Changing my focus!

Ok, first things first…

I have passed on my Rotorua Half marathon entry.  I did it without regret, and I actually feel relieved about it!

I know I could probably train haphazardly to be able to get to Race Day, but I wouldn’t be proud of a potentially poor result.

Lately it has a been a little bit ‘stress’ central in my house, so I am taking a load off and lessening the issues.

I have changed my focus to something more manageable.

I am going to chuck my Half Marathon plans for this year away.

Instead I am going to focus on improving my 5k and 10k times.  I want to get speedy!

This, I think will be a fair compromise, and at the same time will benefit in the long run.

When I think back…

…It wasn’t hard at all to train for a Half.  It was pretty straight forward, so there is no reason why I can’t do it again.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am dying a little on the inside, but I know it will only be a matter of time till I get back into those longer distances.  God that ‘High’ is addictive!

All I want to do right now is get my legs back to 100%.  I want to enjoy every run, not just the ones for events but the ones in between too!

And I want to get my shit together in every other aspect of my life, I guess this whole ‘Doing the Half, Not doing the Half’ issue has become the epitome of my life lately.  And I hate that!

Big decisions,

New Goals,

Less is more they say,

Keep runnin!

Jay 🙂

P.S. Totally bummed that I can’t be at Tarawera this month, even just to volunteer 😦  Will have to wait patiently for someone’s Race Report.

Also, Thanks to everyone who is supporting me, your kind words mean Smilyums! and that is a lot!!
Especially to Jared my hubby!  The one who knows I am a little bit crazy but loves me anyway – If I say that I want to do an Ultra one day he will be right along side me saying “Ok, what do ‘we’ need to do to make it happen”
Love ya babe!

Run long and Taper…

I did it!

I made it to my Taper!

I ran my longest distance ever ever this morning!

How do I feel you may ask?

F*&%ing AWESOME!

This morning, I got my ass out of bed at a hideously early time of the morning to run for 2 hours straight.

And that I did!

I ran 2 hours and 2 minutes a distance of 17k.

In that run I achieved a PR for my 5k at 33mins, and a PR for my 10k at 1hr 8mins.

09.02.2014 101

09.02.2014 102

I was glad to have covered a full 17k today, that leaves 4k of surprise time and effort.

As stupid as I felt, on completing my 17th k I smiled a ridiculously big smile all by myself in my little empty corner of the world.

Last weekend I ran for 1.5hours, and ended up with an almost strained hammy and glute.  This week I feel nothing but tired legs, no ouchy pain and overly tight muscles.

Ice Bath... The Ice never lasts long enough!! And now we feast!

Ice Bath… The Ice never lasts long enough!!
And now we feast!

The first half of the run seemed to fly by, like it was nothing.  A podcast on Chi running probably helped with keeping form in check, and then the next few k started to alert me to some muscle fatigue.  The last 2k was unreal.  My body couldn’t really make up its mind – every now and then I would get inklings of struggle, but then it would come right seconds later.  Mind transcendance really was a challenge at this point of the game.  My mind wanted to be present in my body, but I was doing my best to make it bugger off somewhere else.

And unlike last week where I felt terrible for the majority, the change in scenery and route meant that I watched the sunrise from 3 different angles as I effectively ran around almost half of my town.

My 2hr Run map, or what is left of it!

My 2hr Run map, or what is left of it!

I watched the world wake up this morning, and though I like to be selfish with my Ghost town Sunday mornings, I enjoyed seeing everything come to life as each kilometer crept up on me.  It really was something.

This brought week 12 to a close and I officially start my 2 weeks of Taper.

I missed 2 days of running this week, and I am glad I did.  Healing had been this weeks main focus.  Healing to get me to Sunday.  Smash out Sunday and then relax.  My plan worked and I am grateful that my ego didn’t get the better of me!

The next two weeks, as Taper suggests, are Recovery weeks.  I have a few short runs on Course Terrain and one last 1.5hour run next Sunday.

I feel ready, ready for that last 4k.  That is when everything is going to matter, that is when the true challenge of this thing is going to require everything I have.

I am excited, not so much nervous, more curious.  I have been grateful enough to not have race day nerves, I will be grateful again if I stick to my Race plan and not be all rookie and go out too fast too early.

