WordPress Family Award

I have been nominated for the WordPress Family Award by David who writes the The Quinquagenarian Runner Blog.


  1. Display the award logo on your blog.
  2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
  3. Nominate 10 others you see as having an impact on your WordPress experience and family.
  4. Let your 10 Family members know you have awarded them.

I am really excited to receive such a nomination as I have been feeling super down over the last few weeks, most probably linked to my lack of running!!!
So just as I have shared with you my Up’s, I hope to share with you my downs, and how I refuse to let it eat at my progress.  I know how great it is to read encouraging blog posts and inspirational stories, but you don’t hear as much about the struggles, the too’ing and fro’ing and the distracting difficulties Runners/Weight-losers face, so I will talk more about mine in later posts.

This post is about celebrating my blog so far, but more importantly celebrating others and the impact their stories and comments have on me.  I follow quite a few blogs, so it was difficult for me to narrow it down to just 10!

My Family Members:

Run 5k a Day – This has to be the most inspiring, informative, entertaining blog for me.  Patrick Reed shares his Running experiences in words that read like poetry and stories that transport you to that exact moment in time.  His posts keep me knuckled tightly to my dreams of one day experiencing Ultra!  Patrick also speaks about his running streak “5k a Day” and inspiring others to also take on the commitment to run every day for the reminder of 2013.  You can read his tips here – 10 Tips to Inspire your Running Life.
You will often catch me talking about this blog in my own posts, that’s because I love it so much!!

La Petite Kiwi – A blog by one of my closest and longest friends talking about her experiences – most recently including her move to France with her husband Quentin and the many contrasts in culture between New Zealander’s and French people.  I love her honesty, a mind that she has no problem giving you a piece of, I have always know her to be the kind of person who will “Stand for something”.  And that she does! xo
Be sure to check out Sharelle’s Blog and her current french experiences!

Tri-ing My Thirties – Cindy’s blog is the Cat’s Pajama’s!  Recently completing her very first Triathlon, Cindy, very new to her 30’s tells us about her training plans and experiences working her way up to smashing her Tri and beyond!  I am months from turning 30, so in reading this blog I believe there is still potential in me yet to be realised, and that I too, will one day get to Tri-time!

Blessed with Thunderthighs – Now if you were to view the pics in this blog you would think to yourself… She does not have large thighs!!  She has a thigh gap!!  But if you read her story here you will see the struggles that come from being a self critic, and then her most recent posts of some wonderful races and stories of training.  Love this blog to pieces, and hope to one day be sharing race reports like hers!

The Quinquagenarian Runner – The reason I am making this post!  David, a man in his 50’s, with dreams to fulfill.  In just under 2 months he will have his completed his first Full Marathon, in less than 3 weeks he will smash out a Half Marathon.  After his Full I have no doubt that he will go on to train for other big events he has his eyes set on.  David shares with us his running progress through words and stats, I hope to one day be as awesome as him!
Check out his blog, and be sure to give a few likes and comments!

Jogging Dad – A dad on my side of the world, almost neighbours… don’t tell him I said that, kiwi’s and Aussies have got this ‘thing’ going on, ha!  Anywho, Jogging Dad and I share the same Need to run, from the insanity of Parenthood.  JD shares his honesty of his every day experiences, that get me both laughing and thinking about how similar some of my own experiences are.

UberBeastMode – I am only a recent follower or Colin’s Blog UberBeastMode, but there is no shortage of helpful info to be found here!  A parent himself, Colin has worked hard to become the beast he is and has commited to helping others through his writing.  “I want people to know they can do it and they need to stop selling themselves short all the time. That it’s never too late, and that they can make real positive changes” – Colin
Read his blog, become a beast!

Any Excuse to wear Trackpants – This is Liz.  She is a runner, and a Mama, and because she works from home she can wear Trackpants EVERYDAY!  Liz and I are Nike+ Running App friends, if you have this app, make sure to add us!  Her Mantra – “I just keep running, And I just keep running, Just keep running…”

Me @ 40 – “Me” is actually closer to 41 than he is 40, and in this time beginning at 40 he writes about his weightloss Journey sharing progress with pictures as he goes.  Recently having some great “wow” moments, go check out what he is up to, how he is doing it, because that right… He is doing it!  Taking part in life!  Inspirational!

Nil by Mouth – Sam, a fellow kiwi shares her heartwrenching “about” story – gaining the weight, losing the weight, gaining the weight, losing a loved one, making life choices to change.  Sam is shrinking, and she tells her tale with all the glitter she deserves!

Keep Bloggin!

Jay 🙂


  1. I am absolutely honoured to receive this nomination from you and really appreciate you going the trouble of writing such a flattering paragraph on my little blog. Yes, we Aussie and Kiwis do have a “thing” going but I’d rather not think about it when we’re being trounced in rugby! 🙂 Thanks again and keep on pounding!

  2. aww really, thank you Neenee 🙂 I’m really humbled to receive such lovely praise and support. So often I have doubts as to whether people actually make sense of what I say and I’m always scared i’m going to offend people, so I can’t honestly explain how much it means xox

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