Month: July 2013

Don’t eat cake…go for a run!

I posted to myself on Facebook this afternoon, my exact words…

Get off your fat ass and go for a run Janine…

So I did.
I just wanted to stay home, put my onesy on, eat cake and have a lazy Sunday…on Saturday!


I have started logging again on MFP to get my A into G.  I always feel like my first week is like coming down off a drug.  The cravings are horrendous!
There is not much left in my refrigerator and pantry except good stuff.  Veg bins are full, legumes of every sort, polished off the old digi-scales, all measuring cups accounted for and half a shelf designated for the children’s snacks.  We have got it sussed!  I even fed my husband red cabbage salad today…and he liked it!  My children are also scoffing on my vege bowls I made up for snacks.  Talk about family affair!

Cravings though!  So bad I can’t ignore!  I jumped on Facebook and started scrolling through my newsfeed.  I have ‘liked’ so many Running Pages that it was full of motivational pics.  I had no choice, I had to get off of my ass and go!

And go I did, without any specific plan, I knew I just had to complete my minimum distance of 8.7km to keep up with my 200km July Goal.  4km’s sounded on my App and I thought ‘sweet, i’ll just run a wee bit more and then turn back’.  I got to that ‘wee bit more’ and decided meh, I’ll run till I can’t and then turn back.  So I did.  9.3km in the bag for today.  It was a really nice run too, well almost all of it… I semi-tripped climbing those muddy stoney stairs pictured in my last post and landed hard kind of jarring my right knee.  Boo!!  I actually let out a bit of an Eff word, out loud even – oops!  Shook it off and moved on, I wasn’t far from home so just boosted back making sure not to stuff it anymore.  As I sit here on the couch after a 600Cal dinner there is no pain, but who knows, we will see tomorrow…bring on the Kinesio Tape!

30.7km so far, just over 15% of my goal for the month.  I am happy with this, body feeling good other than the knee.  Feeling more energetic and awake, running is going well, would like to kick up the distances a bit, and maybe the speed.  August will be the month for speed I think!

Right on track for the first week of the month, super Dry July, not a beer or inkling of takeaways in sight!

Have a super strong weekend Beasts,

Jay 🙂

4th of July – The rest day that I ran and a HUNDY

Just a quick post tonight.

First things first…

I now have 100 Followers!!! YAY!  Well a few more than that seeing as it ticked over about a week and a half ago.  Anywho, thanks Smillions to all of you who follow my reads, I do try my best to be even slightly entertaining and I also really do try my best to cruise on over to all of your pages to take a squizz at all wonderful reads too 🙂 Thanks Thanks Thanks!
I wasn’t going to run today, it was meant to be a rest day but I really didn’t want to miss out on getting my Uncle Sam Badge on the Nike + Running App.  If you run on the 4th of July, you get that badge.  Seeing as you only get to run for it once a year, I didn’t want to miss out haha!

Now excuse my ignorance, but I don’t know a lot anything about Independence Day, and I am not even sure why they call it the ‘Uncle Sam’ Badge.  I was meaning to Google it today but ran out of time as laptops become eye candy to toddlers, so I don’t get the chance to get on it very often anymore.
All I know about it is its a time for celebration – fireworks, BBQ and picnic!!  And all those things are alright in my books!!

I really must apologise to my American Followers for not looking into it to make this post a little more meaningful, but as a consolation I have a few bad iPhone pics to show you from my ‘4k for the 4th’ run today.

So as I approached the walkway that I use to reach the trail I run I found this…
It cracked me up so much hahaha

A ramp down the muddy stairs… and what were these children cruising down this contraption on you may (or may not) ask?

04.07.2013 019 04.07.2013 015
These LOL!!
Toddler ride on bikes!!
Seriously how old were these kids to be boosting down this hilly stair mess?!?
04.07.2013 017It kinda made me laugh.  Must have been keen as kids!

And now my badges won today *big cheesey smiley face*

04.07.2013 022 04.07.2013 021

If you have the time, someone must fill me in on the ‘Uncle Sam’ relevance 🙂

Anywho, Happy Independence Day, I enjoyed my run and was happy to not have rested on Rest Day 🙂

Jay 🙂

An overwhelming sense of urgency!

We aren’t talking about needing to run here.  I get that sense of urgency on a daily basis – to want to go out and run, so I wouldn’t make a post dedicated to something pretty regular.  No no no, unfortunately it was the other ‘need’…  ‘the NEED To go…’ 😐
…during a run!!!  and not just number 1, where you can just hold it till you get home after your run is done, but number 2.  Oh god, I said it!  Yup that’s right, I really needed to go number 2’s, about two thirds of the way through my run yesterday.

Poop while you run

On my usual route there are 2 public toilet blocks.  I run past one of those at about 2.7km into my run.  I run a further 3km and then usually turn back homeward bound.  About 2 km into this 3k, I only ‘kinda’ needed to go, I only then remembered that I hadn’t gone yet today.  I carried on to do another 500 meters and at that time I definitely needed to go, like straight up needed to go!  I turned back to head for the bathrooms I had past previously.  Except it was locked, and I am pretty sure there wasn’t anyone in there because I was waiting a while for my turn.  Some dick must have locked it and closed the door on exiting!!! Gah!
Finally I decided I would just run home, obviously as quickly as I could!  No stops allowed!

Arrived home, ran for the bathroom, and as I ran, remembered to ‘End’ my run on the Nike App I use haha
It was definitely sweet relief!  I am glad I run not too far from my own neighbourhood!


Now I wouldn’t usually tell you a ‘Number 2’ story, but yesterday was different.  Because of that sense of urgency, I ran that entire 7.4km with only one stop!  No walking at all, just that one stop at the toilet.
At the time I wasn’t so excited about it, I had other things on my mind, but after I had done the deed and realised what had just happened, I was quite chuffed!  Awkwardly chuffed!

Has this ever happened to you?
I know with the big distance running it does become an issue, how do you managed this?

Well that was yesterdays story, I am not quite sure it is post worthy, but 7.4km without stops is alright in my books! ha!

9.4km run today, a few more stops though.

Looking forward to a short 4km tomorrow for the 4th of July, getting out for my American followers, supposed to be a rest day, so will actively rest and take it easy.

Stay Beast y’all!

Jay 🙂