So as I bring this post to a close, I want to mention the podcast that has seen me through every ‘long run’ I have had throughout the last 2-3months.  Running Long with Steve has been a lot of what has gotten me this far.  So in the words of the creator of Phedippidations

Run Long and Taper,

Jay 🙂

P.S. I turn 30 today – achieving 2 PR’s and a PB has been the best gift!  RUN! Just Run!

Check out that FROSTING!!!

Check out that FROSTING!!!

Ending Week 6 with an unofficial PR!

“Good luck on your run tomorrow”

“Thanks, but I don’t need luck, I just need not to die”

The goodbye conversation I had with an ex-flatmate upon leaving his Cocktail party at 8.30pm last night!!!

A runner through and through, leaving the party early after only having 1.5 drinks, with enough time to have a decent carb dinner for a long run in the the morning.

All went according to plan!

My plan didn’t include a PR, but I got one!

Week 6

Day One – 30 min Accelerations
Day Two – 40 min Hills (Threw up a little during this one.  I ate too close to run time. Not advised! ha!)
Day Three – 30 min Easy
Day Four – 70 min Hills

This week was a ‘Build’ week.  I can remember back a couple of months ago when I first started penning my plan to Calendar that I dreaded that 70 min Hill run.  I looked at what Week 6 had in store for me and I was wondering back then if I would make it.
I am glad to report that I did and with energy to spare.  I actually ran the entire distance, non-stop!
I am also happy to say that I enjoy the uphills more than the downhills!
How is that possible you may ask?

In the moment when you are willing your way up a stupidly big/steep/gravelly hill you are using your mind power to keep yourself going.  You know full well that your heart and legs can take it, it is just your mind telling you to take it easy, and that walking is allowed.
Funny thing is, that if you fight that thought or feeling enough times, that same hill becomes nothing.  It becomes conquered, it is crushed!
What you first thought was insurmountable is now a tribute to experience – I crushed you before ‘hill’, I will crush you again!
Once you get the hang of hills, not too many of them will frighten you again.

Hills always remind me of this picture…

And just to add a little more umph to it all, I did my hill run in the pouring down big ole fat rain at 6 am this morning.  I love running in a ghost town, it is my absolute favourite!

70 min Hills Deets WRTB Week 6 Day 4

To top it off I PR’ed my 10k time.

My 10k event – Mount Joggers 2013 10k run, I achieved an Official time of 1:11:43.  Today I knocked off almost a full minute and a half!

I ran my Nike app alongside, I like to get a fair idea on the difference in accuracy, it didn’t do too badly in the area I ran in.

PR 10k

I experienced a wee niggle of PTT (Posterior Tibialis Tendonitis) at the 7th k, but only lasted about 500 metres which was when I sorted out my form.  I also ran with my right knee strapped with KT tape, I have a a very minor case of runners knee.  All the jarring of down-hills and hard road/pavement have contributed to what I thought would be inevitable.  I will need to get in a few more trails to even it all out.  Other than that, I am still unscathed, this plan must be working a treat!

Week 7 is a ‘Recover’ week.  Backing into just the 3 days of running rather than 4.  It does include an 80 min Course Terrain run, which will give me a chance to try out a new nutrition item I have purchased.

Until then my amigos,

Go run/CRUSH some hills!

Jay 🙂

Pimping the Beast – 18.10.2013 Pimping the Distance!

I did it!

I registered for the 15k distance in the Tauranga Trail Run today.

I went into Smiths Sports Shoes today to get a second opinion on some shoes I bought a wee bit ago, I think they are some of the reason for why my foot is acting up.  I had a good perve on all of their shoes before registering for the event.  I was going to be a wuss and do the 10k because I knew the route well and I knew I could do quite well at it.

I have once before completed about 11k of the 15k route and I enjoyed it, but there are huge differences in difficulty, I will have to man up about it!

I am 6 weeks out from this event, so I plan to get in at least 3-4 runs on parts of the 15k route.  This option of the event runs over the Buffalo Girl Trail, I really enjoy it, but like I said it is tougher.

I have no idea what time I would be able to do this in, I guess this would be my benchmark.

I am doing this event with my Dad, he just bought some neat trail shoes yesterday, this would be our very first run together and he will be bringing his new kicks to the party!

So today I pimped out that 10k and turned it into 15…

How did you Pimp the Beast today?

