Beast Must do’s

This is an overall bucket list of things I would really love to do, and will more than likely tick off!  I am pretty determined to achieve the majority of them, but some I know may only be dreams (i.e. comes down to available funds).
Will post pics of things I actually complete as I go 🙂

The First 100

1.  Tough Mudder!  This is the reason for me actually putting down a list.  Check out it out here.  I am literally chopping at the bit to start some training for this!

2.  Travel to India

3.  Take my Children to Disney world

4.  Own a dog

5.  Learn to knit

6.  Become a collector of something

7.  Complete a wine/brewery tour with Jared

8.  Take up Yoga

9.  Bungee!

10.  Have a bedroom with a fireplace

11.  Enter a Giant Pumpkin growing competition

12.  Go on a cruise

13.  Plan and complete a 365day Challenge

14.  Visit 2 natural wonders

15.  Visit 2 man made wonders

16.  Visit 2 famous monuments

17.  Drink an expensive bottleof Champers with Jared

18.  Eat fish I have caught

19.  Decorate the entire house for christmas with my children

20.  Try these cocktails from a bar, i.e. pay for them, not make myself – Mojito, Pina Colada, Margarita, Martini, Cosmo, Maitai, Cuba Libre and Manhattan.
Drinks Syndicate BarPina Colada – Syndicate Bar

21.  Tandam Skydive

22.  Create wedding vows for 10th anniversary, seeing as we never had an actual wedding

23.  Own a “Little black dress”

24.  Write my younger self a Letter about life

25.  Write myself a letter to read when I am 50

26.  Write my children a letter about life, about what I have learnt, and things they should know

27.  Learn to make Tiramisu properly

28.  Take my children Trick Or Treating all dressed up, even though Jared doesn’t believe in Halloween

29.  Eat at 5 different Restaurants in 5 different countries

30.  Book and use a Honeymoon suite, even if it is not for a Honeymoon or special occasion

31.  Have an actual Honeymoon

32.  Help Jared with Reno in every room of any house we may own

33.  Own a power suit

34.  Train my body to do the splits

35.  Ride on an elephant

36.  Create a family Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Ritual

37.  Travel to Japan

38.  5k Run on road & off road
12.05.2013 031
5km Offroad Race – Run For your Freakn Life – Race report here

39.  10k Run on road & off road
Race bib and R-Line
Mount Jogger 10km Run/Road race June 2013 – Race report here

40.  Do a Colour Run

2014 Auckland ColorRun New Zealand – Race Report here!

41.  Attend another Mardi Gras or Carnival

42.  Participate in Geocaching

43.  Celebrate New Years with Jared for the first time – we have never done this ever before in the almost 3 years that we have been together!!!

44.  Tip a hefty amount of money for excellent service

45.  Pass on a favourite recipe to my children

46.  Do the 40hour Famine and get atleast 10 sponsers

47.  Finish a jigsaw puzzle with over 2000 pieces

48.  Go on a Hawaiian Vacation

49.  See a Cirque Du Soleil Show

50.  Start a small business

51.  Make a documentary or short film, even if its just for fun

52.  Join/do work for a charity

53.  Eat an “Indian Hot” Curry

54.  Throw someone a surprise party

55.  Make Smores with my children

56.  Get a Psychic Reading

57.  Sell something/a product for profit

58.  Keep a greenhouse

59.  Learn to make candles

60.  Complete a photography List

61.  Own a house with a formal dining room

62.  Have “High Tea”

63.  Sleep in a castle

64.  Start a meaningful heirloom for both my children

65.  Ride at least 5 RollarCoasters from 5 different Parks

66.  Have a Mancave for Jared

67.  Learn how to change a Tyre on Jareds Car

68.  Learn how to use Jumper Leads

69.  Finally attend a Rave with Rhonda my BFF

70.  Teach my children Manners

71.  Carry on a Family Tradition, Start a Family Tradition

72.  Grow a Bonsai Tree

73.  Attend a Reunion with all my MGC’s

74.  Try a New Beer every year

75.  Give all my neighbours Xmas Gifts every year

76.  Own a very expensive dress/Pair of shoes/Accessory

77.  Teach my children to make at least 5 Meals

78.  Write a Will

79.  Visit a chocolate factory

80.  Try Baklava

81.  Win over $1000 in the lottery

82.  Watch Fireworks over Sydney Harbour on New Years

83.  Attend a Wedding of another culture

84.  Keep a Herb Garden of at least 10 Herbs

85.  Have a house in the country

86.  Have a Treehouse for my children

87.  Start a List of all my Favourite Quotes

88.  Travel to Thailand

89.  Try Blood Pudding
Jay Vs Blood Pudding Jay Vs Blood Pudding

90.  Have “The Talk” with my children

91.  Attend a Murder Mystery Dinner

92.  Have at least 4 different fruit trees

93.  Learn to cook an authentic Cultural Dish

94.  Be a positive Role Model to all of my children

95.  Have atleast 2 indoor plants…and don’t let them die

96.  Fly First Class

97.  Own a house with a Guest Bedroom

98.  Travel to BoraBora and stay in an Overwater Bungalow

99. Help someone else fulfill one of their own Life Goals

100.  Watch a Sunset and a Sunrise with Jared… Cheesy I know lol


  1. I am so going to have to do this myself, a lot of great things to do. Have fun marking them off and I can’t wait to see the photos of you in Tough Mudder.

    1. Yeah, I pretty much have planned my life around this thing now lol no room for mediocrity here! And I have a year to train for the Mudder, But I really cant wait!!! 🙂

    1. Yup, hopefully I can scrape enough funds/bribe enough people to help me pay for all my events lol next year is going to be expensive! But I’m going to look so freeking good!

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