…wouldn’t mind if I lost my mind out there…

09.04.2013 029


I went for my Sunday long run today…on a Saturday.

Don’t you hate it when you wake before your alarm.

I woke up around 5:30am, rolled around in bed but knew that my alarm was going to go off in 15 minutes.

I just got up, ate a bit, chugged a bit of water and headed out in the weary misty world.

The street lights were still on when I set out.  When I took the pic above, just seconds later they went out.

The forecast that I checked last night said that there was meant to be 2.5mm of rain at 6am, but I don’t think I experienced one shower thank goodness.

After quick walking the hill in the pic, I picked up into a jog.  the first k was downhill, which is always nice for a warm-up.

09.04.2013 030

After the down hill I was met with a small uphill and at the top took this pic.  My iPhone cam is pretty crap, but I tried to get a shot of how clear the estuary water was.  The same estuary I usually run along.

A nice little bit of flat, still at a nice slow and steady pace… I wasn’t planning to clock a PB or anything, I just wanted to be out there.  Mindless and mindful.

A short downhill, at the bottom I meet Memorial park…

09.04.2013 031


Not as grand a picture as the last time I ran down here.  The storm has brought thick cloud and a sticky humidity.

I didn’t care what the morning had in store for me, I had someone watching my kids, I was set to relax for the next hour.

It is only a few k’s to this park, this is where I would turn around and make my way back.

I don’t usually take pic’s while out on a run, but I have stopped running for time.

I just run to be.

My run home would take a short detour to a bathroom.  Yes, the up and downward constant movement meant that gravity was taking its toll.  I stopped into the local Macca’s, grabbed a cup of water courtesy of a friend who worked there, used the facilities, and was back on my way.

My run home would take a differing route to the one I came on.  I would turn off on to the Estuary walkway.

I continued this way around till the closest exit to my house.

I managed to fit that casual 7.5k in 50 minutes.

I wished that I had more time, maybe if I had left a half hour earlier I could have spent more time out there.

I felt like I had another half hour to 45 left in me, but I had to get back to the kids.

My next long run wont be for some time.  Most probably not until the Hubby gets home in 2 weeks.


But we do what we can.

Are you planning on a long run this Easter?

When was the last time you ran just to enjoy just getting out there pounding and being?

Try it sometime,

You will be surprised at how awesome it is.

Jay 🙂


  1. Similar story here this AM – woke at 4:30 though alarm was set for 5:30. Had a lovely 20km hilly run with two girlfriends, with a stunning sunrise view of the Petronas Towers and central KL. No photos as I don’t carry a phone with me running. It’s the only time I get away from it! One more weekend 20km run before I head to Borneo for another Half Marathon. Trying to cram a lot of races in before we leave Malaysia in 8 weeks time. Have a great weekend 🙂

    1. Gosh a whole hour before your alarm!
      Oh your morning sounds so idyllic!
      So its 8 weeks till Perth was it?
      You are such a machine, I can’t wait to be able to have time to cover those distances 🙂

      1. I feel like a rusty machine today 🙂 Eight weeks left in Malaysia, then three weeks back in Ireland before we head to Perth. No flights booked yet as our Australian visas have not yet come through. The packers are booked though.

  2. Good morning Jam, Mother nature on a good/great day is hard to bet…walk or run even better…hows was easter?…Beast on xox Dad

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