Month: September 2013

I am officially OVERWEIGHT!

Now, in any normal situation this would be a cause for concern!

But for me quite the opposite.

This morning I stepped out of what would be medically termed “obese” and stepped into “overweight”ville!

30.09.2013 049

Weigh in day today had me jumping up and down like a tween’aged girl, on the inside that is.  It is funny because what I feel inside, more often than not is not what I express on the outside.  When it comes to my weight I kind of have that feeling like I need to wait till the next good loss before I can get excited about the last one.  In my mind it only means something if I have beaten it and celebrating prematurely can often leave me with guilt if I go backwards again.

Any who, you may have read in early posts that I kicked my 6 month plateau just recently, I have once again worked to get the scales heading in a downward movement.  And I am feeling good!

The last scale reading had me at 77kg.  Today’s read 76.2kg.  I am going to have to keep challenging myself.

30.09.2013 052

I do have a lot of my MyFitnessPal friends to thank for my continued motivation and loss.  Us NZ users of MFP have a private Facebook group where we bounce ideas off each other, congratulate each other, console and motivate, listen and talk.  I have never met a more supportive bunch of people as these.  We are in something challenging together and we celebrate victory together!

This week I have no major changes to my plans.  My running group is in full swing now, all the ladies are doing so well.
My Intermittent Fasting is going well, I hardly notice it as 16:8 (16 hour fast, 8 hour feeding window) has become normal routine in my house.  I am eating a lot cleaner these days, when I do my shop I do my best to avoid things that come out of the center isles.  My children are also reaping the benefits of a cleaner diet.  For a wee bit there I was feeding them a lot of processed ‘out of the box’ kind of foods purely for convenience.  They are learning that they get exactly what mum eats, which means less sugar, more veg, less fat – more goodness!

All in all, what I am doing to achieve what I have is all sensible and simple.  Keeping to my calorie allowance, eating more of the good stuff, less of the shit stuff and regular exercise.  It is not rocket science, it is just stuff that makes sense.  My hope is that it sticks, I don’t want to go back!

Roll on for another good week,

Happy Monday everyone,

Jay 🙂

I Just want to Run – Week 2

Door Step | On a Jam Hunt BlogThis is what my door step is looking like 3 mornings a week.  And then there are the vehicles in the drive and the car seats in those vehicles.  We are a very happening group!

Week two although being a bit wishy washy bought forth some great improvements.  Even after just 1 week both pace and distance improved slightly.  Distances increasing from an average of 3.5k to 3.8k.  Almost a full 2 minutes increase in pace on the majority of the runs.  So even though our structure was rocked a little, we still made good progress!

What was it that rocked our structure?
A little bit of confusion within the group.  Wont go in to too much detail, but to lessen or eliminate the confusion, I came up with Runner Etiquette for our group.  Most of it is the usual practices/guidelines followed by the World wide Running community.  I also threw a little spin on a few points to cater it to our group.

Let me tell you, even though it is just a group, not a club, not an organisation, Leadership does play a key role. There still needs to be that one driving force among the team to show the way and I have also learnt that even though we are all adults and can follow instruction, there still needs to be systems and processes put in place to ensure progress.
Seems weird to have to run my group like it were a business.  Not overly the effect I was going for, but it is necessary.  So I have appointed another leader to help enforce this with in the group.  As I said we are split into two groups – One run, One child mind and then swap.  I chose my friend and ex-colleague Aimee.  We had exactly the same role in our professional lives so have similar skill sets when it comes to organisation and leadership.  We think alike, problem solved, it works.

As Week two was a bit all over the place – Running a group of Week 1 people (due to a number of new people joining) and a Group of week 2 people, I have made the decision to start everyone off next week on the same level re-doing Week 2 together.  I’ll also be splitting the group into Pace groups so that those who want to keep it steady and manageable will cruise in one group.  Then the others who would like to ramp it up a little more and feel a bit more challenged will make up the other.
It was nice to have the two weeks to observe each individuals abilities.  Even though I have said that it is ‘just a group’  I do still feel responsible for each persons progress, I want them all to succeed!

So as we move on to Week 2 Take 2, I am really looking forward to feeling that burn in my chest again, something that I have missed with my running, that feeling of my own progress being pushed along with these ladies, its going to be a cracker!

I am feeling re-energised after my running efforts from this week, and I am excited for what is to come with the remaining quarter of this year.  The worlds a lighter and brighter place with running (even though it doesn’t always feel like it at the time ha!)

