A Crush on Running

Where has the time gone…

…definitely not on Pimping the Beast.

Although I had a great many plans, I only lasted a week or two and found myself in another funk!

But we are always hopeful, and I never stop thinking about running!  If things were easier, I would be doing it every single day! Alas, we will get there!

So let me catch you up…

Tarawera Ultra (in relay) has been put on the Back burner.  

I was thinking of lessening my leg of the relay by adding in another couple of people to my two person team, but then my buddy Glenn ran into some injury issues, and effectively put himself out of running for a little while.  I also felt a lack of confidence in myself to get ready in time.  I know I have done it before and was proud of my results, but this bad boy is a whole nother kettle of fish!  I will be sad to not be able to run with some of the greats!
Tarawera has become exponentially popular in a short amount of time, and us holding on to an entry and possibly not being able to make it to the Start Line would just be selfish.

My heart breaks not being able to get myself there, but all is not lost.  We live to fight another day!

Team Couch2Kawerau will have to size up 2016 for the win!


It is speedily approaching!

This weekend in fact.

And we are theme’ing it again.

My original thoughts were to go with Nacho Libre, but a half body stretchy suit didn’t quite sit well with the rest of my team.  Really, I just wanted to wear a cape, a moustache and My undies on the outside!

We compromised.  And by compromise, I mean that I am making everyone wear their undies on the outside whilst wearing a cape!  All while running around the lake!

Right up my alley!

Where to from here…?

I haven’t decided yet.

The kids are off to Daycare in 2 short months, I start my new business with a friend, and the hubby continues to do what he does.

I want to commit to some longer distance stuff next year, but I have to stop promising myself the good stuff and then later realise that I have to let myself down.

So going forward…

I will run! – Where I can and When I can, and yes, I promise to be better to write all about it!

After all its not about being the best, its about being better than you were, and doing what you love!

Hopefully I can hold myself to that to see out the year – how quickly is Christmas approaching?!?!?!


Still running,

and running!

Jay 🙂

P.S.  Saw this today on my run, totally pissed about this Runner litterer!!!  Hiss!

Runner drops GU on the Estuary | On a Jam Hunt Blog

Was I Born to Run?

“Know why people run marathons? …  Because running is rooted in our collective imagination, and our imagination is rooted in running.  Language, art, science, space shuttles, Starry Night, intravascular surgery; they all had their roots in our ability to run.  Running was the superpower that made us human – which means its a superpower all humans Possess.”   -Louis Liebenberg

{Quote from Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run}

In the last couple of months I have pondered thoughts that border this exact idea.  Was I born to Run?

I have come across experiences – opinions, personal feelings, passing comments about running from a smyllion and one different people, For and Against the act of ‘Running’

Those that have given me the most food for thought – opinions from professionals.
All differing but all guiding me to the thought of ‘should I just give up?’

In the last year and a half I have grown to love this act of running.  It has not only grown on me, but become me.
I may not particularly be any good at it, but the way it makes me feel is truly indescribable, though I try my best to portray it.

But also in this same 1.5years I have had injury after injury and have grasped at methods, theories, others advice and experiences to get me on the right track to running ‘injury-free’.

After all this time, I still haven’t found my pain-free groove, but my heart still pines so passionately for it!

After rehabbing my injury developed from my running my first 21.1, I had asked a few different professionals what my next move to my tiring quest should be.
Each gave their professional (and perhaps not so professional) opinions and sent me on my way to further ponder what I should do with it all.
I had actually mentioned to my Chiro if I should just ‘Chuck it in’, even though I ‘love it so much’, am I ‘just ‘not cut out?’

In all this deliberation, mixed messages and efforts to find a deeper understanding, I had already on it’s way, paid and pending delivery, the book – ‘Born to run, A Hidden Tribe, Super athletes and the Greatest Race the world has never seen’  written by Christohpher McDougall.

About the Book –
Full of incredible characters, amazing athletic achievements, cutting-edge science, and, most of all, pure inspiration, Born to Run is an epic adventure that began with one simple question: Why does my foot hurt? In search of an answer, Christopher McDougall sets off to find a tribe of the world’s greatest distance runners and learn their secrets, and in the process shows us that everything we thought we knew about running is wrong.

I have literally just finished reading it for a second time and all I can say is it couldn’t have come at a better time.

I wouldn’t say it was a sign more than it was just a timely coincidence, but so many things in this book rang true of how I feel about running.
Things I had already discovered but had not taken too much notice of.

Though my own experiences are far from any adventure mapped out in this book, many things resonated in my own journey of thought and feeling whilst pounding.

