Was I Born to Run?

“Know why people run marathons? …  Because running is rooted in our collective imagination, and our imagination is rooted in running.  Language, art, science, space shuttles, Starry Night, intravascular surgery; they all had their roots in our ability to run.  Running was the superpower that made us human – which means its a superpower all humans Possess.”   -Louis Liebenberg

{Quote from Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run}

In the last couple of months I have pondered thoughts that border this exact idea.  Was I born to Run?

I have come across experiences – opinions, personal feelings, passing comments about running from a smyllion and one different people, For and Against the act of ‘Running’

Those that have given me the most food for thought – opinions from professionals.
All differing but all guiding me to the thought of ‘should I just give up?’

In the last year and a half I have grown to love this act of running.  It has not only grown on me, but become me.
I may not particularly be any good at it, but the way it makes me feel is truly indescribable, though I try my best to portray it.

But also in this same 1.5years I have had injury after injury and have grasped at methods, theories, others advice and experiences to get me on the right track to running ‘injury-free’.

After all this time, I still haven’t found my pain-free groove, but my heart still pines so passionately for it!

After rehabbing my injury developed from my running my first 21.1, I had asked a few different professionals what my next move to my tiring quest should be.
Each gave their professional (and perhaps not so professional) opinions and sent me on my way to further ponder what I should do with it all.
I had actually mentioned to my Chiro if I should just ‘Chuck it in’, even though I ‘love it so much’, am I ‘just ‘not cut out?’

In all this deliberation, mixed messages and efforts to find a deeper understanding, I had already on it’s way, paid and pending delivery, the book – ‘Born to run, A Hidden Tribe, Super athletes and the Greatest Race the world has never seen’  written by Christohpher McDougall.

About the Book –
Full of incredible characters, amazing athletic achievements, cutting-edge science, and, most of all, pure inspiration, Born to Run is an epic adventure that began with one simple question: Why does my foot hurt? In search of an answer, Christopher McDougall sets off to find a tribe of the world’s greatest distance runners and learn their secrets, and in the process shows us that everything we thought we knew about running is wrong.

I have literally just finished reading it for a second time and all I can say is it couldn’t have come at a better time.

I wouldn’t say it was a sign more than it was just a timely coincidence, but so many things in this book rang true of how I feel about running.
Things I had already discovered but had not taken too much notice of.

Though my own experiences are far from any adventure mapped out in this book, many things resonated in my own journey of thought and feeling whilst pounding.

I have dreams of ultra running, I live vicariously through race recaps and reports, I am almost ‘involved’ in others descriptions of what grueling hell they had just put themselves through over the last 50km plus, what their eyes have seen, what their feet have felt, how their body’s have paid.

I tell myself everyday (I actually do), that one day I am going to get to that 100!  There has to be a way around every freeking injury I have had, hundreds of people run every god damn day, why the hell am I getting it so wrong!

Is it time to take my shoes off…

…and then run!?!?!

I think so!

Minimilist? Barefoot?

I am about to embark on a new journey!

The same, but different!

Like always, I am writing all about it!


Jay 🙂

“Just move your legs.  Because if you don’t think you were born to run, you’re not only denying history.  You’re denying who you are” – Prof Dennis Bramble

{Quote from Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run}

A step up in my Journey

Sitting in the waiting room of my Doctors Practice, waiting to be seen about my never-ending Cold/Flu/whatever it is.  As I near the end of a page in a book my friend borrowed me, the doctor (not my usual doctor) approaches and calls my name.  I rush the last sentence to the page, close it up and proceed toward the Doc’s room.

“What are you reading?”

“Oh, just this book on running”

“Oh right, let’s see…, uh this is about Running Ultra’s…. Are you running one?”

“Not quite yet, I am baby stepping it, doing it in relay first”

“That’s awesome! I run too!”

And so a raft of running experiences takes form in re-living awesome memories through story telling.

