Goodbye ‘Build’, hello ‘Recovery’!

My Week 10 Day 4 run leaves me with a bit more confidence than last weekends long run.

Week 10 was a Build week, and I felt the challenge in it for sure!

A small amount of speed work and a lot more Hills.

I have been using my Sunday long runs as practice for Race Day.  I have been experimenting with things to help get me through the full 21.2k.

Today I added an electrolyte bevey and a different type of fuel instead of the Gu I used last weekend.

My choice of Electrolyte bevey was this…

Strawberry Lemonade flavoured Nuun.

I don’t know why, but I didn’t think it would make my water fizzy.  It reminded me of Berocca, the taste didn’t though.  And although I thought I may be put off by the fizzy berry water during the course of my 100 minute Hill run today, I was actually pleasantly surprised.

I did look at how others had reviewed it before purchasing, the majority enjoyed the flavour while very few disliked it.  I gave it a whirl and I believe it to be a winner!

I also took these for a test run after a suggestion from my Running Soul Sister Shannon –

Jelly Belly Lemon Lime Sports Beans

I am such a rookie at trying new stuff, for some reason I assumed these beans would be a small relatively easy sized bean to chew and swallow.  I think because the directions encourage you to eat a whole pack 30 minutes before partaking in your activity, I guess I thought they would be super easy is just shove in your mouth and swallow.  Nope.  Regular size bean, exactly the same size as a proper Jelly Bean and it wasn’t just a couple of them in the pack, it was a whole bunch.  Unlike the Gu that I could just knock back in almost one go, these beans required a bit more effort and concentration.  Well more effort and concentration than I thought they would need.

The flavour though, was super enjoyable and once I got the hang of them, chewing one or two every 15 minutes, they had me at ‘hello’.

One last difference to last weekends Long Run, this…

I am talking about the Hydration Pack From UltraAspire.

It has smillions of amazing things about it, but the best thing I like about it is that its comfy, it is light and it has lots of pockets!  I had a place for everything!
I was skeptical at first of Hydration Packs as I thought they may be annoyingly heavy and make your back all sweaty and stuff.  The Alpha did none of those things.  I only filled it with about one litre of water, it was more than enough for my early morning run.

There are only two water fountains I know of in my area and I don’t often run past them during a long run so they are no use to me.  I originally had thoughts of going handheld as I have done many times before with a small 400ml bottle, but I have gotten so used to running without a bottle in my hands that I wanted to remain handheld-less for my Long Runs and for Race day.

This Pack is my solution to that.  It is also my solution to the many long trail runs that I look forward to when training for this bad boy…

I hope to Relay this 100k up with 3 other crazys in 2015.  I look forward to seeing some of our New Zealand Ultra greats in the flesh doing their thing (even if it is just the headlight beaming right at the beginning knowing full well that there isn’t much chance that I will catch up haha!), and hopefully some of the overseas Ultra runners that I have been following via blog or FB page.


I came back from my Long Run this morning relaxed and hopeful that this 21.2 will not be the death of me.

It was a Hill run just shy of 14km in 100 mins.  My body is feeling good, a little worked but nothing a good relax wont fix.

Next week (Week 10) brings some much needed recovery.  I look forward to paying some attention to my legs and feet, looking after them to get ready for the two weeks after which will be the last ‘Hard work’ weeks before my Taper.  Just the thought of taper scares me, not because I have to take it easy, but because it means the end is near.

I am still enjoying this process, more so after this mornings run.  I feel strong and grounded, something I wasn’t feeling at the beginning of the week.

I also devoted my 13.7k to Meg Menzies, the Richmond Runner who was killed by a drunk driver last Sunday. Read about Meg’s story here.

Can’t wait for the week ahead.

Run on,

Rest up,


Jay 🙂

Long Run Recovery

Today I am feeling really close to being TIP TOP!

My legs feel slightly achey, but I am not in any great pain.  WIN!