Keep up the pounding!

Jay 🙂

You know you’re a runner when…

…you describe the supermarket as being 7.4k away from your home.  This from my friend Glenn 🙂

Today I endured 3 short runs, more like Wogs (Walk/Jog) really, but felt amazing anyway!

After running the “I just want to Run” group this morning of which was about 3.8k, I had time to spare before having to get in the car and drive a little over 100km to pick up a Bike trainer I had bought, and also to catch up with my friend Glenn.
And what to do with spare (child-free) time but to run some more.  Right now I wont go too much into it, but I had planned to do two 5k runs both in different areas of Tauranga.  Both ended up being a lot less than I had first envisioned.  The first of these two was 4.2 and the second was 3.8.  I just kept running out of continuous path/trail/road to run.  I was also clock watching.
This was slightly disappointing to not be able to find some good continuous routes to run purely because there was a reason I was running them (still secret squirrels on that one!).  But the running and scenery itself felt so great.  I was glad to be back out, running mostly for the sake of running!  There wasn’t anything else I would rather do with that time!

All in all I covered a total of 11.8k, which isn’t bad considering I have been flirting with 4k runs for the last 2 weeks and at max have only completed one 5k in a very long time!
Anyway numbers aside, I am looking forward to telling you why I ran these extra routes very soon!  Just not right now 🙂

I bought the indoor bike trainer on online auction, I bought it because I have plans of starting my training for a Half Marathon in Dec (AMI Wellington Round the Bays Half Marathon), and because of my unique situation – I can’t always get out to train in the time leading up to mid-Dec.
I also met up with friend Glenn, we had a great catch up – talking about great times to come.  In exactly 2 weeks in fact!  The Ekiden Relay in Rotorua.  Its going to be super exciting!

I have mentioned in posts before, Glenn is training for the Tarawera Ultramarathon next March.  He is truly an inspiration to me!  Always encouraging and super helpful in regards to my training.  He let me borrow a book of his ‘Complete or Compete Half Marathon’ by Jon Ackland.  I am excited to get into it!  I do realise that I need to bring my fitness and mileage up significantly before even attempting the Training Plan I have acquired.

I also just realised that the distance I drove to get to Hamilton to see Glenn was just over the distance that he will be running next year. AMAZING!
One day I will be doing this!  Even if it kills me!  Well no, not even if it kills me, but something to the same effect – without the dying!

Pics from my beautiful runs today…  The Lakes and Gordon-Carmichael Reserve

The Lakes Stairs | On a Jam Hunt Blog The Lakes | On a Jam Hunt Blog Gordon-Carmichael Reserve | On a Jam Hunt Blog

I know this post is a mish mash of thoughts, feelings and words.  I just needed to put down in a round about way how good I feel about running right now!

You know you’re a runner when – your idea of a great day is putting on foot in front of the other… with some pace on it!

Have a Beast of a weekend!

Jay 🙂

P.S.  My mum just told me that she is starting to enjoy her running too, Love you mum, Proud of you! xo

I Just Want to Run – Week 1

I told my people I would sum up our weeks via my blog.  I have got to tell ya, running for yourself is fulfilling in its own right, but running for others really feeds my soul!

We are six mamas so far, all with wee ones roughly around the same age, go figure!
We are all at differing levels of fitness ranging from – Haven’t run ever, all the way to Ran before I got pregnant and then life happened!

The consensus from this past week is that the group is a great idea.  I am glad to be in a position where I can give others this opportunity.  The chance to run!

Week one started off slow and steady.  A 5 min brisk walk for warm up, 60 sec Jog then 90 sec walk for a total of 20 mins, then a 5 min warm down walk.
These ladies have surprised me!  I think back to when I first gave c25k a pop, I felt like I was dying and thought that running was just not for me.  I see that these ladies don’t have these same feelings, their dying has been replaced with excitement and endorphin’s, I am slightly jealous at their enthusiasm haha  unless of course they secretly die on the inside, sneaky!
Each and every person that has given it a go has my up most respect.  It is not easy to commit to this kind of change, especially when it seems that in the scheme of things just as I said before, life happens, things get in the way, there are plenty of excuses to adopt and convince yourself of, there are plenty of reasons for why you just couldn’t find the time, and there is always that nervousness in your gut that plagues you with thoughts of “I’ll do it tomorrow”.  These ladies, these runners have chosen to “do it today!”

