Month: March 2014

Disappointment and Determination!

She stabbed me again!

Lucy, she got her needles out and went to town on my popliteus.

I think there is something about those after 4pm appointment spaces that make physiotherapists get all aggressive with ya!  In all honesty I know she is just doing what is necessary.

On top of a mighty chest infection that just doesn’t know when to quit, I have been keeping up with my calf raises to get my strength up in that area.

They are about the only thing I can manage at the moment – Strength exercises.  Anything to do with aerobic activity and my chest/breathing says ‘NO’ 😦

I have been struggling with my calf raises, if I am entirely honest.  For someone who has just completed a half marathon, my calf strength is hideous!  Actually, moreover, my leg strength is hideous!

And I am disappointed about it!

I was so strong in the first half of my 14 week training plan, my strength kinda tapered off as the long runs got longer and longer.  I think I was slightly delusional, thinking because my lungs could handle a 2 hour run, then surely my legs could too?


I am a little bit angry at myself for letting things get so weak, not keeping up with it all.  Almost a year and a half into it and I should know this by now!

So I am getting back into it now.

Legs and Core.

Lucy (my physiotherapist) also suggested getting back into the Bootcamps, and/or if I am motivated enough to start incorporating a few more explosive movements and exercises into some kind of strength routine.

I am really pissed off, hugely disappointed but entirely determined to get myself into tip top shape.

Its been long enough now, I need to take it a bit more seriously.

Can you tell that I love to run?


Off to ‘Map’ a long run, hubby is home this week 🙂

Dreaming of running,

Jay 🙂

P.S.  Small success, lost another 300 grams last week, total of 2.3kg whilst being on a more Paleo diet.  And it is sticking! Woot!


Adding insult to injury…

I didn’t run as planned yesterday. *Almighty Mega Sadfacing*!!!!

I tried my hardest to get myself organised to get out the door and drive to a flat area to run an Easy 5k.

Didn’t happen!

Around 3:30-4pm I started feeling a little tight in my chest, and a little drowsy.

I thought to myself – “A good run should sort me out”.  Yeah, I was wrong!

Around 4pm’ish I started getting all flustered and sweaty.  My body started clamming up and my head felt heavy.
I was battling dizzy spells and my increasingly difficult efforts to breathe.

I couldn’t be sick, I am not allowed to be sick, I need to run dammit!  I don’t have time for this Sh!t.

With my children fed and showered, it was just after 5pm and if I was to get my run in I had to leave soon.  Children were packed up ready to go, I had got into my Tech gear, struggling to get my socks over my clammy feet and tie shoe laces with shaky hands.  I tripped on the way to the front door and got a huge hot flush at the same time.  Chest tightening more.

Checking the Severity with Online Symptom checker haha

Checking the Severity with Online Symptom checker haha

I wasn’t going for a run that day.

And with that I put my children into bed, and myself as well.

I can’t remember the last time I felt that terrible!

Last minute appointment and visit with a Doc (not my usual – apparently he has Thursdays off, HOW FREEKING CONVENIENT!)  But got Dr Singh instead.

I told Dr Singh my happenings of yesterday, how I was sooo ready for a run but just couldn’t get there.  I was trying so hard to get there.

It also turns out that Dr Singh follows a diet similar to Paleo and RUNS! ha!

He recommended some 2XU compression socks for my enlarged calf (due to an extensive DVT years ago), prescribed some Antibiotics for a chest infection and sent me on my way!

So I am off running for a wee bit, If an injury isn’t keeping me from running, some kind of stupid sickness is!

Boo to it all!

I just want to Run!

Going Back to bed…

Jay 🙂 / 😦

Shit At least I wasn’t hit by a deer…

Oh and Happy International Happiness Day!!!

A more ‘Primal’ kind of life.

So as you could probably guess from the title, I have decided to try my hand at going…

Couply reason’s for my dietary change, I will explain these here…

1.  I was always tired!
As a stay at home with twins that sleep a full 10-12 hours at night, you would think that I had ample time to get that beauty sleep in.  I did/do.  Except I would wake up every morning after 7+ hours sleep feeling like I hadn’t slept a wink.  I couldn’t understand why I was feeling so lethargic throughout my entire day and even a midday nap would not change anything.

