The longest argument ever!

Reist from – Run Hard Always Finish

It happened on my long run today.

I argued with myself for almost the entire 90 minutes!

I am coming back from a recovery week and god it felt like it!

There were quite a few times when I leveled out and felt comfortable, but the majority of the time it was damn hard work to keep my head in the game!

I was having a fight with myself, these are the things that ran through my mind…

“Pick up your feet you lazy bastard, you are stronger than this!”

“If you don’t make it, you will feel like shit!”

“Can I actually do this?  Will I make it on D Day”

“If only I had done this that and the other…”

“Urgh ‘Low Battery’ alert on Garmin”

“You have done it before, you can do it again!”

“There is chocolate milk at the end, run to the chocolate milk!”

“You are doing ok so far, just keep it up”

“Bleep Bleep, “Low Battery’, come on just another 30 minutes”

“Is this fizzy Nuun going to give me gas?”

“What are you like 2 years old? Chew the god damn Sports beans!”

“Drinking through this hydration pack straw isn’t that easy…”

“Wait, did my Garmin just die, Oh help me, it just died!”

“I’m doing ok, just get to the next street.  I’m at the next street, I am going to die!”

“Shit…. is that my glute?”

“Oh my god, my hammy”

And many more other good and bad things to entertain myself along the way.

But yes, right at the end, whilst hauling my ass up the last incline I felt a tightness in my glute, this ran down into my hammy.  I slowed my pace almost to a walk.  I mentally started kicking myself because of what could happen if I pulled either of these muscles just weeks out from race day.  I would soon be on my way to Sulk-ville.

After 11 hard weeks of getting myself to this point, its crucial for me to take care of myself and to also notice little niggles like today.

Tomorrow I go for the first of three massages I have booked myself in for.  All after the longest (non-stop) runs I have ever done in my life!  I hope this alleviates some of my worries with muscle niggles.

So I would have to say that today was a semi-success.  I got it done and kept up my goal pace.

I just have to wonder if it will be like this on race day – will I have to argue with myself the whole way?

Who knows, but as it stands I still have quite a fair amount of uncharted territory when it comes to distance.  I am about 7’ish k’s away from knowing what it feels like to be done!

As I enter into Week 12, where Business time means Business time, I think about trying my best to cover as much of that uncharted territory as I can.  This will be the last Build week before the event, it is the guts and the grunt of this thing!  I run for my longest amount of time, this time next week – 2 whole hours!

Otherwise, apart from all the mind games, and the wee niggles, I am happy with what I have done.  I have kept to the majority of the plan,and with every long run I have endured I find out something new about myself and my ability along the way.

Ever want to know or find out what you are made of?

Go on a long run!  You will find it there!

Feeling that high,

Feeling the hurt,

Feeling Relentless!

Jay 🙂

P.S. If you look just over to the side, just there >>>> you will see that I am just 22 days from Race Day. EEK!  Exciting, but Eeek more!


  1. No, you don’t have to argue with yourself the whole way during the race. Start training to separate your mind from your body during your runs now. Think about massages, the All Blacks, the best holiday you’ve ever had, the coldest drink you’ve ever drunk, the most inspirational song you’ve ever sung, pretend you’re singing a duet with your favourite singer. Whatever! As you get into the middle of your race, whatever you do, just don’t think about how you feel physically and how far is it to go. Just a little rant of advice. 🙂

    1. Thanks JD 🙂
      I’ll get on to that ASAP!
      Should have been practicing this from the start!
      I actually have a trip to Raro coming up, I doubt it will be nearly as close to enjoyable as yours was, my children are still emotional toddlers lol maybe I can think about the cocktails I will consume once kids are tucked in bed!

  2. Commiserations on the Garmin temporary death- that is indeed a tragedy if it means having a few kms go unrecorded for posterity – or at least it would be for me;) When my mind starts anything negative, I start saying I Love to Run in time with my foot strike and it really does help, whether in training or racing. Jogging Dad’s advice is good- don’t give in to self-sabotage!

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