About me…

About Me…

After much contemplation and flirting with the idea of blogging, I thought ‘Funk it’, Im going to just do it. I am no professional at this, but I have time and an active imagination!
My name is Janine, and at this point of my life I am 28yrs old, Married as of 3 weeks ago (to Jared who has epic amounts of patience for me and my attitudes), have 10 Month old fraternal twins, I love doing a whole bunch of things – I have no preferred Niche, expanding my creativity, talking openly and forever trying to find things to hold my attention. I am not so much a project creator, or an avid planner, I just like stuff!
Recently finished my job as a Restaurant Manager which has contributed to my occasional OCD tendancies (however mostly groomed by my mother!!!) – but must say, helps keep some kind of sanity in my chaotic world!
You could say I am one like a million (not so much one in a million) – Experiances, Like/Hates, Views, Beliefs etc. I am not unique in this fact (here is me being a realist), but love to do my own thing, in my own way and always on my own time (If I can push my luck that far, ha!)

Hope you like my reads!!



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