2.  Not getting enough of the good stuff.
My up and down and all around style of diet, while being able to get away with it during my Half Marathon training, was not going to be helping with a continued weight loss, a focus I had put on hold during my training.  I thought that this would be a way to force myself into getting more of the good stuff in, and less of the other stuff.

It seems my plan has worked, and has stuck!

In fact, it is probably one of the only changes I feel like I could keep and maintain.

Let me tell you why…

No more cravings! – Since starting a week and a half ago, I have not craved one morsel!  I am a cake eater from way back, but never had that thought crossed my mind.  I don’t have strong sugar cravings, and pastry was on my list of LURVES, but nope, none of that either!
I will say though, that the only thing that I crave is a ‘bread texture’ (not bread itself) in my nut breads as they end up being more like cake.

I have yet to feel hungry. – I probably don’t eat as much as I should, but most of this comes down to my organisation to get more paleo approved foods into me.  As they usually require some kind of preparation or cooking I find myself running out of time to get a bit more balance in there.  However, this has not led to me feeling hungry.  I eat and I get full and am good till the next meal.  No hunger pains in between like I have found with other dieting methods.  I am also 2+kg’s down from when I started transitioning the change.

Alert and energetic. – I can go my whole day without feeling lethargic and tired.  My concentration is better because I am not tried and I have become more productive because of this.

More freedom. – Before, in order to lose the weight I would count my calories religiously.  And while this did produce some good results in itself, I felt it restricted me to an extent.  I felt like I was always having to miss out on things and I often was left unsatisfied.  Yes, with a Paleo diet you are restricted as to what food groups you can eat, but I have not once ‘felt‘ restricted – I have not felt hungry and I have not craved.
I still log my foods as I go through out my day, but I listen more to what my body says than what the Calorie counter tells me.  I do this just to see what I am actually eating over the course of the day, and the app consolidates the nutritional information for me, so I know what to work on.
I eat as much or as little as I want and am still satisfied.

A physically clean feeling. – I cleaned out my pantry!  Mostly due to a small moth infestation meaning I had to throw out everything that was open.  These were mostly things that I could not continue to have on such a diet, so it was no big loss (except a monetary one).  Now my pantry is stocked with all the things we need and none of the things that we don’t.  I am a bit OCD in the fact that if my areas do not feel tidy, orderly and spacious I feel like my world is slightly (entirely) out of control.  It visually appeals and so I am naturally happier!

It is working for my kids. – They go down to sleep better.  I was struggling beforehand to get them to settle in a good bedtime routine, they would play another 1-2hours after I had said goodnight and shut the door.  Now when it is lights out, it literally is lights out.  They are also behaving better during the day, they don’t fight as much, and they play and investigate more.  Now as a mum of 2 year old toddlers, this is just F’ing amazing!

And so with the good, comes the not so good…

It does require a hefty load of planning! – Cutting out entire food groups means that you are restricted in what you eat.  Making things that taste good is usually the aim of the game, so when you do take those restricted foods out it does sometimes make things tricky.  But with some planning, research and careful thought it can work out fine and will eventually become habit.

You are restricted. – So, here are some good links to find out the do’s and don’ts of the paleo world.
An Ultimate Paleo GuideA simple straight forward paleo guide and a Paleo guide with a little humor thrown in.
I think you need to go into this change with an open mind, and slowly transition into it to make it stick.  Once you get the hang of it, you never feel like you actually miss out and you kind of feel rewarded intrinsically when making the better choices.

My children wont go full paleo. – Until a time where I have got things under control with my paleo diet unfortunatly there are some things that my children will still eat.  As I said before, it does take a lot of preparation to get it right and for the moment because it isnt entirely natural for me I tend to run out of time to try all the recipes to replace what they currently eat.

So… a few little tips for anyone thinking of trying it

PINTEREST!  Get one, and start pinning recipes, guides, tips, information, everything!  It is literally a life saver when it comes to normalising in a paleo world.

Research, Plan and Prepare.  You need to make time for this, seriously!  It may be a lot of time at the beginning, but it is an investment, and it will slowly get easier and quicker.  I plan my entire week on a chart making sure to cover every single meal.  It helps with grocery shopping, and you actually find that you can save money planning meals wisely.

