Runners Itch and an unexpected turn!

Now I don’t mean as in the kind you just gotta scratch.  I mean the feeling you get when you crave a run.  I had that today.  When you aren’t planning on a run, but you feel your shoes burning a hole in your soul, or you look at the watch and think to yourself “Can I fit in a quick 5k”, or you map out in your head how far you could get in ‘X’ amount of time, if you did indeed leave at exactly ‘x’oclock’.

I missed out on my planned 10km yesterday because of a migraine, it was a sad day!  Today my head is still a little achey, but not fully fledged like yesterday.  Today was not a run day, I didn’t have the Nanny today to look after the twinlets, but decided that it was nice enough to take them out, even if it were just for a walk… but secretly I knew I couldn’t “just” walk, pfft!

Now I can remember what it was like to run with the children.  The weight of the stroller and children combined was enough to discourage me back then, and remembering that it has been at least 2 months since then.
Toddlers develop at a remarkable rate, 2 months is the difference between a random babble and distinct words being said.  Same could be said about their weight!
Needless to say, today it was a resistance training/strength training/hill training kind of run.
But I remember also of the days when I first started running, how when Jared went back to work, it would mean me either going back to being sedentary or just toughing up and pushing the children in the double stroller to be able to get in my 5km.  I chose the latter, and today I chose against ‘sedentary’.

Apart from the ‘snacks’ stop, ‘water’ stops, ‘adjusting the sun/wind cover’ stop, we did ok.  We did not get off to a great start though!
I think God had plans on extra quad work today!
I headed down a bit of my usual route where the street meets what I would call a ‘trail’.  We boosted down this and I knew that it may be a bit soggy due to the heavy rains we have had in the last month or so.  Now to get down to this trail I have to push the children down (in a stroller ha!) a flight of stoney covered mushy dirt set of stairs.  The way I plan out my route is to run in a loop that means I do not have to pull them back up this set of stairs.  about 100 metres from this set of stairs we encountered a path block!  It was sectioned off with some “caution” tape and a sign saying “Path closed”.  They were mending a part of the track with what looked like cement, I wasn’t sure if it was dry.
I stood there for a good 2 or 3 minutes cursing and thinking ‘wtf’!!  I can imagine if anyone saw me mouthing off so much they would’ve had a good laugh about it!  Crazy woman!
Would’ve been choice of them to put this sign up before the set of icky muddy stoney stairs!!!  I had to drag the children in their stroller, all the way back up those stairs and re-route!
My little boy was laughing his little butt off thinking it was hilarious all the bumpy’s and jiggling.
20.05.2013 047 20.05.2013 048
I had thoughts about turning back and going home, I was pissy and kind of deterred from the idea of getting in a quick 5km.  It was quickly not becoming quick!  The first 25mins of my run was of me getting down to a part of my usual route that takes at max 10mins.  I grumbled a whole bunch out loud, moved on further down the street to take the next access way to carry on the run.  Once we had finally got on track and had some reasonable momentum I was happy again.  We ran through the tree curtained trail path and on to the boardwalk which would take us around to the dreaded Coach Drive/Grange Road hill.
Now back when I first started pushing the children up this hill in the stroller, I loathed it with a passion.  It was the most un-enjoyable portion of the run!  This time I casually strolled up it with ease, and wasn’t left entirely breathless at the top.  I was pretty stoked about that!  This must mean I have stronger legs and am a lot fitter than I was.  Happiness beamed inside me and I was glad that I didn’t give up on my run earlier!
Anywho,  we carried on to finish the 5.5km in a little over an hour, with all 5 stops for snacks/water etc.  I can remember when I used to complete this run in just under an hour without any stops!  So I’d say I am not doing to bad!
In the end an enjoyable 5km, even if it took some unexpected turns.

New song for the Beast List, an old Fav of mine  Pearl Jam – Just Breathe.  Not wanting anything too tempo’ish.  Also a podcast from Run Run Live – Episode 3 – 260 Running across NH with David Salva.  Go over and check out my other ‘listenings’ on my Beast Playlist.

Tomorrow I have a Doc appointment to figure out some icky stuff that I have got going on with my head.  Pain-wise, not mentally!  I am already crazy enough!
Also another date with the Estuary and with Amy, hopefully we can get close to 1 hour or less for a 10km!

Oh and 10km event in 14 days! exciting, but scary but exciting!  Almost no longer an amateur I reckon!

“Every artist was first an amateur” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Beast On Yo!

Jay 🙂

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