I have dreams of ultra running, I live vicariously through race recaps and reports, I am almost ‘involved’ in others descriptions of what grueling hell they had just put themselves through over the last 50km plus, what their eyes have seen, what their feet have felt, how their body’s have paid.

I tell myself everyday (I actually do), that one day I am going to get to that 100!  There has to be a way around every freeking injury I have had, hundreds of people run every god damn day, why the hell am I getting it so wrong!

Is it time to take my shoes off…

…and then run!?!?!

I think so!

Minimilist? Barefoot?

I am about to embark on a new journey!

The same, but different!

Like always, I am writing all about it!


Jay 🙂

“Just move your legs.  Because if you don’t think you were born to run, you’re not only denying history.  You’re denying who you are” – Prof Dennis Bramble

{Quote from Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run}

A step up in my Journey

Sitting in the waiting room of my Doctors Practice, waiting to be seen about my never-ending Cold/Flu/whatever it is.  As I near the end of a page in a book my friend borrowed me, the doctor (not my usual doctor) approaches and calls my name.  I rush the last sentence to the page, close it up and proceed toward the Doc’s room.

“What are you reading?”

“Oh, just this book on running”

“Oh right, let’s see…, uh this is about Running Ultra’s…. Are you running one?”

“Not quite yet, I am baby stepping it, doing it in relay first”

“That’s awesome! I run too!”

And so a raft of running experiences takes form in re-living awesome memories through story telling.

So if one is going to take a step up in their ‘Running’ Journey what better step to take than – Tarawera Ultra

This is my attempt at baby steps to eventually get to the 60k, 85k then eventually 100!?!

But I am going to have to do some awesome things in between!

I spent a while organising the events out for the remainder of the year.  Things have pretty much been on hold since the completion of my first Half Marathon, so I am excited to finally be getting back into some ‘goal’ induced Running!

July/August:  First up is one I wanted to do last year but kind of missed out on – Buffalo Trail Runner – 12km

It is two 12k trails runs over the Buffalo Girl Trail at TECT Park Tauranga, It is designed to encourage people to continue training over the Winter months.
You complete the first of the Series in July and then the second in August doing your best to train up and reduce your 12k times.

I have run a smyllion times up at the TECT, it is the closest trail I have to where I live, so this series will be the ideal training run for the big kahuna 30k in November.

If I manage to kick this illness, I will be completing the first of the series next Saturday!

October:  Next up is Ekiden (Apparently The Home of Self-proclaimed Fancy Dress World Champs).

Leg 3 – 7.93km

Read all about last years relay here!
This year we have 2 teams again, some of the same runners, some of them new to our group.  Whatever the combo I just know that it is going to be the BEST TIME!
I did this one in 56min last year, so I am looking at pulling that back a bit, especially now that I know exactly how many hills I have to climb!

November :  So the next one is the Big Kahuna!  The Smiths Sport Shoes Tauranga Trail Run.

Tunnel on Te Rerenga

Last year I finished the 15km in 2.12hrs, that was a really long time for me to be on my feet in the freeking hot, running Hills and shit!

This year I am doubling up and busting out the 30km, which is the 15km distance TIMES TWO!

It will be a good lead up to the 36km I will run at Tarawera in Team: Couch2Kawerau

100km Tarawera Trail Run Map

From all these races I will hope to have put together some decent mileage, a good race day plan, some good nutrition and hydration habits to get me through to my ‘Baby step’ up to the Big League!

In between these events will be a whole bunch of training.

I have decided to try shred as much as I can before August.  Getting myself back logging on MFP.
Glenn will be taking me out for some Recon runs over the 36k that I will be enduring.
And I plan to be making a few trips out to the TECT (TECT All terrain Park) and be doing some speed work out up and around the Mount (Mount Maunganui).

I will most probably die a few times in the process, but I will learn so much about my body and its limits.

I can’t wait to meet more Ultra Runners too!

Exciting times ahead and you know I am going to share the whole lot with you!

What plans do you have up your sleeve for the remainder of the year?

Any Ultra’s on your horizon?

Running Baby steps,

Jay 🙂

So this is happening…

Tarawera Relay Confirmation
I have been going on and on about it for like the last year and a half.

Now it is just a little more official!

Time to step this shit up a notch!

I will be relaying an 85km distance with a friend – Glenn, the guy that twisted my arm!




How much excitement is going through my head at the moment… still haven’t decided.

How much ‘holy shit’ is going through my head at the moment… TONS!

Tomorrow is the first day of getting serious with myself.  But in the funnest way possible.