Change your way of thinking.  For example, I am having a hard time replacing Bread with a more Paleo bread.  Instead, I have resorted to the fact that It wont happen, or wont happen to the same expectation you get from a normal slice of bread.  Instead change.  Change your meal concept, change your thoughts about if you really need bread, replace bread with something that isn’t bread at all.  Be open to change and be positive about it.

Transition into it.  As of yet, there are still small changes I need to make, but these changes are going to be easier for me to do because I am slowly phasing things out and introducing new things in.  You don’t do yourself any favours by going cold turkey, make it a positive change and not a resentful one!

Now if you have made it to the end of this post, I thank you!  I know it isn’t always an attention grabber when talking about diet, especially one that initially seems so radical.

I am not asking for everyone to go out there and try it.  If what you are doing is working for you, go hard with it, but if you are looking for a change, go ahead and try it.  It is the most natural thing once you get the hang of it, and I know if you just give it a stab, I am sure you will receive the same results as I have.

Thanks for reading,

And yup, I’m still running,

Jay 🙂

P.S. Finally added another song to my Beasty Playlist, go on over and have a look by clicking here!!!

Following the Tarawera Ultra like normal people follow the football!


In between Twitter and Facebook I am able to get some sort of picture of how everything is going over in Tarawera.

Still FOMO’ing about missing out this year, but seeing as Cyclone Lusi is about and the Ultra course has been cut short, this one would probably not be ideal as a first one anyway.

Here is what Paul Charteris, VTUM creator and race director, had to say about the crucial changes…

We have had to make a very tough decision for the 2014.

The race can now no longer proceed past the Okataina Lodge Aid Station and has been shortened to two distances: 65km or 55km.

The race will still start at the same place and at the same location.

The 55km distance will run all the way to Okataina Lodge on the existing course, turn around and continue back to Okareka. The finish-line will be where the Okareka Aid Station is at Boyes Beach.

For the 65km run. Just past the watertank (about 5km in to the run), you will make a right-hand turn (instead of going left as you normally would have on race day) and will do a loop through the Whakarewarewa Forest before returning back to the start again.

The start now becomes an Aid Station.

You’ll then run from the start to the water tank again and continue along the existing course to Okataina Lodge and then return to finish at Okareka.

This new loop is mainly forestry roads –with a little bit of single track as you descend back into the redwoods.

2 and 4-person relays are still possible. The first relay leg will be the new loop in the forest that returns back to the start. Leg 2 is to Okarea, Leg 3 to Okataina and Leg 4 is back to Okareka.

Runners that entered the 60k can now choose to do either the 55 or 65km run.

Pacers are now allowed to run from Okataina back to Okareka.

For the 55km course – continue to follow your runners as per usual to Okataina. After Okataina, come back to Okareka.

Buses will continue to be at Okataina. This now makes the 1km walk from the Outdoor education Centre to the Western Okataina walkway an attractive option since you can now see runners going both ways.

For 65km runners, all of the above applies. The start-line now becomes an attractive viewing option since you’ll see the runners come back past you – twice.

In the end this was a critical safety decision. There were two main reasons for this.
1. The chances of safe rescue from either Lake Okataina or Lake Tarawera was minimal.
2. We did not any runners entering a forest (due to tree danger) after 6pm since the danger of either tree or branch fall was significantly increased.

Paul Charteris
– Race Director.


Tough call, but better to be safe than sorry.

Follow @IRunFar on Twitter for up to the minute updates.

Stay tuned for more news 🙂

Jay 🙂

On a scale of 0-10,

My post-Dry Needling pain two sleeps later is at a rough 2, I would say 1, but I still have an inflamed popliteal cyst that needs more work!

Today was run day.

Again I stroller ran.

Hubby is out of the Country for another couply weeks, so I must push the wee wrigglebutts along with me.

The run was great, shaved a whole 2 minutes off of my time from Tuesdays run.  I got this Stroller Running thing in the bag I tell ya!

For the first time since having this injury, I can actually feel the cyst inside my leg.

