I almost just died… but then I changed my mind!

Addicted Much!?!

I have decided to complete my next half marathon in roughly 9.5weeks time.

In this 9.5 weeks I need to allow myself a weeks decent recovery from Sundays run, plus a week of active recovery.

I also have had to consider the fact that my husband will be home for only 2 weeks of that 9.
When I came to that realisation, I decided I would chuck in the idea and just wait till August for my next half.

In that same thought a little part of me died!

I didn’t want to have to sit this one out!
If I didn’t have that to focus on, then what else would I do?!?!

I am the kind of person that needs something to work toward, something to keep me from getting bored.

I love the fact that I am a stay at home mum, but it does get taxing when you realise your entire life’s decisions are based around what your children are going to have for lunch, are they eating enough veg, or am I feeding them too much sugar.
I love my little rat bags, but I am not 100% happy unless there is something in there just for me, even if it is just a little something.

So I have decided to try my best to train for it anyway.
Because I have no plan to follow that is suited to my situation, I will not make any goals or promises to myself on what kind of time I would like to achieve.
Just finishing will be my focus.

My plan will involve a lot of running with my children.  I would have to push them in their stroller to keep up my fitness.  Not ideal, but necessary.

I am not going to make excuses for why I cannot complete something.  If there is a way around it, then reasons for not doing it are invalid!

In a way this challenge is so much more exciting than the first.  It means that if I can train for and complete the half this way without dying, I have proved something to myself…
…that anything is possible.

So here I go, locking it in!

27.02.2014 001

Will you take up a challenge you think may be impossible?
Will you force yourself to think and live in ways that require you to step ‘out of the box’?
Will you train up and come run with me in Rotorua? (Click here to sign up!)

Life is for living,

Do it while running!

Jay 🙂

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