So if one is going to take a step up in their ‘Running’ Journey what better step to take than – Tarawera Ultra

This is my attempt at baby steps to eventually get to the 60k, 85k then eventually 100!?!

But I am going to have to do some awesome things in between!

I spent a while organising the events out for the remainder of the year.  Things have pretty much been on hold since the completion of my first Half Marathon, so I am excited to finally be getting back into some ‘goal’ induced Running!

July/August:  First up is one I wanted to do last year but kind of missed out on – Buffalo Trail Runner – 12km

It is two 12k trails runs over the Buffalo Girl Trail at TECT Park Tauranga, It is designed to encourage people to continue training over the Winter months.
You complete the first of the Series in July and then the second in August doing your best to train up and reduce your 12k times.

I have run a smyllion times up at the TECT, it is the closest trail I have to where I live, so this series will be the ideal training run for the big kahuna 30k in November.

If I manage to kick this illness, I will be completing the first of the series next Saturday!

October:  Next up is Ekiden (Apparently The Home of Self-proclaimed Fancy Dress World Champs).

Leg 3 – 7.93km

Read all about last years relay here!
This year we have 2 teams again, some of the same runners, some of them new to our group.  Whatever the combo I just know that it is going to be the BEST TIME!
I did this one in 56min last year, so I am looking at pulling that back a bit, especially now that I know exactly how many hills I have to climb!

November :  So the next one is the Big Kahuna!  The Smiths Sport Shoes Tauranga Trail Run.

Tunnel on Te Rerenga

Last year I finished the 15km in 2.12hrs, that was a really long time for me to be on my feet in the freeking hot, running Hills and shit!

This year I am doubling up and busting out the 30km, which is the 15km distance TIMES TWO!

It will be a good lead up to the 36km I will run at Tarawera in Team: Couch2Kawerau

100km Tarawera Trail Run Map

From all these races I will hope to have put together some decent mileage, a good race day plan, some good nutrition and hydration habits to get me through to my ‘Baby step’ up to the Big League!

In between these events will be a whole bunch of training.

I have decided to try shred as much as I can before August.  Getting myself back logging on MFP.
Glenn will be taking me out for some Recon runs over the 36k that I will be enduring.
And I plan to be making a few trips out to the TECT (TECT All terrain Park) and be doing some speed work out up and around the Mount (Mount Maunganui).

I will most probably die a few times in the process, but I will learn so much about my body and its limits.

I can’t wait to meet more Ultra Runners too!

Exciting times ahead and you know I am going to share the whole lot with you!

What plans do you have up your sleeve for the remainder of the year?

Any Ultra’s on your horizon?

Running Baby steps,

Jay 🙂

So this is happening…

Tarawera Relay Confirmation
I have been going on and on about it for like the last year and a half.

Now it is just a little more official!

Time to step this shit up a notch!

I will be relaying an 85km distance with a friend – Glenn, the guy that twisted my arm!




How much excitement is going through my head at the moment… still haven’t decided.

How much ‘holy shit’ is going through my head at the moment… TONS!

Tomorrow is the first day of getting serious with myself.  But in the funnest way possible.

Lets get amongst it!

Still running,

and then running some more,

and then some more,

Jay 🙂

On a scale of 0-10,

My post-Dry Needling pain two sleeps later is at a rough 2, I would say 1, but I still have an inflamed popliteal cyst that needs more work!

Today was run day.

Again I stroller ran.

Hubby is out of the Country for another couply weeks, so I must push the wee wrigglebutts along with me.

The run was great, shaved a whole 2 minutes off of my time from Tuesdays run.  I got this Stroller Running thing in the bag I tell ya!

For the first time since having this injury, I can actually feel the cyst inside my leg.

I came about it while foam rolling after my run, I was moving up from my calves to do the Hammy’s when I felt a huge lump behind my knee and an achey pain when massaging over it.
I hadn’t rolled my legs out for a long time, so I had no idea what the cyst actually felt like.
Even when Lucy (My physio) worked it, it never did feel quite so hard and bulbous as it does today.

