New Recipe for D-Day! Pimping the Beast!

Today is the first of August, which means it is only 1 month till Spring is here!

It also means that I have officially started The Paleo Kiwi: 31 Day Challenge!

Today has just meant a lot of tightening up for me.  Because I have been mostly paleo, the only challenge I really had was keeping away from my children’s snack box!

I also felt like a treat, I lost another 500 grams, so I decided to work off enough calories to try out a new Recipe I have been saving for such an occasion!

Who doesn’t love a good roast!?!

I decided to go with a Roast Chicken, usually the ‘Non-Paleo’ me would load up on Carbs – crispy roast potatoes, tons of chicken gravy and lets not forget those tasty supermarket bought dinner rolls, DELISH!

But we didn’t have any of that today!

Today it was Roast Chicken, Roasted Sweet Potato and Coleslaw.

I was walking through the Supermarket this morning trying to find a pre-made coleslaw so that all I had to do was add dressing…


Every pre-made had a million ‘other’ ingredients, a lot of them in ‘Chemical’ language or some of them were things you would never have thought should actually go in Coleslaw!!, so I went old school and made my own!

I went simple as Pie with the coleslaw – Carrot, Cabbage and Beetroot – I didn’t really have too much time up my sleeve because I spent all my time making this bad boy…

Paleo Mayo – from The Paleo Mom

As far as homemade dressings and mayo go (tbh – never made one before) this one is pretty darn tasty!

I didn’t quite whip it for long enough to make it super creamy, but that was fine because in a coleslaw it doesn’t really matter!

I mixed up about  2 tbsp of the Mayo with my 3 cup worth of grated veg and it was done!  Well not actually done, I let it sit in the fridge for an hour or so.

So for Paleo’goers, totally give this one a jam!

Paleo Mayo

Paleo Mayo | On a Jam Hunt Blog

1.    Combine olive oil and avocado oil in a measuring cup (or other good vessel for controlled pouring).
2.    Place lemon juice, vinegar, mustard and egg yolks in food processor or blender.  Process until creamy (maybe 15 seconds?).
3.    With blender or food processor still running, VERY slowly dribble in the oil (think of it taking at least 3 minutes to add in all of the oil).  It should stay thick and gradually get lighter and lighter (and look more and more like mayonnaise) as you add the oil.
4.    I typically like to pour out my mayonnaise into a bowl and whip it by hand with a whisk at the end just to make sure all the oil is well incorporated (if you have a really good food processor, you probably won’t need to do this).  You now have paleo mayo!!!

Totally didn’t see that Paleo Mom actually has her own recipe for The Best Creamy Coleslaw.  I will have to try it!

So if you thought that just because you have gone Paleo, that you would have to miss out…

Fear not!

We have Mayo!

Jay 🙂

P.S. Long Run tomorrow!! Excitement stations!!!


New Paleo Recipe – “Creamy” Chicken Tomato Crockpot Soup – Pimping The Beast

I am catching up on ‘Pimping The Beast’ posts.  I don’t know why I didn’t post this on time, I have had a bunch of Posts sitting in my Drafts waiting to be published.


Catching you up,

Here is the first of many ‘Paleo’ recipes I have to share with you.

Now because it is freeking cold here in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, with it being Winter and all, I got myself motivated to get my ‘Soup’ on!

If I were committing to a Primal diet, then I would hitting up creamy soups that really scream ‘Hot fires, winter woolys and blankets covering those knees’.  However, for a Paleo diet, there is no such thing as cream(from a cow) (quietly boo’ing).

Instead I have come across this wee number, it had the word ‘Creamy’ in the title, so as you could imagine, I was all over it.

I have had it twice, and I really enjoy it!  But while it tastes of creamy goodness, it doesn’t really have a creamy texture.

Other than that, it is a keeper on my list of paleo awesomeness!

It looks a bit rough, and the coconut cream can become curdled, so I add it 5 or so minutes before eating time.  But if the curdled look doesn’t bother you, just follow the method as mentioned.

Super cheap too!

I found the recipe on

“Creamy” Chicken Tomato Soup


6oo grams skinless boneless chicken breast
Garlic salt to taste
2 tablespoons Italian Seasoning
1 tablespoon dried basil
1 clove garlic
410ml can of coconut milk (full fat)
400g. can diced tomatoes and juice
1 cup of chicken stock
Sea Salt and pepper to taste

Put all the above ingredients into the crock-pot, cook for 9 hours on low. After 9 hours take two forks and shred the chicken, set the crock-pot on warm till ready to serve (making sure to taste it before serving to make sure there is enough salt and pepper)

I think, even if you are not following a paleo diet, this one is a goody, it is good on the pocket and on the figure!

At roughly 6 servings this works out to be approximately 208 Cals per serve.

Jay 🙂

Nabeyaki Udon

I have been meaning to post this recipe for a really long time now.

Got my A into G and found the pic’s that I took to make this post.

I am not sure how you make the real thing, there are still ingredients that are missing I am sure.  I have tried making it a ton of times, this is the one that has come the closest to the real thing…

Nabeyaki Udon

So you are not limited to what I have put in this list of ingredients, it is pretty much to personal taste.

Makes 2 large servings

3 Cloves Garlic sliced or crushed
1 tsp Crushed ginger
1/4c Spring Onion
1/2 White onion Sliced
1/4 – 1/2 tsp ground Chili Powder or dried Chili flakes (depending on how hot you like your soup)
Bok Choy – or whatever Asian Greens you prefer. I used a 2 whole bunches for 2 people, it shrinks down heaps
300g Skinless Boneless Chicken Thigh – you can use breast but it isn’t as flavourful
1 Litre Chicken Stock (if usuing bought, don’t bother with reduced salt, you will have to season anyway)
2 whole eggs (1 per person)
200g Udon Noodles
Smidge of oil
Salt to taste

06.12.2013 109 06.12.2013 11106.12.2013 116

Saute Chicken and onion in oil, in a medium sized saucepan (big enough for 1ltr of stock plus veg), Chicken doesn’t have to be brown, just no longer pink on outside.  It will spend another 20 or so minutes cooking in the pan so you want it still slightly raw in the middle at this stage.

Add Garlic, Ginger and spring onion.
06.12.2013 113
Once onion is almost translucent add chicken stock and bring to boil.

06.12.2013 115
Reduce to simmer and add Chili and salt to taste
Add Bok Choy and Noodles

06.12.2013 120

Once Bok Choy has softened crack egg into simmering soup and cook till poached – however you like your poached eggs.

06.12.2013 118

When serving up, spoon out eggs first with slotted spoon to make sure you don’t break yolks.

06.12.2013 122

You can also add extra Chili at this point, if you like it hotter.

06.12.2013 123

Nailed the Poached egg! YEOW!

When I order this from the Japanese restaurant it usually comes with a tempura Prawn, I spose you could add tempura anything to this.

I am not much of a recipe writer so will leave it at that 🙂

Any suggestions to make it more choice?

Comment me.

Jay 🙂