Jay 🙂

My squiggly line

I am back on the “Loss’ville” train.  Got a wee bit more motivation going on at the moment, and am quite excited that I am only 13-14kg closer to being at my goal weight.
At the end of January I stopped going to WeightWatchers thinking that I would be fine to continue on my own using MyFitnessPal.  I had lost almost 15kg up to that point of my journey.  To date I have fluctuated up and down gaining 2-3kg and losing that same 2-3kg but never pushing down any lower than what I was at in Jan.

The last two weeks I have spent getting back down to that end of January weight and am ready to get serious all over again and start having a few more successes!  My Success line has been super super squiggly!!

Squiggly success
I have already made some good progress since the beginning of the Month.  A few buddies and I from the NZ MFP Facebook page have entered into a comp with ourselves to follow the 30 Day Squat, Crunches and Push-up’s challenges.  It is only Day 12 and I have already lost a combined total of 12cm’s from my Bust, Waist, Hips and Thighs!

It is so great to be working on it together, even at a distance.  We know that we are only accountable to ourselves, so if we are sneaky, we are only cheating ourselves.  I have found a bunch of really supportive friends with-in this group and I hope to celebrate many more successes with them.  It is all about getting active and getting healthy and more to the point – staying that way.

Right… update with The Ekiden Relay.

Can’t quite remember what I have said about it earlier on but I will give you full update on it now.
The Hi-Tec Inspired by Life Rotorua Ekiden Relay is a 42km route around Lake Rotorua, broken up into 6 small manageable chunks for groups of 3-6 to complete.  You can enter this as a Running or Walking team.
In our MFP FB group we have a team of each, 6 Runners and 6 Walkers.  Each leg of the race is a different distance ranging from 5-9km.
My distance is 7.9km, I am the 3rd Runner.
Also for my free t-shirt size, I put a size smaller, and I am doing my damnedest to be able to get into it and not look like a dick, so that is a wee bit more of a motivator.

Ekiden Race Map

I am super excited about this race, I will get to meet a lot of the super awesome people I have met through the FB group, finally put some names to faces and hopefully do our best to behave (In public, I guarantee nothing when we are not among the general public).
One of these super awesome people, namely Glenn Larsen – RiverCity Financial Services, is sponsoring some of the cost for accommodation, which we are super grateful for.  You can visit Glenn’s website here at
www.insure-me.co.nz.  If you are seeking some sound financial advice – Insurance, Home Loans, Finance, Budgeting etc. Glenn is your man!  Contact Glenn for your free Financial Consultation and Plan!

Glenn Larsen Insure me Logo
Glenn is also training for the Tarawera UltraMarathon next year!  He is such an inspiration to me, and I am sure to many others as well!

Aside from my new-found motivation with the challenges and Race in October, I realise that 12-13kg is a lot better than 30-35kg, which is what I started at.  I stopped looking at how far I had to go, and looked at how far I had already come.  I am 15kg lighter than I was post-babies, and my fitness is a shitload better.  I am not so tired and lethargic all the time, and I am more conscious of finding ways to be more active, and making better food choices.

I have had to do some re-evaluating when it comes to my fitness/race goals, but I am still going forward and still exceeding my own expectations all of the time.  I have stopped being sad about not being able to partake in events that I had planned for myself, and have instead re-focused on what I can do and what can be achieved within circumstances that I am in now!

Aside from trying to get a good time for my 7.9km leg of the Relay race, I am trying to better my 5k times – achieve a better 5k race pace.  I don’t have much choice but to run with my children a lot of the time, but I have made some huge improvements on that side of things.  My beginning average was around 55 minutes to complete the 5km loop that involved a hill with a 140ft increase in elevation over a 200 meter space.  I can now do this loop in 40-45 minutes, with an increase load of roughly 10-12kg!!
So I have found ways of keeping up a decent fitness level, not an ideal one, but one nonetheless!

I still have plans of doing the 15km trail run in late November with my dad.  We have never run together before, in fact I used to think he was a little bit crazy to run as much as he does.  Now I understand how crazy he is, and realise that in a Runners World, it is actual quite normal! ha!
My mum has also got back into running, which I am also super excited about.  She says to me that she can now do up to 4km, with her bung knees and often says that its not quite running.  I have told her it doesn’t matter if its 1km or 100km, she laces up, she kicks up into a jog, therefore she is a runner.  I suppose once upon a time I was that exact same person, I now know better.  Not to mention one of my sisters has lost upwards of 30kg and is now training to become a Personal Trainer.  It is a good time to be alive, I am super glad we are all living active lifestyles!