It isn’t causing me any pain whilst running, and I barely notice it during the day, it is just when I touch it or lie with legs out that I feel the ache.

I see Lucy again tomorrow, so we will see what other options there are to get it back to 100%.

Now that I know exactly what is going on with my injury and put a name to the actual issue, I thought I might google it to find out more.

Here are some things I found out about it…

(From medicinenet.com)

  • A Baker cyst is swelling caused by fluid from the knee joint protruding to the back of the knee.
  • Baker cysts are common and can be caused by virtually any cause of joint swelling (arthritis).
  • A Baker cyst may not cause symptoms or be associated with knee pain and/or tightness behind the knee, especially when the knee is extended or fully flexed.
  • Baker cysts can rupture and become complicated by spread of fluid down the leg between the muscles of the calf (dissection).
  • Baker cysts can be treated with medications, joint aspiration and cortisone injection, and surgical operation, usually arthroscopic surgery.

Sorry what?  Cortisone injection, and surgical operation?!?!?!

Yeah not that keen!

Lets hope that the aspiration helps it before needing anything more serious.  I am not scared of needles, scalpels or any of that kind of thing, those things have all become pretty familiar since having a DVT years ago.  I just want it dealt with in a less invasive way if I can help it.

Plans for the weekend…

If the supposed storm lets up early (which by the looks of the forecast isn’t likely), I may get one more run in either Saturday or Sunday.  I am flirting with the idea of running long with the children if weather permits.

I also want to wish all my NZ buddies running in this years Tarawera Ultra (TUM) many fun filled, energetic, pain-free, beautiful scenic Miles on Saturday, and a wee special mention to SuperGenericGirl who’s blog I also follow – hope that injury holds up 🙂

I am so totally FOMO’ing about the TUM right now, totally wish I was there, even just to volunteer.  Would love to catch a glimpse of some of the greats that I have been following and some of the crazy local (NZ) characters I have already met in the flesh.  It is my dream to get amongst the action.
I will up in there hopefully next year in a team of four for relay.  GAH I WISH I WAS THERE THIS YEAR!


What are your plans this weekend?

Running long at all?

If you are, make sure to run a little extra for me 🙂 missing my long distances!

As always,

Be Beast,

and go Punch this weekend in the Face!

Jay 🙂



Goodbye ‘Build’, hello ‘Recovery’!

My Week 10 Day 4 run leaves me with a bit more confidence than last weekends long run.

Week 10 was a Build week, and I felt the challenge in it for sure!

A small amount of speed work and a lot more Hills.

I have been using my Sunday long runs as practice for Race Day.  I have been experimenting with things to help get me through the full 21.2k.

Today I added an electrolyte bevey and a different type of fuel instead of the Gu I used last weekend.

My choice of Electrolyte bevey was this…

Strawberry Lemonade flavoured Nuun.

I don’t know why, but I didn’t think it would make my water fizzy.  It reminded me of Berocca, the taste didn’t though.  And although I thought I may be put off by the fizzy berry water during the course of my 100 minute Hill run today, I was actually pleasantly surprised.

I did look at how others had reviewed it before purchasing, the majority enjoyed the flavour while very few disliked it.  I gave it a whirl and I believe it to be a winner!

I also took these for a test run after a suggestion from my Running Soul Sister Shannon –

Jelly Belly Lemon Lime Sports Beans

I am such a rookie at trying new stuff, for some reason I assumed these beans would be a small relatively easy sized bean to chew and swallow.  I think because the directions encourage you to eat a whole pack 30 minutes before partaking in your activity, I guess I thought they would be super easy is just shove in your mouth and swallow.  Nope.  Regular size bean, exactly the same size as a proper Jelly Bean and it wasn’t just a couple of them in the pack, it was a whole bunch.  Unlike the Gu that I could just knock back in almost one go, these beans required a bit more effort and concentration.  Well more effort and concentration than I thought they would need.

