4.5 blissful Kilometres!

I ‘Stroller’ ran today!

Just so you know, I ran with two toddlers… And I didn’t quite look as Glamorous as Gwen!

By that, I mean ran with my kids in the stroller.

And it was awesome!

I wish I had more time to do more, but I guess as I said in my last post, Less is More!

My kids plus Stroller are pretty close to 30kg I reckon, so it was no easy feat to bust my buttocks up hills!  But I did it, and it felt awesome!

Everything about my run was awesome!  Mostly the NO PAIN bit!

I ran at a faster pace than I usually do with the stroller knowing that I would only get in a short one.  It was actually quite comfortable, slightly breathless, but comfy.

And I got this…

07.03.2014 019

I clocked over 1000 Nike Kilometres!  I have actually run a fair bit more than this using Garmin only, but to be reminded that I have covered this distance is pretty darn choice!

I also visited the Physio too.  Bureta Physio

Who did a bit of trigger point/Deep Tissue massage for me in my Popliteal area

Good News!

No long term damage, a very manageable injury, a bit of massage, stretching and strengthening and I should be Tip Top again.

Semi-Bad News

It is not something that will just go away without physio treatment.  So I couldn’t just ‘rest’ my way to being better.  A slightly unexpected expense, but better to have it dealt with, than not be able to run awesomely asap!

I have been given some homework to do to rehab things and promote quicker strengthening and healing.  I am stoked that I didn’t just put it off because I had a really good run this morning, the thought had crossed my mind.
Got to do the right thing for my body!

Things are looking up!  And I am looking forward to sinking my teeth into a 5k or 10k as soon as my legs allow!

Feeling good,

and Still Running!

Definitely got a Crush on Running!

Jay 🙂



  1. Good morning, sounds like a great plan…the magic about walking and running, is that you can…well done, good focus,,,beast on…Dad

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