Anywho, today… rest day, turned into a 10km brisk walk, hope I sleep well enough to have fresh legs for a fast run tomorrow.

Re-finding my Beast, hope you are all on the Beast game too!

Jay 🙂

Those dreaded words…

“You might want to take a break from the running until Friday’ish”

Kill me now!!!

So you remember when I fell over last Tuesday…?
Yeah, well I think I did something to my lower back/hip.  Its not a nagging pain and doesn’t bother me unless I am running probably more than 5 km, or doing sit up’s.  The pain feels similar to that of when I was carrying the twins and had a twist in my lower back, so I am assuming I still have some muscle memory from that and things just kind of slid back into that twisty spot…if any of that makes any sense to you.
Anywho, what this means is that I had a visit to the Chiro yesterday after the very poor run on the Sunday just been.  The run felt super awkward and after around the 6th Kilometer I did more walking than running, meaning I only achieved 7.4km in the hour that I had allowed for the run.  Boo!!!
So off I went dragging my hopeful butt to see my Chiro to help me set myself straight.
After some clicking and some twisting there was the question from Matt…
“So what are your plans for this week?”
My reply – “I am guessing no running for a wee bit?”
Matt – “You might want to take a break from the running until Friday’ish, maybe if you feel up to it a casual flat run/walk on Wednesday, and then back to normal Friday”

My heart sank… and sank, and sank… visualizing in my head that stupid rock that I failed to run over top of and instead began an unsightly descent, knees meeting the ground.  Just the other day Jared and I had a conversation about if there ever came a day when I could no longer run…  he used the naughty B word to describe how my resulting mood would be.  He is right, and I would feel sorry for anyone who would have to suffer my wrath while I got over myself and learned to maybe swim instead.

But this short wee set back will not stop me, I will be back up and running in no time at all (well it will be no time at all for you – more like an eternity for me).  Then plans to carry on with my 10k progress will be back into full swing.  I am super excited about going for a Mount run this weekend too.  Even if it is in the rain, like my Sunday run was…

View out my bedroom window daunting but totally do-able
View outside | On a Jam Hunt

Drying Shoes | On a Jam HuntPost-Run = Drying Shoes

Drying Janine | On a Jam Hunt
Thank god or that roaring fire!

Today consisted on a small walk about 2.5km’s, I kept kidding with Jared trying to find reasons for me to kick up into a run… he wasn’t having it.  “What if you end up hurting yourself more and are off running for more than a week?!?!”
*Hanging my head* my response – “okay okay”

So the adjustments to my week mean an easy run tomorrow, a longer run Friday and a Mount Run Saturday/Sunday.

I hate taking breaks!  I hate breaking!!

Well I hope you all are having a Beast of a week, get active for me a little huh,

Jay 🙂

Carbs, Sugar and Poo!

Ok lets start off with the good news…

My weigh-in yesterday tells me I have lost 2.3kg!!!  Im pretty amped about that!  I am also starting to notice a difference in my core and leg strength due to all this Abs and Squat challenge business.  I am on to something good with that!  Consistency really is key!

Ok and now the crap news…

I have had a pretty stink last few days.  My good eating habits went AWOL (too much Carb action, and far too many sugary treats) , it probably went to where ever my ‘happy’ went.  Sunday was my eldest sons 11th birthday, who I have not seen since he was 4 years old.  He lives in Australia with his dad for reasons that are too lengthy and complicated to fit into this post, nor do I really want to spill, we will just leave it at that.  Anywho, I always get a bit emo around this time of year.  This year it seemed to last 3 whole days, but it is time to just get on with things and be happy about stuff!  I never like to be sad for too long anymore anyway, its a waste of life, and you only get to do life once!

As a result of the shit eating habits, I had a terrible run today, so terrible that when I went to log it on MyFitnessPal, it was considered a ‘WALK’, a very very brisk WALK is what I had to select as my speed *bigfatsaddyface*!!!
Just days before I had read a post by Colin over at UBERBEASTMODE, titled Improperly fueled bodies are the worst.  Was this not a sign to keep my shit together for Run day!?!?!