The flavour though, was super enjoyable and once I got the hang of them, chewing one or two every 15 minutes, they had me at ‘hello’.

One last difference to last weekends Long Run, this…

I am talking about the Hydration Pack From UltraAspire.

It has smillions of amazing things about it, but the best thing I like about it is that its comfy, it is light and it has lots of pockets!  I had a place for everything!
I was skeptical at first of Hydration Packs as I thought they may be annoyingly heavy and make your back all sweaty and stuff.  The Alpha did none of those things.  I only filled it with about one litre of water, it was more than enough for my early morning run.

There are only two water fountains I know of in my area and I don’t often run past them during a long run so they are no use to me.  I originally had thoughts of going handheld as I have done many times before with a small 400ml bottle, but I have gotten so used to running without a bottle in my hands that I wanted to remain handheld-less for my Long Runs and for Race day.

This Pack is my solution to that.  It is also my solution to the many long trail runs that I look forward to when training for this bad boy…

I hope to Relay this 100k up with 3 other crazys in 2015.  I look forward to seeing some of our New Zealand Ultra greats in the flesh doing their thing (even if it is just the headlight beaming right at the beginning knowing full well that there isn’t much chance that I will catch up haha!), and hopefully some of the overseas Ultra runners that I have been following via blog or FB page.


I came back from my Long Run this morning relaxed and hopeful that this 21.2 will not be the death of me.

It was a Hill run just shy of 14km in 100 mins.  My body is feeling good, a little worked but nothing a good relax wont fix.

Next week (Week 10) brings some much needed recovery.  I look forward to paying some attention to my legs and feet, looking after them to get ready for the two weeks after which will be the last ‘Hard work’ weeks before my Taper.  Just the thought of taper scares me, not because I have to take it easy, but because it means the end is near.

I am still enjoying this process, more so after this mornings run.  I feel strong and grounded, something I wasn’t feeling at the beginning of the week.

I also devoted my 13.7k to Meg Menzies, the Richmond Runner who was killed by a drunk driver last Sunday. Read about Meg’s story here.

Can’t wait for the week ahead.

Run on,

Rest up,


Jay 🙂

You know you’re a runner when…

…you describe the supermarket as being 7.4k away from your home.  This from my friend Glenn 🙂

Today I endured 3 short runs, more like Wogs (Walk/Jog) really, but felt amazing anyway!

After running the “I just want to Run” group this morning of which was about 3.8k, I had time to spare before having to get in the car and drive a little over 100km to pick up a Bike trainer I had bought, and also to catch up with my friend Glenn.
And what to do with spare (child-free) time but to run some more.  Right now I wont go too much into it, but I had planned to do two 5k runs both in different areas of Tauranga.  Both ended up being a lot less than I had first envisioned.  The first of these two was 4.2 and the second was 3.8.  I just kept running out of continuous path/trail/road to run.  I was also clock watching.
This was slightly disappointing to not be able to find some good continuous routes to run purely because there was a reason I was running them (still secret squirrels on that one!).  But the running and scenery itself felt so great.  I was glad to be back out, running mostly for the sake of running!  There wasn’t anything else I would rather do with that time!

All in all I covered a total of 11.8k, which isn’t bad considering I have been flirting with 4k runs for the last 2 weeks and at max have only completed one 5k in a very long time!
Anyway numbers aside, I am looking forward to telling you why I ran these extra routes very soon!  Just not right now 🙂

I bought the indoor bike trainer on online auction, I bought it because I have plans of starting my training for a Half Marathon in Dec (AMI Wellington Round the Bays Half Marathon), and because of my unique situation – I can’t always get out to train in the time leading up to mid-Dec.
I also met up with friend Glenn, we had a great catch up – talking about great times to come.  In exactly 2 weeks in fact!  The Ekiden Relay in Rotorua.  Its going to be super exciting!