I believe it is because I have followed the rules this time.

Up until the past week I have been a bit slack when it comes to helping my body to achieve the best recovery.  I have not consistently used a stretching routine, I have not paid too much attention to consuming the best recovery foods and I have not done any massage or icing.  It is safe to say that I have got by this far without doing much of anything but the running part.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday was the longest non-stop run that I have ever done, ever ever!  I ran 12km in 1 hour and 30 minutes over an extensively hilly area.  Boy did my legs get put through their paces!

I have come away from this run fairly unscathed and I think this is how…

My Long Run Recovery routine

During the Run

Hydrate small amounts often during your long run – I also need to add in an Electrolyte beverage

Warm up and Warm down – up until yesterday I had been running right up to my doorstep, I am now adding to my route some distance for a cool down walk.

After the Run

CHUG!  Dehydration is the worst for recovering bodies.  Drink more than you think you might need, and drink often through out the remainder of your day.

Ice those legs!  Immediately after my run I sat in a cold bath for the first time in my running career.  I sat there with Gel packs on my knees.  It was uncomfortable at first, but then by the end of it I didn’t want to get out.

“Cold water constricts blood vessels and muscle tissue and prevents blood from pooling in your legs.” –

Stretch.  I am not sure if I should have stretched before or after Cooling (Probably better to do after while your muscles are still warm).  Loosen you muscles and help rid them of lactic acid which usually builds up during strenuous exercise.

Eat – I had Coconut Pancakes with Banana and Creme Fraiche, probably not the best meal to have calorie-wise, but it has Carb and Protein – that’s how I decided to justify it haha!
Anyway, here are a few links to help you out with this one – 10 Essential Foods for RunnersWhat foods help speed up Recovery.

Walk some more – keep your body fluid, you may think/may want to stay sedentary, but you will only stiffen up those muscles causing you more pain.  I walked small amounts through out my day and went for short walks the next day (today).

Elevation – Not much to say about this one, I just lay with my legs against the back of the couch watching t.v. when I had the chance.

Massage – I did a wee bit of self-massage of my calves and Hammy’s, and a bit of Foam Rolling for my ITB, Glutes, Anterior and Posterior.

The only thing I could think of to add to this would be some compression, I have some compression calf sleeves but forgot all about them.

I think the Recovery phase takes a lot of focus to ensure you don’t shrug it off.  It might seem to be a wee bit ‘overboard’ having such a long and drawn out process, but it is most likely going to save you from some serious DOMS, or even worse case scenario – unnecessary injury later down the track.

40 mins of Speed work tomorrow brings me into Week 9, which means that there is only 5 weeks to go!!

Starting to have a few doubts again, but as they say – Trust the training.  Looking forward to what this weekend’s long run will bring.


Back to elevating those legs – kids are asleep, I have got some T.V. watching to do!

‘RICE’ up,

Jay 🙂

Recovery! On Pimping the Beast!

I went to bed last night, mildly achey in the hammys, glutes and calves area.  It actually took me some time to fall asleep simply because I was trying to get comfortable.

This morning I woke up surprisingly refreshed.  Very little pain, mostly just tightness, however mid morning I felt very tired.

After playgroup with my children this morning, it was home for lunch and then bed for the kids.  I went to bed too!

After getting in about an extra hours sleep, I woke up feeling slightly better, but of course, still stiff!

So today I did a little of this…

Along with the regular Yoga Practice for Runners.

I have tried Yoga a couple of times before after a hard run, it seems to work well.  Its relaxing and helps me get a little more loose.

I haven’t eaten the best today, I have been SO FREEKING HUNGRY! it is crazy!  But I am not feeling ill, so there is an upside!

Tomorrow I will take the children for a walk.  No running for me though 🙂

Not much for Pimping the Beast, more like Recovering the Beast!

What about you?  How do you like to relax?  What do you do to help recover your body?

See you tomorrow,

Jay 🙂