I came about it while foam rolling after my run, I was moving up from my calves to do the Hammy’s when I felt a huge lump behind my knee and an achey pain when massaging over it.
I hadn’t rolled my legs out for a long time, so I had no idea what the cyst actually felt like.
Even when Lucy (My physio) worked it, it never did feel quite so hard and bulbous as it does today.

It isn’t causing me any pain whilst running, and I barely notice it during the day, it is just when I touch it or lie with legs out that I feel the ache.

I see Lucy again tomorrow, so we will see what other options there are to get it back to 100%.

Now that I know exactly what is going on with my injury and put a name to the actual issue, I thought I might google it to find out more.

Here are some things I found out about it…


  • A Baker cyst is swelling caused by fluid from the knee joint protruding to the back of the knee.
  • Baker cysts are common and can be caused by virtually any cause of joint swelling (arthritis).
  • A Baker cyst may not cause symptoms or be associated with knee pain and/or tightness behind the knee, especially when the knee is extended or fully flexed.
  • Baker cysts can rupture and become complicated by spread of fluid down the leg between the muscles of the calf (dissection).
  • Baker cysts can be treated with medications, joint aspiration and cortisone injection, and surgical operation, usually arthroscopic surgery.

Sorry what?  Cortisone injection, and surgical operation?!?!?!

Yeah not that keen!

Lets hope that the aspiration helps it before needing anything more serious.  I am not scared of needles, scalpels or any of that kind of thing, those things have all become pretty familiar since having a DVT years ago.  I just want it dealt with in a less invasive way if I can help it.

Plans for the weekend…

If the supposed storm lets up early (which by the looks of the forecast isn’t likely), I may get one more run in either Saturday or Sunday.  I am flirting with the idea of running long with the children if weather permits.

I also want to wish all my NZ buddies running in this years Tarawera Ultra (TUM) many fun filled, energetic, pain-free, beautiful scenic Miles on Saturday, and a wee special mention to SuperGenericGirl who’s blog I also follow – hope that injury holds up 🙂

I am so totally FOMO’ing about the TUM right now, totally wish I was there, even just to volunteer.  Would love to catch a glimpse of some of the greats that I have been following and some of the crazy local (NZ) characters I have already met in the flesh.  It is my dream to get amongst the action.
I will up in there hopefully next year in a team of four for relay.  GAH I WISH I WAS THERE THIS YEAR!


What are your plans this weekend?

Running long at all?

If you are, make sure to run a little extra for me 🙂 missing my long distances!

As always,

Be Beast,

and go Punch this weekend in the Face!

Jay 🙂



Much like torture!


Do I have a story for you!

Today I experienced something that I have never experienced before.

Dry Needling.

I dropped the kids off at Grandma’s and proceeded to the Physio today expecting to get a little more trigger point massage.

I got a lot more today.

I had seen acupuncture on TV before, in pictures etc, but never had I tried it.  From what I have read the difference between Dry Needling and Acupuncture is that Dry Needling techniques are not based on the flow of Chi or traditional Chinese medicine.  It is therefore just a practice where a needle is inserted into a trigger point.

The insertion of a needle into a trigger point causes the targeted muscle to relax.


Lucy, she popped this needle into the trigger point and proceeded to wriggle the thing around!!

Oh My Lordy!

I have to say… I swore a lot in such a small amount of time.  It was not something that I would say is a comfy procedure.  It actually hurt like a mutha!

I was not smiling like this lady!

I was not smiling like this lady!

It was actually the most unusual pain I have ever experienced ever, and that’s saying something coming from a lady who has pushed out twins naturally and had a doctor move babies around whilst still inside…TMI? Yeah I know ha!
I would liken it to torture.  Not that I have been tortured before, but I imagine that that is what it is like.

I actually sweated!  A lot!  I was bracing myself so much that my palms were wet and I was very hot!  I kept talking through the ‘wriggling’  to take my mind off of the muscles being forced to twitch and spasm around in my legs.  It felt like they were being scrambled inside of there!

So apparently the needle is wriggled around to create a whole bunch of tiny injuries that encourage a healing response.

I can confirm that.  A whole bunch of tiny injuries from a wriggly needle in the backs of my legs.  OUCH!