I have mentioned in posts before, Glenn is training for the Tarawera Ultramarathon next March.  He is truly an inspiration to me!  Always encouraging and super helpful in regards to my training.  He let me borrow a book of his ‘Complete or Compete Half Marathon’ by Jon Ackland.  I am excited to get into it!  I do realise that I need to bring my fitness and mileage up significantly before even attempting the Training Plan I have acquired.

I also just realised that the distance I drove to get to Hamilton to see Glenn was just over the distance that he will be running next year. AMAZING!
One day I will be doing this!  Even if it kills me!  Well no, not even if it kills me, but something to the same effect – without the dying!

Pics from my beautiful runs today…  The Lakes and Gordon-Carmichael Reserve

The Lakes Stairs | On a Jam Hunt Blog The Lakes | On a Jam Hunt Blog Gordon-Carmichael Reserve | On a Jam Hunt Blog

I know this post is a mish mash of thoughts, feelings and words.  I just needed to put down in a round about way how good I feel about running right now!

You know you’re a runner when – your idea of a great day is putting on foot in front of the other… with some pace on it!

Have a Beast of a weekend!

Jay 🙂

P.S.  My mum just told me that she is starting to enjoy her running too, Love you mum, Proud of you! xo

My squiggly line

I am back on the “Loss’ville” train.  Got a wee bit more motivation going on at the moment, and am quite excited that I am only 13-14kg closer to being at my goal weight.
At the end of January I stopped going to WeightWatchers thinking that I would be fine to continue on my own using MyFitnessPal.  I had lost almost 15kg up to that point of my journey.  To date I have fluctuated up and down gaining 2-3kg and losing that same 2-3kg but never pushing down any lower than what I was at in Jan.

The last two weeks I have spent getting back down to that end of January weight and am ready to get serious all over again and start having a few more successes!  My Success line has been super super squiggly!!

Squiggly success
I have already made some good progress since the beginning of the Month.  A few buddies and I from the NZ MFP Facebook page have entered into a comp with ourselves to follow the 30 Day Squat, Crunches and Push-up’s challenges.  It is only Day 12 and I have already lost a combined total of 12cm’s from my Bust, Waist, Hips and Thighs!

It is so great to be working on it together, even at a distance.  We know that we are only accountable to ourselves, so if we are sneaky, we are only cheating ourselves.  I have found a bunch of really supportive friends with-in this group and I hope to celebrate many more successes with them.  It is all about getting active and getting healthy and more to the point – staying that way.

Right… update with The Ekiden Relay.

Can’t quite remember what I have said about it earlier on but I will give you full update on it now.
The Hi-Tec Inspired by Life Rotorua Ekiden Relay is a 42km route around Lake Rotorua, broken up into 6 small manageable chunks for groups of 3-6 to complete.  You can enter this as a Running or Walking team.
In our MFP FB group we have a team of each, 6 Runners and 6 Walkers.  Each leg of the race is a different distance ranging from 5-9km.
My distance is 7.9km, I am the 3rd Runner.
Also for my free t-shirt size, I put a size smaller, and I am doing my damnedest to be able to get into it and not look like a dick, so that is a wee bit more of a motivator.

Ekiden Race Map

I am super excited about this race, I will get to meet a lot of the super awesome people I have met through the FB group, finally put some names to faces and hopefully do our best to behave (In public, I guarantee nothing when we are not among the general public).
One of these super awesome people, namely Glenn Larsen – RiverCity Financial Services, is sponsoring some of the cost for accommodation, which we are super grateful for.  You can visit Glenn’s website here at
www.insure-me.co.nz.  If you are seeking some sound financial advice – Insurance, Home Loans, Finance, Budgeting etc. Glenn is your man!  Contact Glenn for your free Financial Consultation and Plan!

Glenn Larsen Insure me Logo
Glenn is also training for the Tarawera UltraMarathon next year!  He is such an inspiration to me, and I am sure to many others as well!

