Clothes Shopping as a 30 year old!

What goes on in my house...


Haven’t posted her in a while, so here goes…

2 months ago I turned 30.

A month ago a re-started my focus with weight-loss.
In that time I have lost a considerable amount meaning that I have dropped a size, almost 2.

Nothing in my wardrobe fits the same anymore.  All the clothes I kept from my pre-baby phase just don’t seem to fit the same way.

All my clothing options I currently own are either one of the following:

– I can fit it and will keep it
– I can fit it, but it looks stupid because it doesn’t fit the same way it used to
– I can fit it but it is seriously only suitable for a 20 year old
– I can’t fit it, it looks like a tent, it makes me feel frumpy, it has to go!

So I went shopping today, just…

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