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Dreading the REST DAY – Pimping the Beast

Last week – my first week of my training plan, went really well.  I capped it off with a treadmill (DREADMILL) run of 2k as recovery.

DREADMILL Recovery Run |On a Jam Hunt Blog


I am not too keen on the Treadmill, but it is the only way I can get in a run on a Sunday seeing as half the year I am a solo-parent.  I use my Mother-in-laws treadmill while I visit for dinner on Sunday’s.

I feel really confident going forward with my training plan.  My fitness after just one week is not too bad.

Also when I remember back to my training for Round the Bays Half Marathon, I thought back to the times when my faith in my plan dwindled and the great nervousness I felt about attempting my long runs.
I think again about how I felt once completing those long runs and how I managed to complete every last thing that was required of me from the training plan.
I remember about how surprised I was about the huge distance I had just covered on my Long Runs and how my faith was restored in my plan every time that Sunday run came around.

It is so important to keep that faith!

Anywho, enough about last week,

Lets hear about this week!

Monday and Friday are REST Days.  After last week, I have become very nervous about Rest days, especially where my calorie intake is concerned.
Those runs and my activeness during non-rest days seem to help keep my head in the game and my hunger at bay (except after a hard run – then I want to EAT ALL THE THINGS!)
Rest days are a bit tougher, you don’t have that extra burned Cal to consume and you have to keep to the plan by not running i.e. time on your feet engaging leg muscles that require recovery.

So I have come up with a plan, one that works out quite well where my performance is concerned.

I am dedicating my Rest days to strength – in particular Core strength and when I can, Upper Body strength.

I have a Tabata timer app on my phone which cycles 8 x 20 secs of Action with 10 secs rest in between.

Tabata Time Finish | On a Jam Hunt Blog Tabata Timer Cycles | On a Jam Hunt Blog Tabata App | On a Jam Hunt Blog


Today I did 4 different ab exercises (4 exercises @ 20 sec intervals x 2 – totaling 8 intervals), ones that I do at Boot Camp…



Pilates 100's

Pilates 100s

V Crunch

V Crunch

Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle Crunches

I also set my alarm at 6 times during the day – just at times when I know I will have time to drop and get down to bust these out.

Ab Alarms


Hopefully I will see some improvement in my Core Strength at BootCamp, which is where I will be measuring it.  I usually suck at BootCamp doing the Ab portion of exercises so if I see any improvement, I will definitely see it there!

Needless to say, I am pretty sore right now… lets hope the DOMS don’t come to haunt me!

So that is my REST day plan.  I really want to maybe take up swimming, but that will have to wait for next year (when I will have care for the children).

What do you do on your Rest Days?

Do you fret too about having to avoid your regular exercise routine?

Bring on Run Day tomorrow!


Jay 🙂



Disappointment and Determination!

She stabbed me again!

Lucy, she got her needles out and went to town on my popliteus.

I think there is something about those after 4pm appointment spaces that make physiotherapists get all aggressive with ya!  In all honesty I know she is just doing what is necessary.

On top of a mighty chest infection that just doesn’t know when to quit, I have been keeping up with my calf raises to get my strength up in that area.

They are about the only thing I can manage at the moment – Strength exercises.  Anything to do with aerobic activity and my chest/breathing says ‘NO’ 😦

I have been struggling with my calf raises, if I am entirely honest.  For someone who has just completed a half marathon, my calf strength is hideous!  Actually, moreover, my leg strength is hideous!

And I am disappointed about it!

I was so strong in the first half of my 14 week training plan, my strength kinda tapered off as the long runs got longer and longer.  I think I was slightly delusional, thinking because my lungs could handle a 2 hour run, then surely my legs could too?


I am a little bit angry at myself for letting things get so weak, not keeping up with it all.  Almost a year and a half into it and I should know this by now!

So I am getting back into it now.

Legs and Core.

Lucy (my physiotherapist) also suggested getting back into the Bootcamps, and/or if I am motivated enough to start incorporating a few more explosive movements and exercises into some kind of strength routine.

I am really pissed off, hugely disappointed but entirely determined to get myself into tip top shape.

Its been long enough now, I need to take it a bit more seriously.

Can you tell that I love to run?


Off to ‘Map’ a long run, hubby is home this week 🙂

Dreaming of running,

Jay 🙂

P.S.  Small success, lost another 300 grams last week, total of 2.3kg whilst being on a more Paleo diet.  And it is sticking! Woot!

Never miss Leg Day! – Pimping the Beast 03.11.2013

My friend – Colin who writes the UBERBEASTMODE blog, he reckons so too!

In fact he has helped me sort a ‘Leg Day’.

Today I tried out that ‘Leg Day’… He told me I may need a bucket…

01.11.2013 010

Today I didn’t need the bucket.  I took it super easy, and to be seriously honest, I had to Youtube every movement to make sure I was doing it right.  I am not about to be injured this close my trail run!

Some of the strength moves I was able to use weight, others I went with just body weight.

After every move, I could see why Colin said that I may need that bucket!

My legs are semi-ok right now, like I said I took it easy to make sure I didn’t do something stupid.  I am just frightened of waking up tomorrow 😐

oh and btw…

I am hitting up today with a double Pimping!

I have taken the first official step into Half Marathon’ville!

I registered for the AMI Wellington Round the Bays Half Marathon in February.

My training according to my plan starts in 2 weeks 😀

Still feeling the Abs from my Date yesterday. YEOW’CH!

Can’t wait to get this Road on the Show!

What have you done to Pimp the Beast today?  What and when is your next event?

Will let you know about the legs tomorrow 🙂

Jay 🙂