An almost meltdown!

Slightly obsessed…?


Totally obsessed!

And that is why I almost had a meltdown.

The reason for my meltdown?

I have a sore butt.  HAD a sore butt.  OK I have a semi-sore butt.

Anyway, it was sore enough yesterday for me to start having emotional thoughts of maybe not being able to run on Race Day, which is coming up in 2.5 weeks.

On Sunday I talked about a niggle in my Hammy and Glute.  Well that niggle increased to a pain.

I felt fine during my Speed Run yesterday morning, and I felt fine throughout the day.  It wasn’t until last night did it feel like more of an injury than just a muscle ache. 😦 !!!!!

I panicked! Big time!  Thinking about how hard I have worked up until this day without injury.  Following my plan, increasing gradually, not biting off more than I could chew, observing good recovery practices, I was doing my best to get to race day intact.

Well I am still intact, but sore.

I woke up this morning feeling 50 times better, an uninterrupted 8 hour solid sleep had helped bucket loads!

I visited my Chiropractor this morning, he was surprised to see me so soon, my next appointment wasn’t due for another month or so.

He assessed my spine and hips, did a bit of stretching with my leg muscles to see the damage.

Outcome:  Just the gradual accumulation of stress on my body has resulted in my woes.  He clicked me back into place, gave me some stretching homework, threw me a ‘Good luck’ for Race Day and sent me on my way.

He said not to worry, I am not wincing in pain, there is slight inflammation, but I am so close to Taper Mode that I should be fine.
I was a little tight but the adjustments loosened me up immediately.
“Eat your Sports Beans Janine and drink your water, run 21.1k and then stop”

That was his advice.

Extremely encouraged!

I have not had too much professional help along this journey.  Mostly advice from those who had done it before me.  Many a wise word of encouragement and story telling.

My Journey would always be different in the fact that I have had hip issues for a while now, so getting this far is a really choice achievement.  Different from all those I have spoken to, not so much different in the scheme of ‘people completing Half Marathons’.

Age is also creeping up on me, I am no spring chicken, and I haven’t always been active.  Actually for about the last 8 or so years I had been relatively inactive.  YIKES!

So I gotta cut myself some slack, I am doing alright.

Anyway, I have decided against doing my Hill run tomorrow, perhaps I will see how I am in the morning, but I really think I should rest my butt till Sat/Sun, where I run for the longest amount of time (non-stop) I have ever run ever ever – 2 whole hours!!!
My Hill run tomorrow is an important one, but if I run unhealed I am likely to do more damage!

Anyway, my meltdown has been averted, but I am not out of the woods.  I have to keep working hard, and I have to take care of my body.

Taper almost here,

Keeping my eye on the prize!

Jay 🙂


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