Maybe it wasn’t my best idea…

I’ve just been for a run.

Like literally, I have just walked through the door, sat down and started writing this.

Still steaming and sweaty from my 5k in tonight’s cool and misty semi-illuminated astmosphere.

I left in this…

03.04.2014 090



Lovely cool refreshing scene.  It made me just want to frolic… if I actually ever had it in me (lets remember, I am here for business…Running business…Not frolicking! Ha!)

I moved down this stoney path, into the semi-trail-like pathways leading onto my all too familiar Estuary route.

It has been over 3 weeks since I have set foot here, Over a month since I ran solo here, but it was like I never left.  I had found it just as I had left it.

Tonight, I felt like it belonged to me, I had it all to myself, I didn’t have to share.  I saw not one person – runner, biker, night-time walker, not one, this run, this route, was all mine!

After Monday mornings run I was a little hesitant about going out, whether I was going to end up disappointing myself again, whether I was going to go out and return unfulfilled again.

Tonight’s run was just the opposite!

I went out slowly and steady as I had last time, but it felt more natural, it felt stronger and it felt stable.  My form – shitloads better this time round, my breathing – even and controlled.  I was surprising myself, and I was loving it!

It just goes to show that one run cannot define your entire running career, you cannot base your performance on just one singled out snapshot.  It must be a collection of the good and bad, and your overall feeling about why you do it.  (If you get paid to run, ignore my last statement – you need to be running your ass to that podium! ha!)


So why did tonight’s run turn out to be not the best idea?

After all I have gone on about just now, why is there a questionable aspect to it all?


I ran my last k in this…

03.04.2014 094


You better believe I ran negative splits in the latter part of my 5k!

Some parts of my run I was cruising through almost pitch black tree covered trail.  It was very eerie and very belittling.  I wasn’t quite sure I had set out early enough for this run to be safe.

But I had no choice, I had to run my ass back home whether I liked it or not.

I had to get back to the security of home, or at least to the street light lit part of my route.

Idiot, really.

Oh well, its done, and it was awesome.

I hope to get in one more run during the weekend, I really look forward to an early morning one if the weather will allow.

In other news,

Paleo diet going well.  However, as I finish listening to a Phedippidations podcast right now whilst I type, aptly named Paleo Running, I am reminded that this way of eating may actually be just ‘another one of those Fad Diets’.

I can understand why they would call it so, and perhaps it wont last forever, but as long as I am feeling good, feeling energetic and healthy, I will continue on.
Perhaps I may pick up some dairy and grain along the way, especially where my running is concerned.  I have had thoughts about how I would fuel for a long run, and maybe incorporating back in some complex carbs etc.
We will see.

In all honesty, for now I am slightly scared to make any changes to what I am doing.  I have lost a good amount of weight in the last month, I feel healthy and my mind is clearer.  Just thinking about adding back in Grains and Dairy gives me slight anxiety.

Whatever I do, I could never go backward.  Processed is not the way to go!

Anywho, the shower is calling me,

Did you start the 30 Day Challenge with me on the 1st of the month?

How are those Glutes, Hammys and Quads feeling?

Gotta tell ya, my run loosened me up plenty, and I am glad I did it!

Right oh,

See you in a couply,

Happy running…

…even if it is a shit one,

Jay 🙂


  1. Good evening, looked great…no one does a scene, with such beauty, but mother nature…beast on and enjoy…Dad 🙂

    On 03/04/2014 20:58,

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