Aside from my new-found motivation with the challenges and Race in October, I realise that 12-13kg is a lot better than 30-35kg, which is what I started at.  I stopped looking at how far I had to go, and looked at how far I had already come.  I am 15kg lighter than I was post-babies, and my fitness is a shitload better.  I am not so tired and lethargic all the time, and I am more conscious of finding ways to be more active, and making better food choices.

I have had to do some re-evaluating when it comes to my fitness/race goals, but I am still going forward and still exceeding my own expectations all of the time.  I have stopped being sad about not being able to partake in events that I had planned for myself, and have instead re-focused on what I can do and what can be achieved within circumstances that I am in now!

Aside from trying to get a good time for my 7.9km leg of the Relay race, I am trying to better my 5k times – achieve a better 5k race pace.  I don’t have much choice but to run with my children a lot of the time, but I have made some huge improvements on that side of things.  My beginning average was around 55 minutes to complete the 5km loop that involved a hill with a 140ft increase in elevation over a 200 meter space.  I can now do this loop in 40-45 minutes, with an increase load of roughly 10-12kg!!
So I have found ways of keeping up a decent fitness level, not an ideal one, but one nonetheless!

I still have plans of doing the 15km trail run in late November with my dad.  We have never run together before, in fact I used to think he was a little bit crazy to run as much as he does.  Now I understand how crazy he is, and realise that in a Runners World, it is actual quite normal! ha!
My mum has also got back into running, which I am also super excited about.  She says to me that she can now do up to 4km, with her bung knees and often says that its not quite running.  I have told her it doesn’t matter if its 1km or 100km, she laces up, she kicks up into a jog, therefore she is a runner.  I suppose once upon a time I was that exact same person, I now know better.  Not to mention one of my sisters has lost upwards of 30kg and is now training to become a Personal Trainer.  It is a good time to be alive, I am super glad we are all living active lifestyles!

Anywho, today… rest day, turned into a 10km brisk walk, hope I sleep well enough to have fresh legs for a fast run tomorrow.

Re-finding my Beast, hope you are all on the Beast game too!

Jay 🙂

Dreaming of an Ultra!

So after a draining miserable Tuesday, I worked hard to get today right!  In fact every day since Tuesday has been right.  Cals in has been right on track, and Run Day today went swimmingly!  Really looking forward to weighing in on Monday!

Completed Couch to 10k Week 10, Day 2 again today… for the third time lol  if you have read previous posts you would know I fell over on the first attempt, and then Tuesday just gone I was not in a good space.
My run today covered 9.2km in 1.10.  Nice cruisey pace, but again just enough to get me uncomfortable.  Day 3 for week 10 will be completed this Sunday.  Amy may rock along with me for this run, maybe… her dog ate a bit of her running shoes… she is real mad about that lol  I would be too… it would be like my life is over!!  Spending the time to break in new shoes – downtime – *supersadface*
Anywho…this Programme goes right up to week 14, and all going to plan I should be able to complete a 10km non-stop and in less than an hour with plenty of time to work in a speed run and a trail run each week after its completion!

Speaking of trail runs, I may thrash out a few Mount runs while Jared is home.  I miss the trails and am getting kind of bored with the Estuary route I usually take.  I really hope the repetitiveness doesn’t affect my overall running mood, I will make a decent effort to mix it up without going too far away from my original training plans!
I have been thinking a lot lately about the Tarawera Ultramarathon 2014.  I have plans of completing a half marathon early next year, but since meeting a MyFitnessPal friend – namely Glenn, have not stopped thinking about perhaps entering a team.  I don’t know if I could find 3 other crazy people who would be keen to thrash out some of the course in a relay.  If anything I will definitely volunteer in some way – Glenn did mention about pacing him for 20k of the course… I am pretty amateur, so I am not quite sure I would be any good at that job.  However it was really inspiring for him to even put it out there for me.