Here is our progress so far…  (The September results only – 2 groups at 3 runs each)

22.09.2013 074

You can see where there is a slight jump in the second to last run – I didn’t hear the ‘halfway’ being announced so we just kept running.  We covered almost 6km in that run, I had stopped it just after the 5km mark sounded but My friend Melissa recorded it to be 5.9km.  It was a taxing day for this group, but they had the weekend to recover, I promised it wouldn’t happen again haha

I estimate that we will build this up closer to the 4km mark in week 2 where we crank it up to 90 sec jogging, 2 mins walking.

I plan to also run week 1 of the programme again next week (My friend Melissa will take week 2, I will hang out with the Week 1’s) for those who are not comfortable with moving on to the second week and for any new comers. I have advertised in the paper my group until the end of September.

I want to make this experience enjoyable and not forceful.  I go at the slowest persons pace, not my own, that’s how you convince them to make it a life long habit, not a short term stint.  I have to constantly remind myself that this, in the short term is not for me, but for them.  Once we are all comfortably running a non-stop 5k, it will be business time!

I just want to run Ad | On a Jam Hunt

This is only Week One, I must do my best to keep the group committed to the full 8-10 weeks.  I try to give tips along the way – all the stuff I wish somebody had told me way back then.  I tell them I am not a professional, but I am a runner, and if it has worked for me then I think it is worth a try.  Always suggestions, never forceful.

Week 2 starts tomorrow, and I am excited!  I hope to see some new faces, and all of our current runners.

Will keep updating, I hope more people are inspired to give the gift of running, I had a lady email me today that she was interested in our group yet she lived to far away.  She is now starting up her own group, I think this is so great!  I am infectious!  In a good way of course ha!

I could go on about some more other exciting news that I have, but I will leave that for another post.

Beast on Runners, Beast on Beasts!

Jay 🙂

A secret behind my madness

Straight from the horses mouth… there are other motives secretly in place, they just don’t know it yet!

We are just one sleep away from the start date of the “I Just want to Run” Running group that I have organised and I am looking forward to it with all my being!
It has been what feels like an age since I have had a solo run (without children) and it seems this beginners 5k programme will benefit me just as much as the actual beginners.

My group so far consists of people who are looking to get fit, perhaps lose some weight and there have been comments floating around about bikini’s for summer.  I can help them with all of these things.  If they just stay committed, even when it gets hard, they will fulfill what they set out to achieve in partaking in this challenge.

In the back of my mind, the whole time I have pondered the idea of starting such a group, I have had thoughts and hopes that any who complete the full 8-10 weeks will see that there is more to running than weight loss, bikinis in summer and fitness.

Secretly I hope that these people find the ‘Magic’ that I found not too long ago.
I really wish for them to experience Runners High and find that there is more beyond the obligated pounding.

To want to Want to go out for a ‘quick 5k’ or so.

To crave the exhausted endorphic feeling you get minutes after finishing your longest/hardest run.

To experience what it feels like to cross a finish line where many before and after you have that one same goal – to finish.

To put on your running shoes, lace up and just head out because that is just ‘what you do’.

To feel that sweet spot  in your run where everything just starts to feel so effortless, your body on auto-pilot gliding you over ground, right at that exact point that you look up and around and realise how beautiful the world is right here right now.

To be able to look at any route, path, hill, terrain and know that you will conquer it whether or not it kills you, resulting in the badass smug feeling you get once you have.

To mentally schedule your run at the exact time that you plan to be among the best weather – the perfect sun set, the slowly dimming daylight, or the rising warmth during a crisp morning.

To know what it feels like to talk to a non-believer, and the differences between you and that person – you gave it a go, you are a Runner.

To have just completed a run and then suddenly see your life, the world, everything in such finite clarity.

To realise that when you run, it is not the act of doing, but the act of being, you have always been born to do this, it just took you some time to find that out.

I know this may be way overly deep, and to those who have not yet experienced it may think it to be crazy mumbo jumbo, those too where my thoughts some many months ago.  The difference is that now I know it all comes down to giving it a go and holding on till it feels right.  Even when you feel like chucking it in, your body aching with muscle pain and your chest burning beyond your comfort threshold.

Just wait and see, be patient, do the work.

You will soon find limits you thought you never had, I promise you!