Lets get amongst it!

Still running,

and then running some more,

and then some more,

Jay 🙂

…wouldn’t mind if I lost my mind out there…

09.04.2013 029


I went for my Sunday long run today…on a Saturday.

Don’t you hate it when you wake before your alarm.

I woke up around 5:30am, rolled around in bed but knew that my alarm was going to go off in 15 minutes.

I just got up, ate a bit, chugged a bit of water and headed out in the weary misty world.

The street lights were still on when I set out.  When I took the pic above, just seconds later they went out.

The forecast that I checked last night said that there was meant to be 2.5mm of rain at 6am, but I don’t think I experienced one shower thank goodness.

After quick walking the hill in the pic, I picked up into a jog.  the first k was downhill, which is always nice for a warm-up.

09.04.2013 030

After the down hill I was met with a small uphill and at the top took this pic.  My iPhone cam is pretty crap, but I tried to get a shot of how clear the estuary water was.  The same estuary I usually run along.

A nice little bit of flat, still at a nice slow and steady pace… I wasn’t planning to clock a PB or anything, I just wanted to be out there.  Mindless and mindful.

A short downhill, at the bottom I meet Memorial park…

09.04.2013 031


Not as grand a picture as the last time I ran down here.  The storm has brought thick cloud and a sticky humidity.

I didn’t care what the morning had in store for me, I had someone watching my kids, I was set to relax for the next hour.

It is only a few k’s to this park, this is where I would turn around and make my way back.

I don’t usually take pic’s while out on a run, but I have stopped running for time.

I just run to be.

My run home would take a short detour to a bathroom.  Yes, the up and downward constant movement meant that gravity was taking its toll.  I stopped into the local Macca’s, grabbed a cup of water courtesy of a friend who worked there, used the facilities, and was back on my way.

My run home would take a differing route to the one I came on.  I would turn off on to the Estuary walkway.

I continued this way around till the closest exit to my house.

I managed to fit that casual 7.5k in 50 minutes.

I wished that I had more time, maybe if I had left a half hour earlier I could have spent more time out there.

I felt like I had another half hour to 45 left in me, but I had to get back to the kids.

My next long run wont be for some time.  Most probably not until the Hubby gets home in 2 weeks.


But we do what we can.

Are you planning on a long run this Easter?

When was the last time you ran just to enjoy just getting out there pounding and being?

Try it sometime,

You will be surprised at how awesome it is.

Jay 🙂

My Sunday Church Service

The last time I actually went to a church service was probably in my late teens.

I am now 30!

I didn’t go to Church yesterday.

I ran long yesterday.

I would personally say it was as beneficial as any Church service.

Running long now means anything over 45 minutes.  My Half Marathon fitness is long gone, so I just do what I can manage.

An hour long was as much as I could manage.

I ran 8.2k Easy.

I have missed being able to just set out and watch the world wake up.  To be able to just head out the door and run half your town before breakfast.  To watch the sun peek out from hills and splay its awesomeness over land and water.
To breathe in air so fresh and cool.  To take which ever path you feel like.  To run the roads as if all pathways were merged into one and road rules do not apply.  To look up and see friendly faces raise a hand for a ‘you and I are so damn awesome’ wave/hi-5.

To be out in the world and not give a care to what you are wearing, where you have to be today, have I paid that bill on time?, the pile of washing that has been stacked ever so carefully as to not topple over, do I have enough gas in the car to get me from A to B?, how am I ever going to finish that assignment on time?, the Awkward dinner you have to attend with the boss and his wife, the never ending ‘to-do’ list!

The run can take you as far as you like both with thought and distance.  This hour that you spend, is entirely up to you.  However fast or steady, whether you sprint or wog.  No matter what you have weighing on your shoulders, this run right now is so far away from any of that that it feels like the only kind of freedom that is readily attainable at any given time.  The thing is you just have to find the time, or make the time.

I was so lucky to have woken up early enough (Daylight Savings End = extra hour) to be able to cruise through the streets and arrive at my Nirvana.

Memorial Park 06.04.2014


What ever happened before this run didn’t matter.  What ever happens after this run will not matter.  This blissful hour is exactly that, no need to over think it!

All this, plus my perfect Sunday Morning Easy Running Long Playlist makes for the best Sunday Morning ‘Un-Lie in’.

As for my 30 Day Challenge…

Today is the 7th day, and I am feeling it in full effect.  My legs are stronger, but gosh am I fatigued.  I have had to shorten my sets and break the reps up over the course of my day.  Running, The Shred and 30 Day Challenges require a bit of a balancing act to not cause injury.

