Flirting with a halfy

Chiro:  So now you have had your first event, what are your plans now?

Me:  A 10km event, then train for a halfy.

Chiro:  How far are you running now?

Me:  About 10km give or take.

Chiro:  You could run a half marathon tomorrow you know, you would feel like shit afterwards, but you could do it.

Apparently I am structurally sound and my body knows what to do.  This comforts me, and excites me!  It is the most encouraging news I have heard in a while!  It got me thinking!

Yesterday I went to my 6 weekly Chiropractor appointment.  I have been going since not long after the twins were born.
Before carrying the twins I had never had problems with my hips, back or legs, after poppin them out, I had all three!
Today after some good weight loss, sensible running and eating less crap, I have none of those.  Woot!

And it is true, after this 10km event in June, I want to begin my training for a half marathon.
When I first started running, I never thought I would come this far, it was a means to an end, and that end was to reach pre-baby weight.  Now, after falling in love, there is no end, running is just my ‘thing’!  Weird I know, but cool all at the same time!

So far I am keeping to my training to prepare for my 10k event.  3 runs a week.  I can already run 10km, but not very fast, and not without walking for a some of it.  It has only just recently been that I could run 5km and not stop to walk, I am getting itchy feet and want to catch that 10km.
My first ever 10km run I did, I kept pausing my Nike app for the times that I stopped to stretch out or get water from a fountain, I did that run in 1hr16mins.  My last 10km including stops and walking some of the distance I did in 1hr32mins, I didnt pause it once, so that I could get an accurate account of my progress.  I believe I am not far from running the entire distance, or at least running almost all of it.  This to me is so cool!

Now I am not one to be all touchy feely emotional like, but the other day during my 10km estuary run I felt a strange kind of elation.  I am also not a religious person, but it felt very spiritual.  I don’t know if it was just runners high, or lack of air haha but it sure felt good and it definitely felt right!
This running thing just gets better and better!

I am about to go for a 12km trail run today, I will probably post about it tonight, 12km is a bit nuts for me, but I have been wanting to check out a few more of the trails out at the TECT Park.  This one is called Buffalo Girl Trail.  It is about a 10-15min jog from the main entrance of the TECT and is actually classed as a MTB track.  A company called Beyond Adventure Racing  have a few challenges on it for all levels of fitness.

Buffalo Girl Trail
Bad pic of the map, but you get the jist!

OH and I have chucked into this post a video from the Run for your Freakn Life, for your entertainment 🙂

I’ll let you know how my run goes today,

Hope you are doing something Amaze balls today!

Jay 🙂


    1. Thanks Marc! Was great to run with you on the weekend!
      And yup, I totally believe what you said about how much we give to a run, yet we are capable of so much more!
      I need to work with my mind game as much as the physical game!

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