Jay 🙂

Leaving my plateau

I am back on the downward movement.  Downward as in weight loss.
I haven’t really had much loss since the end of January until now.

To get myself going again I started some Intermittent Fasting (16:8) where I consume my daily calories inside of an 8 hour window and Fast for the remaining hours of the day.  My ‘feeding window’ I have set for myself is 9am-5pm.  I find this to be the most manageable 8 hour block to ensure I don’t get crazy uncomfortably hungry and also to get myself used to discontinuing my late night snacking.
Over the last week I have lost 900 grams which I am super happy about.
I plan to continue my fasting for the remainder of this week and then back to a regular routine of diet and exercise next week.

I never intended for it to be a long term thing, just something to get the ball rolling.
I can’t be certain that this loss is the direct result of the fasting, or just that I have managed to keep within my calorie goals, the combination of the two I think.

We are one week away from the start date of my Running Group. Super excited about this too!  It would be great to have a few more people running alongside me more regularly.  I usually prefer to run alone so I can concentrate more on what I am doing and just enjoy my ‘solo’ time, but I am actually looking forward to grooming more running addicts, more people should be experiencing this running buzz, and in general should be more active!

Anyway that is about it for tonight, a great loss, and a shift from a difficult plateau!

Have a strong week,

Jay 🙂


Excuses | On a Jam Hunt Blog
If you have been around my Blog a few times, then you would know that I love Running.  You would know that I get sad when I can’t, and I feel awesome when I do – usually because I am telling you all about it!
For a while I haven’t been able to run on my own without the children.  And it has been a real bummer!  I actually visited a very ugly funk because of it!
I am sick of feeling that way!

excuse-funny-quotes-favim-com-581109 excuses  no-excuses

Also, you know that Runners Jealousy…
Lots of my Running friends were out doing all sorts of cool stuff, while I was over here being all like inactive, sedentary and stuff!  Plus once you have had a taste of that “Runners High” its very hard to go back!
And then I came across a few stories about others overcoming odds, and people who with similar circumstances, were out there getting their awesome on.  I wanted to be Awesom(er again)!
So I dropped the excuses, and came up with a plan around it!  There is no way that I am going to quit just because things got a little hard.
I would make a wee group of beginners, and start running.  Together we would work our way up to running a non-stop 5k and then hopefully move on to work on a 10k (or as much running as we could fit into a 1 hour slot).

My plan is to invite anyone and everyone to come along, but especially mums who are in a similar position as I am – no childcare to be able to work out, because there shouldn’t be reasons for why we can’t workout!
The mums would take turns minding each others children, and everyone would get a chance to go out.  In a round-about way I am using these people lol  but they are using me in the exact same way ha!
I have also suggested a Graduation 5k Run – a Color Run in early January of next year.  A fun way to celebrate the awesome work everyone has done in getting themselves to complete a full 5k.

This all starts in exactly 2 weeks, I am super super excited!
I can’t wait to meet all the new people, I can’t wait to get active with all the people I know, I really just cannot wait to Run!  My groups name will tell you that – “I Just want to Run” – click here to see more of what I am talking about 🙂

Maybe I want to help inspire people to be more active, maybe I want to be that person that makes things possible, but like I said before, I really just want to run… Nuff Said!

And just quickly, I want you to meet someone…

She is my Aunty Averalle.  Last Wednesday morning I got a call from her.  She was letting me know that she had just finished Day 1, Week 1 of the c25k running program.  She rang to tell me that she almost died, but that she really enjoyed it.
The thing is, My Aunty, she is 60 years old and has just recently had a hip replacement.  She is what I would call a no excuses type of lady!
The reason why I suggested she do the c25k app was because she mentioned that she wasn’t looking forward to the ‘running’ leg of the Iron Maori Duathlon she has coming up real soon.  She was quite happy about the biking leg, saying that she had just had her bike fitted for her and has completed the 20k biking distance before, but was nervous about the running, 5k before the bike and 2.5k after the bike.
Knowing my Aunty, she will complete the c25k, she doesn’t muck around, if you grew up with my family, you would know this about her, the women in my family are quite strong-willed!
Not only does she have all this on her plate, she would quite happily cream you in a game of squash!  Don’t muck around with Aunty, she will take you down town!

I hope this post inspires you to look at your own excuses, and see how you can turn some of these into successes.

Get your Beast on!  No Excuses!

Jay 🙂