Adding insult to injury…

I didn’t run as planned yesterday. *Almighty Mega Sadfacing*!!!!

I tried my hardest to get myself organised to get out the door and drive to a flat area to run an Easy 5k.

Didn’t happen!

Around 3:30-4pm I started feeling a little tight in my chest, and a little drowsy.

I thought to myself – “A good run should sort me out”.  Yeah, I was wrong!

Around 4pm’ish I started getting all flustered and sweaty.  My body started clamming up and my head felt heavy.
I was battling dizzy spells and my increasingly difficult efforts to breathe.

I couldn’t be sick, I am not allowed to be sick, I need to run dammit!  I don’t have time for this Sh!t.

With my children fed and showered, it was just after 5pm and if I was to get my run in I had to leave soon.  Children were packed up ready to go, I had got into my Tech gear, struggling to get my socks over my clammy feet and tie shoe laces with shaky hands.  I tripped on the way to the front door and got a huge hot flush at the same time.  Chest tightening more.

Checking the Severity with Online Symptom checker haha

Checking the Severity with Online Symptom checker haha

I wasn’t going for a run that day.

And with that I put my children into bed, and myself as well.

I can’t remember the last time I felt that terrible!

Last minute appointment and visit with a Doc (not my usual – apparently he has Thursdays off, HOW FREEKING CONVENIENT!)  But got Dr Singh instead.

I told Dr Singh my happenings of yesterday, how I was sooo ready for a run but just couldn’t get there.  I was trying so hard to get there.

It also turns out that Dr Singh follows a diet similar to Paleo and RUNS! ha!

He recommended some 2XU compression socks for my enlarged calf (due to an extensive DVT years ago), prescribed some Antibiotics for a chest infection and sent me on my way!

So I am off running for a wee bit, If an injury isn’t keeping me from running, some kind of stupid sickness is!

Boo to it all!

I just want to Run!

Going Back to bed…

Jay 🙂 / 😦

Shit At least I wasn’t hit by a deer…

Oh and Happy International Happiness Day!!!


  1. Crikey that poor runner hit by the deer was unlucky! At least here all I have to worry about are cars, motorbikes, muggers and wild dogs. Take care of your chest. I ran through a chest infection last year and ended up having to take a whole week off. Lesson learned!

    1. It was crazy, I googled “Sick Runner” images and that was what came up – A runner struck by a deer lol
      I couldn’t even make it out the door for a run if I tried. 😦
      But these days off are really starting to get to me!
      Hubby is home from work next week, so I am planning an epic Early Sunday morning run for next week 🙂
      Got to have something to look forward to lol

  2. Hey dare…Colonial Knob in 37 minutes, front then track…almost there, first time under 40…get well…Dad

    On 20/03/2014 19:25, On a J

    1. Taking it super easy, no other mode available for me today unfortunately. But I smell a long run coming, once I’m tip top I’ll be back out there 🙂
      Thanks for reading 🙂

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