This week – does not hold much in the way of distance, I’ll be flying solo with the twinlets again for a bit but that is ok, I am sure they are looking forward to some faster paced walk/runs in the stroller.

Still no events on the horizon until the second half of the year, super looking forward to those!

How did you spend your Sunday morning?

Any long runs/bikes/swims for you?

Did you take part in an “Un-Lie in” with me?

See you in a bit,

Jay 🙂



It was the worst run ever…

…but I loved every single second of it!

Its been over two weeks since I have been able to go for a decent run.  While it wasn’t quite decent, it was a run and it was awesome.

Awesome, but UGLY!

It has been over a month since my Half marathon and I have not maintained my mileage.  I have been nursing injury and battling with ways to fit in some fitness.

It is crushing how quickly your fitness goes.

I started out my run yesterday fluid and light.  It came like second nature, like I had picked up where I left off.

Except I hadn’t!

800 metres into the run and I was feeling sore in my chest, drained in my body, saliva welling in my mouth!


I was losing.

It wasn’t like I had set out fast, I knew I always made that rookie move so I made sure not to this time.

Didn’t help 😦

I walked it out a little, crossed the road, found a connecting street and moved off the main road so that I could spit away from the public eye.

Scratch that…I actually felt like I wanted to throw up!

Walked it out a little more and decided to give it another jam.

I ran another k or so and then had to walk again.

All in all, I Wogged a total of 3.6k.  It was an ugly 3.6k, but it was a wonderful 3.6k.

Why was it wonderful?

My entire adult life I have suffered from varying degree’s of depression and anxiety issues.  In recent times I have maintained some kind of level headed’ness.
When I first started to run, a mere year and a half ago, I found something that naturally lessened my stress and anxiety levels.  I developed a freedom about it, like as if I had finally hitched a ride after a million miles of walking.
Problems seemed to be nothing in comparison, anxiety almost became non-existant, I had meditation in my long run, being forced to be alone with my thoughts/with myself.

Well, 2 weeks of no physical activity certainly ran havoc with my emotions.  I felt like I was a mood swinging pregnant woman ready to blow at any minute!

There was anxiety because I had lost my long distance fitness, there was stress because I couldn’t even manage a short walk, there was frustration because the only way to lessen my weight was to limit calorie intake – and I LOVE FOOD!

So this shitty, uncoordinated, crappy run with all its hideous form and heaving saliva spitting turned out to be exactly what I needed.

I had caught my ride and I was back on my way.

If you are friends with me on MFP, you would know daily how I felt about not being able to run.  I think I moaned about it nearly every day! ha!  Poor people!  You guys and gals are awesome, thanks for your support!

So what now?

No plans for events in the near future, I hate the disappointment of not being able to keep to the training plan that it requires.  There is just no affordable, feasible way I can commit to a long distance event.

Instead, a change of focus!

A 30 Day Challenge with my MFP Buddies!

It is the first day of the Month, the first day of the Quarter, what better time to start!

30-day-push-up-challenge-chart 30-day-squat-challenge-chart 30-day-plank-challenge-chart

Anyway, feel free to Jam along, we are punching this 30 in the face, you should come get a’ punchin’ with us!

I have just busted out Day one, and also Day one with Jillian, She always kicks my butt with her Shred!

As for the running…

Short Runs for as long as I can manage while the hubby is home for the next week, then back to wog’s with the kids being careful to not over do it.  Not what I had planned, but we do what we can!

So let’s get to it!

Still Running,

and getting a little buff too,

Jay 🙂

P.S.  Have taken some Before’s and After’s – Pics and Measurements for show and tell once done 🙂

Disappointment and Determination!

She stabbed me again!

Lucy, she got her needles out and went to town on my popliteus.

I think there is something about those after 4pm appointment spaces that make physiotherapists get all aggressive with ya!  In all honesty I know she is just doing what is necessary.

On top of a mighty chest infection that just doesn’t know when to quit, I have been keeping up with my calf raises to get my strength up in that area.

They are about the only thing I can manage at the moment – Strength exercises.  Anything to do with aerobic activity and my chest/breathing says ‘NO’ 😦

I have been struggling with my calf raises, if I am entirely honest.  For someone who has just completed a half marathon, my calf strength is hideous!  Actually, moreover, my leg strength is hideous!

And I am disappointed about it!

I was so strong in the first half of my 14 week training plan, my strength kinda tapered off as the long runs got longer and longer.  I think I was slightly delusional, thinking because my lungs could handle a 2 hour run, then surely my legs could too?


