Much like torture!


Do I have a story for you!

Today I experienced something that I have never experienced before.

Dry Needling.

I dropped the kids off at Grandma’s and proceeded to the Physio today expecting to get a little more trigger point massage.

I got a lot more today.

I had seen acupuncture on TV before, in pictures etc, but never had I tried it.  From what I have read the difference between Dry Needling and Acupuncture is that Dry Needling techniques are not based on the flow of Chi or traditional Chinese medicine.  It is therefore just a practice where a needle is inserted into a trigger point.

The insertion of a needle into a trigger point causes the targeted muscle to relax.


Lucy, she popped this needle into the trigger point and proceeded to wriggle the thing around!!

Oh My Lordy!

I have to say… I swore a lot in such a small amount of time.  It was not something that I would say is a comfy procedure.  It actually hurt like a mutha!

I was not smiling like this lady!

I was not smiling like this lady!

It was actually the most unusual pain I have ever experienced ever, and that’s saying something coming from a lady who has pushed out twins naturally and had a doctor move babies around whilst still inside…TMI? Yeah I know ha!
I would liken it to torture.  Not that I have been tortured before, but I imagine that that is what it is like.

I actually sweated!  A lot!  I was bracing myself so much that my palms were wet and I was very hot!  I kept talking through the ‘wriggling’  to take my mind off of the muscles being forced to twitch and spasm around in my legs.  It felt like they were being scrambled inside of there!

So apparently the needle is wriggled around to create a whole bunch of tiny injuries that encourage a healing response.

I can confirm that.  A whole bunch of tiny injuries from a wriggly needle in the backs of my legs.  OUCH!

I came away from it feeling like I had just completed a tempo run.  I was out of breath, sweaty and swearing. ha!

I got home and from then till now have been waddling around, not like a penguin, but more like an ape haha!  Unable to extend my legs to a straightened position while walking/standing, without pain that is.

From what I have read the pain can last from a couple of hours to several days.  However I should expect an overall improvement once healed.

All I can say is that it was not that fun but I had an open mind to receiving such a procedure and if it helps to get me out on the road pain-free then I’m sold and would do it again in a heart beat.

So glad to have done my run this morning, a 4.3k with the children in tow.  Lucy said I should feel good enough to run on again on Thursday.  I look forward to it!

The things we do to run,

I must be an addict!

Resting up,

Jay 🙂


    1. Ikr! It was the strangest thing ever! Even I came away from it not knowing quite how to feel lol except sore of course, will do an update as soon as I feel tip top 🙂

    1. Haha yeah, I came away thinking that a twin labour was a piece of cake – I can say that now because it happened two years ago lol
      It was really quite odd, will post update soon 🙂

    1. I am feeling pretty much the same as when I went in right now. This morning I woke up feeling almost a hundred. I reckon tomorrow morning, with a good nights sleep I’ll be back at 100. Fingers crossed anyway 🙂

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