Back again,

Beasting again!

I have just come out of a 5 day Stomach Flu… the 4th one in 2 months to be frank!


And while it helps drop a few kilos, it actually doesn’t help in any other way at all!

I am just sick of it, the slow creep in of grams sticking to my sides, the late afternoon slump, the SUGAR cravings!  Just sick of it!

I’ve gone back to Paleo! What is Paleo? Nomnompaleo – Paleo101

I spent a good 9 months leading a solid Paleo life, and my god! Why on earth did I stop!

I was feeling awesome, I was running awesome, I was generally awesome!

Now I am not so awesome!

But I went to get back to Awesome!

Today is my second day back at it.

I made Bone Broth for the first time ever – The Health Benefits of Bone Broth


and Sauerkraut!  StupidEasyPaleo – Sauerkraut


I am meal prepped to heck to make sure I don’t stray due to starvation and Hangry’ness!

Me and Paleo –

Hardest thing about Paleo –
Breakfast, or more so, the change in perception of Breakfast.  Breakfast now must become First Lunch/Dinner, this is if we are trying to reduce sugar at the same time!
The Planning – this is the part that you MUST take time to do, without it you are sure to fail!  By planning I mean you need to literally map out every week and every day – 3 meals and two snacks a day! MUST!
Sourcing Ingredients – If you are trying a new recipe, the last thing you want to see is an unfamiliar item in the ingredients list.  AND furthermore the hunt for those items can be a bit annoying!  Give it a few weeks, once you build up a sweet stash of essentials it wont be such an issue.


Easiest thing about Paleo – BACON



I also look forward to getting my first run in for 2016, I was hoping to get it in sooner, however not such a good look to be shitting yourself out on the pavement!

Happy Days,
Come Beast a little with me,
Jay 🙂


Clothes Shopping as a 30 year old!

What goes on in my house...


Haven’t posted her in a while, so here goes…

2 months ago I turned 30.

A month ago a re-started my focus with weight-loss.
In that time I have lost a considerable amount meaning that I have dropped a size, almost 2.

Nothing in my wardrobe fits the same anymore.  All the clothes I kept from my pre-baby phase just don’t seem to fit the same way.

All my clothing options I currently own are either one of the following:

– I can fit it and will keep it
– I can fit it, but it looks stupid because it doesn’t fit the same way it used to
– I can fit it but it is seriously only suitable for a 20 year old
– I can’t fit it, it looks like a tent, it makes me feel frumpy, it has to go!

So I went shopping today, just…

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I almost just died… but then I changed my mind!

Addicted Much!?!

I have decided to complete my next half marathon in roughly 9.5weeks time.

In this 9.5 weeks I need to allow myself a weeks decent recovery from Sundays run, plus a week of active recovery.

I also have had to consider the fact that my husband will be home for only 2 weeks of that 9.
When I came to that realisation, I decided I would chuck in the idea and just wait till August for my next half.

In that same thought a little part of me died!

I didn’t want to have to sit this one out!
If I didn’t have that to focus on, then what else would I do?!?!

I am the kind of person that needs something to work toward, something to keep me from getting bored.

I love the fact that I am a stay at home mum, but it does get taxing when you realise your entire life’s decisions are based around what your children are going to have for lunch, are they eating enough veg, or am I feeding them too much sugar.
I love my little rat bags, but I am not 100% happy unless there is something in there just for me, even if it is just a little something.

So I have decided to try my best to train for it anyway.
Because I have no plan to follow that is suited to my situation, I will not make any goals or promises to myself on what kind of time I would like to achieve.
Just finishing will be my focus.

My plan will involve a lot of running with my children.  I would have to push them in their stroller to keep up my fitness.  Not ideal, but necessary.

I am not going to make excuses for why I cannot complete something.  If there is a way around it, then reasons for not doing it are invalid!

In a way this challenge is so much more exciting than the first.  It means that if I can train for and complete the half this way without dying, I have proved something to myself…
…that anything is possible.

So here I go, locking it in!

27.02.2014 001

Will you take up a challenge you think may be impossible?
Will you force yourself to think and live in ways that require you to step ‘out of the box’?
Will you train up and come run with me in Rotorua? (Click here to sign up!)

Life is for living,

Do it while running!

Jay 🙂

PTB 26.10.2013 – or not…

Today was an abortion! My cat threw up at 4am in three different places down my hallway carpet, my children fought all morning – ending in tears and bite marks on skin, my husband and I had a disagreement. It all quickly turned to shit all before 10am!

Today I took a day off Pimping the Beast. Instead I drank Margarita’s and relaxed in the spa with my children – lets just call it a Mental Health Day!

Back into it tomorrow!

How did you Pimp the Beast today? Did you have a day off too?

See you tomorrow,

Jay 🙂

Those dreaded words…

“You might want to take a break from the running until Friday’ish”

Kill me now!!!

So you remember when I fell over last Tuesday…?
Yeah, well I think I did something to my lower back/hip.  Its not a nagging pain and doesn’t bother me unless I am running probably more than 5 km, or doing sit up’s.  The pain feels similar to that of when I was carrying the twins and had a twist in my lower back, so I am assuming I still have some muscle memory from that and things just kind of slid back into that twisty spot…if any of that makes any sense to you.
Anywho, what this means is that I had a visit to the Chiro yesterday after the very poor run on the Sunday just been.  The run felt super awkward and after around the 6th Kilometer I did more walking than running, meaning I only achieved 7.4km in the hour that I had allowed for the run.  Boo!!!
So off I went dragging my hopeful butt to see my Chiro to help me set myself straight.
After some clicking and some twisting there was the question from Matt…
“So what are your plans for this week?”
My reply – “I am guessing no running for a wee bit?”
Matt – “You might want to take a break from the running until Friday’ish, maybe if you feel up to it a casual flat run/walk on Wednesday, and then back to normal Friday”

My heart sank… and sank, and sank… visualizing in my head that stupid rock that I failed to run over top of and instead began an unsightly descent, knees meeting the ground.  Just the other day Jared and I had a conversation about if there ever came a day when I could no longer run…  he used the naughty B word to describe how my resulting mood would be.  He is right, and I would feel sorry for anyone who would have to suffer my wrath while I got over myself and learned to maybe swim instead.

But this short wee set back will not stop me, I will be back up and running in no time at all (well it will be no time at all for you – more like an eternity for me).  Then plans to carry on with my 10k progress will be back into full swing.  I am super excited about going for a Mount run this weekend too.  Even if it is in the rain, like my Sunday run was…

View out my bedroom window daunting but totally do-able
View outside | On a Jam Hunt

Drying Shoes | On a Jam HuntPost-Run = Drying Shoes

Drying Janine | On a Jam Hunt
Thank god or that roaring fire!

Today consisted on a small walk about 2.5km’s, I kept kidding with Jared trying to find reasons for me to kick up into a run… he wasn’t having it.  “What if you end up hurting yourself more and are off running for more than a week?!?!”
*Hanging my head* my response – “okay okay”

So the adjustments to my week mean an easy run tomorrow, a longer run Friday and a Mount Run Saturday/Sunday.

I hate taking breaks!  I hate breaking!!

Well I hope you all are having a Beast of a week, get active for me a little huh,

Jay 🙂