A crazy dream for me, but totally do-able…if I have anything to do with it ha!

As I have said before, every great runner had to start at the beginning, and that’s exactly what I have done!
Dream Big, but make sure to Live your dream!

Till Sunday,

Do It to It!, Become a Beast, Rock your weekend!

Jay 🙂

Happy 50th Follower to me :) and a secret Obsession!

“…and if you guys want those results, you gotta hang with us and fight for it…”

In the middle of Day 4 Level 1 Circuit 2 Strength of Jillian’s 30 Day Shred and I hear my phone go crazy!  ‘xxx’ liked your post…., ‘xxxx’ is now following On a Jamhunt…, ‘xxx’ liked your post…

It was nuts, but this obviously means my content is mildly entertaining, and if not helpful then must be a ‘for shits and gigs’ read!  I am happy with either, the fact that people even read it is pretty alright in my books!  I am not one to be all fanatical about how many followers I can get, or how many likes I can get on any one post, is more about sharing an experience and most importantly about me reading others material to help me find some insights to this crazy game of weight loss, fitness and a new found fav… off-road/trail running!
I made sure to come back and Edit this post, to actually say thank you to my readers! Completely forgot, but then I guess that is what happens when you are constantly daydreaming about running… Thanks heaps my Fifty!!

On another note, my husband is a day late coming home.  His flight from Nigeria to Dubai was delayed like 3 something hours, so he spent the day and a night in Dubai.  He is on his way from Dubai to Melbourne (13hours’ish) as I write, then from Melbourne to Auckland (NZ) (4hours’ish), then Auckland to Tauranga(40mins’ish).  He does 6 plane flights and a helicopter ride, just to get to work/come home!  And him being a day late does nothing for me getting laid!  Yup I said it, 5 weeks, is a long time, to not get any!  I do feel sorry for those women/men who do the ‘apart’ thing for months on end!  Big up’s to them!

Tomorrow is “run” day, it has been raining in the mornings here, so I haven’t been able to cruise out with the twins for a quick 5k.  It is meant to be fine tomorrow, my friend Amy is keen to hit up the TECT with me.  I am keen to check out the 10-15km trails, Although I have no idea where those are, but I have a map, and can surely figure it out.  Important that I find out, so I can train to not die during the TECT trail run later in November.
TECT Trail Race

My secret obsession, obviously wont be a secret anymore, but I don’t care lol I already know I’m easily influenced and at times an obsessive freak!  In this case, I think it is somewhat healthy!
My children have 2 day naps a day, during this time, I didn’t clean or tidy or complete anything remotely close to what is deemed ‘house-work’.  No, instead I read Race reports, of New Zealanders completing events around the country, mostly Ultramarathon’s and trail races.  Just the thought of completing one of these gets me excited to start training for them!  Unfortunately while the children are still small and hubby is out of the country half the year, time to train is scarce.  I am limited to either running with them, which tends to tire me out quicker considering their weight, and/or running 2 times a week on my own.  I like to get a little more extreme while he is home, making sure to take advantage of any child-free time I may get.  I would usually spend this time watching TV, movies, trying to clean my house, trying to find excuses not to clean my house, anything that was not physical, that’s what I’d be doing.
Anyway back to these race reports…  The things these people experience sound like the most physically demanding and mentally challenging things in the world, I want to experience these things!  And the fact that each had the common theme of “Would you ever do it again”, most times the answer would be ‘no’ post race, then days later that same ‘no’ would change to a ‘yes/hell yes’…sounds to me like giving birth to a child, and I can handle that, I’ve done it twice and one of those times was with twins! ha!  I know the two are in no way comparable, but I have a jist of that same feeling!

Anywho, watch this space for some trail action, I am an amateur at best, but that’s how they all start out right?!?
Do what you love, and Say what you feel…blah blah blah Dr Suess, you get where I am going with this…

Jay 🙂