Nike Run App 11.06 | On a Jam Hunt
Meh enough of the Boo stuff, moving on quick smart, spent enough time on negativity… except I do need to express one last rant…

Attention all Dog Owners!!!  Clean up the God Damn Poo!!!  Seriously!! (Apologies for the pic of poo lol)

Poo on Boardwalk | On a Jam Hunt
As if I wasn’t already in a shithouse mood, I had to dodge poo all down the boardwalk. GARRR!!! (sorry mum for swearing)

Right, moving on…again lol

Ran past my rock I tripped over last week lol  and walked back past it on my way back…

Estuary Run Rock | On a Jam Hunt
Quite frustrating to see how much this rock ‘was not‘ sticking out of the ground, which means I was being more than lazy with picking up my knees for my run that day.

Also took this pic, the Estuary water looked so great on such a nice fine day!  My iPhone pic just doesn’t do it any justice.

Estuary Run 11.06 | On a Jam Hunt

I wish my run was just a great as the weather today, but I will just have to work on that when I have my next run day on Thursday.
I will be able to up my run days next week as the hubby is home, yay for free childcare!  I am so excited about this, I feel like 2 runs a week four days apart is just not enough to get me to where I want to be.  In between weather permitting I can wog (walk/jog)  with the children in stroller, but its winter time here, and I do not need sick children while home on my own!!  Besides they’re almost 10kg each, plus weight of stroller, urgh!  Its no easy feat!  But I will do it if it is my only option to get a run in.

Plan for the rest of this week….
1.  Stop being sad!
2.  Continue with logging on MFP
3.  Fuel myself properly for runs
4.  Keep on with my 10k App
5.  Be Awesome!

Apart from being amazingly awesome, I hope you all have some great plans for the remainder of your week, tomorrow is Hump Day!!

Be Awesome, Be Beast!!

Jay 🙂

One foot in front of the other…

…unless you fall over!

I fell over garr!!  I calculated it added a whole minute to my kilometer!!!  BOO!!

Banged up knee Hand scratches

I was having a really lazy run and I wasn’t lifting my feet high enough to dodge tripping on a big fat rock sticking out of the ground!
I have a feeling it was because I boosted so hard in the 4th kilometer, because maybe if I boosted harder it would somehow make the 15min straight run go quicker therefore getting to my 1 minute walk faster.  I must be high!!  What the heck right…idiot!

07.06.2013 076
See that little disgruntled “I got injured” face – yes that’s me!  More because I was wasting time, and less because I might have skinned my knees! oh and btw Add me on Nike+ Running – http://nikeplus.nike.com/plus/profile/Janine_Tutbury/

I did not have my ‘smart’ hat on today, and I paid.  Well I say I fell and am making it out to be all dramatic and bad, it wasn’t really, quite mild in fact and was wondering why I came off so lightly, no blood etc.
Amy and I ran on after dusting myself off, and 3-4 minutes later I told her we should have got a picture of the rock so I could blog it!!  Quietly thinking that if I had a picture of this rock, then people would know I didn’t just fall over my own feet ha!

I think I also spent too much time looking around the estuary and not enough time looking at the ground.  My mind set is if I spend too long running with my head down I get tired and feel like the run is going on for forever.  I tried not to look down too much lol  and I ass over! urgh!  Amy thinks it was a silly idea haha

Meh!  It didn’t stop me pushing on, and I was more worried about completing Week 10 – Day 2 of the Couch to 10k.  I feel I must complete this day again because I stuffed up.

Over all we completed the App in 7.5-8km.
Week 10 requires you to warm up for 5 mins, run for 15mins and walk for 1 min, repeating the walk and run 3 times, then another 5 min warm down.  Next week (week 11) requires a 17min run, 1 min walk, again repeating 3 times.

So far I have been surprised at my efforts on these runs using the app.  I usually have to stop to walk around 7 or 8 times, which isn’t really running a 10km lol.  Now this has been reduced to 3 or 4 times, and soon will be 2 or 3, then on to no stops!  Exciting!!
We will get there team!  And even though I realise this is a slow steady process, I always remember to appreciate how far I have come… Literally from the couch!!!

We will achieve that sub 1hour!!

Plenty tired today however we are on track for Calories in/Calories out and am feeling good!

