A week to go

So, I should have posted this on Sunday night.

Life has got in the way!

My last Long run was on Sunday – 90mins in which time I completed 13k over mostly flat terrain, similar to that of the actual Course… but apparently without all the wind.

Wellington is better known for Windy weather, not ideal!  It is also know for cooler weather, totally ideal!

So I don’t know exactly what to expect especially as it is still summer, Mother nature could turn anything on.
Forecast says rain and a high of 18degrees, epically ideal!
It also says Westerlies, which means that because the course is set around windey bays I get it from all angles and end with it potentially head on.

But a 10 day forecast doesn’t mean anything is set in stone, I will have to take it as it comes and hope that at the very least, I don’t get a head on wind on my last k’s before finishing!

What does that mean for me in this last week of my training?

More Taper.

For the moment I haven’t been too itchy footed as my husband arrived last Thursday, so we have been getting out of the house a lot to keep me from getting too bored.

I have a half hour Easy run tonight still to do, a 20 min Easy tomorrow, and a 10 min Easy on Saturday, day before event.

These little runs, though they are necessary, they are a bit annoying!

The thought of a Long Run has got me hooked!  So these small little one’s are like a tease!

I read through the last few sections of my Training Plan book about the Recovery Weeks.  It touched a little on ‘Phantom Pains’.

It seems ever since I began my taper, I have been experiencing these!

Small little niggles that have started to appear.

From what the book has explained, these ‘niggles’ have been around for some time, and because I have eased into ‘relax mode’  they are beginning to rear their ugly faces.

To that I say ‘BOO!’

So much so that I have been extra careful with my knees, hips and feet.

My husband will tell you all about it!  Obscenities yelled resembling something like this – “I just have to make it one more week, can you just be careful of my legs for this last bloody week!”

Poor guy!

It is just the ‘Taper’ in me I think hahaha!

Not too long to go now though, I better finish off that Playlist!

Very excited, not very nervous, totally amped to go!

Hopefully I get in a post before Sunday Race Day, but if I don’t feel free to wish me many bearable miles, don’t wish me luck, I don’t believe in it.  I’ll get to the end anyway.

Come at me 21.1!

I am ready to finish!

Jay 🙂


  1. Hi there, picked up our running packs…may rain Saturday and Sunday with a North Westerly breeze…may keep things cool for the run…come what may, the scenery is breath taking…Dad

    On 18/02/2014 19:24,

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