I came away from it feeling like I had just completed a tempo run.  I was out of breath, sweaty and swearing. ha!

I got home and from then till now have been waddling around, not like a penguin, but more like an ape haha!  Unable to extend my legs to a straightened position while walking/standing, without pain that is.

From what I have read the pain can last from a couple of hours to several days.  However I should expect an overall improvement once healed.

All I can say is that it was not that fun but I had an open mind to receiving such a procedure and if it helps to get me out on the road pain-free then I’m sold and would do it again in a heart beat.

So glad to have done my run this morning, a 4.3k with the children in tow.  Lucy said I should feel good enough to run on again on Thursday.  I look forward to it!

The things we do to run,

I must be an addict!

Resting up,

Jay 🙂

4.5 blissful Kilometres!

I ‘Stroller’ ran today!

Just so you know, I ran with two toddlers… And I didn’t quite look as Glamorous as Gwen!

By that, I mean ran with my kids in the stroller.

And it was awesome!

I wish I had more time to do more, but I guess as I said in my last post, Less is More!

My kids plus Stroller are pretty close to 30kg I reckon, so it was no easy feat to bust my buttocks up hills!  But I did it, and it felt awesome!

Everything about my run was awesome!  Mostly the NO PAIN bit!

I ran at a faster pace than I usually do with the stroller knowing that I would only get in a short one.  It was actually quite comfortable, slightly breathless, but comfy.

And I got this…

07.03.2014 019

I clocked over 1000 Nike Kilometres!  I have actually run a fair bit more than this using Garmin only, but to be reminded that I have covered this distance is pretty darn choice!

I also visited the Physio too.  Bureta Physio

Who did a bit of trigger point/Deep Tissue massage for me in my Popliteal area

Good News!

No long term damage, a very manageable injury, a bit of massage, stretching and strengthening and I should be Tip Top again.

Semi-Bad News

It is not something that will just go away without physio treatment.  So I couldn’t just ‘rest’ my way to being better.  A slightly unexpected expense, but better to have it dealt with, than not be able to run awesomely asap!

I have been given some homework to do to rehab things and promote quicker strengthening and healing.  I am stoked that I didn’t just put it off because I had a really good run this morning, the thought had crossed my mind.
Got to do the right thing for my body!

Things are looking up!  And I am looking forward to sinking my teeth into a 5k or 10k as soon as my legs allow!

Feeling good,

and Still Running!

Definitely got a Crush on Running!

Jay 🙂

Changing my focus!

Ok, first things first…

I have passed on my Rotorua Half marathon entry.  I did it without regret, and I actually feel relieved about it!

I know I could probably train haphazardly to be able to get to Race Day, but I wouldn’t be proud of a potentially poor result.

Lately it has a been a little bit ‘stress’ central in my house, so I am taking a load off and lessening the issues.

I have changed my focus to something more manageable.

I am going to chuck my Half Marathon plans for this year away.

Instead I am going to focus on improving my 5k and 10k times.  I want to get speedy!

This, I think will be a fair compromise, and at the same time will benefit in the long run.

When I think back…

…It wasn’t hard at all to train for a Half.  It was pretty straight forward, so there is no reason why I can’t do it again.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am dying a little on the inside, but I know it will only be a matter of time till I get back into those longer distances.  God that ‘High’ is addictive!

All I want to do right now is get my legs back to 100%.  I want to enjoy every run, not just the ones for events but the ones in between too!

And I want to get my shit together in every other aspect of my life, I guess this whole ‘Doing the Half, Not doing the Half’ issue has become the epitome of my life lately.  And I hate that!

Big decisions,

New Goals,

Less is more they say,

Keep runnin!

Jay 🙂

P.S. Totally bummed that I can’t be at Tarawera this month, even just to volunteer 😦  Will have to wait patiently for someone’s Race Report.

Also, Thanks to everyone who is supporting me, your kind words mean Smilyums! and that is a lot!!
Especially to Jared my hubby!  The one who knows I am a little bit crazy but loves me anyway – If I say that I want to do an Ultra one day he will be right along side me saying “Ok, what do ‘we’ need to do to make it happen”
Love ya babe!