Push on, Beast on,
Have a strong weekend Beasts!

Jay 🙂

Achieving the sub 1hour

My Butt hurts!  And this is why…

My next event is not for another 12 and a half weeks.  Another 10km run, and because I have a lengthy amount of time before I smash it, I thought it best to tackle it the smarter way, rather than just enter the event and hope for the best like I did the last one.
I have devised a triple threat plan.  A vague plan but a plan nonetheless!
1.  Get back on My Fitness Pal (MFP)!  Adjust settings and crack on to get to goal weight!

Today is my second day back at using MFP.  I initially started MFP roughly 9 months ago, I was successful in losing 12kg, then kind of hit a road block and lost focus early this February.  I have been on again off again since and really couldn’t find the motivation to keep on with it.  This Sunday just gone I found that motivation that I had lost with the completion of my 10km race.  It confirmed for me that I need to be lighter, I need to be faster!

Feel free to add me 🙂 http://www.myfitnesspal.com/jam_hunt

I also have my fitbit synced to MFP… http://www.fitbit.com/user/24YBWT


2.  Complete c210k properly, without skipping weeks/days to build up endurance

Five weeks ago I had decided I would opt for the 10km Race option rather than the 5km.
I didn’t follow any kind of training plan to be able to complete the entire 10km distance, I just increased the kilometers I ran over those 5 weeks until I had covered 10.  Whether or not I could run the entire 10km non-stop, I was going to do it anyway.
Ambitious, but silly really.  I couldn’t run non-stop and this frustrated me losing valuable seconds.
Thus, I will complete it properly day for day, week for week, repeating days/weeks if I have to, I want to nail it!  And once nailing the 10km, I work on speed!

Todays run was in Big Ole Fat Rain!
Rainy Trail
Can’t really see the rain in that pic lol but it was there.  An hour and a half later it was twice as dark and twice as heavy!  Lucky I went when I did!
I have also traded in the sunny’s for a beanie!  It also helped to keep rain out of the eyeballs lol
04.06.201 026
I really enjoyed todays run, I took it easy covering around 9.4km in an hour and 13 mintues.  In the cool conditions and empty trails I was comfortable enough to just focusing on the run – breathing, cadence and speed.  Relaxed and cruisey, but still pushing slightly into uncomfortable territory for the old aerobic system.

Podcast and Beast Tune/listening for the day over on my Beast Playlist.


3.  Add in some strength training to weekly regimen

I haven’t really done much strength training since I have started running, the closest thing I have done was completing the 30 Day Shred, which I owe a lot of my weight loss too.
For the moment I have no structured strenght training plan, I am just completing the June Ab challenge that I came across on the Running for Health and Fun FB page.  I am also completing the Squat challenge along side this.

Squat Challenge Ab Challenge
So with the accumulation of 165 squats over 3 days, plus two 9-10km runs with mixed terrain, gives me some valid excuse to have a sore butt!  But its a good sore, because I am 3 days closer to a stronger run!  Yay for Butt and Ab Rest day!
This plan will give me a month to figure out how I am going to get myself into something a bit more structured.

If this plan doesn’t help me to achieve that Sub 1 hour, I don’t know what will!  I am pretty sure Sub 1 hour is a realistic goal.

Next run day will be Friday, until then keeping to my MFP settings and getting a better butt and core with my Monthly challenges.

I am sure to get some positive results from all of this anyway.

Hope you all have some Beast plans to get your run stronger!

Beast on Y’all

Jay 🙂

Race Report: Mount Joggers 2013 10km Run

Woke up this morning from a really rested 7 hour sleep, What parent with twin toddlers gets that! ha!  I am one lucky mama!
Plain Bagel and a handful of grapes for breakkie and I was out the door with the Sister-in-law Kelly to drop children off and pick up Amy for today’s event.
All ready to go in our tried and true race day gear we were ready to make our very first timed 10km.
And just so we don’t attract to much attention to ourselves we wore this on the back of our shirts…

