Saying goodbye to the first quarter.

It is crazy to think that in just four days time we will be saying goodbye to the first quarter of 2013.  I have had some up’s in this first quarter, but mostly downs in my progress towards becoming a better me.  So I thought today I will get a bit smarter about what it is I want to achieve in the next month/quarter and how I am going to get there!

2nd Quarter Goals
April May June
Event 5k Fun Run
Weight 4kg Loss 2kg Loss 2kg Loss
Running   Distance Goal 7km 8km 9km
Clocked Km’s 120km 100km 140km
Fitness Goal Complete 30DS BIKE! BIKE
Personal Goal Learn how to do manly Car stuff on the hubbys Car

First of all, Event, they all say to do a fun run for your very first event.  I think I have chosen the best fun run there is!!  The Run for your Freakn Life Spookers run!  Totes will be busting a mill pics on this one, Mud, Obstacles, Run and Zombies. Love it!
I can also only afford to spend a certain amount of money on this new hobby of mine, so I am restricted to a certain amount of events per year, Mortgage before fun!

Ok, Weight!  I have been struggling with getting past the 77kg mark.  I have given up, started and given up again, today I am re-focusing and getting back on my game…again lol  But this time for real!  I will be having my Hubby hold me accountable, he is the only one that can growl me and I will still love and respect him, anyone else I would just tell to fuck off if they give me the hard word ha!  Working with a kick start goal of 4kg in April, I know this is achievable with the stuff I have planned for the month, its going to exciting, I will blog it all!!  I’m chucking in 2kg losses thereafter.  I want to be realistic about it and not setting myself up to fail, anymore loss than that will make me super chuffed!

I had to really think about how I am going to make some Running goals.  When I was hitting January hard with the running, I started to despise the fact that I couldn’t push pass 6km, for this reason I am just going to increase it in 1km lots.  I am feeling a lot more optimistic about running since I started running on my own.  I hate to say it, but I kinda prefer it.  I can run at my own pace, and don’t feel like I need to speed it up or slow it down.  I am sure once I get to a comfortable fitness level to be able to run with others I wont have the same attitude.  Oh plus I have short legs, which means I have a shorter stride, all my mates are taller than me lol I would only slow them down and want to stop all the time from trying to keep up ha!
Looking forward to a 10km in nov/dec!!

In January this year I hit up 116km, mostly in 5km lots and running 5-6 days a week, which was kinda dumb and probs led to me getting injured.  I have not ever run much before dec/jan so pushing it was a bit silly, I say pushing it because I actually had to push my children in a stroller as I ran, Hubby works out of the country, so everywhere I went, they cruised with me.  So that was like 25kg+ resistance, on top of an already shithouse fitness level.  What I would like to achieve with Clocked Km’s is 120km’s in April, that’s only 4k’s more than Jan, but because I will be doing a few more longer distance runs I hope to be able to easily knock out this goal!

Fitness Goals mean completing 30 Day Shred in its entirety!  I don’t have a gym membership, or a huge weight machine set up, so I think getting through the Shred in April will help with the obstacle side of the Zombie run, plus I need to get buff lol
As you may have read in my last post, I bought a bike, I want to actually ride this bike, and ride it well lol So for May and June, I will be chucking in a few km’s of biking.  I hope I don’t eat dirt too often!! I’ll get someone to take pics if I do, those are “Must posts” for your entertainment! ha!

Just one sneaky Personal Goal which is also on my Beast Bucket List, and is such a girl thing to put…  Learn and do Car stuff.  As I am without a husband for pretty much half a year I need to know how to do things, boy things, I need to do some blue jobs!  I am getting real good at boy jobs, and I feel real Beast for having learnt how to do them haha!

So long and boring I know, but its all gonna get smashed out, and I am looking forward to every little bit of it!

All about Becoming Beast… or that little unicorn at the top of this post!
What are your goals for the next quarter/month??

Jay 🙂

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