Compression Gear not compressing!! – Pimping the Beast

Those bicycle crunches Dwyane (of Bossfit BootCamp) has been making me do are certainly working…
…how do I know?


Compression Failure | On a jam_hunt blog

This here is my short term solution to keeping my Compression gear up!

However I did bite the bullet and did buy new stuff, I was just waiting for a good deal on 1Day deal site, coz I am stingy!

Diadora Compression Longs | On a Jam Hunt Blog


For a considerably low price Diadora compression gear is pretty good.  I bought the top picture pair of Compression longs probably over a year or so ago, and they would probably still do their job hadn’t I lost the weight.

Although it may not be as ‘Compressing’ as other stuff that I have tried, the Diadora stuff does the job!
They are also the most comfortable things to run in no matter what the weather!

I am a Scrooge in general really, I don’t like to spend too much on anything.  When it comes to my Race Day kit, I tend to invest a little more.
There is nothing worse than getting 5-10k into an event and realising that that hydration pack is actually really uncomfortable and is causing you to chafe, or that trendy racer back shirt doesn’t do a good job at moisture wicking.
When it comes to race day I do my homework and I train on things until I find what works.

There is not too much evidence to support some Compression Gear Manufacturers claims of increasing performance etc, but for me it is about comfort and in particular, helps with my enlarged calf.

Years ago I developed a DVT that created a permanent enlargement of one of my calf muscles.  I found at my 1st half marathon earlier this year my lower leg felt like I was hauling lead for the full first half of the run.  All professionals I approached about dealing with issue recommended I try Compression socks when running longer distances.
I plan to look for something a bit more high quality than the cheap compression gear I already own.  2XU and other brand names have been thrown around so I will soon be in the market to buy me a couply pairs to use on my Saturday Long runs.


Will these compression longs make me any more badass?

Probably not.

But they will make me look the part, and the are comfy as heck!

Even took them for a run/wog today!

Jay 🙂

P.S. Fitness is on the Up, body is feeling good!  Rest tomorrow, Long Run Saturday, Recovery run Sunday.  Woop woop!

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