flared up, I ran on it days later and it seemed to actually help it.  This Akmal (Expat Runners Physio) must be on to something!

Today consisted of some casual walks with the children, some baking, some gardening and cleaning the interior and exterior of the car.  Of course I am not just going to do nothing with my day, even though my feet are achey.

But I am wondering whether I will eventually need to seek some professional advice about my Arch’s.  They are starting to annoy me!  I may have to deal with an orthotic!

Unfortunately this will be my last ‘Pimping the Beast’ post.  I am still going to concentrate on losing that last 1.9kg, and keeping within my daily calories.  I will still be continuing to do a Leg day every week, and also my dates with Jillian for Ab’s.

I am just running out of time to do everything that needs to be done leading up to Christmas.  My children turn 2 in just 4 weeks – this requires an elaborate party! (We are not having any more children, so these birthday parties need to count! ha!), then we go away camping for a week and a half (yes, with 2 year old toddlers!), Back for Christmas, Then travelling for 3-4 hours for a 40th, then New years… all while training for a Half Marathon.

I am looking forward to every single mad moment of it!


What do you have planned for the rest of the year?  Any loose ends that need tidying up?  Any Mileage goals to meet before the New Year?  How about starting some training to come run the Wellington Round the Bays with me?

I’ll still be around, blogging my awesomeness, and not so awesomeness!

Still bringing the Beast,

Jay 🙂