02.06.2013 080 02.06.2013 091

Kelly of course was still bitter toward me almost all the way to the venue, saying “you do this for fun?”  Me thinking – haha!  Doesn’t everybody?!
We Park up about 5 mins walk away and we head in to see Half marathoners finishing their last loop, I couldn’t wait to get started!
The venue was swarming with runners of all shapes and sizes, in it for a PR or for a fun run, the place alive with enthusiasm, all just as eager as I was.  At this point I wasn’t nervous, in fact the whole day I wasn’t nervous, I was just itching to get out there and do it.
5 minutes to start gun and we crowd around in the start lane.  5-4-3-2-1… the sea of people move more quickly than I had thought it would and we had past the start line with in seconds.  I could tell some took off too fast for 10km abilities, stopping to walk even before the 1km mark.
Amy and I had a plan, and we were keeping to our plan – a nice easy pace all the way to the 7th km, where we meet the Mount and get amongst the trail, then we would get some sprints in there for all the downhills!  Meanwhile Kelly had already buggered off up ahead, we saw her briefly at the beginning quickly weaving through the crowd making her way closer to the front pack.

The first 2km flew by quicker than we had planned, I guess the excitement of being among 400+ runners was just too much for us.  Just after 3km we met the turn around point and made our way back toward the start area which we had to pass through to get to the next part of the route.  As we move through the starting area and take a left down and around to the next straight, we see Kelly’s husband Caen and two kiddies waving furiously to anyone, not quite sure where Aunty Neenee was among all the other runners.
We approach the next turn around bay, boost round and head toward the Mount to do the last 3 or so k’s, both Amy and I still donning Cheshire Cat smiles at this point, so excited to get to the bit of the race we know so well.  “I can see it”, “Were almost there”, “To the last trailer”, “Yes! The last trailer!!!” – You had to be there to know what we were on about haha we do this, conversate about were we would slow it down, pick it up, go nuts and boost, haha we tag team!  I honestly don’t know how I would rate on a solo run, we just feed off of each other!

We meet the entrance to the Mount base walk way and we pretty much boost through past what I counted to be 7 runners in our race, the ones who peaked too soon and didn’t save anything for the Mount.  We start talking out our plan we had made for the Mount, Run here, walk this uphill, sprint this down hill, cruise this flat.  We met the 9km marker, our Nike Apps sounded metres after, “9 Kilometres, Time – 1 hour, 4 minutes…”  Amy – “Oh My God, did you hear that, 1 hour 4 minutes”…. We push on harder and faster, still following our plan, but with smiles 50 times bigger than they were at 7 k’s.
We meet the dreaded ‘Big Hill’, the one that I am sure all Mount runners solemnly sigh at knowing that they must get up it to get to the end, half marathoners twice so.  Its not a big hill, not a hugely steep hill, but after running 9km (for someone who only started the 10km distance 4 weeks ago) is a “Fuck this” moment – excuse the french!

We got to the top of that hill, Glenn’s voice in my head, “Use those Glutes”.  Eyes widen as we are heading for the home stretch of board walk, adorned on both sides with spectators.  That last 500 metres seems so easy to sprint across, so many strangers cheering their lungs out even though they don’t even know you from a bar of soap.  It was actually really great to hear as we didn’t have anyone there from our own families/friends cheering us on.

After pounding that boardwalk as fast as we could, giving everything we had left, Hi-fiving all the way down to the finish, We cross that line, we slow our pace, we find our bearings and we start going on about how much fun we just had, and incredibly great we feel.  It was like teen aged girls at sleepover, children who have had too much sugar, crazy drunk people at a sports game rooting for the winning team!  We were so filled with endorphin’s, it was over-flowing!

Race bib and R-Line

We grab some R-line and head toward Kelly who had finished the race at 54.53, She was a machine!  Even for someone who run’s purely to burn cals, I hope today she felt a little bit of we felt, the running for fun feeling!  Judging by her results today, she should be really proud of what she achieved, I can only hope to get sub-1 hour one day!

Mount Joggers 10km Kelly's Time

We clocked at 1.11, 5 whole minutes off of our best 10km, probably only the 4th or 5th 10km distance that we had ever run before, ha!  And even though my shinsplints came back to haunt me for the first 3 k’s, I loved every single minute second of it!

Mount Joggers 10km Result

I really can’t wait to get into my Half Marathon training, I can’t wait to get to my next event, I cant wait to heal up and go for my next run… I just can’t wait!

Next time I will have to get someone to take more pics, but there you go – My Race report.

Next event – Whangamata Run/Walk Festival August 31st.

Now for some Beast rest!

Jay 🙂