I am a little bit angry at myself for letting things get so weak, not keeping up with it all.  Almost a year and a half into it and I should know this by now!

So I am getting back into it now.

Legs and Core.

Lucy (my physiotherapist) also suggested getting back into the Bootcamps, and/or if I am motivated enough to start incorporating a few more explosive movements and exercises into some kind of strength routine.

I am really pissed off, hugely disappointed but entirely determined to get myself into tip top shape.

Its been long enough now, I need to take it a bit more seriously.

Can you tell that I love to run?


Off to ‘Map’ a long run, hubby is home this week 🙂

Dreaming of running,

Jay 🙂

P.S.  Small success, lost another 300 grams last week, total of 2.3kg whilst being on a more Paleo diet.  And it is sticking! Woot!

Adding insult to injury…

I didn’t run as planned yesterday. *Almighty Mega Sadfacing*!!!!

I tried my hardest to get myself organised to get out the door and drive to a flat area to run an Easy 5k.

Didn’t happen!

Around 3:30-4pm I started feeling a little tight in my chest, and a little drowsy.

I thought to myself – “A good run should sort me out”.  Yeah, I was wrong!

Around 4pm’ish I started getting all flustered and sweaty.  My body started clamming up and my head felt heavy.
I was battling dizzy spells and my increasingly difficult efforts to breathe.

I couldn’t be sick, I am not allowed to be sick, I need to run dammit!  I don’t have time for this Sh!t.

With my children fed and showered, it was just after 5pm and if I was to get my run in I had to leave soon.  Children were packed up ready to go, I had got into my Tech gear, struggling to get my socks over my clammy feet and tie shoe laces with shaky hands.  I tripped on the way to the front door and got a huge hot flush at the same time.  Chest tightening more.

Checking the Severity with Online Symptom checker haha

Checking the Severity with Online Symptom checker haha

I wasn’t going for a run that day.

And with that I put my children into bed, and myself as well.

I can’t remember the last time I felt that terrible!

Last minute appointment and visit with a Doc (not my usual – apparently he has Thursdays off, HOW FREEKING CONVENIENT!)  But got Dr Singh instead.

I told Dr Singh my happenings of yesterday, how I was sooo ready for a run but just couldn’t get there.  I was trying so hard to get there.

It also turns out that Dr Singh follows a diet similar to Paleo and RUNS! ha!

He recommended some 2XU compression socks for my enlarged calf (due to an extensive DVT years ago), prescribed some Antibiotics for a chest infection and sent me on my way!

So I am off running for a wee bit, If an injury isn’t keeping me from running, some kind of stupid sickness is!

Boo to it all!

I just want to Run!

Going Back to bed…

Jay 🙂 / 😦

Shit At least I wasn’t hit by a deer…

Oh and Happy International Happiness Day!!!

4.5 blissful Kilometres!

I ‘Stroller’ ran today!

Just so you know, I ran with two toddlers… And I didn’t quite look as Glamorous as Gwen!

By that, I mean ran with my kids in the stroller.

And it was awesome!

I wish I had more time to do more, but I guess as I said in my last post, Less is More!

My kids plus Stroller are pretty close to 30kg I reckon, so it was no easy feat to bust my buttocks up hills!  But I did it, and it felt awesome!

Everything about my run was awesome!  Mostly the NO PAIN bit!

I ran at a faster pace than I usually do with the stroller knowing that I would only get in a short one.  It was actually quite comfortable, slightly breathless, but comfy.

And I got this…

07.03.2014 019

I clocked over 1000 Nike Kilometres!  I have actually run a fair bit more than this using Garmin only, but to be reminded that I have covered this distance is pretty darn choice!

I also visited the Physio too.  Bureta Physio

Who did a bit of trigger point/Deep Tissue massage for me in my Popliteal area

Good News!

No long term damage, a very manageable injury, a bit of massage, stretching and strengthening and I should be Tip Top again.

Semi-Bad News

It is not something that will just go away without physio treatment.  So I couldn’t just ‘rest’ my way to being better.  A slightly unexpected expense, but better to have it dealt with, than not be able to run awesomely asap!

I have been given some homework to do to rehab things and promote quicker strengthening and healing.  I am stoked that I didn’t just put it off because I had a really good run this morning, the thought had crossed my mind.
Got to do the right thing for my body!

Things are looking up!  And I am looking forward to sinking my teeth into a 5k or 10k as soon as my legs allow!

Feeling good,

and Still Running!

Definitely got a Crush on Running!

Jay 🙂