Pimping the Beast – Clearing out Spaces

One of the first things I did last time that helped bunches was to clear out my spaces – refrigerator, pantry, other cluttered areas of my home.  Pretty much any space that visually wasn’t conducive to feeling good about smashing out the day.

As I take a look back at the post from last time I did this, it seems kinda silly that some of the contents of my fridge back then, still remains in there now!!  Perhaps, I should go back and look at ‘Use by’s’!

‘Clearing of spaces’ from last time – some of those Jars look familiar!

I have a lot of spaces to get sorted, namely my downstairs room that also serves as a gym’ish.  There is Equipment down there that needs tidying, assembling and organizing, mostly just to make sense of everything.

But for now, a pic of what I have accomplished today…

Clearing Spaces | On jam_hunt blog

It didn’t actually take me that long to get it back to a good state.  Funnily enough I didn’t actually have any Junk to get rid of, not one sweet tasting morsel in site!  Must be doing something right!

You may notice that my fridge is ‘Beer free’.  My husband bought a Booze fridge, so you can be assured that I am not totally insane ha!

I also cleaned out my children’s play room/Study – getting rid of toys that weren’t really age appropriate/were junk, Did a major cull on dressers and draws and un-cluttered my bedroom and hallway cupboard.  Progress!

Oh and last night as I was coming home from doing some shopping, there in my carport was a box that weighed a million ton.  Once I assemble it, I’ll let you know what it is and how secretly excited I am about it! – Oooo I kinda almost just gave it away! Eee!!

I still have a bunch of spaces in my house to clean and organise over the weekend, because I am still ill things don’t seem to be happening in much of a hurry.  Serious case of trouble breathing and crabby children!

So, when was the last time sorted you food spaces?

Maybe your next mission?

Have you started Pimping the Beast with me?

Not yet running (but still dreaming about it EVERY SINGLE MINUTE!),

Jay 🙂



    1. Trust you to start guessing! Lol
      Nope, but I totally wish it were! Maybe the next on my list to save for!
      Hubby bought it, but I have a feeling I’ll be using it more than he will 🙂

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