Le Sigh!

I think I am a little bit broken!

Yesterday I went for my first real proper run.

Things hurt during and after.

*Insert SUPER sad face*

Thanks Dawson!

I am not sure if I had mentioned it in the last 2 posts, but the day after my Half Marathon I was super sore in the area behind my knees.  Not my actual knee caps, but the soft tissue on the backs of my legs.

This pain subsided a day or so later and I thought nothing more of it.

I went for a few walks last week being my recovery week and still no pain.

But then my run yesterday.  Quicker than it should have been, but felt ok’ish.  In the last kilometre I started get that pain back again.

Even now, the day after that small teeny run, it is still achey!


So now I have to organise an appointment to the Physio to get it checked out before I go getting all crazy over any more training.

I am a little upset about it potentially putting me out of my next Half, but in all honesty, even though I am completely and insanely addicted to it, I don’t mind sitting this one out.

I just want to feel better and perform better because right now, this pain is not making for very happy running!

So if you happen to see me at any stage, just know that I have already come to terms with potentially not being able to do the Half, but at the same time a little piece inside of me is dying in an overly dramatic fashion!

So while I wallow just a little bit way over here in my little corner, I wish you lots of long miles!

Will let you know how the Physio Appointment goes,

Dreaming of Running Long,

Jay 🙂

P.S. Yes I changed the theme of my blog, hopefully this one makes for easier reading 🙂


  1. Sorry to hear that we both seem to have had relapses with injuries. I hope you can see your physio soon and get advice. Like you, I’d prefer sacrifice a race, than regular running, though of course it would be a huge disappointment after all the training. Fingers crossed for both of us and our next Halfs.

    1. I was just reading your post as you commented 🙂
      I was fortunate to not have en-counted the dreaded PTT again during and after the Half, but I feel perhaps I was a bit too smug about coming away from it uninjured and now I am suffering a hole nother issue!
      I have googled a few things, and it doesn’t sound like it will be a long term thing, but just enough to sit me out of the next Half Marathon. (Google-nosis is the worst for diagnosing lol)
      I am not too phased about it, I guess it is just the runner in me that cries a little about it lol
      If I have to run a smaller distance then I will, but at least if I know soon I can still sell my entry.
      Good luck to you though, can’t wait to see the tat 🙂

  2. Good morning, rest up and look forward to Autumn and Winter scenes, to walk, run and bike and enjoy…beast on…one foot in front of the other…Dad

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